More Dishonesty from Barnevernet in Bodnariu Case

The case of the Bodnariu children has captivated the world and has caused an international black eye for Norway.

The renegade Barnevernet (Norwegian Child Protection Service) has destroyed the Bodnariu family by confiscating their 5 children without any evidence of abuse.  This is a repeated offense by Barnevernet especially against ethnic families, and the Bodnarius are a mixed Romanian Norwegian family.

The Romanian government is now involved in trying to secure the release of the children, and high level officials like senator Titus Corleatean have made multiple appearances on Romanian TV discussing details of the case.

One detail in particular caught my attention.

During their arrest and interview, the Bodnariu parents Marius and Ruth were repeatedly threatened and coerced to say and do unethical things, and admit things they never said or did.

In fact, two Barnevernet social workers tried to coerce Ruth to lie that Marius is a violent man.  Barnevernet promised that if she lies/testifies that Marius is a violent man, and if she divorces Marius, then they will return the 5 children to her alone.

Is this how Barnevern “helps” families in Norway?

This constitutes a violation of Norwegian law, international law, Geneva convention guidelines and basic human rights!!!

This is the monster the Bodnarius are fighting.

This is the evil that Barnevernet is practicing in a lucrative child confiscation and child adoption business that involves 2-3000 children per year.

Be shocked at reading this because it is true.

Norway you can repair this harm. Return the kids now and reform Barnavernet, because major protests are coming across the world against this injustice!

71 comments on “More Dishonesty from Barnevernet in Bodnariu Case

  1. «In fact, two Barnevernet social workers tried to coerce Ruth to lie that Marius is a violent man. Barnevernet promised that if she lies/testifies that Marius is a violent man, and if she divorces Marius, then they will return the 5 children to her alone.»

    What is your source on this?

    • As a norwegian (and reporter), you already know that no official personnel will admit that. The source is the mother/wife – Ruth Bodnariu.

    • The horses mouth … If an abused parent says that you should belive. In special, the Internet is full of such case, copy cases. But I guess the norvegian people is to confident in a nazzi organization. You should be ashamed that you ask such things!!!!

    • Thank you for asking. The source is senator/parliament member Titus Corlatean who is himself a lawyer and who is representing the family at the level of government.

      He presented the case to an EU council on human rights, and the information you ask about was presented by him on TV. I will try to find the you tube link of the Antena 3 program where he presented the case

        • bine, Flori… How about this: they were arrested and inteviewed without a lawyer! They were threatened NOT to go to embassy or cause any international complaints… This was a violation of their rights!

          If you were to research the cases of Barnevernet abuse, you would be shocked! I am a physician and I know proper procedure in these cases and trust me, it was violated!

        • please check a bit further, Bodnariu family isn’t the only one that has been abusively split.. many others are raising the same matter.
          the fact that you’re not informed doesn’t mean that something didn’t happen.

    • Where do you live? On what planet? It is your corrupt agency that is doing this. Not only to this family, but many other innocent people. Shame on you.
      The world knows the true colors of Norway.

    • It is standard procedure for barnevernet to try and coerce the wife into divorcing the husband. I know about another family where the parents divorced pro forma in order to get their children back.

  2. How moron have to be to take the right of a child to his own parent and all in the INTEREST OF THE CHILD ? This family is one who belive in Jesus and for them the violence is to the question but I know many people who actually are prepared to die only to defend their family. NO MATTER WHAT when a state use coercitive force against people who suppose be protected ( I mean family in this case) than that state has lost the purpose … Norway Sieg Heil !!!

    • Wrote from my IPad … So I made some errors because of that . I meant that the Bodnariu family will never use violence because is in not their beliefs.

  3. “In fact, two Barnevernet social workers tried to coerce Ruth to lie that Marius is a violent man. Barnevernet promised that if she lies/testifies that Marius is a violent man, and if she divorces Marius, then they will return the 5 children to her alone.”

    Lying will not bring forth truth or justice.

    • This is the same tactic that Barnevernet used in the Czech case where the parents ACTUALLY DID DIVORCE, but the child was not returned! That situation has degenerated to the point where the Czech president threatened to break off diplomatic relations with Norway.

      I hope you are not accusing the victims with your comment.

