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I am a Christian, a husband, a dad, a physician and a musician.

I write about subjects that teach and warn the contemporary Church which is becoming increasingly distressed by the influence of secular society and sin. Other topics you will find here include activism against the Norwegian Child Protective Services (Barnevernet), support for the pro-life position, and various theological discussions.

Anchoring these articles in Truth, I strive to be a reference point for Christian youth who are struggling with worldly influence in their walk with God.


23 comments on “About Delight in Truth

  1. It’s good to see a nanny state actually working for the benefit of its people. No doubt some won’t see it that way!

    I think we tried to get that provision here in Oz as part of our national broadband network roll out but if I remember correctly, the government didn’t go ahead with it.

    The one thought I did have on the subject was this…already, the world seems to have a very different idea of what constitutes pornography than most conservative Christians. I wonder how far that boundary stretches when a secular government defines pornographic sites? Still, it is better than no boundary at all!

  2. BODNARIU….so much of the information is being dispersed in either romanian or norwegian…where is the best english site….


    candace green

  3. Amen! We need more Christians to take a stand for abuses like what is happening to the Bodnariu family. All my friends here in Canada know about it, including my pastor. I sent a letter to the Norwegian Ambassador to Canada, as well, asking, politely and diplomatically, for this issue to be investigated. And, pointing out the damage being done to Norway’s reputation around the world. They hid the Jews during WWII. Now, they kidnap children. Shame on them!

  4. Thank you very much for fighting this terrifying evil in Norway. What is happening in Norway is so terrifying that I am beyond words. Unfortunately I must tell you that the same evil concerning “Barnevernet” is happening in Denmark to a big extent. Unfortunately the people in Denmark who are not experiencing this for themselves have a hard time believing that this fact is at all true and the parents whose childen are taken away them are traumatized without any forces left to fight this evil.Our government and politicians are doing absolutely nothing. We are groups in Denmark who would vey much like to get in contact with you who seemingly succeed in making this protest heard internationally. We must stand together now. Thank you Delight in Truth ! Pia Rosenberg

    • Pia, this battle is waged in social media. Thanks for following DIT on FB. There are a number of groups on FB with thousands of members where you can participate and coordinate protests.

      There will be a massive international protest on April 16th, 2016. We expect over 100,000 people to participate, it will be in mutiple cities across Europe, America and Australia.

      here is a promo video

  5. I have been writing to the Norwegian Embassy in Canada about their State child abuse in Norway. I received the response below from the Ambassador. My initial emails are below hers.

    It’s all about “privacy” you see. So, they can’t discuss State abuses against children.

    “Please also note that the case in question is currently under police investigation.”

    She means the parents are being investigated, not their CPS.


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa
    Date: Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 1:34 PM
    Subject: Barnevernet and the Bodnariu family
    To: “sam@christiancafe.com”
    Cc: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa

    Dear Sam Moorcroft,

    First of all, sincere apologizes for a delayed answer due to ongoing activities. I am aware of the case you refer to in your letter and that the issue of foreign children in the custody of the Norwegian Child Welfare Services has generated attention abroad, including here in Canada. Regrettably, there are often misleading information and incorrect assertions in the public debate on Norwegian Child Welfare Services. For reasons of privacy, details and confidentiality individual cases cannot be discussed in public. Please also note that the case in question is currently under police investigation. Generally, I can assure you, however, that placing a child outside the home without the parents’ consent is always a measure of last resort. A recent Council of Europe report shows that Norway is in the low range of countries with respect to the number of children in alternative care. Also, where the Norwegian Child Welfare Service has decided to place a child outside the home without the parents’ consent, they can appeal the decision through legal mechanisms and they are eligible for legal aid.

