More Than Just a Late-Term Abortion Ban in Texas

After developments that featured efforts to protect life but also elements of spiritual warfare, the Texas governor is going to sign the 20 week abortion ban into law.

We saw the worst that the pro-abortion feminist agenda had to offer when their protesters were chanting “Hail Satan”  while Christian pro-lifers were singing “Amazing Grace.”  It was a classic case of spiritual warfare.  We got a glimpse of the spiritual battle going on in the heavenly realms.

It is absolutely shameful to list the items confiscated by law enforcement from anti-life protesters trying to get in the Texas legislature: jars of urine and excrement among other things meant to be thrown at pro-life senators. How low can these human beings go to continue their manic support of killing the unborn?

The Texas law that limits abortions at a maximum of 20 weeks gestational age is brilliant because it does much more than just set a gestational age after which it is illegal to abort.

It will indirectly close about 35 abortion clinics.  Here’s how:

  1. The law will require all abortion clinics to meet the standards required of surgery centers.  This is absolutely critical part of the law.  Many abortion clinics do not have surgery-center privileges even though an abortion IS a surgical procedures.  This requirement alone will make these places safer, but will also cause many of them to close down for a long time.  In California for example, the process to open a surgery center can take as long as two years and it is very costly.  Emergency medications and equipment alone can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and many of these expensive medications (ie. the ones used to treat malignant hyperthermia) have to be renewed periodically.
  2. Abortionists are now required to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals (30 miles), automatically closing any abortion clinic outside of this radius.
  3. Abortionists are required to administer the “chemical” abortion drug RU486 in person, placing another barrier in the abortion process.

Delight in Truth feels that governor Perry is in step with the majority of Americans who are in fact opposed to late-term abortion when he referred to “protecting women’s health [and] defending our smallest and most vulnerable Texans and future Texans.”

We are fighting a losing abortion war which started in 1973 in the US, but this was a significant victory.  Other conservative states will follow Texas in the wake of abortion atrocities made public in recent times, like those of Kermit Gosnell who murdered premature babies born alive during abortions.

If only the American public would know the horrors of the abortion procedure, the overwhelming majority would oppose it.