  4. Do you really think that the social workers asked this woman to lie. To me this seems unbelievable?! They might have solid evidence to suggest that he is violent and they wanted her to admit to it!!!!!
    I am a social worker myself and I do not believe that this was the case…. why did she not recorded these social workers…..
    I can offer ideas/support if the family wants as I am aware of international social work legislation. My email is

    • Flori , may I suggest to you a book by Erwin Lutzer ,When a nation forgets God . There are some very clear similarities btw this agency/system and what nazi Germany did to get to the ugly moments in wwi/wwii . Guess where it started ? It started with indoctrination of the kids !!!

    • I didn’t believe at first either, but then I googled a bit and saw that there are more cases like this, and not only immigrant families are targeted. It seems to be a similar situation in Sweden, too, but on a much smaller scale. It is enough that one social worker has a bad eye for you that they will even lie in court (documented case, you can google it) so that they keep the children in foster care. Because they get money out of it. easy as that.

      • The problems are a lot more complicated than we know. I had a Norwegian  neighbor that told me about Barnevernet ten years ago and I didn’t believe it. We don’t know anything about the evil giant we face. When I told him how I escaped communism to save my life he told me that is nothing compared to Barnevernet. He was prepared to face Barnevernet in case they will try to kidnap his kids from over here USA. A very nice man that couldn’t kill a flier was in hiding to keep his kids that he dearly love. Because of his privacy I can’t disclose anything else. If a independent, uncourrupt international entity will investigate Barnevernet maybe we’ll find out about. Is a giant with unlimited money that will do everything in their power to cover up their unlawful activities. 

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      • Emma, actually the situation in Sweden is even worse and more pervasive than in Norway. It is just accidntal that we hear more about Norway internationally at the moment. Could i recomment you to read something about a fairly recent Sweden / Malaysia case?

        Thread: “Malaysian family in Sweden – children taken”

        “A child protection case Malaysia / Sweden

        You are quite right: social workers frequently lie in court, and they are allowed to do so. (I have functioned as an expert witness in court in CPS cases half a dozen times, once in Sweden.)

        • What do you mean by “they are allowed to lie in the Court”?? I thought they talk under the oath, and that lying is punished with prison…

        • It is a crazy place to live at the moment, popas. It is upside down but not unusual. How many leaders have lied under oath and gotten away with it? I can think of a few here in America. The sad thing is that now everyone thinks they can lie and get away with it and in many cases they do. People have become very good liars.

    • Yes they did tell her to lie because. I was in the same situation and they told me to divorce my husband and I will get my children back.

      • Another of hundreds of stories, Maria. Yet, it is as important to God as any other case. He knows the number of hairs on our heads. He knows what is going on.

  5. What b******t is this? In Norway we have lived with “barnevernet” lots and lots of years, and they have helped a lot of children and their families. This is children of abuse, violent parents, parents using drugs – and lits of the children themselves asks for help. The Norwegian laws we follow, and we all likes the way they are. If you come ti Norway, you have to follow this rules. If not, stay home!

    • Shame on you Gunn Fiske.

      Ruth Bodnariu is a Norwegian by birth and heritage. Her children were taken away by Barnevern without warning, investigation or attempt to “help.”

      There is no violence, abuse, or drugs in this case.

      Shame on Norway. This is now an international story!

      Protests are coming across the world because of this abuse!

      • For Mr Fiske. I do not need to be a foreigner in Norway, which I am not ( you can keep your money) to be shocked by Barnevernet practices. Just try and imagine what those kids feel, being forcibly taken out of all their references; the parents we discuss the case ARE NOT VIOLENT; if they did something wrong, no need to punish them AND their children like this. In other times stern people like you burned poor ladies accused of whitchcraft. They also followed a trend, if not “norwegian laws”.

    • who is this GUNN FISKE that such comments should be made in the wake of international outrage….?! what hypocrisy to try to defend your unelected BARNEVERNET ….just a little bit of research will reveal that BARNEVERNET has become increasingly hostile towards more and more international families and they have increased their attacks on these families considerably in this last decade…..I have asked our Canadian government to put a NO TRAVEL ban to Norway in view of the fact that these BARNEVERNET laws could seize my own children if I was so unfortunate to even be visiting your soil as a tourist….I have no desire to visit Norway while these draconian laws exist and with comments such as yours you do very little and even destroy any shred of goodwill left to visit your country.

      Thank you very much….I will stay at home….the NATIVES are definitely not friendly.

