Barnevernet is Ruining Norway’s Reputation

A Norwegian visitor on Delight in Truth left this comment:

“It is standard procedure for barnevernet to try and coerce the wife into divorcing the husband. I know about another family where the parents divorced pro forma in order to get their children back.”

It was shocking to many of us to find out from Romanian senator Titus Corlatean who has been advocating for the Bodnariu family at the European Court of Human Rights and Norwegian embassy in Bucharest, that Barnevernet social workers have tried to bully the Bodnariu parents into divorcing.  Apparently this may be standard procedure at the Child Protective Services in Norway. A similar tactic was used in other widely publicized cases, particularly cases involving citizens from India and from the Czech Republic.

Instead of counseling and helping families, their first move is to remove children without investigation, without warning, and without cultural or religious considerations.

Go nuclear, investigate later. 

Barnevernet has been billed as a progressive organization which ultimately knows best what is good for children. But this monster is an anti-family bully in the business of destroying families, particularly ethnic or ethnically mixed Norwegian families.

It is a feared organization that has gone unchecked. People are afraid to come out and support victims of Barnevernet because of the looming implicit threat that their own children will be snatched away in return. A Romanian pastor living in Norway expressed his reluctance at signing petitions and taking to the streets because his 7-year-old may be confiscated. The Czech president has gone as far as labeling them as a “nazi organization.” This is perhaps why Delight in Truth started seeing profile pictures on Facebook with Norway’s flag covered with a swastika.

The Nazis snatched away the Jews. Barnevernet snatches away children.

Norway, is this the image you want to portray to the world?

Historically, you have a well-respected international reputation, but in the last few years you have allowed Barnevernet to ruin it!

Starting in early 2016, thousands of people will take to the streets across the world in front of your embassies to expose your human rights violations.

Let the Bodnariu children go home!

Any Norwegians willing to share this article?

Please share so the good people of Norway can find out about this and hold Barnevernet accountable.

55 comments on “Barnevernet is Ruining Norway’s Reputation

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  3. Is Barnevenet an agency that reports to Norway’s democratic elected government?
    If the answer is yes, than the premise of your title doesn’t make sense, it is rubbish
    It’s like saying that Obamacare is ruining the reputation of America.
    Actually , if you dig a little deeper into the way the entire system of raising children in Norway is run, you will find out that is rotten to the core…. Specially if you use traditional Christian standards…

    Don’t forget, in most countries in Europe , the rights of the citizens come from the state, therefore the children are the property of the state, ultimately.

    Now, if your definition of what constitutes a civilized state comes down to the way the buses are run and the way people say hello on the street , than you are right, they are civilized. But if you use any type of moral standards like the way they treat their unborn or their views on marriage, than you might say that civilization is going backwards towards barbarism…

    • Of course it is rotten to the core. It is a confiscation/adoption business which involves trafficking 2-3000 children per year. If their business consists of cases similar to Bodnariu, then no wonder they have been labeled as a nazi type organization.

    • the Nordic Page reports:

      ” it is turning into an industry, which pays incredible amounts, especially to psychologists, for “reports” and to foster “parents”. They advertise for people to be foster parents and announce a yearly pay of, say, NOK 430.000 (€ 30.000) plus paid holidays and regular “time off” from the foster children plus allowances for building their house or buying an extra car plus pension entitlement. The business also, of course, provides extra income and extra jobs for social workers”

    • I think you dont really understand the state. The states represent the people and the people gives the power to the state to represent them. Not vice-versa.
      The rights of the citizen are not given by the state (how stupid can you be to affirm this). Do you know about “stateless societies”?
      The people can live without a state, but a state cannot exist without people. Over time, the idea of state degenerated and often they try to legitimate their abuses. And now, this is the case… It is a an abusive organization by all aspect.

      • You make confusion. gabebogdan is actually right:
        “When we speak of a ‘society’ (French society, Jamaican society) we are really speaking of people organised by a single nation state. That is the tacit model, anyway.
        ‘Societies’ are really states, the logic of states is that of conquest, the logic of conquest is ultimately identical to that of slavery. True, in the hands of state apologists, this becomes transformed into a notion of a more benevolent ‘social debt’. Here there is a little story told, a kind of myth. We are all born with an infinite debt to the society that raised, nurtured, fed and clothed us, to those long dead who
        invented our language and traditions, to all those who made it possible for us
        to exist. In ancient times we thought we owed this to the gods (it was repaid
        in sacrifice — or, sacrifice was really just the payment of interest — ultimately,
        it was repaid by death). Later the debt was adopted by the state — itself a
        divine institution — with taxes substituted for sacrifice, and military service
        for one’s debt of life. Money is simply the concrete form of this social debt, the
        way that it is managed.”

