Barnevernet and Breivik: Norway’s International Shame

Norwegian journalists, commentators and pundits are slowly picking up the conversation on the Bodnariu case where 5 kids were unfairly removed from their parental home. Delight in Truth is following the Norwegian response which is likely going to intensify following mass protests across the world against their Barnevernet (Child Protection Services).

The Nordic Page is a popular English language online newspaper which has covered the Bodnariu drama in articles like this one (here). But the interesting part is the discussion at the bottom of the article between a well articulated Emanuel Contac (who is a faculty member at the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest) and another commentator who is a defender of the Norwegian CPS.

The Norwegian claimed that Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer who killed 77 people in 2011 was a Christian, and tried to fallaciously associate a psychopath with the Christian religion.  Breivik’s memoirs from prison prove that he is not a Christian.  All this in the context of accusations of Christian indoctrination and biblical discipline on the part of the Bodnarius.

To which Contac responded:

“Norway is being known in the news mainly for two major achievements: Breivik and Barnevernet. The one brutally murders people, the other brutally destroys families. Until the latter finally decides to clean up its act, more protests will follow.”

This is an accurate synthesis of how this country is starting to be perceived in the world.  A simple google search with the terms “barnevernet” or “Norway CPS” will result in a digital avalanche of articles, pictures of protests, horrifying stories of families destroyed and shame for Norway.

Norway, is this how you want to be known across the world?

Just look at the facebook communites who support the Bodnarius and families like them… tens of thousands of members strong!

One thousand protesters in front the embassy in Washington, DC yesterday… hundreds in other European capitals… a few thousand in Bucharest today!

How much of this can you take until you give the Bodnariu children back and reform your CPS?

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20 comments on “Barnevernet and Breivik: Norway’s International Shame

  1. The truth is the Breivik he was rap to the mutter at age 4 from Barnevernet !!!!so Breivik he was Barnevernet product he was molestet in foster service and this is the truth!!!!Barnevernet create monsters and we hope u r gona end all in prison u and every ,,good” police man ho help those all have to go in front of international court like evry Natzi ho respect Hitler diabolic low.

    • And this article tell me a lot ,starting with that Norwegian journalist ho have nothing in common with the cross mark in Norway Flag or with the cross mark to the royal crown .This article tell me in Norway r lots off monsters ho create hall and blame the real value off Norway .That marks suppose to symbol u r a nation of christianity and i know u steal have lots of mans ho steal serve the real God Lord of the Lords Jesus Christ the name which this journalist suppose to associate the Royal family names .You Norway u now have a fake king a grinch King ho start to serve to occult (nine circle princes Beatrix and all lords accuse from sacrifice kids and hunt people)The day wen you have to go in front of international court come from you like he was come from the Natzi of Germani .Shame to al ho help Barnevernet

  2. The child protection racket is the same the world-over. It’s all about money and power and unfortunately, Christians are once again in the cross-hairs.

    This family is bringing God much glory through the saint’s prayers. It’s my prayer that they receive strength to endure this trial, no matter where it leads them.

  3. Canada, The States, The UK…among other countries have a history of “child protection” devastation. The social workers are not accountable to anyone, they laugh at the judges and flawed system and beg for more money in order to expand their web.

    It’s a symptom of a greater issue, and we as a society are reaping the consequences of turning our backs on God. It’s just a matter of natural progression. Get rid of God, someone will fill His place.

    This dear family is just the tip of the iceberg, and it will get worse for all those who are Christians, who teach their children scripture, and who homeschool. May Jesus come soon!

  4. Shame, Shame, Shame to the Norvegian Government, they take no responsibility over this speechless and brutality incident.
    I am positive they know what they doing and someone benefits from this kids abduction , I am 100% sure will not end up good, the whole world have eyes pointed to the Norvegian SS ( social services) but I guess we can call them that SS.
    God Bless that Romanian family

    • Val, the problem is world-wide. Just type it into Google and you will see every country has social workers that are all powerful and love dominating and torturing families.

      Its root comes from money and power. Nothing will change until hearts are changed. This Norwegian family is getting a lot of exposure, but many families suffer in silence.

      I read a comment one time where a social worker was bragging that she was God and even the judge wouldn’t stand up to her. It’s insane how all of this has developed without anyone knowing it. Now we have this monster and no one has enough gumption or power to stop it.

  5. Norway is being known in the news mainly for two major achievements: Breivik and Barnevernet. The one brutally murders people, the other brutally destroys families.

  6. As a little child ABB was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward together with his mother. Possibly they did something to him there that he felt extremely traumatic.

    During his trial, there was a thight secrecy about the ordeals that happened there and also ordeals subjected to him by the Norwegian child protective agency.

    Breivik himself may have pushed most of this down into his subconscious, and the things he remember openly, seem to be so embarrassing for him that he does not want to speak about it.

    I think Breivik’s terrorist raid was a sort of revenge against the society for this ordeal and things authorities did to him during his school age too.

    It looks like authorities are extremely afraid that he shall begin telling more about actions done with him in his early childhood.

    After his raid, his mother was again hospitalized in a psychiatrix ward, and soon after she died of Cancer, so that she cannot tell about it either.

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