The Look on Her Face Says it All

This picture was taken from the public Facebook timeline of Romanian Parliament deputy Maria Grecea who is currently in Norway with a government delegation attempting to secure the release of the five Bodnariu children. It shows the pain and sadness on the face of Marius and Ruth who had their children confiscated by the Norwegian CPS (Barnevernet).

There are discussions circulating in support circles for families destroyed by Barnevernet that many parents and children become ill from a physical and a psychiatric standpoint after confiscation. It makes sense that such a shock can cause depression and anxiety, but what is the explanation for PHYSICAL illness?

Having a medical degree and advanced training in anesthesiology, Delight in Truth can provide some insight on this subject. There has been much research done on how the human body responds to stressful stimuli, whether they be physical or psychological (fear, worry etc).  One of the main responses to stress is the acute and chronic release of the hormone cortisol from the adrenal glands. High levels of this hormone over a prolonged period of time has devastating effects on the human body as seen in patients with Cushing’s syndrome.

High cortisol causes immunosuppression (suppression of the immune system), and these patients have a much higher risk of various infections. And we have to keep in mind that the immune system is also very important in preventing cancer.

Putting all this information together we can see how people under intense chronic stress like the Bodnariu family are at risk of becoming ill.

Just look at the face of Ruth Bodnariu in this picture. Is this the face of a happy person? No!

Day and night this family has no rest, no comfort, and no peace. All this because the Norwegian Barnevernet has destroyed them.

The majority of Norwegians including the majority of Romanian Norwegians are giving tacit approval to Barnevernet. Delight in Truth is a member of an 8000-member Facebook group made up of Romanians who live in Norway, and it is shocking to see how little support the Bodnarius have in that group. These Romanians have been brainwashed by “progress” and extreme enforcement of extreme laws violating basic human rights. Like the right of a 4-month-old to feed at his mother’s breast.

The government of Romania is sending a strong message to release the children.

The international community is sending a strong message by protesting in front of Norwegian embassies against CPS human rights violations.

We are protesting online, in the media and in social media.

Norway must give the children back and reform their Barnevernet!

31 comments on “The Look on Her Face Says it All

  1. I am sorry, but I don’t think this type of information will help the family. In Barnevernet twisted mind will find this information another reason not to give them back the children saying that she is too ill to take care of them. It is obvious that she is stressed, but I don’t think that through this article you should make it even more obvious.

        • I know many support the Bodnariu family. But only 40 showed up to the recent protest in Oslo (there are many reasons for that, some addressed in other articles here). Among 8000 in that FB group, there is little support, unfortunately.

    • You are wrong, Alina. The CPS will “diagnose” both parents and children anyway. They are not interested in the truth, they are interested in having their way, keeping the children for good, and sbeing vindicated in people’s eyes: “Oh well, it turned out those parents were crackpots …”

      The CPA always demand a psychological-psychiatric “evaluation” of the parents, if the CPS think that will be a boon to their case. Guess what kind of people nearly always do such evaluations. If by any chance the evaluation should go against the CPS, they will say that they do not agree and they may appoint another psychologist to do a new evaluation. Formally, it may be the County Committee or the court that appoints an evaluator, but they rarely go against what the CPS want.

      That is one of the ways of the CPS of reducing the parents to greater helplessness. And any “symptoms” they can saddle the children with, or just SAY the children show, will be said to be reactions from having been ill-treated by the parents previously.

      So the only possibility is in fact to be fully open, so that other people can understand what is going on. The Bodnarius would do even better to speak, not along with their lawyer pretend that everything has to be hush hush in order to please the Committee or the courts that are going to pass sentence. The County Committee people and the judges have to be taken to task too, along with the lawyers which the municipality uses, about what they do every day.

  2. This is so incredibly devastating, sooo tragic… 😢😢.

    No matter how hopeless this situation may appear, our SOVEREIGN God is in control!
    We’ll continue to pray without ceasing.

  3. This is such a travesty. May God help the Bodnariu family be reunited and may He help bring down this diabolical organization that has destroyed and devastated numerous families. It’s heart-breaking.

    By the way, Norway must be hurting for more children to take under their “caring & nurturing” wing (major sarcasm here). Check out this advertisement from the below web-site offering children the opportunity to live in Norway for three weeks. I wonder how many children have been confiscated from this cultural experience.

    • The picture is probably of kids being told they have just been released from Barnevernet. One has to wonder if there are also psychologists on staff to ask penetrating questions like ‘do your mom and dad buy you every toy you want?’

