The Norwegian Media is Reporting… and Spinning


There is no doubt that the population of Norway is now aware of the international fury against their Barnevernet (Norwegian CPS). Human rights activist Marius Reikeras posted this picture on his Facebook timeline and it is the front page of their Morgenbladet (Morning Page). The title says: “Childcare Conspiracy: In 19 countries people are now protesting against the Norwegian CPS.” Protest signs such as “Barnevernet Childhood Killer” have made it on the front page as well.

In the midst of the second wave of international protest across Europe (Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Arad, Suceava, etc) where many thousands have gathered to stand together with the Bodnariu family and other families unfairly destroyed by CPS, Norway is becoming increasingly isolated in the eye of international opinion.

That is why they are in full damage control. They are on their heels.

  1. The State financed media is calling the movement a conspiracy.  Really? 19 countries with tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets is a conspiracy? These people have nothing better to do in the middle of winter than to stand and march for hours in freezing temperatures? For now the Norwegian media has resigned to defend their system, to report selectively, and to spin the sense of the protest. There are documented cases where newspapers have erased and heavily moderated dissenting comments to their online articles. I guess freedom of speech can be dangerous in Norway
  2. For the first time in the Bodnariu saga, the Barnevernet gave an online interview (here) to the Romanian paper where they served up a glass full of the proverbial Kool-Aid. Same old rhetoric of not wanting to discuss any particular cases, perhaps because they were afraid of the details they would be confronted with. We keep hearing how Norway does not practice any type of corporal discipline (even a pat on the child’s bottom) since the 19th century, and how this may be punished by imprisonment. Ok, great. How about the sexual, physical and psychological abuse of 12,000 Lebensborn children which is so well-documented? Sorry, Delight in Truth rejects the Kool-Aid.
  3. It seems like the State has the mainstream Evangelical churches (in this case Pentecostal) on their side as well. In a country where less than 2% of the population attends church according to statistics aired on Antena 3 TV, the state-funded churches are on the side of… THE STATE. Wow, what a surprise there. Their leaders refuse to get involved in the situation and have hinted they would rather take out certain parts of the Bible dealing with discipline (Hebrews 12:5-11, Prov 13:24, Prov 29:17, 2 Tim 3:16), than offend the hand that feeds them.

The good news for Barnevernet victims is that Norway knows what is going on internationally even though the media is spinning it into a conspiracy for now.

We are waiting for the good citizens of Norway to stand up and say that 50.000 euros per child per year given to adoptive families is a facade for a system that steals children. We are waiting for Norwegians to rise up and reform their CPS.

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  1. Norwegians are selling their souls and liberty for money. And the ones in power constrain them into submission. No wonder is no sense of wrong and right. The ones that are sick and tired of acting as controlled morons leave Norway into freedom like my Norwegian friend that told my his reasons of leaving Norway. I didn’t believe him that Norway’s system is worst than communism at that time. Even the Nazi refrained themselves from doing this kind of things to their own people.

  2. Faza e exact ca pe vremea lui împușcatu cu agenturili. Tineți-o așa, fraților, asta e exact ceea ce trebuie să facem acuma!

  3. Turid Kavli, manipulerer barn til å beskrive overgrep! – YouTube. Barnevernet and Norway itself is doing their best to keep these world wide protest against Child protecting(kidnapping) services low profile just like their neighbor former Soviet Union.

  4. Child Support Services (Norsk Barnevern). Satanic plot to destroy children and families for life
    Barnevernet i Norge. Ødelegger barn psykisk for livet, for å ramme familieinstitusjonen, en av de mest…


    With all due respect and deference to the authority and status of this Leader Council of the Pentecostal Movement of Norway, I consider the press release by Leader Sigmund T. Kristoffersen and Spokesman Andreas Hegertun to be a travesty of values and fairness, an abdication from the highest duties of our calling and, worst of all, an outspoken complicity with and approval of the evil practices of Barnevernet, the anti-family institution established by the government of Norway.

    In order for these ministers to argue their point – which is to refute accusations that Barnevernet is acting on ethnic and/or religious prejudices – they commit grave errors of logic and Biblical interpretation, also misplacing compassion and ultimately avoiding the real issues at stake and thus the truth.

    ERROR #1.

