Norway’s Dark History with Children

Dear friends, Delight in Truth would like to inform you about Norway’s crimes against the Lebensborn Children.  It will provide a chilling historical context to understand what is happening to Child Protective Services (CPS) in that country today.

Between 1940 and 1945, hundreds of thousands of German soldiers were part of the Nazi occupying force in Norway. The Lebensborn program encouraged Nazi soldiers to pursue relationships and have children with Norwegian women because Nazi ideology considered them a pure Aryan race.

This social experiment in eugenics produced approximately 12,000 children who were later labeled the Lebensborn Children.  Such war children were born in countries across Europe, but in Norway they have a special story that continues even today. In fact, Frida Lyngstad, one of the singers of 1970s-80s pop band ABBA is a Lebensborn Child.

During the war, the pregnant mothers and the children were given special care and were considered to be genetically superior to the average Norwegian. But after the war ended, these children became social outcasts in Norway. Some were abandoned, some ended up in orphanages, and many were confiscated by the state and subjected to mistreatment.

Norway placed many of these children in mental asylums and special institutions where they were physically, sexually and psychologically abused. Many of them who are now in their 60s tell  horrifying stories of how they were tied to their bed, unable to play outside, having to relieve themselves in the same place where they ate their food. The mothers who had their children confiscated never saw them again.

In the last 15 years the Lebensborn children have been fighting a hardened Norway government in the court system to get Norway to acknowledge their crimes and human rights violations, and to get compensation for lost childhoods.

This Norway, perhaps the most developed country in the world by their own standards, continues to confiscate about 2-3000 children per year, targeting mostly immigrant and mixed Norwegian children. Critics of the CPS (Barnevernet) claim that as low as 1% of those cases actually involve the type of violence where the children would be taken from home in other comparable countries.

Considering this background, it is not surprising to read in the media about the five Bodnariu kids which were removed from their loving parents without investigation, without warning, without attempting to help the family first. Accusations against the family are severe, despite any physical evidence of violence on the kids. There is however evidence that CPS may have manipulated the kids to incriminate the parents, and the system tried to have the parents sign affidavits to incriminate each other.

Delight in Truth has tried to look at both sides of the story as available in the media, but it is evident that the Bodnarius have been treated unfairly. Some well-informed legal authorities from the Romanian parliament (senator Titus Corlatean) claim they have been treated criminally.

I do not know if the Norwegian government is realizing what is about to happen world-wide starting in January 2016 with extensive protests in Europe and America in front of their embassies, and how this will destroy Norway’s image in the world.

I pray they will resolve the Bodnariu case and return the kids to their parents immediately, while taking a long look at their history and step up to reform CPS.

15 comments on “Norway’s Dark History with Children

  1. The German Nazi Lebensborn eugenics breeding program was a horrifying thing. But of those of us who know a little about it, how many have even heard of this Norwegian epilogue? What a terrible story.


    If anyone is interested in learning more about this history, Clarissa Henry’s Of Pure Blood is still available through Amazon and used book dealers. Highly recommended.

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  3. Thank you for educating me on this topic, Delight. I had heard of this story but was not aware of the history leading to this crazy abduction. I had noticed the traffic you’ve had on this topic in my emails and I thank you for covering this tragic story in the hopes that others may become aware.

    God’s blessings….

    By the way, my local DHS is underfunded and its workers overworked. They have caseloads that are impossible to deal with adequately. If is pretty safe to say that errors are made consistently.

    The ideas that have lead to forced sterilisations and other dictate over people’s personal and family life

    Very informative book:

    Gunnar Broberg & Nils Roll-Hansen (eds) (1996): “Eugenics and the Welfare State – Sterilization Policy in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland”
    East Lansing: Michigan State University Press. ISBN 0-87013-413-2
    There is a later, revised edition.

    But it transcends the Nordic countries.

    Because of the Nazi adoption of this ideology, it is often thought that it was of Nazi origin. But it goes further back. It stems from biological-and-social thinking in science in the 1800s, first and foremost developed by professor Ernst Haeckel in Germany. But German biology was world-leading, and these ideas spread throughout the world, including, by the way, to the USA.

    It also transcends the political left/right opposition. There was an illuminating article in The Guardian (large, British leftist newspaper) called “The Dirty Secret of the British Left”. More or less the same article, I think, is now on the internet, just with a new title:

    “Master Race of the Left”

    I cannot recommend strongly enough two books:


    Daniel Gasman:
    “The Scientific Origins of National Socialism”
    New Brunswick and London: 2004. ISBN: 0-7658-0581-2
    There is a later edition.