  4. As a mother myself, I have been thinking a lot about Ruth. I cry when I think about the pain she is going through and the pain they all are going through. It is only natural that it is an extremely stressful situation for them all.

    I wonder if BV understands what stress the children are going through?Barnevernet are actually child abusers! Don`t they understand? Or don`t they care?I cannot understand their way of thinking. It is absolutely ridiculous what they are doing. How I wish I could shake the Barnevernet folks to make them come to their senses!! I pray all the time that God will change their hearts and do it soon. It is so wrong and evil what BV are doing! Yes, we have to continue to pray without ceasing!

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  6. We’re praying for a fast release of the children of Bodnariu family and for changing in Norwegian authorities heart if they still have any. Why the Scandinavians are so heartless and they have no smile on their faces? We had a group of Scandinavians visiting our company and on their faces was a deep rigid sadness and they talk and relate to one another in a very strange way. Like the old communists with their mad attitude trying to impress the audience. Anybody could explain me? Happiness come from God and I think this is the reason they are like that. No God.

  7. I’m talking about Scandinavians in general not the family that is in the picture. Heart broken family for losing their treasures: the children. Pain and sadness. May God consider their case and give back fully restored happiness and healing.

    I am sure I am making myself greatly disliked when I seem so cynical. But never mind my person if more people will just make use of the available information about this scourge that has developed in the Western world and which eager do-gooders want to spread to ever new countries (certainly to Eastern Europe too).

    So here is something of the Norwegian version of the meeting of the County Governor and the municipality of Naustdal with the Romanian delegation, the Norwegian press, and the way the case is developing:

    The delegation of parliament members from Romania

    The office of the County Governor of Sogn and Fjordane has presented an account

    An oppositional article in the Christian newspaper Dagen

    but the other larger Christian Newspaper, Vårt Land, continues as before

    There are lessons to be had from all of this.

    The sooner all Romanians and all sympathisers with the Bodnarius understand the following, the better: From Norwegian authorities it is all talk and delaying tactics in order to make opponent voices die down because nothing is happening and all is peace and quiet. They are both brain-washed and also incompetent to do anything to stop the system as it is, therefore they continue to back up and defend it.

    The CPS have been atrocious in all the 120 years it has existed. For a long time it only hit deviant, stigmatised groups. Then in the 1960s a greatly increased production of social workers and psychologists started. They had to have something to do. Of course the majority they attack are native, ethnic families. But foreigners are often especially vulnerable. Would you please read:
    Aage Simonsen: Norwegian child protection hits immigrants hard
    Siv Westerberg: Foster-children as lucrative business

    • While everyone would love to see a quick resolution to this situation, I think that most people involved realize this is going to be a longer fight. It must become clear to the authorities that the alternative is worse than simply falling back on their standard defense of their system. This will unfortunately take time.

      There are things that I think all of the Bodnariu’s supporters, myself included, must understand. An animal (much like the Norwegian CPS) becomes aggressive when attacked/challenged and will most certainly become more violent if wounded. I am not aware of any group in history that gave up life destroying power over another group of people unless it was forcefully taken from them.

      I don’t say this to discourage anyone, but to steel everyone for the fight.

      I do have a totally different line of question, though, that perhaps Marianne has insight into. Are there civil laws/rights in Norway that are legally actionable. What I mean is that in the U.S. if a business or even government agency violates laws in an effort to destroy my life, they can be sued in civil court. I can’t help but wonder if there is an option to name every Barnevernet worker who has lied, hidden evidence, etc personally. Pulling them out of the protection of a nebulous agency, and making them personally liable might cause them to think twice in the future. I assume this isn’t possible, but perhaps everyone assumes this and it hasn’t been considered.

  9. Good question, Matt, but it has certainly been not only considered but tried. I am glad you asked, because too many people just pick up a few scattered facts and then they begin to think out ideas, and it never occurs to them that the same ideas have been around before. Really, an old hand like me has not heard even a tiny bit of a new idea re CPS fighting for more than 10 years and the creative ideas I heard then came from one or two very unusual individuals!

    There are really two possibilities: Sue, and publish. Let me say something about suing for compensation first.

    Let’s take the top legal possibility: Complaint to The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg first. Note: It belongs to the Council of Europe, of which Norway is a member, started in the 1950s, and is nothing to do with the European Union (EU), which Norway does not belong to. People are sometimes confused because the European Parliament (the parliament of the EU) is also situated in Strasbourg – at least the parliament members are there part of the time.