    „We can not and will not make any statements, nor take a stand, in regards to the current case in Naustdal, Norway. However, in regards to the general situation in Norway…”

    Let’s stop right here! When the accusation is generalized, bring specific cases of documented abuse and hide behind one to cover abuses of the system; when the accusations are on a specific case, divert to the overall positive picture. The problem is that Norway has a dismal record whichever way you look at it!


    Norway has been convicted in the European Courts of Human Rights FOUR times for violations! It had also been demoted by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights from class A to class B! Norway had been accused and convicted for allowing accusations to be fabricated against parents and Barnevernet officials had been caught lying in Court by your own legal investigations!

    But, again, you will not comment on a specific case! Then, my friends, what is the general situation made of? You guessed right: SPECIFIC CASES, MANY OF THEM! So, if you ignore the details, how do you qualify to examine the whole „situation”?

    This is an error of logic, a deliberate and manipulative error of logic!

    ERROR #2

    „… We want to say that in our experience the Norwegian authorities, including child welfare services, are treating different religious groups in a fair and good manner. We have no reason to suspect that we are being treated differently than others in our country, due to our faith.”

    Now, this is apotheotic! So, you are not looking into anything specific with impartiality, asking questions of all parties involved, taking into consideration at equal face value all testimonies, looking into many other contested cases to see if there is a trend, but you talk about „your own experience” and your lack of „reason to… suspect”? How intellectually dishonest can you get?

    This is where it gets to be pathetic:

    ERROR #3

    „Regarding the matter of physical violence as a way of punishment towards children, we will repeat what the Leader Council has earlier stated: The church is to convey God’s unconditional love towards children, and we find no reasonable theological arguments for using physical violence as punishment when children do something wrong. On the contrary – in a time when it was common to set children aside, Jesus Himself invited the children to come close and sit on His lap. This narrative, and other passages, shows how great respect and love God has for each and every child.”

    Here we have a chronic case of Biblical misinterpretation! Just because Jesus set a child as an example of purity and sincerity when it comes to accepting the Kingdom of God, just because Jesus accepted children in His presence so that He can bless them, that does not imply that Jesus would stand against discipline, correction and punishment for doing something wrong. And, no matter how you twist it and frame it, the Bible specifically allows for corporal punishment! I understand everybody shivering when reading some verses, but if you want to argue that it should be abolished, argue it any which way you want, but don’t use the Bible selectively and out of context. It’s theologically dishonest! Don’t take me wrong, I am not for violence and abuse, I do not condone excessive and often repeated discipline and corporal punishment of a child. But I cannot dismiss common sense, pushing to the other extreme the reality that, at times, children can be as abusive as adults. There needs to be a balance and it has to be negotiated in the best interest of the family with all its competing aspects. But in no way should we act in haste, decisively and irreversibly to separate and destroy a family. Norway cannot stand alone in the world when it comes to its self serving child protection laws, aggressiveness in pursuing and achieving at all cost the custody of the State for as many children as Barnevernet can get its hands on. As the international laws state, separating a family should be an act of last resort, on a temporary basis and children should be reunited with their biological parents as soon as circumstances permit. Dear Pentecostal leaders in Norway, don’t you think you should embrace this cause rather than catering to your sponsor, the Government of Norway? You remind me so well of the times when we were under communism in Romania, and our leaders were compelled to show their solidarity with an oppressive, vengeful government, even if it took ignoring the truth, passing by the hurt and misusing Bible verses that encouraged us into submission, at the cost of betraying the Body of Christ!

    Well, if we want to get into doctrine, as far as the Bodnariu case is concerned, or any other such case for that matter, I welcome that debate anytime, anywhere! But here we have to deal with something much, much more sinister than it appears! The Pentecostals and their leaders in Norway have a threefold problem: lost values, lost venerability and lost voice! No wonder Norway had become the champion in church absenteeism even in Europe!

    If you think this is harsh, please read Malachi chapter 2 and then learn what your mission should be in Malachi chapter 4! It’s your duty to call on your people, even Barnevernet and say: „We should turn the hearts of parents and children toward each other, not against each other! Our ultimate goal should be to see as many families together and happy, not disintegrated and desperate!”

    Norwegian Pentecostals, either ask that of your leaders or replace them with godly servants! Don’t let the mercenaries of your government sell their souls and steal yours! As far as all the international Pentecostal organizations and associations of which the Pentecostal Movement of Norway is a part of, by not condemning and excluding it for such positions on evident human rights violations and compromising the truth and values of our faith, your own image will be tarnished and your own reputation compromised!

