Game Changer in the Fight Against Barnevernet


After a weekend of global anti-Barnevernet (Norway Child Protection Services) protests, something amazing is happening. It is tangible in the media, and while it cannot be quantified mathematically, it is in the air.

What is it?


Victims of Barnevernet have renewed hope. They are watching the international drama unfold on TV in Europe, on news sites, and on blogs like this one.

For example, in recent days 35,000 visitors have arrived to this site from social media links and from searching terms like “barnevernet abuse,” “bodnariu,” and “barnevernet targeting immigrants.”

Norwegian lawyer and leading anti-Barnevernet activist Marius Reikeras visited Elim Romanian Church in Chicago last night, and he communicated to the several hundred people attending the worship service that the Norwegian media has covered the mass protests going on in Europe and America. The victims saw the protests!

This has invigorated the hope of parents who have not seen their children in months or years. He said hope is a powerful thing. Delight in Truth agrees 100%… hope cannot be overestimated in the midst of suffering. When someone loses hope, the battle is essentially lost.

But Barnevernet victims have received an infusion of precious hope from a united global Romanian Evangelical front made up of hundreds of thousands of believers. 

The fight has just began! Just watch this movement intensify over time! A pastor referred to the Romanian Pentecostal church as the “sleeping giant” who has awakened.

Numerous, well articulated arguments have been made against skeptics and Barnevernet defenders in the comment sections of news articles. When it comes to the most precious gift of all, our children, the activist in all of us is awakened.

Norwegian authorities are in fact feeling the pressure. They closed the Norway embassy in London last Friday, and they removed the flag during the protest. They kept the Norwegian ambassador from meeting with the protesters in Washington, DC. They are ashamed of what is happening world-wide.

In addition to Marius Reikeras, there are other Norwegian activists who have been motivated by our protests. Marianne Skanland is a professor and anti-Barnevernet activist in Norway who has commented frequently here and given insight into how the Norwegian system operates. Please look for her comments here in recent articles and visit her site (use google translate to read.)

We now hope for more than just the return of the Bodnariu kids. We hope for the re-unification of other families who have fallen victims to this system.

We hope for the radical overhaul of Barnevernet.

Please get the word out. Share these articles, so the world may know the truth!

25 comments on “Game Changer in the Fight Against Barnevernet

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  2. In order to catch Norway’s attention I think we should leave comments on websites that advertize traveling in Norway. I would say: “Yes, Norway is a beautiful country. If you travel over there make sure you visit Barnevernet, it’s a nice resort, the emblem of Norway. Just make some search with this name and you’ll be amazed. Don’t forget to take your kids with you while visiting Norway”. Also we may leave these messages on third party websites where Norwegian products are promoted. We have to catch there attention and we don’t have to stop.

    • Also I would suggest to leave comments with links about Bodnariu’s case on diferrent websites that promote Norwegian products or tourism in Norway. In this way all of those who make researches about Norway will find about this case.

  3. I am soooo impressed by the work of the christian community for how you have lifted this issue of Barnevern up to where it belongs…doesn´t the relationship between children and parents have to do with love ? of course it has. But in Norway, the system said always…well, well…you love your child, but that does´t matter, we see things that you don´t see, and that is not good things…. But we all know, love is stronger than destruction ❤ About the Bodnariou case, the Barnevern can drop the whole case, at this moment, if they want to. without following the process, which they support, (their process) more that the people in it.. I have lined up "the poison scandal in Kongsberg Barnevern, here, before. this is another film, with english subtitles. About the same child, and me the happened in 2010…and by pressure from me, my creativity to solve the case, my way, and by pressure from my friends and supporters…they finally Droped the case over night…like a hot potato, and returned my child home…

    • Thanks Arianne for visiting and commenting. I heard that only 4% of children are returned to their parents. If that is true, you are quite lucky and blessed!

      This an international fight now and it will only grow

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  5. Here is an exemple of how the scandinavians defend their vicious system:

    The Norwegians care about the children until they remove them from their bilogical family. Afterwards, even if horrible things happen to the children, they never blame their system. They never admit that Bavernevet did not act in the best interest of the child and the best for the child would have been to remain in his biological family.

  6. Chris,
    Maybe it’s time to make public the names of these agents and officers involved in taking away of the children (not just the Bodnariu children) and post them all over the social media–best if we can find pictures with these terrorists’ faces so the world can put a face to the name.


