SOCIAL MEDIA Has Exposed the Norwegian CPS

Delight in Truth asked Norwegian anti-CPS activist Marianne Skanland how the mainstream Norwegian media will cover the international outrage against Barnevernet. So far there have been a few TV reports and news articles documenting the protests, but some of these reports have been spun to give the consumer the idea that Barnevernet is not understood internationally… that these protesters have no idea how the system works.

Marianne, who was an expert witness in CPS cases and understands the system as well as anyone, responded by appealing to the New Year’s mass sexual attacks in Cologne, Germany by Muslim foreigners. This event was largely suppressed in the mainstream media, but the world somehow found out about it.

Why? Because of small news outlets, blogs and the average common sense human beings who shared the news in SOCIAL MEDIA.

SOCIAL MEDIA is the reason the Romanian media picked up the Bodnariu case and now almost every person in Romania knows about it. SOCIAL MEDIA is the reason the Romanian Evangelical Church (and recently the Orthodox) is mobilizing their members to take to the streets and protest the kidnapping of children in Norway.

The bottom line is this: for now we must rely on Social Media.

We hope the mainstream media will expose the evil of Barnevernet. But we cannot count on it. The Norwegian media is not conditioned to think independently because they are subservient to a centralized system that frowns upon dissent. Hence, the eerie parallels to totalitarian systems like communism, fascism, etc.

This serves notice to the traditional media: you can no longer monopolize the news. Your filters can no longer apply as they did until recently.

We now rely on vast socialization networks to get the message out. We rely on the people of Norway to share articles that expose Barnevernet. Delight in Truth had about 5,000 visitors from Norway recently because of Facebook. SOCIAL MEDIA buzz is energizing the base and creating new support in Norway.

The message exposing Barnevernet’s disproportionate measures must penetrate inside Norway.

And we rely on SOCIAL MEDIA to do it.

Until the mainstream media fully wakes up to the horror of Barnevernet.

DESPERATE Parents Resort to DESPERATE Measures in Norway

Friends, this is the stuff that movies are made of. Desperate parents who are unable to get their children back after the Norwegian CPS confiscated them, are taking matters into their own hands and are kidnapping their own children back.

Case and point: a Lithuanian mother was accused of kidnapping her own 9-year-old daughter from the system.  Norwegian police as well as the European Interpol have been alerted to look for them. This information is being disseminated in the Norwegian media (see forum discussion and links here).

In another case last year, a 7-year-old Lithuanian boy’s extraction from CPS custody failed when the boy was located by police. It involved cars running through red lights, and the boy boarding a plane (see discussion and links here). The public was being alerted through the media to help find him.

There are even professionals being hired to extract kids and return them to their parent’s home countries. The now famous Polish “Rambo” has carried out such operations (article here).

Over the last few weeks we learned of at least three Romanian families who were on Barnevernet’s radar and who secretly fled the country leaving everything behind in order to save their children (one example here).

These parents are fighting a system that is stacked against them at every step. According to Norwegian lawyer and human rights advocate Marius Reikeras, the CPS (Barnevernet) wins in 96% of cases, meaning that very few parents get to recover their children in the court system.

There is no civilized country in the world where this kind desperation happens. One would expect to see these events on the movie screen, not in reality! Put yourself in these parents’ place. Faced with the likelihood that you will never see your child again because of trivial matters, you cannot blame the parents for resorting to desperate measures.

The world needs to know about these things happening in Norway. We cannot stay silent. Share with friends.

photo: Bjorn Brunvoll (crews looking for the Lithuanian boy)

Inside Barnevernet: Personal Vendetta Against Bodnariu Family


Troubling allegations against the Norwegian CPS (Barnevernet) are surfacing in the Bodnariu case where CPS confiscated 5 children 3 months ago.

There is evidence that besides the “abusive Christian indoctrination” issue which triggered the CPS action, one of the main social workers/investigators in the case is a former nursing school colleague of Ruth Bodnariu, and she may have a personal issue with Ruth. The unprecedented Romanian delegation which recently visited Norway attempting to secure the release of the children revealed this seemingly small but critical detail here.

This leads to suspicion of bias in the CPS investigation. Ruth Bodnariu’s former colleague who was involved in removing her children is said to harbor jealousy toward Ruth dating back to nursing school, where Ruth is said to have been a superior student.

This is a highly irregular matter when in comes to investigations. How can a CPS organization allow investigators to be intimately involved in the case, when the investigators may be compromised with former relationships to the family, as appears to be the case here? Delight in Truth believes this detail needs to be placed in the international spotlight.

