California 2022 Prop 1 to Constitutionalize Abortion

Read and be shocked. This year’s Prop 1 will add guaranteed access to abortion to the California constitution. Is this really necessary when abortion is already legal and encouraged here? Of course it is not. But the cult of Molech forms the base of the leftist elite in California, and their rage has to be channeled somewhere.

Abortion, the holy grail of the feminist movement has been challenged at the federal level when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, 2022. And now the legislature, the governor, and the activists in our state are trying to make California into the abortion epicenter of the world to counteract the SCOTUS decision.

An interesting fact stood out to me. The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that with a week left until voting day, anti-life groups have outspent pro-life groups by a factor of 53:1 in campaigning for Prop 1.

That is insane. With overwhelming abortion support in the state on the order of 67%, one must ask why? Why do they illogically continue to spend money even though their victory is assured?

The answer to this question cannot be found in logic or economics. The matter is a spiritual one.

The Bible speaks of this phenomenon in Romans Chapter 1 when an inspired apostle Paul speaks of idolatry and human sexual perversion. He says 3 times that God gave them up. He gave them up to dishonoring their bodies, to dishonorable passions and to a debased mind. The ultimate punishment is for God to give up on someone. For God to give them up to a mind that no longer thinks soundly, a debased and depraved mind. They throw millions of dollars toward an non-issue in ultra-liberal California.

These are our elected leaders and we as a state deserve them. When God wants to punish a country, He gives them wicked rulers, said a reformer.

We shall continue to speak for and defend the unborn. I am not hopeful that Prop 1 will be struck down. But I am looking for a shift in the demographic toward life. It would be a welcome development to see the needle move closer to 50/50, but I will not get my hopes too high. Let’s do our part and vote NO on 1.

Work: the Blessing Outweighs the Curse


The Covid-19 pandemic has put many people out of work. My hospital cancelled all elective surgeries to prevent viral spread and of course, to make room for sick patients. But so far in California we are not seeing the surge of infected patients we were expecting. As a result I have worked very little over the past month.

Waiting at home for the pandemic to pass, I have meditated on theological aspects of work. Mankind must work. It is innate to our construction. It is critical towards maintaining not only our income and livelihood but our health. It is a (G)odly activity because God does it and so must we. Jesus said “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” This is why we must work, because it is a communicable attribute from God to us. It explains why we are happy when we get a new job, a new contract, a new business opportunity, even though the work may be challenging.

God did not create us to be idle, but to be busy with work. From the very beginning, the book of Genesis tells us that “God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” Even in his pre-fall state, man had to work. It was natural, it was fitting, and it was a pleasure. It was both physical and intellectual because Adam had to manage the garden and assign nomenclature to all the species that God created. Reaching back to my college Botany and Zoology classes I can tell you that it must have been a daunting task.

But simultaneous with Adam and Eve’s disobedience and fall, work took an undesired left turn. Work was no longer easy. It was still natural and fitting, but it became a curse. God told Adam that “cursed is the ground because of you… and, by the sweat of your face you shall eat bread.” Work would be difficult going forward. Man would have to hustle, sweat, and be consumed by physical and intellectual effort. Nothing will come easy like it did before.

But we have to keep in mind that such a curse also unveils a blessing for mankind. As difficult as work has become, it is many-fold better for man to work than NOT work.  To keep his body and mind busy, to earn a living, and to provide for his family.  Idleness leads to a static existence, which leads to physical degeneration and depression, and in some cases to criminal behavior.

Prov 12:11 Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.

Prov 14:23 Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty.

Prov 18:9 One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys. 

Furthermore, for believers God promises many times in Scriptures that He will bless the work of their hands.

Prov 16:3 Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

Deut 15:10 the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in all that you undertake.

This perspective on the necessity of work has never been more clear than in a time of pandemic and idleness.  I am trying to avoid idleness by spending time with family, writing a blog post, and catching up things. But you can only catch up to a certain extent. Until the blessing of work returns. It can’t come any sooner!

Stay healthy, Delight in Truth friends.


Amy and Tyler: Outrageous Child Kidnapping in Norway

When it comes to Norway’s Child Protective Services (Barnevernet) the case of American citizen Amy Jakobsen and her son Tyler is one of the most disturbing. Barnevernet has swiftly removed Tyler from Amy in 2013 at age 19 months because she was still supplementing his diet by breastfeeding him.

