High Stakes in the Case of Nabeel Qureshi

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Nabeel Qureshi is a 34-year-old medical doctor, seminary student, author, and a former devout Muslim who converted to Christianity and who became a powerful apologist for the faith, especially in the Muslim community. A year ago he received the devastating diagnosis of stage IV gastric cancer with a potential cure rate of less than 4%. He underwent the best possible medical treatment to set him up for a potential curative surgery, however he just learned that his treatment failed and there will be no surgical attempt to resect the cancer. From a modern medical standpoint his chance to beat this monster is 0%.

What makes this case unique? What makes his terminal diagnosis a high stakes affair?

Besides potentially leaving behind a young family, the highest stakes in Nabeel’s case have to do with the gospel and with the fame of our LORD among the nations.  It is no secret that Nabeel’s family and Muslim community he grew up in were unhappy with his infidelity to Islam. He writes about it in his books. But now they will use this terminal diagnosis to claim that Allah is punishing Nabeel for turning his back on his former faith. They will use this as a deterrent for other potential Muslims who hear the gospel and wish to come to Christ. Nabeel has been evangelizing the Muslim community in his activity with the Ravi Zacharias Ministry, has participated in debates in front of Muslims (which he won decisively), and has been reaching out to them in his books.

Just imagine the implications of him passing from this illness in terms of the reproach cast on the Christian faith, on Christ and on the Church by his Muslim critics. Now imagine the implications of a miraculous healing from gastric cancer in a Christian convert among the same Muslim critics. It would be a tremendous boost to the gospel and a testimony for the glory of God. That is why we must all unite in prayer for his healing. God will receive glory either way, but the gospel of the New Testament is a gospel that is accompanied by miracles so that unbelievers may see and believe.

There is another secondary spiritual issue going on here, and it is among our Christians. Nabeel has not hidden his charismatic beliefs in that he correctly believes that the supernatural spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians chapters 12 and 14 are still active today to strengthen believers and the cause of the gospel. He has received numerous prophecies that God will heal his illness, despite his medical prognosis being extremely poor. If he succumbs to the illness there will be those who will use this to mock the gifts of knowledge and prophecy, and the biblical practice of prayer and anointing for physical healing. I am not defending extreme and unbiblical charismatic practices (in fact I sanction them), but the biblical practice of spiritual gifts is an important part of the church.

Nabeel is the subject of life-and-death high stakes for the gospel among Muslims, and for the validity of supernatural spiritual gifts among Christians.

His chance of beating the cancer is zero. That is why this is God’s time to make His gospel shine for His fame and His glory. That is why it is critical that believers unite in prayer for his healing.

Watch the heartbreaking video below.


8 comments on “High Stakes in the Case of Nabeel Qureshi

  1. I had heard about Nabeel but didn’t know his situation was this bad from a medical standpoint. Thanks for sharing, Delight, so that more will join the chorus of prayers for this man of God.

    About 50 years ago my Godmother was sent home by doctors with an identical chance of survival. There was nothing that they could do, at that time, to extend her life because of the lung cancer that was killing her. Doctors told her to go home and prepare to die. A prayer chain that the church we attended had organized went into busy mode as many learned of her problem.

    I’ll never forget when her daughter (they were neighbors as well as close family friends) pounded on our screen door one day. She brought us news that her mom’s lungs, where the cancer had been, were completely cancer free. Medically, it was one for the textbooks. There was no worldly explanation for her outcome. There was and is a spiritual explanation.

    I don’t remember my Godmother attending church regularly. I guess church attendance isn’t one of the requirements for healing. It is a great mystery to me how God determines who he will allow to stay here a bit longer and who he wants now. My sister died at 16 unexpectedly in a car accident. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced.

    I am still learning to trust the Lord and I am still learning to lean not on my own (minuscule) understanding. At the same time I’ll be honest a say that I have questioned God in the past. The longer I live the less I question. I can’t really say why except that maybe it’s because I’ve been disciplined more than once. (God disciplines those whom He loves.) Or maybe it’s because the things of this world continually lose their appeal and heaven sure sounds good sometimes. Or maybe…there are too many possible reasons.

    May God bless Nabeel and his family.

    • Chris, each one of us goes through a process of sanctification, and there are trials along the way. You certainly have had your share of tribulation. That is a great story about your godmother. Maybe doctors should stop classifying these cases as “remission” or inexplicable immune suppression and give glory to God.

      • So true. God alone should get the glory. In a society where the Christian God has been taken out of the public classroom completely (unless the teacher is questioned which I encourage through historical fact), I think the “inexplicable immune suppression” diagnosis will continue. I know there are still Christian doctors out there like you (thankfully) and I think I remember one doctor stating that my godmother’s healing was a miracle. It’s so nice that we still have folks like that around.
        Thank you for mentioning the word sanctification. I thought of it when writing my comment, didn’t want to connect it with me for some ignorant reason, and I should have mentioned it for those who are curious about the Christian reality.
        I appreciate your blog, Chris. It is wonderful to Delight in the Truth.