        This is from a very interesting reading which I recommend:

        Click to access David_Graeber__Debt__The_First_Five_Thousand_Years_a4.pdf

    • I agree. You have to learn how to read between lines, then you will understand. Please don’t go nuclear when you are answering me.

      • John, is not that I do not understand, but calling an old democratic state Nazist because they really protect children, is at least stupid. The writer is saying ” Norway, stop protecting children. Norway you should learn from us Romanians how to protect your children, We know better. Look at our history or child-houses in Romania. Besides, you should not separate children from family when you have a complaint but let the abuse continue while you investigate. That is the way you should do it. If the child is killed or harmed in the mean time, well, we will be back to criticize you.”

        There are children taken away(kidnapped or whatever you wanna call it) from a family in Sweden….but nobody give a s… because the father is not a Pentecostal pastor and Ionescu from Chicago is not starting any petition for them.

        This is so stupid I hate even taking about.

        • What abuse Mike M? What are you talking about?

          What is the evidence of abuse in the Bodnariu case? If you really want to be objective about it!

          They scanned the infant and found nothing. No signs of abuse on any of the children! Don’t you worry, the parents would be in jail right now if the kids had any physical harm.

          You clearly do not understand the issue. Do some research, use google, find out about Barnevernet abuses, talk to families who went through the trauma of having their children snatched away unfairly!

          Many families are quiet about it because they are under threat to be quiet. They are being told they will never see they kids again if they go in Facebook

        • Mike M obviously is misinformed or maybe his mental capacity is below normal or maybe he doesn’t know that government officials from every country can be corrupt.
          If a government agency confiscates five children , with absolutely no evidence of abuse and within two weeks puts those children up for adoption without giving the parents a day in court, you can call that government fascist….

          It is a basic universal right that anybody is presumed innocent…

          If there was children abuse to the extend that the children are up for adoption in two weeks, than charges should be brought against the parents….

          But I am sure that Mikey doesn’t know much about civil rights

        • Mike, you say:
          “There are children taken away from a family in Sweden… And nobody is doing anything about it…”

          Why don’t you try to help that family in Sweden? Tell us about it! We do what we can. Apparently, according to your poor judgement, if we can’t help Norway and Sweden, we shouldn’t help any! I don’t see why you are so agitated? What do you have to lose?Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

        • There is so much bad information circulating about this case that I believe i causes more damage than it helps. At the end of the day, the winner will be Ionescu and his mates who gain popularity and are profiling themselves. The truth in this case is well-hidden and the masses are getting just small drops now and then… The “case” is to fight against the wind-mills and it both sad and funny to see how many are following Don Quijote… The truth shall set you free – Jesus said. When the puzzle comes together the picture is wrong when truth and lie are completing each other. Sad for those children and sad for those who believe blindly… Shouldn’t christians stay with the truth? Or there is some exception from it when the purpose is noble?
          Norway and it’s inhabitants don’t deserve to be put a svastika on… protecting the children and the family is a priority, and there are laws to be followed. And if they are not, you face the consequences… A lot of romanian families are afraid in Norway.. why? because they do the same mistake too, using violence in the family… who is next?

        • dansolh,

          If you think anyone is trying to gain some popularity themselves by exposing the abuses within Barnevernet, you are mistaken, sir.

          While we do not have the official court documents, we do have some facts.

          And those facts are painting a terrible picture for Norway and their CPS.

          1. Family arrested and interogated without a lawyer. Is this communist Romania or Nazi Germany???

          2. The father interogated without an interpreter.

          3. No signs of physical abuse on any of the children, including radiologic studies.

          4. CPS says they are not yet sure what kind of family the Bodnarius are, but in the mean time they started the adoption process, without any FINALITY to the case!

          5. The mother is coerced to lie about her husband.

          Please look at all sides of the arguments. I doubt you have children, but if you do, put yourself in the Bodnariu position of unfairly having your children removed and having your human rights trampled.

        • Buddy before making coments do some resource about this legal human trafficking company and then post something that is based on truth not on your strip uneducated mind

        • Dansolh wrote: “A lot of romanian families are afraid in Norway.. why? because they do the same mistake too, using violence in the family… who is next?”

