The Silence that Deafens

Barack Obama Barack Obama Makes a Statement on the Boston Marathon Bombings

In the Gosnell post-abortion murders of living babies, a case equally as disturbing and gruesome as the shooting at Sandy Hook, WE THE PEOPLE would like you Mr President to take a stand and denounce Gosnell’s actions in the strongest terms.

Mr. Press Secretary, what does the president have to say about such acts of terror committed in Gosnell’s abortion clinic?

“The president does not and cannot take a position on an ongoing trial”

But Mr. Secretary, the president has taken various positions in the past on cases such as the George Zimmerman trial, and the current same-sex marriage case in the Supreme Court… Can we get the president to denounce the fact that dr. Gosnell was decapitating living babies, and his staff were murdering them after playing with them?

“His position on the basic principle is that, as President Clinton said, abortions ought to be safe, legal and rare is very clear.”

But Mr secretary, President Barack Obama, while serving in the Illinois state senate in 2003, opposed an infant protection bill that would assure that a baby born after a botched abortion would be cared for!

“I can’t comment on that.”

This is how the White House press conference went yesterday, as the secretary continued the administration’s silence on the horrific crimes of the abortionist.

We currently have a president in the White House who voted to oppose the most basic resuscitation to babies who are born alive after 2nd trimester abortions.

He chose to appease the altar of Molech (er- choice) instead of voting for a regulatory bill that would help these poor babies who survived botched abortions.

This is the same president who said that he would not “punish” his daughter “with a baby” if “she made a mistake.”

This president views a baby made in the image of God as a mistake.

And we wonder why our country is in a moral crisis.

Mr president, please denounce the murders of these babies…

But there is only silence… a deafening silence.

image: pacific coast news

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