    • I’m in USA thank you very much and I won’t spend my spit on Norway. Norway is worse than Nazi or any communist county. At least the world will know about and take note. Keep your children out of Norway and let all the Norwegians gay and lesbians have their own ones. I will boycott any norwagian products and. Poor guys they don’t know better. Government is providing for them, control them and brainwash them. Keep the Norwegians home. Don’t spread that that concept of life anywhere else.

    • hello gunn,chid kidnapping is an industrie in Norway,each ,,foster care family is paid
      by barnevernet arround 40000 euros per child ,per anum,+holydays paid each year,+money to buy a secon car or improove their home +pension entitlements,that is the reason 12000 children are taken away from families….

  6. Good on you, Delight in Truth, you are a fresh, icy breath! My country Norway needs far more black eyes in the field of our child protection services (CPS, Barnevernet). I hope you will visit the English pages of the Forum Redd Våre Barn (Rescue Our Children): and perhaps my own website . You will find we use plenty of ammunition and fist, so of course our authorities are out to take away every freedom of speech we have left. – Most CPS victims themselves the authorities unfortunately succeed in blackmailing into shutting up by pretending that the families will then be more likely to get their children back. Oh yes, many judgments say so, but that is just because that explanation sounds so plausible. In actual fact, the CPS and the courts will always come up with some reason or other to keep the children in CPS hands regardless.

    • What interests me is how Barnevernet manages to exist free of government oversight…that to me means they are an illigitimate entity, which means there is an abuse of ‘power’ they were never given.
      Th CPS system in the US is corrupt as well. There is alot of money involved when a child is placed for adoption…case workers make up allegations, children removed without warrants…however, I did see 2014 statistics that show children are reunited with families…atleast 50% are reunified with family/caretakers as per the stats from the Dept of Health – administration of child and family – report is known as AFCARS Report.

      • They can carry on like that because it’s the government that is running it. The general public are so respectful and admiring of our authorities that they remain blind.

        Yes, I know there is the same trouble in the US. 10-15 years ago I corresponded with a number of people there who told of it on very good websites etc.
        An example is a case in New Jersey from 2012/13, was only solved because people back in India took resolute action and helped the family. See
        Suranya Aiyar: “Family must come first”

      • I work with a Scandinavian man from Finland who came in USA with his family wife and two kinds and he told that the Government in Norway is responsible for Barnevernet wrongs the agency is called private and independent but they finance and control the agency. Is all government controlled, don’t get fouled.

  7. I live in US and my Norwegian neighbor told me abut Barnevernet. I told him my story. how I escaped the terror of the communism after my brother was killed and I was the next one in line under 24/7 supervision and he told me that is nothing comparing with Barnevernet who operate against the innocent children in Norway. I didn’t believe him then. He said that Barnevernet may try to abduct his children from USA but he was ready to face them. I could see the terror in his face. As American Citizen I treasure being able to protect myself and my family against corrupt Nazi organizations like Barnevernet.

    “This is common practice in Norway but none of them has the backbone to admit it.”
    Here is a very courageous man revealing the draconic policies and highly harming acts of Norway’s agency Barnevernet: Former CPS Investigator Exposes CPS’s Tactics, Kidnapping, and Corruption


    Former CPS Investigator Exposes CPS’s Tactics, Kidnappin…
    View on
    Preview by Yahoo

    “They rather blame families and pretend that they have a blind trust in Barnevernet. These Norwegians that have very light punishments for rapes against children have the audacity to pretend that their government work in the best interest of the children. Many times the children that are confiscated from parents ended up to be sexually abused in foster homes.”

    “This is common practice in Norway but none of them has the backbone to admit it.”
    Here is a very courageous man revealing the draconic policies and highly harming acts of Norway’s agency Barnevernet: Former CPS Investigator Exposes CPS’s Tactics, Kidnapping, and Corruption

    Former CPS Investigator Exposes CPS’s Tactics, Kidnappin…
    View on youtube:

    “They rather blame families and pretend that they have a blind trust in Barnevernet. These Norwegians that have very light punishments for rapes against children have the audacity to pretend that their government work in the best interest of the children. Many times the children that are confiscated from parents ended up to be sexually abused in foster homes.”


    Share video with Others. Expose Norway to Severe Public Scrutiny. Norway has Sentenced itself to Public Wrath. Pour Intense Scorn on Norway and make Norway look like a Pariah State…Display these Videos to the Meetings and Protests. This will Pour Public Scorn upon Norway..