Given the snitch culture in Norway, someone reported Amy to the state for breastfeeding her toddler, as if this was against some law. The World Health Organization has a very powerful statement on breastfeeding, and it states:

Breastfeeding is the normal way of providing young infants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. … Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond.”

Tyler was quickly taken to the hospital to be examined and found to be in good health weighing 9.6 kg (21 lbs) which is within normal limits for a 19-month-old. Amy was told that the child should in fact weigh 10 kg (22 lbs) and this was the pretext for removing him under emergent circumstances. His name has been changed twice, and he is currently held at a secret address without parental contact.

Keeping in line with the modus operandi we have observed in the Bodnariu case, Barnevernet removed Tyler without due process under the  law.  There was no court order, no proper social investigation, and no help was offered to Amy. All this was done swiftly because court documents show that Barnevernet were very concerned about Amy’s American citizen status and her ability to go back to America at any time. They decided to circumvent the law to achieve their statist goal of maintaining Tyler as property of the state.

Various Good Samaritans like Steven Bennett, Bjo Ern, and Marius Reikeras are trying to help Amy Jakobsen by popularizing her ordeal, but so far there has not been any significant effort from the American government, as far as I can tell. There is a social media campaign going on at this time asking people to change their profile picture holding the sign “Norway, Return Tyler to Amy.” The sign can be downloaded here. Official pages supporting Amy are here and here. Such campaigns can be very influential because they expose the human rights violations committed by Norway. Social media was in fact one of the key factors that led Norway to return the 5 Bodnariu children to their family.

Delight in Truth FB page has published material about Amy and Tyler. See video below as a summary of her case.

High Stakes in the Case of Nabeel Qureshi

Image result for nabeel qureshi

Nabeel Qureshi is a 34-year-old medical doctor, seminary student, author, and a former devout Muslim who converted to Christianity and who became a powerful apologist for the faith, especially in the Muslim community. A year ago he received the devastating diagnosis of stage IV gastric cancer with a potential cure rate of less than 4%. He underwent the best possible medical treatment to set him up for a potential curative surgery, however he just learned that his treatment failed and there will be no surgical attempt to resect the cancer. From a modern medical standpoint his chance to beat this monster is 0%.

What makes this case unique? What makes his terminal diagnosis a high stakes affair?

Besides potentially leaving behind a young family, the highest stakes in Nabeel’s case have to do with the gospel and with the fame of our LORD among the nations.  It is no secret that Nabeel’s family and Muslim community he grew up in were unhappy with his infidelity to Islam. He writes about it in his books. But now they will use this terminal diagnosis to claim that Allah is punishing Nabeel for turning his back on his former faith. They will use this as a deterrent for other potential Muslims who hear the gospel and wish to come to Christ. Nabeel has been evangelizing the Muslim community in his activity with the Ravi Zacharias Ministry, has participated in debates in front of Muslims (which he won decisively), and has been reaching out to them in his books.

Just imagine the implications of him passing from this illness in terms of the reproach cast on the Christian faith, on Christ and on the Church by his Muslim critics. Now imagine the implications of a miraculous healing from gastric cancer in a Christian convert among the same Muslim critics. It would be a tremendous boost to the gospel and a testimony for the glory of God. That is why we must all unite in prayer for his healing. God will receive glory either way, but the gospel of the New Testament is a gospel that is accompanied by miracles so that unbelievers may see and believe.

There is another secondary spiritual issue going on here, and it is among our Christians. Nabeel has not hidden his charismatic beliefs in that he correctly believes that the supernatural spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians chapters 12 and 14 are still active today to strengthen believers and the cause of the gospel. He has received numerous prophecies that God will heal his illness, despite his medical prognosis being extremely poor. If he succumbs to the illness there will be those who will use this to mock the gifts of knowledge and prophecy, and the biblical practice of prayer and anointing for physical healing. I am not defending extreme and unbiblical charismatic practices (in fact I sanction them), but the biblical practice of spiritual gifts is an important part of the church.

Nabeel is the subject of life-and-death high stakes for the gospel among Muslims, and for the validity of supernatural spiritual gifts among Christians.

His chance of beating the cancer is zero. That is why this is God’s time to make His gospel shine for His fame and His glory. That is why it is critical that believers unite in prayer for his healing.