          No, that is just one of the accusations used against parents. There are many others. The CPS can any time make up something new which is “detrimental to the children’s deveopment in the future” or what have you. Most of them have nothing to do with offences against the law. But our courts accept this psychobabble, almost always they do. Judges do not want to blot their copy-book or blight their career either, in the eyes of the authorities.

          This list is comprised of “reasons” I know to have been used. Quite a number of the cases are known to me personally:
          “An incomplete list of reasons given by the child protection services (CPS) of the Nordic countries for depriving children of their parents”

        • Being too poor to care is a completely different matter to what is going on in Norway. It doesn’t matter what your opinion, or any one of many docile citizens in Norway think. The fact is, it has been proven that Norway abuses its citizens in the matter of forced abductions! It’s not open for dispute!! In the are of civil rights and basic human rights its guilt as charged!! Wake up docile norweigen!!

        • Actually, before Romanians, last year the President of Cehia called Norway CPS a Nazist system. I gave him credit he know what he talk….

    • you took the time to answer so I guess I should do it too…


      1. i know where your facts do come from, but I have a set of court documents sent by Daniel Bodnariu himself to me, so I would say I sit on the evidence there is in this case
      2. in every interogatory there is a set of rules to be followed like
      – to inform the suspect about the alegations
      – to inform him/her about her rights such as:
      a) you are not obliged to declare anything
      b) you may not answer questions that incriminates you or a near relative
      c) you may be made responsible if you put the guilt on an innocent person
      d) you may obtain a reduction of your punishment if you recognise your guilt
      e) you may choose a lawyer after your own choice, he may assist you at the interogatory but if you are not to be placed in custody, you have to pay it by your own. Later if you’re going to court, the state of Norway pays the expenses. if you don’t have a prefered lawyer, the court will name one for you.
      f) the interogatory is taped, especially in cases with violence

      3. The father lives in Norway and speaks norwegian, the police can ask for an interpreter if there are problems in the communication. The tape of the interogatory would reveal the truth about all these claims.

      4. the CPS does not investigate just the traces of physical abuse, but also the psychical ones too. true interviews with the children they may obtain information about what happens at home, if there happens abuse or not, in wich form and so on.

      5 The biggest lie until now follows under pt 4 where it is claimed that the children are set for adoption! The child protection services do not have the legal right to give the children free to adoption, I think that is an interpretation problem. The CPS is the authority wich, once the custody of the children is taken, is obliged to take care of the children until they return to their parents (which is allways an real option) or they stay in a foster care family until they are 18 old. Norway does not give children or teenagers to adoption.

      6. I was not present as the Bodnarius were interogated, and I don’t know what really was told or not. Investigating violence in the family (thats why the police made their inquiries) is never an easy task due the fact that many abused women are loyal to their abusive husbands. While I write this I DO NOT MEAN BODNARIU is abusive or something like that. But the police investigates the case from this angle and they put their questions as they need to. but also in here case, the lawyer would have access to the tape to see what really was spoken during her investigation.

      7. I do have children, all raised here in Norway in a christian home. I am a christian and I pray for the Bodnariu family and for the return of their children. Early in the case I spoked to both Marius and Daniel Bodnariu, so I am informed.

      But I am sad because this alegations are not quite true. And as christians, we should stay close to the truth, even if it hurts. Because, an half truth is worse than a lie. And this case proves it.

      So, maybe I am mistaken, but I know in my heart that I pray for the kids to get back to their parents and that God solves this case in His maner. And I pray that we are willing to see the truth, not just to speak about it.


      • Dan, thanks for the clarifications. So, are we on the same side then? Fighting to get the children back?

        “But I am sad because this alegations are not quite true. And as christians, we should stay close to the truth, even if it hurts.”

        The allegations against Bodnariu are not true?

        After looking at the documents, what is your overall impression? Is this a witch hunt? Did they use leading questions when interviewing the kids?

      • A decent government that protects families does not take 5 kids away from the parents without due process. In the United States even terrorists get better treatment than Bodnarui family received in Norway….

      • Dansolh @ Mister, you are incongruent. I know the best psychologists in Switzerland and discussed the probability of your alleigations. They are rubbish. You are obviously a defendent of the system, and you miss the fact that the psychologists are CHOSEN by your organisation. A shrimp can do what he pleases out of a child.
        But why ? Cui prodest? Would you care to discuss this elementary question? Lies, we are used to, deception is not your speciality.

        And they obviously will. Now what about the servant of your system who had to face himself a trial of sexual abuse of the own children – is this a proof of quality or of incongruence?

        Peace to you!