    Above, a devastated young mother fights back the forceful confiscation of her beautiful child! Preview YouTube video Familia Bodnariu – Asa fura statul Norvegia copii din familie||Tragic si dureros
    Familia Bodnariu – Asa fura statul Norvegia copii din familie||Tragic si dureros

    • I cannot watch the videos where the children are being taken away from the ones who naturally love them- the parents….
      I feel like using force on those people, but the good Lord tells my conscience to behave and let Him sort the things out.
      There are (I dare to say) hundreds of thousands of people who already are truly compassionate and feel for the Bodnariu family and the others.
      You see, you cannot convince a whole CPS that their minds are twisted . ….. But the One who created them CAN.
      I will end for now with three statements:

      “Though you grind a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain, Yet his foolishness will not depart from him.”
      ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭27:22‬ ‭

      “When you’re dead, you know nothing and everybody around you is suffering .
      Same when you’re stupid” (Facebook)

      “Sometimes the things are exactly as they seem” -Morgan Freeman

    • The daugher of my ex-boyfriend was taken by barnevernet. She lives with a couple lesbians. One of them has two children from the clinic “Stork” in Denmark which spesialices in delivery of semen. She is the girl’s aunt. In her youth she was suicidal but now she is happily married to another woman. The other lesbian has also two children with her former husband, a male. She was apparently heterosexual before she discovered her lesbian identity. The girl has a Norwegian mother and a Romanian father. Barnevernet must be fond of taking kids with Romanian-Norwegian background. And equally fond of placing the children with same-sex couples. Together these two woman raises five children, one fosterchild, two Stork-children and two children with divorced parents. Also, my ex is not allowed to see his daughter because he is “too manipulative” according to the lesbians and barnevernet. Welcome to Norway!

      • Thank you for confirming my suspicion. Yes, this is why we shouldn’t give up our children with any price. The perverts have their own children if they are able, not mess up with our. Wake up world, take the Nazi evil Barnevernet out of our civilization. They use same tactics as the communists did pressuring the population to submit to silance. The only weapon against is braking the silence and expose them. I have a lot of experience in this field since I came from an ex communists country and knowing the way they been operating killing and making people submit under fear. My brother was killed in this way and I was next on their list. Doesn’t matter who is Nazi, Communists or Muslims the dark side use same tactics. Looks how they bunch together defending each other lying and deceiving the good faith people under cover of some good intending Organizations. My life story help me understand the evils.

  12. To Popas: I mean exactly that. They often lie, it can not infrequently be proven, but is either ignored by the judges or at most given a mild correction in court, or the judges prevent the family’s witnesses and lawyers from presenting the proof of the lying.

  13. In my case the fostermother, Marianne Olavesen-Stabb, told the Oslo District Court under oath that she was educated as a physiotherapist but that she had never practiced. However, when the Norwegian magazine A-magasinet researched her background in another occasion they found that she had not even finished the equivalent of high-school. (She has had her photo removed from the article.)

    She had but two years of mercantile training after obligatory nine year school. This “white lie” has never had any consequences for her what so ever. The judges thinks she is a highly reliable person and they have complete trust in her hear-say accounts of what my daughter allegedly has said. My daughter was not allowed to be heard in the latest trial because it would put too much strain on her. A letter she has written to me conveniently “disappeared”.

    There is no accountability because the only one taking notes from the trial is the judge. There are no audiotapes or minutes. So if someone lie in court it is very difficult to prove. The witnesses of barnevernet also use grosse exaggerations, e.g. the psychologist Anne B. Poulsson said in court that my daughter had failure-to-thrive syndrome when she was a baby. She never saw my daughter when she was a baby and the nurse Siri Utnes who saw my daughter frequently when she was a baby, had never noticed such a thing. Probably the psychologist used failure-to-thrive knowing that many Romanian babies in orphanages where given this diagnosis right after the fall of communism.