Watch the heartbreaking video below.


Down’s Syndrome: Modern Genocide

Image result for down's syndrome child adult

gen·o·cide ˈjenəˌsīd/ noun  —  the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular genetic/ethnic group

There you have it. A definition of genocide. A term that is frequently used today to describes the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust and the Armenian genocide. But few will apply this word to a group of people who is slowly being exterminated from the face of the Earth on the basis of their genetic makeup: trisomy 21 or Down’s syndrome.

In a Western country if a baby has Down’s features on ultrasound, there is a high likelihood the baby will be aborted.  That is very similar to eugenics practice which is an attempt to control which genotypes and characteristics get passed on to future generations.

In some countries, this has become extreme. It is reported that the Down’s abortion rate in the Netherlands is as high as 94%. In Denmark it is 98%, while in Iceland 100% of babies with Down’s syndrome are exterminated via abortion. High percentages have been assumed in the US as well, but in 2015 a major study puts the rate closer to 50%.

Imagine if babies were systematically aborted for other reasons  like deafness, blindness, diabetes etc!  Or worse yet, infants with Down’s syndrome were euthanized as soon as they are born! Abortion activists will say that is different because the baby is now born and living independently outside of her mom, as if passage through the birth canal is what gives the baby personhood or life. In fact, some abortion activists support postpartum abortion, the killing of infants after they are born. Let that sink in and send a chill down your spine.

If western society is so quick to systematically abort Down’s syndrome babies, what would happen if we had a prenatal test for type I diabetes? Or low IQ? Or psychiatric disorders? How many more children will not see the light of day?

A society that has lost respect for life will soon find itself dying a slow death. Oh wait, that already is happening in Western Europe where fertility rates are so low (around 1 child/mother in some places) that its population will decline precipitously in the next couple of generations.

Down’s genocide needs to be coined as a term and used in sociological circles in the hopes society will realize that many of these people can live rich, wonderful and fulfilling lives. We need to realize that our constitutional rights are not our most basic rights.

Our most basic right is the right to life.

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Norwegian CPS Continues to Destroy Families, Takes Indian Child


The Norwegian government and their CPS (Barnevernet) have not reformed their ways as was hoped after the international embarrassment they suffered in the wake of snatching the five Bodnariu children.

Barnevernet is back on the international scene because they secretly removed Aryan, an Indian boy (mother Indian citizen) while he was in school for alledged slapping by the parents. Same tactic was used in the Bodnariu case. No warning, no court order, no social intervention or “help,” only the nuclear option. This is how Barnevernet operates.

Well, the parents are now crying out for international support and they have been featured on English-language CNN in India. Delight in Truth friend, attorney Suranya Aiyar was featured on the program with strong and passionate arguments against Barnevernet.

Looks like we are on the verge of another international scandal, and Norway and Barnevernet victims need it!  Maybe the shame will reach an unbearable level for Norway and it will stop violating family rights and due process.

Watch the CNN program at the link below

City Court in Norway Sacks Human Rights Counsel and Activist Marius Reikeras


Freedom of speech and dissent appear to be trampled in Norway once again.

Norwegian counsel and human rights activist Marius Reikeras‘ work has been found illegal by a low-level court in the city of Bergen. He writes in a FB message:

“Dear friends.

Today my Human Rights work in Norway, has been found to be illegal by the Bergen City court.

I was not allowed to be present in the trial.

The judgment is not final and will be appealed, but I have decided to protest against this evil regime, by closing down my Human Rights work in Norway .

I will carry on and speed up my work internationally, as the world needs to be aware of the crimes against humanity that takes place here, and how the regime shuts down the voices of those who try to battle it.

From this moment, I will not be on Facebook, and the protest will carry on until I have the necessary guarantees not longer being harassed by the Norwegian authorities.”

Reikeras has been very active in social media criticizing various actions of the Norwegian government, especially in the area of Child Protective Services (Barnevernet) where high-profile cases have demonstrated human rights violations. He traveled to the United States and other European countries in support of the Bodnariu family and other Barnevernet victims. He participated as a speaker in various protests at home and abroad supporting families whose children have been removed without due process.

To those of us living in the United States it is unfathomable to not be allowed to face your accuser in court. This appears to be the case here as Marius was not allowed to be present at trial. One could reasonably conclude that his activity on Facebook where he has approximately 12,000 followers has been banned by the court.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of dissent. Freedom to protest. Freedom to criticize the government.

