California 2022 Prop 1 to Constitutionalize Abortion

Read and be shocked. This year’s Prop 1 will add guaranteed access to abortion to the California constitution. Is this really necessary when abortion is already legal and encouraged here? Of course it is not. But the cult of Molech forms the base of the leftist elite in California, and their rage has to be channeled somewhere.

Abortion, the holy grail of the feminist movement has been challenged at the federal level when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, 2022. And now the legislature, the governor, and the activists in our state are trying to make California into the abortion epicenter of the world to counteract the SCOTUS decision.

An interesting fact stood out to me. The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that with a week left until voting day, anti-life groups have outspent pro-life groups by a factor of 53:1 in campaigning for Prop 1.

That is insane. With overwhelming abortion support in the state on the order of 67%, one must ask why? Why do they illogically continue to spend money even though their victory is assured?

The answer to this question cannot be found in logic or economics. The matter is a spiritual one.

The Bible speaks of this phenomenon in Romans Chapter 1 when an inspired apostle Paul speaks of idolatry and human sexual perversion. He says 3 times that God gave them up. He gave them up to dishonoring their bodies, to dishonorable passions and to a debased mind. The ultimate punishment is for God to give up on someone. For God to give them up to a mind that no longer thinks soundly, a debased and depraved mind. They throw millions of dollars toward an non-issue in ultra-liberal California.

These are our elected leaders and we as a state deserve them. When God wants to punish a country, He gives them wicked rulers, said a reformer.

We shall continue to speak for and defend the unborn. I am not hopeful that Prop 1 will be struck down. But I am looking for a shift in the demographic toward life. It would be a welcome development to see the needle move closer to 50/50, but I will not get my hopes too high. Let’s do our part and vote NO on 1.

2 comments on “California 2022 Prop 1 to Constitutionalize Abortion

  1. Thank you for speaking out on this issue, Delight. It is such a shame that your beautiful state has such a dark spirit in so many ways. As someone who spent his first 20 years of life in California and who has relatives who live there, I remember many wonderful days growing up in the San Gabriel Valley. This news will never take away my memories but I can’t help but wonder about what will make up the memories of today’s youth.
    I pray for my family and friends who live there. Some are in law enforcement, some are in education, and some are in business. I imagine that many facets of California life must be getting harder to stomach for those who hold to a Christian worldview.
    I will be interested to see the vote count on Prop. 1. It will be an indicator of the spiritual state of the State.
    Your usage of Romans 1 is spot on. I only wish it didn’t apply to some many cases in California.

  2. The excessive spending isn’t just for California’s prop 1 to pass, but more importantly, prime a new generation to be more accepting of abortion.

    So I browsed through the online content dedicated to prop 1. It uses terms and expressions like “freedom”, “scientific facts”, “health”, life planning, achieving dreams, non political, etc. (some I paraphrased); all concepts to be valued and considered. But they are all deliberately distorted and misused to mislead anyone who does not yet understand that abortion ends life. As well as make i abortion “less of an issue” for those that are young.

    Prop 1 is *freedom* stop a beating heart. It helps *plan* the end of un unborn baby’s life, and so on.

    As you noted, Delight in Truth, there is no greater and severe consequence than God giving up on a person – and this is what happens to those that intentionally mislead on abortion and other matters that lead people astray.

    The scientific world would consider finding evidence of biological life on a planet other than Earth, something extraordinary. But an unborn’s beating heart, the “scientific world”, does not consider life?

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