    If you complain – “apply” to the ECtHR, the procedure there is apt to take many years, if you get your complaint admitted to process at all. Most cases are thrown out, but even a preliminary consideration of admissability takes months or even years. About 10 years ago the Court had a back-log of about 100,000 complaints, of which a large proportion came after the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union (Russia too has entered the Countil of Europe). Since then it is probably worse. A basic trouble is that when a state is found guilty of a violation, it does NOT mend its ways as it should; therefore, the same kinds of violation come up in ever new cases.

    But before you can even complain to Strasbourg, you have to have gone through all possible legal steps in the Norwegian court system, you must “have exhausted your legal possibilities” at home. Most people automatically think of full court procedure at every step. That takes years here. There is another way of doing it, considerably quicker, by written documents alone, but hardly any lawyers are inventive enough to think of using it – or perhaps they just want to run full cases the way they are used to.

    Let’ say you manage to get your complaint through the Norwegian court system, losing, and then you actually get it admissible at the ECtHR, and you even win! Then your lawyer will be paid by the Court at a moderate rate, you yourself will either receive a very small compensation or perhaps no compensation at all, except the moral one that the Court says that the finding of a violation of your human rights is in itself a just compensation.
    Please see: “Human Rights in Norway – as Low as they can Go”
    “The Child Protextion Service (CPS) – unfortunately the cause of grievous harm – Part 2
    In this latter article you should read about case a).

    (This account to be continued, if Delight in Truth thinks it is all right. Otherwise, you could mail me, and I would try to answer you.)

  10. I’ll look forward to the remainder of your response. I understand how suing the Norwegian government is somewhat of a lost cause. As your article notes with the Kurds there is of course value in just getting the abuses on record, but as the rule of law doesn’t seem important in Norway, this doesn’t seem like an immediately effective approach.

    What I was suggesting however is a little bit different. I’m suggesting that the individual employees/agents of Barnevernet be sued not Barnevernet itself. What I mean is that you have people who are often demonstrably lying, concealing pertinent facts, and frequently committing perjury in defaming these parents, it seems that the individuals could potentially be sued in civil court (if such a thing exists in Norway) for defamation, slander, liable, etc. This might not be helpful in getting back children, but if it’s possible to force the individuals employees to defend their own ‘good’ names in court, and spend their own money hiring their own lawyers? Even if the cases weren’t necessarily won, if even a few Barnevernet types could be bankrupted defending themselves in private civil suits, it might make the rest of them think twice about perjury.

    Again, I’m not a lawyer, and I’m certainly not in Norway, so my assumption is that the legal system would not allow this. Based on all of your writing, it doesn’t seem like there is much recourse against the government in Norway. Going on offense against the individuals might be more effective and feasible. Imagine, for example, 500 people picketing in front of the house of the agent who kidnapped a family’s children. That’s much more chilling than in front of an embassy.

  11. I understand you perfectly, Matt. I have made parts 2 about court matters within Norway and part 3 will be about publishing and picketing.

    Sue or publish – part 2: Suing in Norway

    Yes, of course we have laws about libel and slander and perjury, and we have criminal law for ill-treatment of others. The way it is all applied in CPS cases, though, is different from other types.

    Many, many CPS victims report details and more of CPS actions to the police, asking for a criminal charge against the CPS people who have been carrying it out. This is practically never acted on. Nor is it often that charges against foster “parents” or institution personnel is taken to task, even when it can be proved. If charged and found guilty, the person(s) usually get a very mild sentence, in contrasdistinction to parents. Cf the last section, “The situation today” in this article:
    I can also remember a 20 year old case of two institution workers who had punished a misbehaving boy by forcing him to stand with bare feet in ice water for very long. They were fined, about NOK 5,000, but they were not barred from working with children in the future.

    If you try a civil suit, to sue or get CPS people prosecuted for their conduct in their work, you have their employer to deal with: the municipality, and their union. With all the financial help they need from the state. Bringing a case against individual CPS workers or their experts is all but impossible, I think; they are well protected. Even if you could/can, you will certainly lose, for the same reason as the reason why they win in ordinary CPS cases. You will normally lose, even if you can prove that they have lied. Practically no Norwegian court will accept / understand / believe that the CPS has done anything but try to help. The reason for the judgment will be blah blah wom yum. And then you will have to pay your own lawyer’s bill and the other party’s legal bills + +, all in all let’s say, just as a wild guess, upwards of 200,000 – 500,000 Crowns; at present it equals something like 20 – 50 thousand dollars.