    • I think you are right, Peters: “God will deliver”, and as we can see, he already does. More and more journalists are finally on the task. The newspaper Dagbladet is a corner stone, and after Easter it comes more from their journalist Asle Hansen. The dialogue at this blog, especially the marvelous contributions from professor Marianne H Skaanland here, and at her homepage, makes my head spin these days. Right now I think about the well esablished structures (professions, positions, politics, history…) on which the CWS is founded, and how these structures influence the practical work on the field. Marianne talks about this in another thread in this blog “Appeal to Oslo… ” 14.of March, 11.40 P.M, where she wonderfully explains the emergence of the CWS. Among other things I understand she says that we must be aware of these structures and deep roots to be able to dig them up, and not act on the surface, thinking we can get rid of CPS just because they do great harm. At one side, I lose some hope – these are heavy structures, we talk about a lot of money, power, prestige and hundred of years with history and politics mostly going in the wrong direction. At the other side, the lawyers, judges, psychologist and social workers may easily be transfered to other tasks. It is not that they are not needed; someone must run the war courts, were victims are let free and compensated, if that is going to happen. Social workers are needed all the way, from youth activities to elderly care. Well, I might be quite of an optimist, but here is also where Jesus Christ enteres the stage. If someone can, I think he is the one to create the miracles that may be needed to end the madness. Maybe it is a question of belief also when it comes to politics and values: I choose to believe in good, even if I see much bad. Examples of “bad” in this context are the small reforms, that also Marianne mentions, just enough to keep the protests down. Not to forget new regulations, like the ones from 1. of April 2016, that looks like they will make it better, but in stead makes it all so much worse (if I understand it correctly; forced “help”, more power to the CWS to enter the homes). “Good” is good people. Both in power and among normal people (when they sooner or later wake up). As Marianne say, change comes when enough people demands it. Well, the people are here, in fact right here at this wonderful blog, and around in the streets throughout the nations, the rumenions in the lead (what an honour). Another place the lady says, as long as people gets angry, there is hope. Anger, no problem, it is growing as the numbers of … no, not haters, bur lovers, Knut. Knus barnevernet – break the barnevern, is becomming a saying. The CWS in person, Knut Nygaard, says this sawing cirkle will become silent. I dont think so. People don’t just quit when they get into this business. They continue even if the price to pay for doing that is quite high. Not only work hours, but losses, fear, sorrow, less friends, less sosial status, less chances for promotions, less time with the boyfriend… Why? Because of childrens eyes. Because of THEIR fear, sorrow and losses. Because people have a need to do right, and find som meaning. The authories have to do with strong driving forces like these. Forces that are supported by the Lord. The forces of the other side; money, power, positions, a need of winning is supported by someone else. And we all know who won in the desert. Jesus was waiting for a possibility to work, and he was let in by the Bodnariu support group. He did not need a second invitation. The workers are many. the harvest has begun.

      • I am full of joy after reading your comments Hehe Dahl and Peter. The truth will prevail and everything that is not built on solid rock will tumble down like never before. The more they hold on the worst the fall. Jesus is coming and the evildoers will finish not so well. What we see happening in Norway is crime against the innocents and the nucleus of society and more it is against God’s crown of creation. He won’t be silent. We pray for the wisdom of Norway’s authorities and the revival of its people. Thank God for all the people that make the difference between darkness and light without walking on the gray fog of this time. God bless you all.

  14. I appreciate your comments, Hege. Peters is right. It is the “sooner or later” that concerns me.

    You wrote:

    “Well, I might be quite of an optimist, but here is also where Jesus Christ enters the stage. If someone can, I think he is the one to create the miracles that may be needed to end the madness.”

    I am also an optimist when it comes to the end of the story which is just the beginning of forever.

    I also believe that miracles happen today. The miracles I know of that are extraordinary are few and have come through answer to prayer. Everyday miracles are around us and we don’t even think about many of them.

    However, Jesus is in heaven and He will come back someday. It is the Holy Spirit of God that resides in Christians. If there is to be change, those who call themselves Christians will have to hearken to the Spirit within themselves and DO SOMETHING.

    I have never heard God’s voice, but I know what He wants because I have read my Bible. He wants us to stand up for those who can’t stand for themselves. He wants us to speak out against such injustices.

    It is my understanding that the majority of Norwegians consider themselves to be Christian. There should be many more voices there crying out for these families that have been abused by Norway’s government.

    I don’t think Norway is alone. There should be many more voices crying out about the injustices in my country. WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS? Do they not understand the basic teachings of the Bible?

    I can answer these questions but I don’t think it would do any good.

    We are His hands and we are His feet. If we Christians don’t try and do something about this the responsibility will fall to others.

    The truth is: Jesus told the story of the good Samaritan for a reason.

    God’s blessings…

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