      • “Norway does not give children or teenagers to adoption”.
        To do this, you need to follow the laws and you need to pass by court, or this “Nazi” organization want to avoid any interference in their business, so they invented unlimited “foster family”. Where, the… in the world, you can keep some children isolated 18 years from their natural family. The result is catastrophic, the majority of the taken children will become frustrated, misanthropic. Who will pay for their sufferance? What happened if one child cant accommodate his foster family? Will be moved to another family and so on.. This is a real protection indeed (!!??), until his personality is erased and probably ready to integrate the Norway society.

      • This is totally false! I think you either live in fairy tale land, or just are not staying informed.
        Not impressed with the Christians of Norway on this issue. It makes me wonder whether any one is awake there! Or maybe their brains have been taken over so completely by the socialist virus, they believe the lies!
        An a human rights lawyer

      • dansolh! you are not mistaken! you ARE DEADLY WRONG! oil-money from your nazi reach country make you blind! your nazi barnevernet don’t respect your so “awsome” law for protecting children! SO MANY ABUSES BY YOUR NAZI BARNEVERNET! This is the whole truth! you are not true christian! you are corupt by your nazi reach contry money

  4. hi,

    i tried to clarify some of the issues wich i saw beeing exagerated or misinterpreted on many places and tried also to explain a bit what usually happens in such a case on those points.

    Beeing bounded by the confidentiality rule I can’t express myself particulary to this case but I felt the need to say those things as I did.

    Personaly I do believe, and more than that, I am convinced that Marius and Ruth love their children with all their heart. And I do believe they will be able to get the children back but, what I believe they need is our real support in love and prayer.
    What I sincerelly fear is that this direct attack on the Barnevernet may harm and slow down the process of returning.

    If a dog is barking infuriated at you, barking back would not help, i guess…

    How we ever try to put it , Norway has its constitution, its laws and its authorities. We may not agree with the way the do things, we may be angry at it but we must be wise and think before we speak, and choose our words with wisdom.

    The Child Protection services are embodied under the Departement of Family and Youth so they are in a normal structure and answer to the Headminister of that departement. The decision of taking the kids was made by the County Comission for wellfare and child protection cases and that can be proved in a higher court, up to the Supreme Court. That means that there is still a battle going on, and the family need our support, real support. Sitting and writting stuff on the internet would barely help, but GOD can really do something!

    I hope no one is angry with me on this, I do really want to see those children heading back home. Let’s pray for them even more, let’s assault God with our claim and ask Him for wisdom and endurance and to let us follow the truth. At the end I would put it this way:

    when a person is seek and needs healing, you are praying for her/him without asking how he/she got sick in the first place. Maybe that person need to confess something according to Jacobs letter, but primarily the main task is to pray. and another place quotes: Great power has the prayer of the righteous!


    • Totally agree with the spiritual aspect, prayer, support etc, for the family.

      If I were to be totally objective when looking on the web with respect to other Norway CPS cases I cannot but notice a huge international backlash against this organization. There are Norwegians activists who have criticized them as well.

      We will see if the barking dog will tame himself after a series of upcoming protests all over the world.

    • Sorry to stay skeptic – I may have misunderstood the reason why you defend that system. I appologize. But when we pray to God, it is good to have some expectation about how far the answer can be! Let me just voice a very natural suspicion: I read through the internet, complaints and actions against this organisation, since 20 years. The picture suggest that rather then risking family dramas by too late intervention, they started “prevention”, which is a contradiction in terms, since every honnest psy will tell you about the limitations of this kind of “prevention”. BUT it became an INDUSTRY. There are very many people depending upon this service against humanity and international law. I am not so well informed, but it seems to me that there is no single precedent of victory against this organisation.

      Under these circumstances, the question is this: in their own country, they will use ALL means to avoid losing a process. For the simple reason that this would become an antecedent to thousands, and they would soon have to pay back horrendous claims – because while most families would be just happy to be reunited, some would rightfully ask for compensations. So – I see little reason that Botnariu’s will be the one lucky family to break the system. Of course, praying for a miracle is a good thing, but maybe examinating the possibility to sue the organisation at an international human rigth level may be more efficient ? Even if those courts do not have direct executive power in the countries… The problem is simply: they seem to have done too much of it, they became accustomed to direspecting family rights, and stepping back is for so much more difficult!

      • The Bodnariu case has been presented to the European Court of Human Rights. Many legal and diplomatic processes are under way. Public protests will begin soon in large mass.

        At the same time we pray and fast everyday.

        God will resolve this case and we hope that Barnevern will be reformed.