And of course let’s not forget that school personnel who initially submitted the case to CPS had conflicts with the father, Marius Bodnariu, over religious matters. The school was not happy that the family is raising the children in the biblical faith. This lead to conflict when the daughter sang a Christian song at school and the father played a Christian song with the school children’s choir.

Interestingly, these matters have been suppressed in court documents and hearings, as the case has been turned into one of corporal discipline.

All these factors cast serious doubt on the motives for removing the children.

As we focus the microscope on Barnevernet, Norwegian activists made known the people involved in the local Barnevernet as well as the teachers at the school where the children were attending. Their names, pictures, emails and phone numbers have been published at various sites including Norwegian newspapers have made this breach of personal data into an issue and are crying foul (here).

They are not yet crying foul over the barbaric breakup of a beautiful family.

When will Norway wake up and realize the international nature of this case? When will Norway realize the violation of human rights committed in this case?

When will Norway make things right and return the Bodnariu children?

image source

Romanian Senator Went For It: Religious Persecution in Bodnariu Case

Ben-Oni Ardelean officially dropped the bomb in the Bodnariu case!

In a very surprising but welcome move, the Senator said in a press conference after meeting with Norwegian authorities, that there is sufficient ground to consider violations of religious freedom in the case.  Delight in Truth welcomes the introduction of this element in the official discussion because it may form the basis of a new argument to release the children.

Ardelean alluded to details of the story released to the press by the children’s uncle and these include:

  1. A theological discussion between the oldest child and the school teacher after the child sang a Christian song. The teacher asked a series of leading questions about God and faith to which the girl gave direct answers. This led to alledged discussion of punishment by God.
  2. The teacher reported to CPS (Barnevernet) the concern of religious indoctrination based on the discussion with the child.
  3. There is a history of previous friction over religious matters between school staff and the children’s father Marius Bodnariu. Marius was previously involved in forming a children’s choir at the school and played the song “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” He was immediately sanctioned for the message of the song, and he complied with the school director.
  4. The religious undertones which formed the basis of the confiscation have been carefully suppressed in court documents, and a push for physical discipline has been undertaken as the main motive for removing the kids.

Why is this a welcome intervention by Ardelean?

Because it creates a much stronger case to release the children immediately. He makes the point that the initial CPS accusation of “abusive Christian indoctrination” is a novel term which has never been used in any law, in any court system, or in any Western country to date.

Norway is making history initiating a CPS case based on “abusive Christian indoctrination.”  Such action has never been done in a Western country before. One would expect to find such a case in the Islamic State, Iran or Saudi Arabia, not in the world’s most civilized nation.

The next diplomatic move is to present the case in the European Parliament where Norway is likely to be indicted for human rights violations.

There are currently at least 11 Romanian families with children confiscated by Barnevernet. We continue to anticipate the swift resolution of the Bodnariu case which will set a precedent for the others.

image source here

The Look on Her Face Says it All

This picture was taken from the public Facebook timeline of Romanian Parliament deputy Maria Grecea who is currently in Norway with a government delegation attempting to secure the release of the five Bodnariu children. It shows the pain and sadness on the face of Marius and Ruth who had their children confiscated by the Norwegian CPS (Barnevernet).

There are discussions circulating in support circles for families destroyed by Barnevernet that many parents and children become ill from a physical and a psychiatric standpoint after confiscation. It makes sense that such a shock can cause depression and anxiety, but what is the explanation for PHYSICAL illness?

Having a medical degree and advanced training in anesthesiology, Delight in Truth can provide some insight on this subject. There has been much research done on how the human body responds to stressful stimuli, whether they be physical or psychological (fear, worry etc).  One of the main responses to stress is the acute and chronic release of the hormone cortisol from the adrenal glands. High levels of this hormone over a prolonged period of time has devastating effects on the human body as seen in patients with Cushing’s syndrome.

High cortisol causes immunosuppression (suppression of the immune system), and these patients have a much higher risk of various infections. And we have to keep in mind that the immune system is also very important in preventing cancer.

Putting all this information together we can see how people under intense chronic stress like the Bodnariu family are at risk of becoming ill.

Just look at the face of Ruth Bodnariu in this picture. Is this the face of a happy person? No!

Day and night this family has no rest, no comfort, and no peace. All this because the Norwegian Barnevernet has destroyed them.

The majority of Norwegians including the majority of Romanian Norwegians are giving tacit approval to Barnevernet. Delight in Truth is a member of an 8000-member Facebook group made up of Romanians who live in Norway, and it is shocking to see how little support the Bodnarius have in that group. These Romanians have been brainwashed by “progress” and extreme enforcement of extreme laws violating basic human rights. Like the right of a 4-month-old to feed at his mother’s breast.

