A Holiday from Abortion? Yeah, Right…

medicii din timisoara nu mai fac avorturi crime ginecologi gravida nou nascut

It would appear that the sinful human mind is looking for an opportunity to anesthetize its conscience.

Notice the choice of words above…. The sinful human is not looking to get rid of the sin that enslaves him, but he is searching for an analgesic to said sin…

Case and point: Timişoara, Romania.

A Facebook friend posted a news article from one of the largest and most modern cities in Romania citing how all OB-GYN doctors there decided to take a holiday from providing abortions. For three weeks. With the occasion of the Christmas holiday. Apparently they did the same thing at Easter under pressure from the ultra conservative Eastern Orthodox Church.

Delight in Truth responds to this with a sad LOL.

So now, one of the largest per-capita abortion providing countries in the world is pulling a moral prank which means nothing. It will delay abortions for three weeks to observe the “holy”holidays.

My FB friend commented with the analogy of a cheating husband.  Suppose the husband cheats every day of the year except the days surrounding these so-called holy holidays.  Does this make any difference to the wife?


There maybe those who will applaud such meaningless token action to please the Orthodox Church.  But like Psalm 14 says: “The Lord looks down from heaven on all mankind” and He knows what is in the hearts of mankind. He sees the insincere motives behind man’s actions.

Even such action to withhold abortion for three weeks will be evidence for their condemnation one day.  It shows that they know the truth, but they choose to suppress it.

So during these “holy” holidays please remember the struggle with abortion sin that Romania is going through, and do not forget to pray that God would melt the block of ice in their hearts via the gospel.

Romania, Turning Away from Life

I was born in Romania, but I spend the majority of my life in the United States, after the greatest country on Earth open its doors to my family on the basis of political and religious asylum back in the 1970-80’s.

I still follow news from Romania and keep in touch with relatives, but the latest news from there on the issue of life is extremely discouraging.

Romania is the number one country in Europe with the most abortions per capita. The latest statistics show that 480 abortions are done per 1000 live births. And these are only the official abortions. Only God knows how high the number really is.

For every two babies born alive, one baby is aborted.

Abortion became legal in Romania in 1990.  That first year when it was legalized, almost 1 million abortions were performed.  Keep in mind that everything is relative when it comes to numbers.  A country which numbered approximately 22-23 million people aborted close to 1 million babies in one year! In that year there were 3.2 abortions for every live birth!

The number of abortions per capita has dropped over the last 20 years but it remains the highest in Europe.

This is happening in a country that is 95% professing Christian.

So-called Christian.

The vast majority of those are Eastern Orthodox, while about 10% or less are Evangelical. Most of these Christians do not know Christ, and this is evidenced in their lifestyles. Drunkenness, witchcraft, pornography on TV, and political and financial corruption are rampant in Romania.

Despite thriving Evangelical, Baptist and Pentecostal churches there with people who love the LORD, the rest of the country shows an open disregard for God’s law and His justice.

I will venture to say that this may be one of the reasons why the country is struggling from every point of view.  Economic. Political.  Moral. You name it.

Romania has the Gospel.  Romania knows the Gospel.  It needs to make a stand for Life now, and it needs to come to Christ.  The opportunity for repentance continues… for now…

Isaiah 42:3 “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice;”

Chinese Propaganda… in Our Christian Media!

I had written a post (here) about the online magazine Christianity Today, questioning whether it can be called Christian based on some the articles, editorials, and opinion pieces they publish.

So, it was not surprising to see an article in Christianity Today entitled “China Isn’t Trying to Wipe Out Christianity” which is basically an apologetic piece on the claim that persecution is really not that bad in China.

Having lived in communist Romania until age 13, and having seen the persecution methods employed by that government against my local church, I can testify that what I read in this article was a message influenced by communist propaganda.  The communist Romanians had freedom of speech, religion and assembly as part of their core values.  Allegedly. And theoretically.  But they were vehemently persecuting the existing ne0-Protestant churches for their FAITH under the banner of national security.  Any prayer meeting was seen as a national threat.  Every church was suspected of being a potential western ally.  Every faithful Christian was a potential revolutionary.  All of these to cover the real motive which was religious persecution.

They used the seemingly legitimate national defense excuse to accomplish their atheistic goals of suppressing the truth and stamping out religious practice.

And the propaganda disseminated in this article by Christianity Today follows some of the same old techniques we have seen in the former eastern communist bloc.  For example:

1. The government is really not after those practicing their faith in house churches.  Oh no.  They are after anti-government elements that pose a national threat… So I ask… National threat from whom?  Is the US or western Europe about to go to war with China? How ridiculous does that sound? Are they afraid that individual house cell meetings for prayer are going to topple a massive totalitarian government?  Even that is highly improbable!

2. The Chinese government is not persecuting the faith, they are trying to suppress protests which can be embarrassing.  So I ask… Why are Christians trying to protest in the first place if they are not persecuted for their faith?

3. The Chinese government is not persecuting Christians… only the ones who are trying to publicize human rights violations.  Again, when freedom of religion is suppressed, that is a human rights violation translating into religion persecution.

Quote from the article: “The point here is not in any way to minimize the seriousness of these cases, but simply to point out that these believers were not persecuted for their faith or even for belonging to a house church…”  This is exactly what the propaganda is!  That the persecution has nothing to do with faith but with anti-government activity.  We have seen this cover story time and time again in Romania.

This is an old trick and we are not going to fall for it!

Can we now see how ridiculous it is to blame Christian “trouble makers” to divert attention from the real underlying impetus of the atheist Chinese government, their real motive being the  persecution of the Christian faith? And Christianity Today is buying it despite multiple other reports and assessments with respect to the intense persecution of the faithful in China!

Even though Christianity Today may not (want to) discern the truth, we know that our brothers and sisters in China are suffering at the hands of an atheist totalitarian regime which wants to inhibit their faith in God.  We will continue to pray for these Christians and remember Matthew 5:10 “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

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Communicating With God in Solitary Confinement

Romanian evangelical pastor Richard Wurmbrand was severely persecuted in communist Romania for his faith.  He spent 14 years in prison, and three of those years were spent being tortured in solitary confinement and sensory deprivation.  He longed after fellowship with the Body of Christ, and he hungered for the Word of God, to which unlike us, he did not have access.  After years of not seeing the sun, stars, flowers, trees, women, children and the things we are blessed with through common grace… at his lowest moment… God spoke to him.  See his story below, the amazing part starts in the third minute at 3:20