Do these freedoms continue to exist in Norway? Regardless of how Norwegians feel about Marius Reikeras or anyone else’s work, this ruling should be very troubling for them.

Anti-Barnevernet Symposium in Vienna, Austria

Save the Children

The fight against the Norwegian CPS continues. On Friday, Sept 23rd 2016 a symposium is being organized in Vienna to explore the human rights violations happening in Norway with respect to child protective services. Barnevernet victims, lawyers, and CPS experts have confirmed their attendance. This event will grow in the future into another world-wide protest. The fight is not over until Barnevernet is significantly reformed. 

Here is the announcement:

Save the Children‘ is an initiative of individual Christians in Vienna/Austria from different Churches and Christian organisations. We are deeply concerned about the violations of Human Rights and Children’s Rights in Norway. Since we’re familiar with several cases where Children were removed from their families for no good reasons, we now want to address these issues publicly.

Therefore, we’re hosting a Symposium in Vienna on Friday 23 Sept of 2016 with different speakers to expose the situation. We’re inviting both Norwegian Experts as well as affected parents to come to Vienna to join the Event.

It’s our goal to offer a public platform and support through media for those parents who lost their children for unjustified reasons. We also want to address the Norwegian Government to look into these cases and start a reform of the Norwegian Child Welfare System.

The Symposium will be an afternoon and evening event in English with German translation. We also want to broadcast the event live via Internet so that many people around the world can watch the Video stream on their Computers, Tablets or Smartphones. In addition to that ERF Medien Österreich will broadcast live at Radio „ERF Plus“. The Video recording of this event will also be made available on YouTube afterwards.

The Symposium is hosted by: „Initiative ‚Save the Childen‘ – Gegen Kinderrechtsverletzungen in Europa“

Refuse to Practice Abortion? Lose Your Job!

What would you do if you had to choose between your job and your  faith? Between your livelihood and your conscience?

I often think about this because as a physician anesthesiologist I do not wish to perform procedures that lead to the elective, intentional demise of any life. That includes euthanasia or mercy-killing and abortion. So far, every workplace I have been part of has accommodated my conscience clause.

What if this was not the case?

This week a citizengo petition was started in favor a Polish-Norwegian physician who lost her job because she refused to perform the insertion of an intrauterine device (IUD) as a method of birth control. Her moral objection has to do with the fact that the IUD can act as an abortifacient under certain conditions. It can theoretically prevent the implantation of a viable embryo.

From the petition:

“Dr Jachimowicz is a medical doctor with 23 years’ experience, and over 4 years working as a family doctor at the Family Clinic in the municipality of Sauherad in Norway. During this period, there has never been any complaint about her work as a physician. From the beginning of her employment with the clinic, the management knew that Dr Jachimowicz would not agree to the use of the intrauterine coil in her practice of medicine (in Norway, the coil is not only a matter for gynecologists but also for family doctors). And, for the clinic, this did not present a problem, because other doctors at the same clinic, who were willing to prescribe this abortifacient, served the women (patients) who asked for it.

Therefore, the contract between the clinic and Dr Jachimowicz contained a disclaimer that she would not be obliged to perform these procedures, as such measures are abortifacient in nature. And, the clinic’s management agreed to the arrangement.

However, between 2011-2014, there was an intense discussion in Norway about the right to conscientious objection in family medicine. Doctors who used it underwent a thorough inspection. And then, on 1 January , 2015, a new rule came into force, which effectively prohibited family doctors from refusing any work because of their beliefs. The only exception to this draconian measure was the lack of appropriate skills.”

Dr Jachimowicz was forced out of her job because of her pro-life stance.

These situations happen not because there is a lack of medical personnel to perform morally questionable procedures, but because the militant, progressive, extreme-left, anti-family, anti-life establishment made it their purpose in life to harass Christians who guide their life by the moral compass called the Bible. Tolerance is a one-way street for these intolerant liberals.

Unfortunately, cases like these are not limited to progressive countries like Norway. Such instances have occurred in the United States as well where nurses have lost their jobs because they refused to participate in abortion, and in some cases they lost the appeal as well.

Should doctors and health professionals be allowed to practice their profession according to their faith on this issue of life? Please leave a comment below with your opinion.