    Here is the press release: Press release 12 jan 2016 (003)

  6. Norway ‘is taking foreign children away from their parents because it has the highest rates of inbreeding in the world’: Country forced to deny claims after Lithuanian child is taken into care
    A Lithuanian talk show has accused Norway of seizing foreign children
    Claimed they were needed to combat ‘world’s highest rate of inbreeding’
    An ‘expert’ said fresh blood was needed to strengthen genetic material’
    Lithuanian Gražina Leščinskiene’s son was taken into care early this year
    PUBLISHED: 04:49 EST, 14 April 2015 | UPDATED: 10:55 EST, 1 May 2015

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    A Lithuanian talk show has accused Norway of stealing their children in an attempt to tackle ‘the highest rate of inbreeding in the world’.
    The episode of An Hour with Ruta, which aired on independent TV channel LNK last week, claimed that foreign children were being seized and fostered with Norwegian parents to strengthen the Nordic country’s ‘genetic material.’
    An introduction to the chat show argued that Norway’s Child Protection Service (Barnevernet) argued that it was deliberately targeting Lithuanian children which were seen as a ‘sought-after commodity’.
    Lithuanian talk show An Hour with Ruta (pictured) has accused Norway of stealing their children in an attempt to tackle ‘the highest rate of inbreeding in the world’
    Lithuanian talk show An Hour with Ruta (pictured) has accused Norway of stealing their children in an attempt to tackle ‘the highest rate of inbreeding in the world’
    It stated that ‘In Norway, Lithuanian children are taken away from their parents.’
    An ‘expert’ on the controversial service told show host Rūta Mikelkevičiūte that the country needed fresh blood to combat its rates of inbreeding which she said had led to high rates of babies being born with birth defects.

    Parents of ‘Free-range’ children held by Child Protective…

    More than 1,000 doctors are still practising despite…
    Neringa Ozolina, a Lithuanian based in Ålesund, said: ‘The birth rate is the lowest in Norway,’ according to a report by The Local.
    Earlier this year, Lithuania’s Gražina Leščinskiene (pictured) hit local headlines after her son Gabrieliaus was taken into care by Norway’s Child Protection Service
    Earlier this year, Lithuania’s Gražina Leščinskiene (pictured) hit local headlines after her son Gabrieliaus was taken into care by Norway’s Child Protection Service
    ‘Inbreeding in Norway is the greatest in the world, and the same is true of the percentage of children born with Down syndrome and other birth defects.’
    Earlier this year, Lithuania’s Gražina Leščinskiene hit local headlines after her son Gabrieliaus was taken into care by Norway’s Child Protection Service.
    She claimed he had been taken from her after displaying what was deemed to be ‘sexualised behaviour’, which included frequent visits to the toilet and sniffing his hands.
    Dag Malmer Halvorsen, Norwegian Ambassador to Lithuania was forced to hire a Lithuanian public relations form to try and counteract the ‘misconceptions’ about Norway’s child protection regime
    Dag Malmer Halvorsen, Norwegian Ambassador to Lithuania was forced to hire a Lithuanian public relations form to try and counteract the ‘misconceptions’ about Norway’s child protection regime
    She is still fighting to have her son returned to her.
    Norway’s Ambassador to Lithuania Dag Halvorsen admitted the issue of children being taken into care from foreign parents living in the Nordic country was a major concern in Lithuania.
    The problem is so widespread that Mr Halvorsen was forced to hire a Lithuanian public relations firm to try and counteract the ‘misconceptions’ about Norway’s child protection regime.
    ‘It is said that there is a history of inbreeding in Norway and that there is a high incidence of Down syndrome among Norwegian children,’ he told Norway’s NRK channel.
    ‘They argue therefore that it is important for Norwegian authorities to obtain fresh, foreign children, such as Lithuanian ones, to strengthen the genetic material.’
    Earlier this year Czech President Miloš Zeman accused the services of acting ‘like the Nazis’ by not allowing a Czech mother of the two seized boys to talk to them in Czech.
    Russian authorities have also attacked Norway over its seizure of children from their Russian-speaking families.

