Gosnell’s Jury was Pro-Choice

Which makes the first degree conviction for ensuring the premature babies’ demise after they were aborted alive that much more significant.

Nine jurors were pro-choice which means they adopted a relative morality with respect to abortion.  Kind of like… everyone does whatever they want with their body.

Two jurors said they were neither pro-choice nor pro-life, which makes them indifferent to abortion.  

The remaining juror is assumed to be pro-life.

From the very beginning of the trial Delight in Truth was highly skeptical that a verdict of Murder One would come through.  Many experts expected a manslaughter conviction, at the maximum.  

The odds were overwhelmingly in Gosnell’s favor given the makeup of the jury, yet after hearing the testimony, the jury could not be indifferent to life.  The jury unanimously decided that those aborted babies were murdered by Gosnell.

The defense was shocked.  

They suspected coercion, or something fishy with the jury.  They insisted that each juror be questioned individually and asked if they agreed with the verdict.  

Each juror, one by one, was polled individually and each gave a resounding “I agree!” with the verdict.

A brief internet search reveals that this conviction may be the first of its kind in the post Roe v. Wade era.  It is a symbolic victory.  It shows how ridiculous it is to think that it is ok to kill a fetus in-utero, but it is murder to kill her post delivery.  It points to the double standard we accept in our society that it is ok to kill the unborn, as long as they are in the womb.

Let us hope that we will see a genuine pro-life shift in this country as a result of this trial.

Abortionists at large took notice of it, I guarantee it.

“When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” Proverbs 21:15

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The Unborn Baby Displays Life

Did you know that the unborn baby…

  • has a beating heart at week 6?
  • starts spontaneous movements at weeks 7-9?

Did you know that later in pregnancy the unborn babies…

  • like to stretch
  • yawn
  • suck their thumb
  • play with their hands and feet
  • play with the umbilical cord, even wrap it around themselves (not fun for the delivery team)
  • exercise their breathing
  • go to sleep, wake up, listen to their mom’s voice and other voices and music in the environment
  • drink amniotic fluid

Did you also know that during an abortion procedure the baby…

  • attempts to withdraw from the suction canula and the forceps of the abortionist
  • opens her mouth and screams a silent scream as her limbs are torn from her body

Did you know that…

  • abortionists have said that the baby is just doing a reflexive yawn during abortion and they cannot feel pain
  • there is ultrasound guided abortion, where the abortionist is literally using imaging to precisely target (hunt) the baby
  • ultrasound during abortion has documented that the baby fights for his life during abortion

Did you know that abortion is the taking of life?

The unborn baby displays life at its fullest.

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How Should Christians Vote?

By tomorrow night or early Wednesday we will know who the next president of the United States will be.   When we go to the polls tomorrow, how should we cast our vote as Christians? Should the candidate’s faith or lack of faith be a concern for us?

Here is an excerpt from the Christian Post opinion page by Eric Metaxas on how Billy Graham and Chuck Colson view the issue:

“Billy Graham also has strong views about voting for the best candidate no matter what his private beliefs are.   A few days ago, the Rev.  Graham took out newspaper ads in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch urging people to vote for candidates who supported biblical teaching on some of the great moral issues of the day.

As Graham put it, “We are at a crossroads, and there are profound moral issues at stake. I strongly urge you to vote for candidates who support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and woman, protect the sanctity of life, and defend our religious freedoms.”

Chuck Colson also held strong opinions on the issue of voting and I was a bit surprised by his position with respect to the candidate’s faith:

“Chuck also quoted Martin Luther, who reportedly said he would rather be judged by a competent Turk than an incompetent Christian. He meant that he’d prefer to choose the best qualified leader available than vote for someone less qualified who happened to share his religious beliefs.  We do this in other areas of our life all the time.  For instance, if you needed to undergo brain surgery, would you choose a Christian surgeon, or the best surgeon available no matter what his beliefs?

Chuck felt very strongly about the duty of Christians to vote-and to vote for the best qualified candidate no matter what his personal religious convictions.   He considered voting a spiritual duty.  On BreakPoint, Chuck noted that as voters, we are to choose the most competent people to be God’s magistrates to do justice, restrain evil, and preserve order.  He pointed to Exodus 18, where Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, told him to select men of good moral character who were competent to help judge the people.

I agree to a certain extent with Billy Graham, and Colson, who when it comes down to it… really are casting a vote for the lesser of two evils in order to support biblical principles.  But  we should always keep in mind that there are nonnegotiable issues Christians must endorse, like freedom of religion and speech, the sanctity of life and the institution of traditional marriage.

Now go vote! 🙂