  2. Nobel, have you heard of Ty Bollinger, a believer, who lost several family members to cancer? Because of his own personal losses in his own family, he devoted his time and energies to seek out the truth about cancer. He has just put out, I believe, his second series of DVD’s on this subject. The information is astonishing and it will forever change your viewpoint on treating cancer. He uncovered many things most have never heard. Like how chemotherapy got its beginnings from a mustard gas explosion in WWII. And because they prove this treatment is cancerous but is profitable to destroy “at first” cancer it can’t destroy what in cancer is called the mother cells. He exposes the truth about big pharma, and how hospitals and doctors are controlled by the industry to only recommend chemo or radiation. The options that make money for them and not heal the patient. He brings much hope to those seeking a cure for cancer. His videos go into alternative treatments for cancer. He talks about the HOXSEY clinic in MX just over the border from San Diego. How inexpensively one can fly to CA and be picked up at your hotel by their people, taken across the border and in that one day, believe it or not, a team of wonderful experts can assess your condition from your records and ex rays and lab work that you give them, and send you home with a treatment. Their success is at an 87% rate. These are the same people who helped President Reagan when he to had cancer in his colon. But his videos cost $ and he is using these funds to donate to these doctors and others here in the US. I say this with great emphasis. The FDA isn’t allowing what these people know flourish here. Most treatments discovered are not money making for them. The doctors who are fighting the FDA like Dr. Burzynski in Houston, TX want to help people be cured. Recently, Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg who discovered during WWII that cancer is fed by glucose was made public in a book Tripping Over The Truth. I highly recommend it. The writer, Travis Christofferson, shows how this has been kept out of the medical schools. And how Carnegie and Rockefeller forever changed medicine in this country. Otto Warburg, of German ancestry, was one of many Jewish chemist during Hitler time, protected because Hitler knew he was valuable. Hitler asked him to find a cure for cancer because his mother had died of it. His research has never gotten the notoriety till now. Travis tells how his research started the wheels turning in doctors heads. One such doctor, Dr. Ko is mentioned in his book. Dr. Ko cured cancerous tumors in the lab at John Hopkins. When they realized she had they tried to get her to expose her process and simple chemical ingredients she used in the lab to them. Because her research Cure involved organic simple compounds, they wanted to create one they could patent. The book explains the rest. Not only did she prove her work and heal a Dutch boy of his cancer but brought him back to the USA to speak at John Hopkins. Unfortunately, the young man had a compromising immune system from all the steroids he had been on prior to her treatment of killing his cancer. After returning from traveling around the USA upon returning he developed pneumonia. They gave him antibiotics to kill it. His liver had been so destroyed by the steroids he could not fight the infection and died. But Dr. Ko is in MD. She can be reached. Her treatment has a patent now. How do I know all This? Because prior to finding out my grandson had a tumor the size of a golf ball off of his optic nerve in his brain, I had discovered about this book through Dr. Mercola’s emails I get. After reading the book, I started to converse with a Chinese chemist at our church who had just graduated from the University of Michigan. He was leaving in a few months to go and work for Pfizer. After I asked him if he had ever heard of Otto Warburg and his research, and that he hadn’t, he went out and bought the book. He was so shocked at what Dr. Ko had discovered to destroy cancerous tumors. Once I saw Ty’s videos on cancer then everything made more sense. God gave us something called Macrophages. And since doctors know about how powerful these immune fighting abilities are in our body, it is clear how HOXSEY who once had 16 clinics in the USA was pushed into Mexico. Because what he discovered and developed organically turns on our bodies Macrophages. One doctor here in the US, Dr. Cohn, in NC is teaching what is going on in Japan. They have 6 clinics there that is using Dr. Yamamato’s discovery to turn these powerful immune fighters on with GcMAF. The FDA isn’t allowing it here but the success in Japan is astounding. To find d help for your cancer which is Cure able, once you see how bad many patients are and are cured, you can go to Ty’s website, The Truth About Cancer, and the HOXSEY clinic Facebook. Aldo Dr. COHN, and Dr. BURZYNSKI, have websites. Nabeel, God did provide a way for you to be healed and it isn’t in the modern hospitals of America. It is under the care of good doctors who are taking high risks to save the lives of their patients against our FDA. I hope you follow through on any of the information I have given you. Please pray for me. Our son and his wife need prayer going forward with their 2 yr. old son. The hospital is convincing them to use chemo. Please pray they will listen to these other doctors. I will be praying for you my dear brother in Christ.

    Pam Haskell

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