    Read more:
    Norway ‘seizing children to fight inbreeding’ – The Local

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    • To Peter Moldovan’s posting about inbreeding:

      This idea is actually not correct. It was a claim put forward by som Lithuanians a couple of years back as an explanation of why Barnevernet are as active as they are. Possibly it is a thought that might strike Lithuanians, among whom there are many Catholics, because first-cousin-marriage is permitted in Norway and there is no negative attitude to it.

      It is true that marriage between close relatives is biologically somewhat unfortunate, especially if practiced again and again over several generations. But in fact, there is no higher incidence of Down’s or other genetically caused deviations in Norway than elsewhere. (There is a higher incidence among immigrants from nations/groups among which marriage to relatives is standard, such as in the Middle East, Pakistan etc.) The reason why Down’s syndrome may SEEM to be more frequent here, is that children (and adults) with Downs’ syndrome are not hidden away here. They are out playing, going to school and so on, along with others. Nor are people with other ‘defects’ or abnormalities despised, their handicaps are not considered shameful, which I know is the case in some other societies. On this point, I think the general Norwegian attitude is right, humane, and sensible.

      The reasons why Norwegian CPS, and actually the CPS systems of Western countries in general, are as bad as they are, must be sought in other factors. My opinion, developed over 20 years of seeing and studying this system, is that it is a COMBINATION of several unfortunate factors and developments, not least in people’s attitudes – such as respect for authority and self-satisfiedness, together with economic factors. Actually, looking at the way money and jobs seem to be such a powerful force, it is as close as one can ever get, I think, to a Marxist idea of an economic basis for social life.

      The state of the CPS is NOT the result of any conspiration or of deliberate efforts to create a conspiration, but the effects of the several features are so intertwined that it may LOOK like its devastation of families had been planned. In fact, if it had been the result of a deliberate, evil master-plan, it would probably be easier to have the system demolished.

      People who have not come acoss our CPS before, often try to come up with some kind of home-made “explanation”, like the Lithuanians in this case. Actually, that kind of guesswork probably harms our efforts to have the system for child protection revised or scrapped in its present form.

      • Good points Marianne. As a physician, I look at the level of frustration generated by the deep pain of separating children from parents and I understand how these accusations came out. Desperate victims try anything to further their cause. I read about “freshening the blood line,” “inbreeding,” etc…

        But here on DIT I try to focus on the facts of Barnevernet actions. These actions like swift removal of kids without warning, without investigation have become the norm in Norway it seems. Perhaps that is why most Norwegians do not react the way folks in Eastern Europe or America would.

        On the other hand, I hear reports that Norwegians fear their CPS. And fear must motivate protest and change.

        • Norway, you talk too much about physical punishment without evidence. What do you think about effects of children separation from their parents? What about the psychological abuse? What about the freedom of speech?
          Norway,you are caring about gay’s rights too much and refuse to see the children’s abuse and all families destroyed. Do something before it will be so late!

  7. People who support the Bodnariu family are well educated just as the Bodnariu parents are, and we know the following things to be true:

    1. The Barnevernet was started with the honest intention to protect children,
    2. The majority of people involved with child protection in Norway are sincere in their intention to help children,
    3. Being sincere in your intentions does not make the practices of the Barnevernet right in their actions,
    4. Good people who are sincere can get caught up in serving a broken system,
    5. Norwegians are well educated, therefore, good at math. If you do the math, you will find children are separated from parents in far larger percentage in Norway than from the same group in their home country. Does living in Norway turn otherwise good parents into bad parents? You know the answer.
    6. Denial is the last stage before self examination…the longer Norwegian authorities stay in denial the more mistakes their employees will make, and the more families they will destroy,
    7. Every country needs good child protection services, every child protection service should be required by law to be transparent. The inteligent people inhabiting planet earth in this century are shat enough to know some mistakes will be made in the process, they will be forgiven, when accompanied by transparency and true actions towards helping families,

    8. It is possible that entire government departments and systems intended to help, degenerate into organizations that must be dizolved and started from scratch, statistical data on Barnaveret points to such a need in Norway.
    9. The Bodnariu family had been raising children for nine years now with no incidents, did they go bad overnight and turn into incompetent patents? We know that is not possible…yet the manner in which their children were taken is insane, it points to incompetence on the part of the authorities.

    10. Norway did practice corporal punishment until the nineteenth century, they weren’t criminals until than, they just didn’t know any better. People who spank, not violently beat or hurt, their children can learn new ways, as Norway has learned so can immigrants living in Norway. It appears the Norwegian CPS is not willing to allow others the same chance history gave them to learn.