    This is a unique, complete documentation of the rise and development of a whole theory and ideology about biology. Gasman has done all the fundamental research and documentation of all relevant writings necessary to understand thoroughly how people (not only the Nazis) came to think as they did about biology, how these beliefs spread, and on this basis we can understand how the behaviorists, such as the anthropologist Frans Boas, came to go to the opposite extreme (that biology was irrelevant to any understanding of human behaviour) in their reaction to it.


    Richard Webster (1996): “Why Freud Was Wrong. Sin, Science and Psychoanalysis”
    Revised edition London: HarperCollins. ISBN 0-00-638428-5

    Beautifully free-wheeling, very informative and straight-out enjoyable book.

    • “including, by the way, to the USA.” Most definitely! The name Margaret Sanger immediately comes to mind.

      One wonders why it is the that people who propose such theories never seem to think they or their particular groups should be subject to them….ok, maybe one doesn’t really wonder….

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  6. This is something every Norwegian knows and are asshamed of. we learn about this in school from a very young age. Its a dark side to our nations history. Very important to learn, so that we do not make the same horrific judgements again.

    So nothing new here, This also happened in every other Nation occupied by nazi germany in 2. world war. And it has nothing to do with barnevernet. Stop trying to put down all Norwegians because of what barnevernet is doing. Focus on barnevernet, not the norwegian people. Not helping your cause.

    • It appears, Donde, that Norway is in a dark period now as well. Too much information has become available since you made this statement to believe otherwise.

      • Oh yeah, and i heard elsewhere we were considered a pure aryan race. That was actually from the internet i learned about that. Because i guess we are so ashamed, we do not mention it. And thus is doomed to repeat this at some point. No children today knows we were “pure aryan” and very lucky (considering) during the war. I got 5/6’s (A A+) in history usually. And due to our collective political correctness that is going on in the whole world right now. You could get away with saying more in the 40’s and 50’s than you can today. Mostly due to social media i do believe. It is almost like it is a cycle, and we are right at the bend starting a new oppressive cycle. Did i mention you can get two years in jail for speaking the wrong words here?

    • Interesting comment, Norskfaen26.

      “…due to our collective political correctness that is going on in the whole world right now. You could get away with saying more in the 40’s and 50’s than you can today.”

      We have lost our moral compass and instead of basing our morality on God’s Word, it is based on man’s opinion. Thus, the major problem. It has always been this way to some degree and always will be until the day when God creates a New Heaven and a New Earth. I am so looking forward to that day.

  7. Update:

    Hospital recommends sterilization for mildly retarded in public… and child welfare takes newborns from these people.
    Is it so hard to understand the background of the lots of coercive measures with mildly retarded people, Helsetilsynet???
    My favoutire part:
    “Statens helsetilsyn mener det er viktig å skaffe mer og bedre kunnskap om hvorfor det brukes mer tvang overfor mennesker med tviklingshemming.
    For å vite om tvangsbruken er i tråd med formålet, er det også behov for å framskaffe bedre kunnskap om innholdet i vedtak, om hvor ofte vangstiltak blir benyttet og om hvordan brukerne opplever tvangstiltakene.
    Det nedsatte tvangsutvalget skal undersøke disse problemstillingene.
    Statens helsetilsyn er bekymret for om økningen av tvangsbruk er et resultat av for dårlig kompetanse og knapp tid i tjenestene, og for at tjenestetilbudet til den enkelte ikke blir tilstrekkelig individuelt tilrettelagt for å unngå tvang. Manglende arbeid i tjenestene for å finne alternative løsninger til tvang, kan være medvirkende.”

    According to Google translate:
    “Norwegian Board of Health believes it is important to obtain more and better knowledge of why it is used more force towards people with developmental disabilities.
    To know about the use of coercion is in line with the purpose, there is also a need to increase our knowledge about the content of decisions, about how often coercive measures are used and how users experience coercive measures.
    The discounted enforcement committee will examine these issues.
    Norwegian Board of Health is concerned about the increase of use of force is a result of inadequate skills and little time in the services, and that the services of the individual are not sufficient individually designed to prevent coercion. Missing work in services to find alternative solutions to coercion, may be contributing.”

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