International Pressure Against Barnevernet is Working

There is a glimpse of good news today in the Bodnariu case. The parents communicated by phone with the older girls for the first time since the ordeal began nearly 2 months ago. The girls said they miss their family, and they miss their home.

Delight in Truth still does not understand the schizophrenic approach by Barnevernet in this case.

The Norwegian CPS is painting the Bodnariu parents as Christian fundamentalist monsters who abuse their children and as a result confiscated them.

If the parents really are like that, why does Barnevernet allow both parents to see the infant on a weekly basis? Why is the mother allowed to see the boys? Why the phone conversation with the older girls today?

Because these loving parents never abused their kids!

And because of mounting international pressure, that’s why!

World-wide protests have just began and the Norwegian officials are feeling the pressure. Their propaganda is in full swing as well… Their state-funded Christian publications have come to the state’s defense in articles like this one (here). I guess you can’t bite the hand that feeds you even if means covering up human rights violations.

The Pentecostal leader in Norway Sigmund Kristoffersen (pictured above from said here “we will not express an opinion on, or take a position on the matter in question” regarding the Bodnariu family who are Pentecostal Christians.  Why? Because he is a slave to the State, just like the other “Christian” newspapers defending their master.

The overwhelming majority of people living behind the Iron Curtain during communism knew that the system was evil, but they did not have the courage to stand up to it as a unified mass until 1989 when the Revolution it down. After communicating with Norwegian activists and victims of Barnevernet it is evident that momentum is building in Norway against the system that confiscates children on a whim.

We might see a revolution against Barnevernet in Norway. The international community expects it.

Delight in Truth expects to see common sense Norwegians coming together and revolting against the CPS. We are getting closer to a critical point in this movement when the system must capitulate and return not only the five Bodnariu children, but many others whom they confiscated unfairly.

32 comments on “International Pressure Against Barnevernet is Working

  1. “Their state-funded Christian publications have come to the state’s defense in articles like this one (here). I guess you can’t bite the hand that feeds you even if means covering up human rights violations.
    The Pentecostal leader in Norway Sigmund Kristoffersen … said …”

    There is a photo in the Dagen article too: it is of Dagen’s chief editor Vebjørn Selbekk. He was courageous enough to reprint the Muhammed cartoons and he was threatened and persecuted for it. He recently blamed (quite rightly, in my opinion) our former Christian prime minister Kjell Magne Bondevik for being cowardly regarding Muslims who want to murder Selbekk for using his freedom of expression. But Selbekk does not similarly investigate or think through why CPS victims should be allowed and even encouraged and supported to use THEIR freedom of expression to tell the world how the CPS acts and what the truth is. So, when it comes to CPS, which hardly affects Selbekk personally, he is equally cowardly as Bondevik is/was over the cartoons.

    Re Kristoffersen & co: Under the article in their publication:
    you can see 7 comments. Those by Frank Gunnar Håvik are very critical of the CPS and of the Leadership group. The commentor “Bibeltime Gruppa” says “Absolutely agree with you, Frank Gunnar Håvik!”

    Those by Olga Krag and Unn Lindgard Madsø are in favour of the Leader Group and its condemnation of the Bodnarius. Madsø signs as “Kind regards from a former CPS worker”.

    The comment by Jan Eilert Aakre says: “We cannot and will not say anything about or takes sides in the case in question, but only regarding the general situation in Norway about the alleged persecution.”
    Alleged ….

    Under some of the comments it says “Edited” – it must probably mean by the editorial staff, not by the commentors themselves? Well, you can see which comments have been edited. Of Frank Gunnar Håvik’s comments I can say that the parts that do appear, are both informative about important, publicly known matters re the CPS, and that they are phrased in a calm manner, and he recommends that the Leadership Group should “take an analytical line and open for the possibility that the CPS may be wrong”.

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  3. Charge Barnevernet with crimes against humanity. Return the children to biological parents. Time for law suits and full compensation for the victims.
    To hell with Barnevernet, to hell where it belongs.

  4. finally
    started to cry….have been so distraught because of the pervasive evil in Norway that would allow this to happen….was even more shocked when Marius Reikeras met Bodnariu parents on Christmas Eve…Marius and Ruth were to drive to his office after seeing their two boys….which Barnevernet callously and heartlessly did not produce…said they forgot…or could not be bothered….they make Scrooge look sympathetic!

    as for the leader above…or so called leader….when you do not stand up for righteousness evil flourishes….not a leader to follow…..

    the righteous are as bold as lions….thank you God for allowing this family to withstand the fires and to use this case to break the back of the evil Barnevernet….

    Candace Green

  5. I was gonna leave a comment to the article posted by the “Christian” newspaper you mentioned in your post, but you have to be a registered member with them to be able to post. Just shows you how much they care about everybody’s arguments. I would have given them a piece of my mind! The Bodnariu case has revealed that there IS religious persecution against Christians in Norway. I agree with a previous comment -Barneverment should be charged with crimes against humanity. Going back to the article you gave a link to, they say that Norway is unlike USSR, despite the image media has recently created. Yes, they are unlike USSR. They are way worse!

    • Claudia, scroll through the comments on this site written by Marianne. She is from Norway and is an activist against Barnevernet. Marianne says the newspapers censor comments even edits them. Some freedom of expression!

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  7. Hello, people!
    I have a suggestion which you may find exotic:

    You have probably seen that there are several more demonstrations scheduled against Barnevernet.
    Tomorrow there is supposed to be one in Moscow, probably in front of the Norwegian Embassy, I should think.

