More Than Just a Late-Term Abortion Ban in Texas

After developments that featured efforts to protect life but also elements of spiritual warfare, the Texas governor is going to sign the 20 week abortion ban into law.

We saw the worst that the pro-abortion feminist agenda had to offer when their protesters were chanting “Hail Satan”  while Christian pro-lifers were singing “Amazing Grace.”  It was a classic case of spiritual warfare.  We got a glimpse of the spiritual battle going on in the heavenly realms.

It is absolutely shameful to list the items confiscated by law enforcement from anti-life protesters trying to get in the Texas legislature: jars of urine and excrement among other things meant to be thrown at pro-life senators. How low can these human beings go to continue their manic support of killing the unborn?

The Texas law that limits abortions at a maximum of 20 weeks gestational age is brilliant because it does much more than just set a gestational age after which it is illegal to abort.

It will indirectly close about 35 abortion clinics.  Here’s how:

  1. The law will require all abortion clinics to meet the standards required of surgery centers.  This is absolutely critical part of the law.  Many abortion clinics do not have surgery-center privileges even though an abortion IS a surgical procedures.  This requirement alone will make these places safer, but will also cause many of them to close down for a long time.  In California for example, the process to open a surgery center can take as long as two years and it is very costly.  Emergency medications and equipment alone can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and many of these expensive medications (ie. the ones used to treat malignant hyperthermia) have to be renewed periodically.
  2. Abortionists are now required to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals (30 miles), automatically closing any abortion clinic outside of this radius.
  3. Abortionists are required to administer the “chemical” abortion drug RU486 in person, placing another barrier in the abortion process.

Delight in Truth feels that governor Perry is in step with the majority of Americans who are in fact opposed to late-term abortion when he referred to “protecting women’s health [and] defending our smallest and most vulnerable Texans and future Texans.”

We are fighting a losing abortion war which started in 1973 in the US, but this was a significant victory.  Other conservative states will follow Texas in the wake of abortion atrocities made public in recent times, like those of Kermit Gosnell who murdered premature babies born alive during abortions.

If only the American public would know the horrors of the abortion procedure, the overwhelming majority would oppose it.

Gosnell’s Jury was Pro-Choice

Which makes the first degree conviction for ensuring the premature babies’ demise after they were aborted alive that much more significant.

Nine jurors were pro-choice which means they adopted a relative morality with respect to abortion.  Kind of like… everyone does whatever they want with their body.

Two jurors said they were neither pro-choice nor pro-life, which makes them indifferent to abortion.  

The remaining juror is assumed to be pro-life.

From the very beginning of the trial Delight in Truth was highly skeptical that a verdict of Murder One would come through.  Many experts expected a manslaughter conviction, at the maximum.  

The odds were overwhelmingly in Gosnell’s favor given the makeup of the jury, yet after hearing the testimony, the jury could not be indifferent to life.  The jury unanimously decided that those aborted babies were murdered by Gosnell.

The defense was shocked.  

They suspected coercion, or something fishy with the jury.  They insisted that each juror be questioned individually and asked if they agreed with the verdict.  

Each juror, one by one, was polled individually and each gave a resounding “I agree!” with the verdict.

A brief internet search reveals that this conviction may be the first of its kind in the post Roe v. Wade era.  It is a symbolic victory.  It shows how ridiculous it is to think that it is ok to kill a fetus in-utero, but it is murder to kill her post delivery.  It points to the double standard we accept in our society that it is ok to kill the unborn, as long as they are in the womb.

Let us hope that we will see a genuine pro-life shift in this country as a result of this trial.

Abortionists at large took notice of it, I guarantee it.

“When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” Proverbs 21:15

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Guilty of Murder One!

PHOTO: Dr. Kermit Gosnell is seen during an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News at his attorney's office in Philadelphia, March 8, 2010.

In the case of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, the jury found him guilty of murdering three babies after they were born alive.

The careless disregard for human life, the sordid maneuver which snapped the cervical spine of those premee newborns, and the unapologetic attitude by Gosnell finally caught up to him.