    Let me assure you that Norway is committed to protect the rights of children, and religious freedom is a fundamental right ensured in our Constitution as well as other legislation. As the first country in the world, Norway established by law in 1981 an Ombudsman for children. The mandate of the Ombudsman is to safeguard the rights of children, and amongst other things make sure that Norway follows its international obligations. Norway has incorporated the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into Norwegian law. The convention states that the state where the child is present has a duty to protect children in accordance with its legislation. The Norwegian Child Welfare applies to all children in Norway, regardless of background, nationality or residence status. The best interest of the child is the primary consideration in the work of the Child Welfare Service.
    More information on the Norwegian Child Welfare Service is available on the website of the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion: https://www.regjeringen.no/en/topics/families-and-children/child-welfare/id1058/
    I hope you find this information useful.

    Anne Kari Hansen Ovind

    From: ChristianCafe.com | Sam Moorcroft [mailto:sam@christiancafe.com]
    Sent: 17. februar 2016 12:57
    To: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa
    Subject: Re: Barnevernet and the Bodnariu family

    Your Excellency Anne Kari Hansen Ovind,

    I wrote to you 2.5 weeks ago and have yet to receive a response to my email (below). I realise you are busy and likely dealing with numerous other correspondence protesting Barnevernet’s treatment of families in Norway, especially the Bodnariu family. Nonetheless, I would appreciate a response to my concerns.

    The more information that comes to light about Barnevernet, the more disturbing it is to us and millions and millions of other families around the world, including inside Norway. The ongoing street protests outside Norway’s embassies and consulates, and online protests on facebook, twitter, and elsewhere are proof of that. Everyone we know (offline and online) is aware of what is happening – and word is spreading daily.

    Kindly convey (again) to your superiors our upset. Please do your part to ensure that justice is done and this Nazi/Stalinist behaviour from Barnevernet is put to an end.

    I look forward to your response.


    Sam Moorcroft, MBA

    On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 9:52 AM, ChristianCafe.com | Sam Moorcroft wrote:
    Your Excellency Anne Kari Hansen Ovind,

    I am writing to you to express my family’s concern, and that of many of my fellow Canadians, about Barnevernet’s treatment of families in Norway. We are specifically concerned about the recent case of the Bodnariu family and the seizure by Barnevernet of their five children in November 2015.

    My wife and I have five children, so this really hits home for us. We cannot imagine the anguish that Marius and Ruth Bodnariu are going through because of Barnevernet seizing their children. What makes it worse are the reasons given, including them being “too Christian”, by all accounts we have read, including from the principal of the school that reported them to Barnevernet.

    You are no doubt aware of the global outrage against Norway over the Bodnariu case, with demonstrations at many of your Embassies and Consulates, including at your Embassy in Ottawa, as well as many online protests and petitions from tens of thousands of concerned people like us.

    Barnevernet’s actions in general have been the subject of severe criticism by many nations, including Brazil, India, Russia, Poland, Romania, and others, as well as the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

    We first heard about this case in Brazil, where we were visiting with my wife’s family for the past month.

    In the era of social media, authorities can no longer keep things quiet by muzzling their internal media. Word spreads globally by the click of a mouse.

    Norwegians love to talk about their successes as a country (for which they should be proud). My family has visited your beautiful country and we have several Norwegian friends here in Canada.

    However, since we have heard about and investigated what Barnevernet has done to the Bodnariu family, and has done and is doing to countless other families on a regular basis, our views on Norway have turned decidedly negative. We sometimes think we are reading about North Korea, rather than Norway.

    Please convey to your superiors our upset and kindly inform them that Canadians are watching Norway carefully. News about Barnevernet abuse is spreading globally.Your country’s reputation is suffering in the eyes of millions of people around the world.

    A good start to repairing Norway’s reputation would be for Barnevernet to release the Bodnariu children back to their parents.

    The Norwegians we’ve encountered here in Canada and in Norway are wonderful people and we’d love to visit your beautiful country again. Perhaps when this is all resolved, we can do that.


    Sam Moorcroft, MBA

  6. Several folks posted comments on the Norwegain Embassy in U.S fb page. But all were removed. I can no longer post there. I had given some links to this story.
    My guess is that embassies are reluctant to tell their ‘boss’ anyting that they do not want to hear.