    We love the Norwegian people and cold protection is add important to us as to them, we ask for the good citizens of Norway to stand against abuses of the system against the very principles of child welfare.

    Thank You

    • “Norway did practice corporal punishment until the nineteenth century, …”

      Actually throughout the nineteenth century too. I think somebody has been confused over the difference between “the nineteenth century” and “the nineteen-hundreds”. For example, 1920 is in the twentieth century. And the law against spanking is quite new, and its very strict enforcement belongs to the twentifirst century, i.e. to the century we are in now.

  8. A dictatorial system can find any reason to fulfill their dirty plans. In Norway, Barnevernet, which is upheld by the State, fulfills their plans to steal children from their families. Because the justice system and the lawyers are under the rule of the State, families whose children were taken do not have a chance to get their children back who were taken by this “Nazi” system.
    The only chance for those who live in Norway is to protest in the streets. A dictatorial system cannot be taken over except through protests in the streets. This is hard in Norway because already for several generations the system has brainwashed the population. It is important to understand that you, the few who were oppressed by the system, have to go in the streets and protest. You have to make public your intentions in all of Norway. You will see that many who do not have the courage now, when they see you in the streets they will join you. In all the continents, people already know about the abuses of the organization Barnevernet; when you go out in the streets in Norway, we will support you from all over the world. We pray that God will support you in being reunited with your children and in bringing back the values of freedom for the Norwegian population.
    It is inhumane for a child to be separated from his/her parents for reasons that are in fact not in the category of abuse. Barnevernet does not look for abused children; they look for reasons to break up families. We all have seen from the testimonies of many Norwegians and citizens of other countries that the reasons for why Barnevernet takes children from their families are fabricated and not based upon truth. They do this because of the fact that the Norwegian state helps them, which makes us believe that the Norwegian state and Barnevernet work together to abuse the population. Therefore, together with the protest against Barnevernet, you must protest against the state of Norway. The dictatorial political system, together with the Nazi practices must stop. The kidnapped children need to return to their families. The Norwegian population has to find their freedom and this freedom must be seen in everyday life. The freedom must be seen in the judicial system in Norway. The freedom must be seen through the smiles of children among their families.
    Together we will conquer. Norwegians, go out and protest in the streets. God bless you, Norway.
    Barnevernet, take your filthy hands off of our children; stop stealing our children.
    Please share my message and together we can conquer this bad system of Norway.

  9. The picture from Morgenbladet is not unexpected. It is really quite heartening: It must mean that the CPS defenders in Morgenbladet are all at sea understanding the surge of opposition. They are helpless because they do not go into the question properly.

    I mentioned above that the CPS setup is not the result of any conspiracy on the part of the CPS themselves, the government, or anybody else to work against the population with lies and harm, in order to gain something or other.

    Nor is the resistance against CPS abuse the work of any conspiracy. Morgenbladet’s “diagnosis” is well-known to me; it often comes up. People who are hit by CPS atrocities search around for someone to help them or someone to join forces with. Some such groups reason along the lines that the CPS system is the result of socialism, or the opposite, or religion, or atheism, or what have you. Many take refuge in what we can call out-groups, little groups with special interests. For instance, many people who are against vaccines for children, have been in conflict with the CPS on that score. Norway is not so large and the outspoken critics of CPS are not so many. Therefore, many CPS opponents know of each other or they know each other, although many are frightened and keep more or less anonymous.

    That is not to say that they have got together and made up some plan – conspiracy – to achieve such and such in an underhand way. But people who are mostly interested in well-known political and social topics – like writers for Morgenbladet, I suppose – take for granted that anything unusual they hear from people who are neither well-formulated nor many, must be nonsense thought up by fogged brains working out something in a dark cellar. When the claims put forward are highly critical of something these established, intellectual know-alls in the mainstream take for granted, something which challenges their whole understanding of society (e.g. that the CPS do great harm), then these intellectuals think there must be something odd going on. They understand that single idiots can come up with crazy ideas, but when so many say the same “crazy” thing (like the CPS do great harm), it does not occur to most mailstream people to look into it without preconceptions to find out if it is actually true, rather they play detectives of those who say it. They are stuck in their ideas of Norway as a pretty well perfect welfare state. Therefore, they think, all these protesters must be acting under some kind of organised “movement” – a conspiracy. One man, who has written quite a lot of criticism of the CPS and who runs his own websites, har been called something like “the spider directing the whole net”. I seem to remember someone called me a “conspiratorial theoretician”, but it didn’t seem clear whether that was supposed to mean that they thought I believed in the CPS being conspiratorial, or they thought I was busy thinking up plots for CPS protesters to act on.

