Bring on the Protests: Norway is Watching

- WHERE IS politicians? Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Minister Solveig Horne (FRP) does not agree with the criticism of Researcher Jan Storø by HiOA who believes political leadership is not visible enough, when Norwegian child bears the foreign media. Photo: Ole Gunnar Onsøien / NTB scanpix

Well, well… The Norwegian government has been watching the international reaction against their Barnevernet.

Those of us who support the Bodnariu family were a bit unsure if Norway’s government pays attention to the international backlash against their Child Protection Services stemming from the harsh confiscation of the five children.

It turns out they have been watching the build up to the unleashing of world-wide protests which will begin this weekend.

This is the most severe criticism they have received to date, and they’ve never had anti-Norway-CPS protests like we are about to unleash over the next couple of months.

In this article, their watchdogs are asking what in the world is going on, and why is there such an international outcry? At least they are asking questions…

They live in a socialist bubble, and they cannot comprehend why the world is reacting this way.  Solveig Horne (picture above from is the top official in the Norwegian “Children, Equality and Social Inclusion” Department which includes CPS or Barnevernet, and she is rejecting any international criticism. She claims to be aware of the Bodnariu case, which tells us she knows about the upcoming massive protests, 50,000+ signatures on the petition, and the nearly 20,000 member support community on Facebook. 

This information is now in their press.  Their government knows about it. We know they care about their self-described high standard of living and image in the world.

Delight in Truth thinks they are worried about how demonstrations in front their embassies will portray them in the world.

Norway’s government is watching. 

Bring on the international protests.

Let the children come home. 

26 comments on “Bring on the Protests: Norway is Watching

  1. Barnev, you are a destroyer of normal families and dare you portray yourself like a guardian angel of these little children. Actually you act as an actor on the stage. Because of that, we want to remind you that you are not playing only in Norway for the Norwegians and immigrants, but for the entire world as well. You are not alone in this world. We are here too and we are many, and we are here to stay till you crumble as Nazzy and Communism did before, three quarters and a quarter century years ago ( maybe you have forgotten the history). So from now on you will see the pain, anger and frustration of the entire world mounting up against your Nazzy practices. Barnev, return the children you have abducted without fairly food grounds. Release them to their loving families, NOW!

    • This is an excellent message you just shared. May I please, please, share this quote from you on social media? And please let me know, how to credit the statement. Shall I say it is from “Ilie Toma”? Please let me share this, as I want to join the cause, and do what I can to stop the evil practices of Barnevernet, and to have all children stolen returned to their families.

  2. Norvegia!Ne-ai creat reactii alergice prin furtul de copii!Scoate-i afara de unde i-ai ascuns !Dumnezeu este pe urmele tale!

  3. Barnevernet kidnapped Anders Behring BREIVIK from his parents when he was 4 years old. What BARNEVERNET created ? A monster killing machine that on July 24th 2011 killed over 85 innocent people. Norway is proud of BARNEVERNET . NORWAY WAKE UP YOU’VE BEEN LIED BY YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT . THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING NORWAY AND IT’S . REPUTATION IS GOING DOWN. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTY, THE HOST OF THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

  4. I write from the border of Texas and Mexico. I’m aware of this horrible situation, I signed the petition and how I wish I live close to Washington D C. To go protest with my family. I pray justice is served in this family and many others affected.

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  6. Here is an interesting announcement:

    I am a Danish journalist and about to write a journalistic story for the media Zetland about Romanian migrant.

    I need to get in contact with a person who came to Denmark in the last year trying to get a job, to support his family in Romania and who wants to tell the story about his life in Romania and the beginning and challenges here in Denmark.

  7. We can not express enough our indignation about what Norway is doing to these children. We could never have any respect for this country, and if possible, we will share this with whoever can hear it.

    • Thank you for supporting Aurora . I live in norway and my son has taking with CPS.
      With out big reason . My son has has been kidnap . he just pickt up while in school..,
      we are also protesting againts CPS . thank for your sharing with your friends to signed a petition.

