The Unborn Baby Displays Life

Did you know that the unborn baby…

  • has a beating heart at week 6?
  • starts spontaneous movements at weeks 7-9?

Did you know that later in pregnancy the unborn babies…

  • like to stretch
  • yawn
  • suck their thumb
  • play with their hands and feet
  • play with the umbilical cord, even wrap it around themselves (not fun for the delivery team)
  • exercise their breathing
  • go to sleep, wake up, listen to their mom’s voice and other voices and music in the environment
  • drink amniotic fluid

Did you also know that during an abortion procedure the baby…

  • attempts to withdraw from the suction canula and the forceps of the abortionist
  • opens her mouth and screams a silent scream as her limbs are torn from her body

Did you know that…

  • abortionists have said that the baby is just doing a reflexive yawn during abortion and they cannot feel pain
  • there is ultrasound guided abortion, where the abortionist is literally using imaging to precisely target (hunt) the baby
  • ultrasound during abortion has documented that the baby fights for his life during abortion

Did you know that abortion is the taking of life?

The unborn baby displays life at its fullest.

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