STOLEN CHILDHOOD by Steven Bennett Exposes the Truth about Norway’s Barnevernet


Over three years in the making, Steven Bennett’s work “Stolen Childhood” is now available worldwide on Amazon and other platforms. The research and information detailed in this book is monumental in shedding light on Norway’s corrupt Child Welfare System (CWS or Barnevernet).

Steven Bennett was shocked to find out in late 2015-early 2016 about the human rights violations committed by Norway against the family of Marius and Ruth Bodnariu when CWS stealthily and ruthlessly removed their 5 children (including an infant) for Christian indoctrination and false allegations of abuse. A deeper look at the issue revealed for Steven a dark world in the CWS which is economically dependent on reporting families, stealing children, forced adoptions and forced institutionalization. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers are dependent on creating victims and keeping the vicious cycle going. Then you have dentists, physicians, school teachers and regular folks like your neighbors entangled in a snitching culture of reporting things like “lack of eye contact” as reasons for CWS to intervene and help children by removing them from their good and loving families.

By the Spring of 2016, the world found about Barnevernet and the crime committed against the Bodnarius, and in the most embarrassing moment for Norway in decades, tens of thousands across the globe hit the streets in protest! Steven has worked tirelessly since then to accumulate meticulous information on various cases and patterns within the CWS to tell the story of this abusive system.

This project is much needed at this time because even though CWS promised reform, this has not happened. Instead we hear about victims and abuses all the time.

The book is available in many countries on Amazon. Below are some links for kindle and paperback. Please read, share and leave a review!

Stolen Childhood – paperback

Stolen Childhood – ebook:

North America




South America





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