    Jan Simonsen wrote an article which he published first in Norwegian, then it was published in English, in Prague Post and in Romania also, on various websites:

    We now have a translation into Russian:

    If any of you have any friends or people you know in Russia or thereabouts, please pass this article on! You hereby have the authorisation to have it published also. Best of all might be if it were conveyed to somebody in Moscow having to do with the demonstration, they might run off some paper copies and pass them around maybe, or at least links.

    It is Friday afternoon/evening here; in America it must be early Friday, so there is not much time (I take it many people who read and write on this site are Americans). But anyway: nothing lost by trying, and nothing tried nothing gained!

  8. I am glad to see several people not only talking about the Bodnariu family, and not only of getting justice for Romanian children in Norway, but understanding that many other children, of many nations, are in the same trouble. I take the liberty of a rather long posting here. I sent it a day or two ago as a comment to Balkan Insight’s article
    “Romanians Condemn Norway over Child Welfare Controversy”
    but it does not seem that Balkan Insight is going to allow it posted. Anyway, the point it tries to make is rather general:

    The debate about spanking, of whether it is good or bad, can go on until the cows come home. The focus now should be on what the CPS does to children by depriving them of their parents. Dacus (see the comments to the above article) is very apt in the first sentence of his comment.

    Norwegian law forbids all physical correction and it is enforced. So if the Bodnarius have spanked their children, they probably face punishment. But our CPS (child protection services) are completely disproportionate in what they do. This lack of proportion stems from a wayward ideology, based on quack psychology saying that parents are of no particular importance to children. They believe that the severe strain which separation from the parents brings on children, is a “proof” that the parents have treated the children so cruelly that the children need endless “help”: to be removed from the parents and then have “psychological help” in getting over their fear of their parents and at the same time over their “unnatural loyalty” to them.

    There are umpty scientific studies of various kinds demonstrating that that is not so, but the enormous groups of people who benefit from CPS actions with foster care, psychotherapy of the children, etc etc, of course will not listen to any evidence that what they are doing harms children.

    The Bodnariu children have already been away from their parents for 2 months. That includes a baby who was being breast-fed. This is a long time for children. Such deprivation has a negative effect emotionally and is a burden on their physical health as well. The two boys are very young and cannot possibly understand why they have lost their parents.

    The Bodnariu case is fairly similar to a case of four Malaysian children which ran in Sweden in 2014. The Malaysian government actually took very sensible action: Arguing over the upbringing of children and whether Sweden was justified in jailing and charging the parents – that leads nowhere. Get the children home to their extended family while the parents are in jail, and keep the children out of Sweden afterwards! (Cf “The Malaysian children held in Sweden need their own family”

    Those children were fortunately a little older, and they were all four together in a foster home.

    Even if the Bodnariu children are let go of by the CPS, such separation as they have already suffered is a tragedy, and it is vital that the urgency of setting them free to return to their family is emphasised every day. This needs to be understood in the discussion about the Bodnariu case, as it needs to be understood in all the other thousands of cases of “protection” of children in Western countries, if we are ever to be able to stop the misguided way of helping children which really heaps fear and unhappiness on them for long days, months, even years.

    • Yes, our hopes are now growing much beyond the Bodnariu family. We are hoping for an overhaul of CPS, so CPS can truly help families, not destroy them.

      Please send me a friend request on facebook

      • Sorry, but I am not on facebook at all. I know all the arguments why I should be, but there are a couple of reasons why not. One is that facebook editors exercise censorship; more than one CPS fighter here has been excluded for writing the truth about CPS cases. I don’t really see why I should subject myself to the same, I would rather stand in solidarity with the excluded people. Another, very strong reason, is that I already spend more time than I have on CPS matters, and corresponding or responding to more people would be beyond me. My health is none too good either. So I limit myself to just about where I am at now.
        On my webpage you will find my email!


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  10. As you know, the two largest newspapers in Norway with a Christian profile, Vårt Land and Dagen, have been very active defending Barnevernet in every way. They are mostly concerned to prove that Norway does not persecute people on religious grounds. (So everything Barnevernet does, they think is entirely all right as long as religion is not the issue.) They even boasted that they had had their “instructive article” about Barnevernet translated not only into English but also into Romanian.

    One journalist from Vårt Land is Erlend Friestad (who posted a comment here under the article “More Dishonesty …” but apparently left the site when he did not find sympathetic allies?)

    A friend sent me this:
    “Jurnaliştii norvegieni, rezervaţi cu privire la un abuz al autorităţilor în cazul copiilor luaţi de la familia Bodnariu”

    Can you Romanian speakers tell me whether these two journalists, Friestad and another, have been to Romania dishing out their stuff, or if the picture etc is from Oslo? They are certainly energetic, anyway. They and their newspaper never are, in my experience, on behalf of families destroyed by the CPS.

  11. Thank you – your brief summary and the link are very useful. I’ll include it in some “threads”. Hehe, I see Arild Holta (who runs the Forum Redd Våre Barn (Rescue Our Children)) has already, back in December, found the website you link to, with Christian Ionescu’s reply to the journalist’s nonsense, and has posted a comment. Good on Arild!

    You might enjoy Arild’s article:
    “The media gives victims of the social services “the silent treatment”

  12. Delight wrote in the recent comment (above): “Friestad is complaining that the family and their lawyer is not giving him access to the documents.”

    So what? He would, “beyond reasonable doubt”, have come out equally negative to the family, equally positive to all the CPS do, regardless. In cases innumerable, the families concerned BEG reporters to read the documents and ask them anything they like. The result is normally that the journalist, now being able to pretend deep knowledge, still conveys that the family is objectionable in some way.

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