The government of Romania is sending a strong message to release the children.

The international community is sending a strong message by protesting in front of Norwegian embassies against CPS human rights violations.

We are protesting online, in the media and in social media.

Norway must give the children back and reform their Barnevernet!

Norwegian Media Can No Longer Ignore Barnevernet Abuse


ABC nyheter (Norwegian ABC news) is reporting something interesting in this article. Turns out that all is not well inside the Norwegian CPS called Barnevernet which 2 months ago unfairly confiscated the 5 Bodnariu children.

ABC news reports a day ago that Solveig Horne was well aware of Barnevernet abuses in 2013, just prior to her being promoted as minister of the department that oversees Barnevernet. In her discussion with a father who had his child traumatized by the CPS, Horne wrote:

“You are not alone to meet a child who does not [do well]… Now we are waiting in anticipation for what comes from the government, but we do not have high hopes. What we are experiencing is that no matter how many good laws we have, it seems as if CPS has its own laws [of/above] Norwegian law. It makes its assessments and checks this.”

This was said in 2013 before her promotion and we know that Barnevernet has not been reformed since then. It has continued a pattern of child confiscation based on trivial matters as is the case in the Bodnariu family.

ABC news asked her if this is still the case in her CPS. She served up some more Kool Aid, and gave a politically correct answer:

“I’m still concerned about the families’ legal rights and that we shall have a child where children and families receive the right help at the right time. Therefore one of the first I started as minister an evaluation of county boards, and to appoint a committee to make child protection law easier”

The article has another surprising twist to it because it links to another piece that is critical of how CPS uses psychologists in assessing the children who are confiscated. Many experts in Norway say that psychologists are forced to agree with CPS and render professional reports which agree with the CPS position. What happens if they psychologist sides with the child and the family? They lose the contract and their CPS referrals.

These are some of the stories in the Norwegian press resulting from the Bodnariu saga and the world-wide protests against Barnevernet. It is good news for us. Norway can no longer ignore what is happening at the international level, especially with news that a Romanian parliamentary delegation is traveling to Norway this week in an attempt to resolve the Bodnariu case.

This is one of the top stories on Romanian TV and many international news outlets are picking it up as well. Norwegian human rights lawyer Marius Reikeras said about the Bodnariu home town: “Naustdal is soon to be Norway’s most famous place abroad.”

How true.

Famous for an overzealous CPS who took 5 kids without warning, without investigation, without attempting to counsel the family.

We are encouraged to see that many Norwegians are standing up to the abuses perpetrated by Barnevernet. We hope to see the Bodnariu family and the other families reunited immediately. We hope to see the system reformed and human rights respected.


The Norwegian Media is Reporting… and Spinning


There is no doubt that the population of Norway is now aware of the international fury against their Barnevernet (Norwegian CPS). Human rights activist Marius Reikeras posted this picture on his Facebook timeline and it is the front page of their Morgenbladet (Morning Page). The title says: “Childcare Conspiracy: In 19 countries people are now protesting against the Norwegian CPS.” Protest signs such as “Barnevernet Childhood Killer” have made it on the front page as well.

In the midst of the second wave of international protest across Europe (Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Arad, Suceava, etc) where many thousands have gathered to stand together with the Bodnariu family and other families unfairly destroyed by CPS, Norway is becoming increasingly isolated in the eye of international opinion.

That is why they are in full damage control. They are on their heels.

  1. The State financed media is calling the movement a conspiracy.  Really? 19 countries with tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets is a conspiracy? These people have nothing better to do in the middle of winter than to stand and march for hours in freezing temperatures? For now the Norwegian media has resigned to defend their system, to report selectively, and to spin the sense of the protest. There are documented cases where newspapers have erased and heavily moderated dissenting comments to their online articles. I guess freedom of speech can be dangerous in Norway
  2. For the first time in the Bodnariu saga, the Barnevernet gave an online interview (here) to the Romanian paper where they served up a glass full of the proverbial Kool-Aid. Same old rhetoric of not wanting to discuss any particular cases, perhaps because they were afraid of the details they would be confronted with. We keep hearing how Norway does not practice any type of corporal discipline (even a pat on the child’s bottom) since the 19th century, and how this may be punished by imprisonment. Ok, great. How about the sexual, physical and psychological abuse of 12,000 Lebensborn children which is so well-documented? Sorry, Delight in Truth rejects the Kool-Aid.
  3. It seems like the State has the mainstream Evangelical churches (in this case Pentecostal) on their side as well. In a country where less than 2% of the population attends church according to statistics aired on Antena 3 TV, the state-funded churches are on the side of… THE STATE. Wow, what a surprise there. Their leaders refuse to get involved in the situation and have hinted they would rather take out certain parts of the Bible dealing with discipline (Hebrews 12:5-11, Prov 13:24, Prov 29:17, 2 Tim 3:16), than offend the hand that feeds them.