  8. A couple of comments to Delight’s article:

    “Delight in Truth agrees 100%… hope cannot be overestimated in the midst of suffering. When someone loses hope, the battle is essentially lost.”

    I disagree! Even if there is little realistic hope, it is important that as many of us carry on and do not forget this issue for other interesting issues that keep cropping up, simply because what we are doing is RIGHT. There is little hope that any of the thousands who have contributed to the atrocities, believing that THEY were doing the right and virtuous thing, that they will ever back down or say “What have I done?” It is like any important ideology that people have backed, let us say Nazism: Large sections of the German population continued to defend it even after the war when the truth of the concentration camps was revealed, and all the other truths about the realities behind the Nazi propaganda. What changed the climate in Germany in the end was not even that those who were children during the war grew up. They were innocent, but perhaps too closely tied to their parents? It took a couple of new generations before a new way of thinking broke through. But that DID change Germany, its consciousness, its conscience, its interest in thinking about ethical issues. I recommend the dvd of the movie “The Reader”; it has extra material with insightful comments.

    And so, regarding CPS matters I am “the great pessimist” and I sometimes have to pull myself together not to discourage others too much. But too much optimism about any one action, any one case bringing about the demise of the system, will meet with disappointment and can be difficult to take. The CPS people and all those who believe in the CPS will never want to give up their “life lies” (to speak with Henrik Ibsen (the play “The Wild Duck”)). We have to be as realistic as we can, and hope that all our efforts will bear fruits in the long run, in addition to providing important support for those who suffer now. Miracles may happen, but we here on earth must try to do what is right and just, even if it does not seem to have any tangible result. Or what do you people think?

    By the way, the Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest has come up with new rosy music:

    About hope and dedication again, but differently this time
    I wrote above that we should not give up even if we had no realistic hope of quick change.

    It reminds me of a motto some of us writing on BarnasRett (The rights of children) once heard ascribed to William of Orange (it has also been connected to other European leading figures): “I can commence even without having hope. I can stay firm and continue, even without having made progress.” I think it is a wonderful ideal.

    Nevertheless, hope came to the forefront again in my mind when I read today on the Bodnariu support group’s facebook page that there is something called “Colegiul “Richard Wurmbrand” taking part:

    This certainly brought back memories!

    In my young days, there was this Christian Romanian whose name became well-known in Norway through, among others, a little organisation (it grew in time) called “Misjon bak jernteppet” (Mission behind the iron curtain), which published a little magazine: “Ropet fra Øst” (The Cry from the East). He was Richard Wurmbrand. Are many of you too young to have heard about him, or is he still well-known?

    He had started out as a communist, even a Comintern agent, but had become a Christian. He had been bought our of communist Romania by in part Norwegian money, that is why many in Norway got to know about him.

    One day when I was still a student at the University of Oslo (about 1968-70?), I suddenly heard that Wurmbrand was there giving a talk. Probably some Christian students’ group had invited him. Since he had become ordained as a Lutheran minister (the Lutheran church is Norway’s main denomination) and had these connections in Norway, I imagine he had not been difficult to invite. So I told another couple of students and we rushed along, and got to hear almost all of his talk. It was in a large auditorium and there were, I think, 150-200 people there.

    I still remember some of the things he said (although forgive me, I am of course not quite sure of the actual formulations):

    “– When I got out of prison and entered our apartment, I said to my wife: Before you kiss me, I must tell you that I do not come from the hell of prison to the heaven of home. I come from the joy of having Christ with me in prison to the joy of finding him in my home.”

    “– You think maybe that we mind being imprisoned. But other prisoners in Eastern Europe along with myself say it like this: Getting out of prison is not our aim. We set our sights much higher. We want to win the communists for Christ!”

    The pure eagerness and goodness of him were unforgettable.

    • Wumrbrand was a great man, no doubt. I met him when I was a kid in the early 90s. His testimony before the US Congress in 1960s is the most watched testimony in the US congress archives.

      Norway was instrumental in securing his release, an amazing accomplishment.

      • I’m glad I happened upon this comment, Delight. What a blessing that you got to meet Mr. Wurmbrand. I can look it up, but I’m sure you can find it easier than I. Can you put up a link to this testimony? I know you are a busy man and if not, no problem.

  10. I am a Christian who is victim of this demonic rules of kidnapping children infront of you.Without any evidence they took my children and put me in jail and i must pay my child for their damage.

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