Suppressing the Truth About Modern Infanticide

The trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell who is accused of killing late-term babies who survived abortions is not receiving mainstream media coverage due to spiritual reasons more than political reasons.

To date, out of all the major news outlets, only the slightly more conservative Fox News has covered it.


Our godless modern society is tacitly approving Gosnell’s actions.  Abortion is the outcome of self-idolatry which is rampant in our culture.  It so happens that a baby interferes with the interests of the self, and in their mind killing the baby solves the problem.

So they suppress the truth in order to avoid the guilt and the conviction that comes along with acknowledging the truth.

The heathen would rather have a Gosnell-type decapitating a crying 28 week GA baby and suppressing news of the event, then ensuring justice for the murder of that innocent baby!

We know it is so because the Word of God tells in Romans 1:18 that they “suppress the truth by their wickedness.

The latest ungodly argument is that Gosnell proves the need for abortion in our society.  The liberal left is arguing that abortion must be done ‘right’ to avoid another Gosnell scenario.

To them I say, that committing a crime at home or abroad does not change the fact that it is a crime.  Killing a 24 week baby in-utero or outside the uterus is a mere technicality! Shame on them!

This is happening because they do not know that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Life.  They do not know that God is pro-Life.  They do not want to know that Jesus died so we may have life, and abundant life!

Even though the truth is suppressed, we must fight on to share the truth and the gospel.

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16 comments on “Suppressing the Truth About Modern Infanticide

  1. Sad, very sad… But are we (Christians) different? If we consider that when one does an unfit dance, a little cross sign, or (a) stranger song(s) all the Christian faith policemen and critics never end the reporting and commenting of them, but when one (aka Baronul) basically rewrites the Gospel and goes from Church to Church to promote (the most extreme) heresies, you cannot make the SAME policemen and critics talk about it (only b/c the Baron is dear to them, more dear than Truth) even if you force them. To me, that is no different… 😦

        • Val, you’re comparing apples and AK-47s!

          Iosif Ton has lost all credibility among evangelicals, even pentecostals. Even when he was (not) front page news it did not matter to most of us because the man had no credibility.

        • If credibility establishes if something/someone is worthy of being in the news then let me ask you, how credible are abortion doctors, after all?! If the answer is “they are not”, then, according to your thinking, they should not be in the news….But it’s not so! News is something we discover, something that we all thought it should be one way and it’s another, something that is striking–in our case a guy whose praises were sung to no end turns on us–…. I cannot imagine Sunny and QuoVadis being more credible credible to most people (not that they should not be)…You mean to tell me the The Baron was not put in the Christian news because he became irrelevant?! Let’s be real! That was not the reason… has been partiality–covering up our interests…..we are all partial about things that affect our interests and reputation. It’s part of life. Everyone loves his own…sadly, including Christians…

          PS–Chris, what shocks me is not when the world is grossly unfair, but when the Christian elite is… However, we, Christians, are more shocked and upset when a heathen is unfair, but have no problems when one of us is… That is my point…

        • Val, you need to accept the fact that our fallen human nature is attracted to legalism. A born-again Christian is not immune to it. The progressives and the conservatives practice it on opposite ends of the spectrum.

          I have seen it and you have seen it.

          I understand your point.

          Now… back to Gosnell decapitating crying infants because that is where the outrage is today… Ton is yesterday’s news

        • Chris, the fact that is in the past does not change the situation.. you want to cry about something that bothers you–the murder of the babies–absolutely so..

          I want to bring up the things that should have bothered you also, but it didn’t—trying to show you we put duck tape over our mouths too when our image is at stake..Fair is fair…

          And, you know, Chris, it doesnt bother me that we are all fallen (I can live with that), it bothers me when one fallen guy criticizes another fallen guy for the same mistake he would not criticize himself for…. That is bothersome, to God, too, I believe.

  2. Honestly, all this righteous indignation – as much as I could see – in some of our media (Fox, USA Today, The Atlantic, Slate) is meaningless.


    The Kirsten Powers of the Left are not bothered by the abortion ‘per se’; only by the ‘late term’ abortions, by the gruesome methods employed and, obviously, by the idea that – if the baby survives the abortion – his killing has to still be finished somehow (an idea Obama supported while a Senator in Chicago but, in truth, he was not for the beheading or the breaking of the babies’ spine, only for the “let them cry until they die” – which, I don’t know if it’s much more humane, after all ).

    For such people it’s OK to kill a baby several months earlier.
    I don’t know, maybe because he’s not fully formed and, in their twisted minds, they delude themselves into thinking that abortion is just a procedure to get rid of some unwanted “tissue”.

    Another thing that bothers me with the self-proclaimed lefty “pro-lifers” is when I hear them declaring stupid things like this: “I’m personally pro-life, but I vote pro-choice, because I believe that everybody has the right to do whatever they want with their own bodies”.
    And that right, of course, includes the killing of babies with tax-payers money – killings that have to be done right, safe and quick. In other words: clean executions, which are OK… as long as they take place inside the womb.

    But Gosnell, the baby-killer broke this rules.
    That’s why their outrage.
    I don’t buy it.

    • Alex, welcome to Delight in Truth, my friend. You are right, the Obamas and the Powers, and the rest of the left are looking at this from the wrong approach.

      They are ok with abortion, as long as they don’t see a baby moving or crying. That will quench the guilt in their soul… Right…

      These are the moral relativists of our day and age… People that do not subscribe to the ultimate standard of morality.

      • It would appear that Kirsten Powers switched from pro-choice to pro-life about 5 years ago… interesting…

        Also she was an atheist most of her life, but now she identifies herself as orthodox Christian…

        • Chris – I am a regular here 🙂 … I just didn’t leave any comments until now. I’ve read everything you wrote so far and I’d like to congratulate you for the quality of your ‘blog ministry’; your posts are always interesting, relevant and… not too long, which is perfect for today’s busy Christians. (I, for one – if I’ll ever start a blog before I retire – I’ll post just once a week).

          Yes, Kirsten Powers, a Democrat, claims to be pro-life but she votes for pro-choice candidates. That’s why I said that I’m not impressed when somebody tells me that personally, he’s pro-life but still votes for those who are giving millions of our tax-payers $$ to Planned Parenthood.

  3. It was the time after the birth of my first child that I started to understand how amazing and precious the birth of a child is. And I still have lots more to learn about it. I also began getting the idea how miraculous the start of life is, well before a baby’s birth. And soooo many things have to be right and go well before a healthy child is born. Life really is precious – and it comes from God.

    Taking that God-given life away from a baby, yet to be born, is murder.

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