The good news for Barnevernet victims is that Norway knows what is going on internationally even though the media is spinning it into a conspiracy for now.

We are waiting for the good citizens of Norway to stand up and say that 50.000 euros per child per year given to adoptive families is a facade for a system that steals children. We are waiting for Norwegians to rise up and reform their CPS.

International Pressure Against Barnevernet is Working

There is a glimpse of good news today in the Bodnariu case. The parents communicated by phone with the older girls for the first time since the ordeal began nearly 2 months ago. The girls said they miss their family, and they miss their home.

Delight in Truth still does not understand the schizophrenic approach by Barnevernet in this case.

The Norwegian CPS is painting the Bodnariu parents as Christian fundamentalist monsters who abuse their children and as a result confiscated them.

If the parents really are like that, why does Barnevernet allow both parents to see the infant on a weekly basis? Why is the mother allowed to see the boys? Why the phone conversation with the older girls today?

Because these loving parents never abused their kids!

And because of mounting international pressure, that’s why!

World-wide protests have just began and the Norwegian officials are feeling the pressure. Their propaganda is in full swing as well… Their state-funded Christian publications have come to the state’s defense in articles like this one (here). I guess you can’t bite the hand that feeds you even if means covering up human rights violations.

The Pentecostal leader in Norway Sigmund Kristoffersen (pictured above from said here “we will not express an opinion on, or take a position on the matter in question” regarding the Bodnariu family who are Pentecostal Christians.  Why? Because he is a slave to the State, just like the other “Christian” newspapers defending their master.

The overwhelming majority of people living behind the Iron Curtain during communism knew that the system was evil, but they did not have the courage to stand up to it as a unified mass until 1989 when the Revolution it down. After communicating with Norwegian activists and victims of Barnevernet it is evident that momentum is building in Norway against the system that confiscates children on a whim.

We might see a revolution against Barnevernet in Norway. The international community expects it.

Delight in Truth expects to see common sense Norwegians coming together and revolting against the CPS. We are getting closer to a critical point in this movement when the system must capitulate and return not only the five Bodnariu children, but many others whom they confiscated unfairly.

Game Changer in the Fight Against Barnevernet


After a weekend of global anti-Barnevernet (Norway Child Protection Services) protests, something amazing is happening. It is tangible in the media, and while it cannot be quantified mathematically, it is in the air.

What is it?


Victims of Barnevernet have renewed hope. They are watching the international drama unfold on TV in Europe, on news sites, and on blogs like this one.

For example, in recent days 35,000 visitors have arrived to this site from social media links and from searching terms like “barnevernet abuse,” “bodnariu,” and “barnevernet targeting immigrants.”

Norwegian lawyer and leading anti-Barnevernet activist Marius Reikeras visited Elim Romanian Church in Chicago last night, and he communicated to the several hundred people attending the worship service that the Norwegian media has covered the mass protests going on in Europe and America. The victims saw the protests!

This has invigorated the hope of parents who have not seen their children in months or years. He said hope is a powerful thing. Delight in Truth agrees 100%… hope cannot be overestimated in the midst of suffering. When someone loses hope, the battle is essentially lost.

But Barnevernet victims have received an infusion of precious hope from a united global Romanian Evangelical front made up of hundreds of thousands of believers. 

The fight has just began! Just watch this movement intensify over time! A pastor referred to the Romanian Pentecostal church as the “sleeping giant” who has awakened.

Numerous, well articulated arguments have been made against skeptics and Barnevernet defenders in the comment sections of news articles. When it comes to the most precious gift of all, our children, the activist in all of us is awakened.

Norwegian authorities are in fact feeling the pressure. They closed the Norway embassy in London last Friday, and they removed the flag during the protest. They kept the Norwegian ambassador from meeting with the protesters in Washington, DC. They are ashamed of what is happening world-wide.

In addition to Marius Reikeras, there are other Norwegian activists who have been motivated by our protests. Marianne Skanland is a professor and anti-Barnevernet activist in Norway who has commented frequently here and given insight into how the Norwegian system operates. Please look for her comments here in recent articles and visit her site (use google translate to read.)

We now hope for more than just the return of the Bodnariu kids. We hope for the re-unification of other families who have fallen victims to this system.

We hope for the radical overhaul of Barnevernet.

Please get the word out. Share these articles, so the world may know the truth!