    I think it would be helpful if those writing on this subject would direct attention to the Prime Minsiter and ask folks to post links to stories about this, like articles on this blog and news of the demonstrations at embassies.

    Here is her website which gives her facebook and twitter pages. https://www.regjeringen.no/en/dep/smk/id875/

    And this is the email address for the office of the Prime Minister.
    E-mail postmottak@smk.dep.no

  7. Hi. Thank you everybody out there for speaking up for us parents here in Norway. We are many, we are scared, we have no hope. Please help us deliver this pain and suffering this restriction of speaking up, to recist to the government are too risky for us. I am a single mother. I sent my 8 year child across the street of my working place after work to buy ice cream. Some people saw him alone and talking to a stranger in front of the ice cream fridge. They called the police. When my child came out too me with ice cream my child went to the lunch room. The police came into my work place asking for my child and the man my child was speaking with. We had to lie to the police. That we did not see a child. If they had seen him with the ice cream they would have taken him to interrogation to barnehuset. Removed him from his home beacause I didn’t watch him this second. I was so scared, luckily I was sparred this time, next time I don’t think before I let him out playing or anything else unforeseen happens I will loose my child for not being there all the time. This is the terror, everyday terror I live with. In a city of 60.000 people. I know about 20 parents scarred to death to get in the same situation as me with the ice cram insidence. I know of hundreds of people I have spoken to that live in fear. Working as a personal coach so people dare to speak with me. We live in fear, in restriction, we are suffocated in our own country. To scared to resist, too speak. Please help us. Talk for us. We need you out there speaking for us.

    • Nå må du gi deg med denne propagandaen!!! Tulleri! !
      Du har aldri vært utsatt for noe som helst som det beskrevet ovenfor. Det kan analyseres ved alt du har beskrevet. Dette er fiction!

  8. You are verry Lucky to embrace your time whit your children now.
    I lost mine. I was also a barnvernchild… Im a model and has worked as a helath secretary and account manager all my life in a private clinick. Now im just waiting and waiting. Every day is a suffering. Its like they can blow out your life whenever they want to… They have never ever stopped… and when i was done at 20 they followed up whit my kids… never ever left me alone. I feel captured, and anythin i build up they destroy- Please visit my Blog. I now want to go and take a trip to easy my brain and suffering. I dont have mutch money, but need to calm down before i get into a totally mess and cannon calm down. If anybody reads this please visit my new blog. About my header i somtimes work as a model as a hobby when i wish and the theme is ok. Read about. If anybody want to sponser a mother whos a wreck please send me an e-mail. I want to clear my head before the courth not “fylkesnemda” i lost this cuase barnevernet ordered a “bekymringsmelding” the day before,,,, i would have won if it wasnt for my nabor that wanted to be friends afterwords… ppl cals it a ordered “bekymringsmelding”. So pray whit me. help me keep calm. Pray for two boys that miss their mother. I want to go away to surf and clar my head that is soon totally fuind of greaf. If you want to help me with my trip or just give me advice send a email to admin@intothebathroom.com
    My site is http://intothebathroom.com. Bless you and your family and count your blessings.

  9. 30 or so years ago. I was at a church called sword of the spirit, had just started, did not know much. but I saw what appeared to be a cloud or fog at the front of church, coming from pastor to 4 other people in the church, I thought something was wrong with my eyes, but I looked to left, no cloud, looked to right, no cloud, I was so new I did not tell the pastor, told one of the people in the cloud, ad she said don’t go spooky on me. I was so intimidated I just kept it to my self. But I know what I saw. while the cloud was there, a couple of people came over to speak to some of the people in the cloud, when they left the cloud did not follow them. another things was strange to me, the cloud did not cover the pastor, it seemed to come from her and cover those 4 people. I remember it to be four, may have been a couple others, but I know of those 4. never told but that one, that said don’t go spooky on me. now that I know more about the Holy Spirit, I am going to ask, what did all that mean.

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