        Thank you for commenting.

    • If a dog is barking infuriated at you, barking back would not help, i guess… Do you realize the truth you said about Barnernev… when you used such a saying? And : Norway has its constitution, its laws and its authorities. We may not agree with the way the do things, we may be angry at it but we must be wise and think before we speak, and choose our words with wisdom. That means to me that there is quite fear when facing the giant, aka the norwegian state. Even I became scared.

    • “What I sincerelly fear is that this direct attack on the Barnevernet may harm and slow down the process of returning.”

      That is what many people believe, including, apparently, the Bodnariu family themselves. Their lawyer wants to direct all attention to the coming court-case(s). In actual fact, there is very little hope once the children have been taken. This case is not a single, unfortunate “mistake” – it is the way the CPS run these cases. Cf what Jan Simonsen has to say here about the court cases:

      Actually, vindication of the family in an honestly run court case is not what happens. The court procedure is run confidentially too. It is a classic example showing what happens when there is no transparency, no diligent use of the freedom of utterance. If there is no public protest, the CPS (child protective services) have their way completely and the children are NEVER returned, nor are they allowed to meet anybody in their family. The CPS and our state are the ones that are afraid of publicity. Oh yes, they may try to I have seen this system over 20 years, have taken part as an expert witness in court cases, contributed to a parliamentary proposal, written about it, conferred with colleagues, politicians and others – – it is like trying to talk sense to Nazis about the reality of their Jewish citizens, or to communists about the reality of the economic system of the Soviet block. It leads nowhere, because the ideology of parents being unimportant to their children is deeply entrenched in the CPS and all their allied professions, so they think it is a good thing to “replace” parents with their own creatures. In addition, and very importantly, this is the way these people in the “child professions” make their income.

      So the Western world needs help from countries which have not yet succumbed to these ideas and whose citizens are still outraged at the disproportionate reactions the CPS allow themselves against families – help to bring it all out in the open. Over the last year, public outrage has grown, and our authorities are beginning to be worried about our “reputation” and our trade, but they are doing nothing to curb the CPS, they only pass silly new laws which make matters worse. Meanwhile there is some encouraging unrest just now:

      • Thank you Marianne, for taking the time to write this and to inform our audience. Thousands of visitors are reading these articles in the last few days and it is nice to get a perspective from the insider. Thank you again

        • The same to you: Thank you. It seems to me you have really taken trouble and and lot of time to have written the several articles here about this problem, articles which are well-informed and contribute very well. This is what we need: Open information, both about single cases and about general aspects, to counteract the endless official propaganda which we see in the official media here in Norway every day.

          One of the top politicians in the Czech Republic, who is working hard at helping stop CPS abuses, said something like this: “The handicap of you Norwegians is that you have not lived under communism. So you have no experience of what it is like to live under a dictatorial bureaucracy. You are therefore far too naïve about your authorities.”

      • Sorry, something fell out by accident here:

        “Oh yes, they may try to – – pretend that publicity about the case proves that the parents are unfit. This in itself shows the authorities’ level of insight into children’s needs and their degree of humanity. It is a life-line for children to know, or at least find out, that their parents are fighting for their return and that it is the brain-washing of the CPS and their fosterers that is untrue.

  5. It is only this year that I became aware of MASSIVE NAZI agenda implementation in Norway. Kids are kidnapped from home, lose their national identity, lose their mother tongue, lose all contact with biological family, thanks to devil’s claws and laws called Barnevernet. CRIMES AGAINST FAMILY, AGAINST HUMANITY. Reality really sinks in when you really realize that the next victims could have been you and your family.

  6. Demonstration coming up in Kolkata (Calcutta):

    I don’t rightly know under which article to post this info, Delight, and I seem to be cluttering up this website anyway, but the info here shouldn’t wait:

    The coming demonstrations in India, not only in Delhi but also in Kolkata, look promising. In Kolkata, Sagarika Chakraborti is mobilising, and there is political support for it.

    Hindustan Times is an influential newspaper. Their writer, as usual with the press almost everywhere, puts “kidnapping” in quotation marks and so on, but anyway, info in the press is important. Here:

    “Bengal’s ‘Norway mother’ joins global fight for child rights”

    Sagarika is the mother in the Bhattacharya case, who was portrayed by the CPS – and in the end by her husband and husband’s family, who then made some kind of “deal” with the CPS – with a “diagnosis” of having caused her children’s “attachment disturbances” (it is all nonsense, all-powerful nonsense). She managed to get her children back from her husband’s brother’s foster care at last, in India. She is a very warm, lovely mother. And she has something very valuable: Her parents and other family understand completely that she was not to blame for anything.