  10. “Children as young as three years of age who are taken away from their parents by so-called emergency placement, remember the incident remarkably well, says researcher Gunn Astrid Baugerud , who has researched how children cope with the CPS collects them and takes them away from their parents. – Children have been interviewed a week after the incident, three months later and a year after they were retrieved. That they remember what happened as well, says something that these are events that leave traces. Stress sharpens your memory, we know from other research. Some remember down in detail, others have a more fragmented memory of the situation”.

    This is the original text in Norwegian language:

    Barn husker dramatiske hendelser

    LES MER I PAPIRUTGAVEN: – Barn helt ned til treårsalder som blir tatt vekk fra foreldrene sine ved såkalt akutt plassering, husker hendelsen bemerkelsesverdig godt, sier forsker Gunn Astrid Baugerud, som har forsket på hvordan barn takler at barnevernet henter dem og tar dem vekk fra foreldrene sine. – Barna har blitt intervjuet en uke etter hendelsen, tre måneder etterpå og ett år etter at de ble hentet. At de husker det som skjedde så godt, sier noe om at dette er hendelser som setter spor. Stress skjerper hukommelsen, det vet vi fra annen forskning. Noen husker ned i detalj, andre har en mer fragmentert hukommelse av situasjonen, sier hun.

  11. Посольство Норвегии в Бухаресте рисует глянцевую картину норвежской службы защиты прав детей (Barnevern)

    Посольство Норвегии в Бухаресте опубликовало на своей странице обширную информацию о норвежской службе защиты прав детей и опеки /Barnevern/. Возможно, что аналогичная информация размещена и на сайтах норвежских посольств в других странах.

    Доклад не точен и местами откровенно не верен и имеет целью нарисовать глянцевую картинку системы, которую тысячи норвежцев воспринимают как вмешательство в жизнь семьи и нарушение прав ее членов, и действия которой вызвали многочисленные демонстрации не только в Бухаресте и других европейских столицах, но и в самой Норвегии.

    „В 2014 примерно 53.000 детей находились под различными формами опеки службы защиты прав детей. Более восьми из каждых 10 этих случаев составляли решения о получении помощи детям и семьям, принятые на добровольной основе“, говорится в докладе посольства. Однако сведения о том, как много детей получают помощ от службы опеки, разумеется, полностью иррелевантны по отношению к проблеме – как много норвежских детей изъяты от своих родителей. В 2014 году 11200 детей проживали у приемных родителей, что следует из статистики Директората по делам детей Норвегии. В течение года 1665 детей были принудительно изъяты из семей.

    Круглый год, буквально через день и год за годом 3-4 ребенка лишаются родитилей по решению службы опеки.

    Посольство пишет, что решение об установлении опеки издается специальным или ординарным судом и „только в случае если ребенок систематично подвергается “жестокому обращению, унижению или пренебрежению к его правам“. „Содержать ребенка вне дома без родительского на то согласия всегда является последней возможностью“,-сообщается в докладе.

    Это существенный аргумент, чтобы косвенно направить тяжелые обвинения в сторону родителей, имеющих мало возможностей защититься. В одном из дел, заведенном против чешской матери, в апеллативном суде против нее было использовано обвинение, что она обратилась к СМИ за помощью в ее вопросе.

    Утверждения посольства о том, что дети отнимаются от родитилей только в том случае, если налицо предшествовавшее систематическое “жестокое обращение, унижение или пренебрежение к правам ребенка“ настолько некорректно, что может быть охарактеризовано как грубая ложь.

    Изучение сотен подобных дел, предпринятое доктором наук Оге Симонсен / dr. science Åge Simonsen/ показывает, что редчайшие случаи передачи прав на детей органам опеки были обоснованы пренебрежением к заботе о детях, невыполнением родительских обязанностей, а чаще всего были взяты под опеку в результате субъективной оценки какого-то бюрократа из данной службы /Barnevernet /, гласящей что родители „не проявляют заботу о детях“ – они были признаны недостаточно способными родителями.