  8. These acts are typical of mentally ill leaders that picture a good cause for their abnormally atrocious behaviors. The entire normal world would agree that well rounded children develop in the presence of their loving parents. Can anyone that has children imagine the unspoken anxieties that these children are subjected to by being removed from the loving environment of their own home? How can this be of any benefit to their normal psychological and emotional development? Does Barnev care about the children or rather about their own selfish gain? Adopting families are receiving money, lots of money to adopt. So it is not about the children, it is about using the children for financial gain by a system that portrays the picture perfect. Indeed: socialism, communism and fascism share this common trend. It is time that the world becomes aware of diabolically systems like these in a supposedly advanced country like Norway. Their government should be watching and should be learning that major change is needed. I suggest that they start with returning these children to their family along with a public apology After that they will need to prove to the world that Barnev or similar systems are abolished..

  9. Just in case you weren’t aware, Norway has already groomed Romanias magistrates in this aspect. Norwegian magistrates have already indoctrinated Romanian magistrates with this sort of socislist “the states ownes your kids” mentality.
    Norway is lead by a plethora of atheistic homosexuals, transgenders, pedophiles which is in the hunt for children. They cannot procreate so they resort to legal kidnapping.
    I strongly encourage you to stalk any norwegian official and not allow them any access in Romania. I atrongly encourage the Romanian police and secret services to work together at flushing out of Romania of these perverts.

  10. How can you be so cruel to take the children away from the family, this is not about the Botnariu family alone because there are thousands more kids kidnaped by te state on Norvegia! The evil state in the world, if you want to get rid of your children go or stay in Norway

    • In Norway they have this mentality that the child really belongs to the state. And that the state knows what is best for them. Not the family.

      Hillary Clinton once said that “it takes a village to raise a child”

      We know that it takes family to raise a child. Not the state. Not a village.

    • yes you right bernebrnet er evil ways and lots of lies.

      they are stupid person .is evil and does evil things .he plots to ruin the poor with lies and keep them from gettings thier rigths, ISAIAH 32,7

  11. A nation where human rights are ignored and foreign governments don’t intervene because they are rich in oil. No, not Saudi Arabia. Norway!

  12. A dictatorial system can find any reason to fulfill their dirty plans. In Norway, Barnevernet, which is upheld by the State, fulfills their plans to steal children from their families. Because the justice system and the lawyers are under the rule of the State, families whose children were taken do not have a chance to get their children back who were taken by this Nazi system.
    The only chance for those who live in Norway is to protest in the streets. A dictatorial system cannot be taken over except through protests in the streets. This is hard in Norway because already for several generations the system has brainwashed the population. It is important to understand that you, the few who were oppressed by the system, have to go in the streets and protest. You have to make public your intentions in all of Norway. You will see that many who do not have the courage now, when they see you in the streets they will join you. In all the continents, people already know about the abuses of the organization Barnevernet; when you go out in the streets in Norway, we will support you from all over the world. We pray that God will support you in being reunited with your children and in bringing back the values of freedom for the Norwegian population.
    It is inhumane for a child to be separated from his/her parents for reasons that are in fact not in the category of abuse. Barnevernet does not look for abused children; they look for reasons to break up families. We all have seen from the testimonies of many Norwegians and citizens of other countries that the reasons for why Barnevernet takes children from their families are fabricated and not based upon truth. They do this because of the fact that the Norwegian state helps them, which makes us believe that the Norwegian state and Barnevernet work together to abuse the population. Therefore, together with the protest against Barnevernet, you must protest against the state of Norway. The dictatorial political system, together with the Nazi practices must stop. The kidnapped children need to return to their families. The Norwegian population has to find their freedom and this freedom must be seen in everyday life. The freedom must be seen in the judicial system in Norway. The freedom must be seen through the smiles of children among their families.
    Together we will conquer. Norwegians, go out and protest in the streets. God bless you, Norway.
    Barnevernet, take your filthy hands off of our children; stop stealing our children.
    Please share my message and together we can conquer this bad system of Norway.

  13. pls share wide and far… this is a documentary of the methods they use.. here, a real life conversation with a case psychologists who worked for barnevernet to produce a false report on me, so the Barnevernet could steal my child. She is now in Iceland. Escaped from Barnevernet, But Iclandic state government is now, in these days, planning to take her by force back to Norway, against her will… texted in english.

    • Thank you Arianne. From my research I have come to the conclusion that these psychologists are in the pocket of BV. They are under tremendous pressure to provide reports which agree with BV side. If they give reports favorable to the family, they will their contracts and ability to receive more cases.

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