  7. Suranya Aiyar in Delhi was the one who sent me the link to Hindustan times. Here is what she wrote (on facebook, I am sure):

    “Delighted to announce that the media is taking an interest in the demonstration against child snatching in Norway proposed to be held outside the Norwegian embassy premises in Delhi and Kolkata on January 31st, 2015 11 am onwards. Please share so that all may join in this international showing of solidarity with families who are having their children unjustly snatched by prejudiced, corrupt and cruel child protection authorities!”

    “This is common practice in Norway but none of them has the backbone to admit it.”
    Following is a very courageous worker revealing the draconic policies and highly injurious acts of Norway’s Barnevernet. Video reveals incredible facts: [Click on this link to listen on youtube]

    “They rather blame families and pretend that they have a blind trust in Barnevernet. These Norwegians that have very light punishments for rapes against children have the audacity to pretend that there government work in the best interest of the children. Many times the children who are confiscated from the parents end up to be sexually abused in foster homes.” [go to youtube & see the incredible testimony]

  9. A FORMER WORKER OF CPS (aka Barnevernet in Norway) calls these odious agencies internal activities “atrocities after atrocities”. Hear him closely here at this link…and dispense it to more people:
    Those Romanian blogs should NOT HESITATE TO EXPOSE to PUBLIC SCRUTINY and pour fiery scorn upon such a diabolical agency as Barnevernet!

  10. Be sure that someone here is paid by the Norwegian child welfare system to write and demonize those who support the fight against child protection. Be sure.

    I myself, had to separate from my wife in order for her to get back our kids. I know what they do. They (barnevernet) destroy families. Our case was similar to Bodnariu. My wife is foreign and I spanked her daughter a couple of times lightly. And I had a couple of arguments with my wife and pushed her a bit. Did you know that pushing a person so they have to take a step back not to fall, is a crime of violence punishable with 30 days in jail? And if done in a family, they give more.. I got 90 days which 60 had to be served in jail. For pushing her in two arguments and light spanking of her daughter.

    And to those that think barnevernet is “saving” kids…. All statistics and studies show that around 80% of children in the care of barnevernet (foster home or family home) get a worse future than if they had stayed at home. Suicide is 8 times higher among foster kids compared to other kids. double chance of becoming a drug addict or criminal, on welfare or other life demolishing events like changing foster home. That’s the future of foster kids. This guides the wise to help families instead of taking the kids, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    The funny thing is that it clearly states in the law that taking the child should be the last resort and only in exceptional cases. But, there’s a catch. This is only valid if it’s to the best of the child.

    So, whats the deal here? Why do barnevernet still take kids for petty things?

    Because they can. Their authority backed with paid psykolog reports that rarely dare to confront them, is strong in the lower courts, and especially in the county board which is a bare administrative setting that consist of the lowest qualified lawyer they can come up with. The county board doesn’t dig into the evidence presented, but trust the county department of CPS which consist of official representatives with the lowest education you can get in Norway and often with no life experience at all. Did you know that no one fails the exam at the school for social workers in Norway? And there is no prerequisite grade needed from high school? Just finish High school, enter 3 years at social school, and you have a job in barnevernet at age 23, ready to decide the future of kids and families, and as you can see, often with devastating results.

    The minister, Solveig Horne, has no real power to interfere. Barnevernet is a true State-within-the-state. It’s closed, no one can see the decisions made until it gets to higher courts, which are published anonymously. County board decisions are not published.

    Families have to get to higher courts in order to get correct decisions. And it takes forever. 1 year or 2 years go bye before the kids may get get returned. And now, barnevernet claim that the children is so attached to their foster parents that it’s not in the best interest of the child to be returned. And, as the courts consider them the experts, they often rule in cps favor. Unless you have a damn good lawyer.

    We were lucky and had 2 exceptionally good lawyers and got the kids home after 7 months, in county court. That after having lost in first county court, but we fled the country so they couldn’t take the kids. We came back to get a second chance, and won. But, we had to separate.

    Lawyers names? Ole Andreas Thrana and Einar Grape.

    Now, I lead an activist organization that work to help children taken by barnevernet and the families they belong to. I have seen too much to let this go on. Someone need to take responsibility to let the world know. And I admire all people that do. Thank you and God Bless you, Delight In Truth, and all other protesters against barnevernet. We are all Bodnarius!

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