    Эта картина соответствует и собственной статистике Директората по делам детей, относительно 20 признанных им случаев неправомерного вмешательства службы опеки в дела семьи. Первым в списке оснований для этих действий стоит формулировка: „Родители не имеют родительских навыков“. В одном интервью данном норвежской газете “Verdens Gang“, адвокат Thea Totland сказала, что в последние годы она отмечает все больше дел, где речь не идет о явном пренебрежении заботой о детях“, но где оценка заботы о детях надуманна и исходит из требований, которые многие семьи не в состоянии выполнить.

    И что же должно следовать если служба опеки /Ба′рневе′рнет/ считает, что родители не имеют соответствующих способностей чтобы растить своих детей?

    Профессор Марианне Сконланд, очевидно, известный человек в Норвегии, который на протяжение многих лет занимается вопросами деятельности службы защиты прав детей страны, и которая всесторонне знакома с существующими проблемами защиты прав детей и семьи, в одной из своих статей по данному вопросу анализирует аргументы, использованные службой опеки и аналогичными службами других стран Северной Европы, страдающими от таких же государственных систем.

    Из 69 использованных ею примеров судебных дел по поводу установления опеки, я приведу только пять наиболее репрезентативных:

    1: Психолог констатировал, что мать ребенка не смогла как следует приготовить омлет /в присутствие психолога, чтобы продемонстрировать ему свои умения,/ и что она режет хлеб слишком толстыми ломтями.

    2: Ребенок смотрит с любопытством на незнакомых вокруг и улыбается им. Это значит, что он не испытывает привязанности к своей матери.

    3: Грудной ребенок наклоняет голову не в ту сторону, когда отец его умывает.

    4: Мать хочет отправить детей к физиотерапевту и на другие необходимые медицинские процедуры в сопровождении их бабушки вместо того чтобы сопровождать их самой.

    5: Когда дети посещают бабушку, она обнимает их. Барневернет должна была прекратить это, так как это может создать нежелательную привязанность.

    Посольство заявляет, что “родители имеют право на справедливое разбирательство, включая адвоката, услуги которого оплачивает правительство, они также имеют право быть выслушанными и право обжаловать решение“.

    Это верно на бумаге. Но правовое исследование вопроса иллюзорно. Правовая практика такова, что она к этому почти никогда не приводит. Это подтверждают и норвежские адвокаты. На все время судебного разбирательства дети передаются приемным родителям, и благодаря этому на суде служба опеки использует против биологических родителей аргумент, что дети, якобы, привыкли к своим новым “родителям“, и что их можно травматизировать, отрывая их от их новой среды. Чем больше времени проходит, тем сильнее нажимают на этот аргумент, получивший силу тарана, пробивающего систему правосудия.

    Суммируя сказанное будет правильно отметить, что служба защиты прав детей в большинстве случаев отнимает детей у родителей исходя из очень слабо аргументированной умозрительной оценки об “отсутствии внимания к детям“. Постановка вопроса такова, что государство а не родители несут главную ответственность за наших детей. И дети и родители сегодня подвергаются этому натиску со стороны барневернет. Это касается как норвежских так и не норвежских родителей, пребывающих постоянно или временно в Норвегии. Даже у беженцев, которым отказано в этом статусе и высылаемых из страны, отбирают детей и передают их на воспитание приемным родителям норвежцам /это бездетные семьи, нередко на профессиональной основе нанятые государством и получающие соответствующую зарплату за воспитание чужих детей до 17-летнего возраста в семейных условиях. – примечание переводчика/.

    Занимаясь этим вопросом приходится увидеть своими глазами человеческие катастрофы, разрушенные семьи и в отдельных случаях родителей, покончивших с собой или ставших в конце концов наркоманами от муки, потеряв самое дорогое что у них было. В докладе Норвежского института урбанистических и региональных исследований (Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research – говорится, что среди детей, отданных усыновителям, самоубийства случаются в 8 раз чаще чем среди других детей и подростков (pp 12-13 of the report –

    Такова правда о норвежской службе опеки, о которой норвежское посольство в Бухаресте видимо не желает информировать румынских граждан.

    В добавок ко всему барневернет потеряла доверие.

    Это приводит к тому, что родители, нуждающиеся в помощи, избегают обращаться за нею из страха, что результатом будет не та помощь, которая им нужна, а что у них отберут детей.

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