Norway’s Barnevernet Using Dishonest Tactics

Delight in Truth would like to make the English-speaking public aware of an important detail which came out in the Bodnariu case where Norway’s Barnevernet (Child Protection Service) abusively confiscated 5 children from the Bodnariu family.

Any child psychologist can testify that a child will admit almost anything if leading questions are asked. Children have a raw imagination which is very sensitive to outside influence, especially influence coming from a position of authority. This is also true of adults. I remember the classic psychology experiments where subjects with normal intelligence were convinced to actually hurt other people because they were receiving orders from a person in a white coat in a position of authority.

Which brings us to the interview that Norway’s agency did with the Bodnariu children. It is very clear that leading questions were asked, and the children were coerced to incriminate the parents about alledged physical abuse. Bt the way, the initial acusation was Christian indoctrination, not abuse.  Court documents (info here) show that at some point during the interview, one of the older children answered

“am obosit, nu ştiu ce să mai inventez!”

“I’m tired, I don’t know what else to make up!”

This is grounds for throwing out the entire interview! Anyone with an ounce of child psychology education knows that children must be interviewed without leading questions, without pressure, and without a pre-existing agenda! The child’s own testimony shows how shrewd Barnevernet tactics are as the child’s testimony contains things that are “made up” under illegal questioning.

This is now an international fight.

Details will be exposed.

Barnevernet action will be scrutinized to their shame until the Bodnariu children are returned home.

Please share these articles with friends. The world needs to know about Norway’s abusive CPS.


14 comments on “Norway’s Barnevernet Using Dishonest Tactics

  1. Are we talking about Norway or are we talking about Romenia ? The ‘sound’ of the text is like ‘the pot calling the cattle black’. Fortunately in Norway they are sensitive for sectarian excesses especcially when it comes to kids. I am not defending Norway in this particular case but all the crocodile tears i see in many media sounds a bit strange to me. Importing Romenian tasting Pentacostal activities in Norway is something the Norwegian people are outwardly sensitieve for. This they knew when they wend to Norway.

    • Five children were removed from a family and all you can come up with is this? Wow.

      Btw barnever is shaking according to the guidelines published by the Norway govt yesterday. Barnevernet will have to return many of the ethnic kids. Norway govt is admitting they have a problem!

    • One of the parents (the mother) is Norwegian so I believe at least one of the parents knew what sort of people Norwegians are. And I don’t think you should be so quick to judge someone just for being Pentecostal, Muslim or Catholic, or any other religion. I have met really liberal Christian families who don’t force their children to pray all through the night or do stupid religious rituals. Just like there are atheist families that end up in divorce with drug addict children. SO! Let’s keep a clear image of thing and not point fingers! I thought Norway was all about freedom of speech and stuff like that. But unfortunately in many countries, not only Norway, that pretends to promote such liberties, freedom is only for those that are in style at the moment: gays, lesbians……………everyone that is cool! But the moment a priest or pastor or any other person speaks his/her mind, refuses to marry 2 women or God knows what they are called racist or haters! OH! And I am not a christian if you feel like throwing stones at me. I don’t go to church or pray or do any of that……………..I am just sick and tired of people speaking about freedom of speech and liberties for one group when others that don’t fit into the modern trend are being reduced to silence and mistreated!

  2. I wonder if the indian families,chech families ,lithuanian families,slovakian families,russian families even the muslim families are pentacostal Mr. Willem de Dirt..bias like your beloved billionaires MAFIA BERNEVERNET…

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  7. Causing little ones to Sin
    MARK chap. 9 verse 42 states:
    42 “And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck.”

    Thank you for bringing to light this social and family issue transpiring in Norway. Political correctness, not to call it conformity, seems to be more important in our current social environment than protecting and nurturing the integrity of the family. God Bless!

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