It is amazing how long God has been patient  with this man.  The blood of thousands of unborn were crying out to God, and their cries could no longer be ignored.  The cries of the newborn whose “demise” was “ensured” by Gosnell penetrated to heaven.

The pro-life movement received an invigorating shot in the arm today.  Our legal system came through and dealt a blow to the abortion industry.  Perhaps the most powerful blow in 40 years, as the common citizen was exposed to the horror of abortion, and Gosnell was found guilty of murder.

Kermit Gosnell might be executed for his crimes.  He might pay with his life and in this life.

As horrible as this situation is, Gosnell still has a chance to repent.  He will pay for his crimes with life in prison or with execution, make no mistake about it.

But he still has the opportunity to accept the Gospel.  It is unlikely that a hardened soul like Gosnell will give in, but God can use the impending doom of his demise to make him see his depravity and his need for the Savior.

Image: Yong Kim/Philadelphia Daily News/AP Photo

The Silence that Deafens

Barack Obama Barack Obama Makes a Statement on the Boston Marathon Bombings

In the Gosnell post-abortion murders of living babies, a case equally as disturbing and gruesome as the shooting at Sandy Hook, WE THE PEOPLE would like you Mr President to take a stand and denounce Gosnell’s actions in the strongest terms.

Mr. Press Secretary, what does the president have to say about such acts of terror committed in Gosnell’s abortion clinic?

“The president does not and cannot take a position on an ongoing trial”

But Mr. Secretary, the president has taken various positions in the past on cases such as the George Zimmerman trial, and the current same-sex marriage case in the Supreme Court… Can we get the president to denounce the fact that dr. Gosnell was decapitating living babies, and his staff were murdering them after playing with them?

“His position on the basic principle is that, as President Clinton said, abortions ought to be safe, legal and rare is very clear.”

But Mr secretary, President Barack Obama, while serving in the Illinois state senate in 2003, opposed an infant protection bill that would assure that a baby born after a botched abortion would be cared for!

“I can’t comment on that.”

This is how the White House press conference went yesterday, as the secretary continued the administration’s silence on the horrific crimes of the abortionist.

We currently have a president in the White House who voted to oppose the most basic resuscitation to babies who are born alive after 2nd trimester abortions.

He chose to appease the altar of Molech (er- choice) instead of voting for a regulatory bill that would help these poor babies who survived botched abortions.

This is the same president who said that he would not “punish” his daughter “with a baby” if “she made a mistake.”

This president views a baby made in the image of God as a mistake.

And we wonder why our country is in a moral crisis.

Mr president, please denounce the murders of these babies…

But there is only silence… a deafening silence.

image: pacific coast news

Suppressing the Truth About Modern Infanticide

The trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell who is accused of killing late-term babies who survived abortions is not receiving mainstream media coverage due to spiritual reasons more than political reasons.

To date, out of all the major news outlets, only the slightly more conservative Fox News has covered it.


Our godless modern society is tacitly approving Gosnell’s actions.  Abortion is the outcome of self-idolatry which is rampant in our culture.  It so happens that a baby interferes with the interests of the self, and in their mind killing the baby solves the problem.

So they suppress the truth in order to avoid the guilt and the conviction that comes along with acknowledging the truth.

The heathen would rather have a Gosnell-type decapitating a crying 28 week GA baby and suppressing news of the event, then ensuring justice for the murder of that innocent baby!

We know it is so because the Word of God tells in Romans 1:18 that they “suppress the truth by their wickedness.

The latest ungodly argument is that Gosnell proves the need for abortion in our society.  The liberal left is arguing that abortion must be done ‘right’ to avoid another Gosnell scenario.

To them I say, that committing a crime at home or abroad does not change the fact that it is a crime.  Killing a 24 week baby in-utero or outside the uterus is a mere technicality! Shame on them!

This is happening because they do not know that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Life.  They do not know that God is pro-Life.  They do not want to know that Jesus died so we may have life, and abundant life!

Even though the truth is suppressed, we must fight on to share the truth and the gospel.

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