    When the CPS goes after you in a CPS case, the state pays your lawyer’s fee, but at a rather low rate and just for a few hours’ work, so no lawyer can really within that framework do all the work it takes to reveal the real facts and all the falsehood of the so-called science which the CPS builds on. The few lawyers who really do a wholehearted job, do it idealistically. It will be difficult to have the court accept independent expert witnesses whom you want to call, even if you can find people who have not been infected with CPS ideology. The municipality’s lawyer, however, can call on practically all the resources he wants.

    But if it is not a “CPS case” about taking your children etc but a case which you bring for compensation from the CPS (the municipality) or their workers, nobody pays your expenses. Almost all CPS victims are by that time ruined financially. CPS victims are vulnerable anyway (the CPS attacks primarily people who are easy targets), and after the CPS has manhandled them, they are also destitute – health issues, all the meetings, not being able to sleep, having to travel here and there – – many have to be away from their work for a long time or are even unable to start again. So they are hard put to pay for court cases themselves too, and a compensation case if completely hazardous.

    Even if you should by some miracle win a compensation case, the compensation will be negligible compared to your over-all losses.

    Twenty – thirty years ago you might perhaps have had a fair chance of winning. Over the last 20 years the system has become much more pervasive. The courts now process a large number of CPS cases, the CPS wins as a matter of routine, exceptions being rare. So of course these same courts are not going to be very open to compensation claims for abuse – the same judges have been taught “child protection law” at university and have passed judgments splitting families many times. Most judges are appointed from previous positions of municipality lawyers, state lawyers, lawyers in the state administration etc., not lawyers in private practice. New legislation has strengthened the power and protection (!) of the CPS, too, against families and correspondingly against claims from families.

    Not to mention something very important: that long before a family is in any position to be able to try to hit back, but is still in a situation in which the children are liable to be taken or put under some other kind of tyranny (such has having to go to therapy, having to go to a “relief home” at the week-end and be questioned cunningly there about their parents), the parents are usually blackmailed into accepting the imposition of such “voluntary measures” and have to say that the CPS psychologists and social workers are so useful and are helping them to be better parents. If they didn’t, there would be “sanctions”. So how is having gone along with the CPS going to look to a court when they later sue for compensation for destruction and lies?

    There is such a thing as class action in Norway, but there are some restrictions on it, as far as I know each participant would have to have “judicial interest” in the case and would have to prove that, resulting in a very large court case and correspondingly enormous costs, with very little chance of winning. – But legal costs are a problem all over the world.

  12. Sue or publish – part 3: Publishing and picketing

    Matt: ” I can’t help but wonder if there is an option to name every Barnevernet worker who has lied, hidden evidence, etc personally. Pulling them out of the protection of a nebulous agency, and making them personally liable might cause them to think twice in the future.” … ” for example, 500 people picketing in front of the house of the agent who kidnapped a family’s children”

    If you gather 500 people, or even stand there alone, outside such a person’s house, they/you will be arrested for stalking and harassment and be given quite a stiff fine or a prison sentence. People have tried; the police and the court system give priority to prosecuting in such cases. So I really don’t think I can encourage anyone to do so, and it draws negative reactions from the population in general. Not that it is necessary to warn: you could not get 500 people to do that in Norway. Draw your conclusions!

    But courageous individuals have from time to time over the years distributed brochures; put up posters; little advertisements on the boards for private announcements at shopping centres, encouraging CPS victims to make contact with groups of similarly placed people; tried to arrange demonstrations. Some have been fined for some aspect of this.

    Would you please look at this website:
    In the right hand column, about half way down, it says “Nye dokumenter” (New documents). The first 4 say “…… vi ikke kan anbefale” (…. we cannot recommend). If you click “Se alle documenter” (See all documents) just below, you se a further 3 of that type. There are more than the ones published here.

    These are the famous “the lists” ! They are precisely lists of people in various professions who have acted intolerably against families in CPS-related cases or situations, and the lists simply say that “we” – meaning a group calling themselves “The group for the independent rights of the family” – cannot recommend them. No “trial by web discussion” of what they have done with a facebook group as “judges”.

    The lists go back some 12 years. These – and others like them – have been published on various websites, and have been added to. They have not been updated for many years now, though – you could add umpty new names but someone would have to take on the editing. The first time the lists appeared, a neighbouring municipality to Oslo, Bærum, reported them to the police demanding a criminal charge against the people running the websites and the “editor” of one version of them. The three had some good advice and wrote to the Ministry of Municipalities, calling on the Ministry to stop Bærum from offending against The European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) Article 10, which is about freedom of expression. The Ministry apparently sent the letter on to the law division of the Justice Ministry (the law division is sort of the apex of power). They probably tried for 2-3 months to find some sort of way the lists were punishable, but couldn’t, so the case went back to the first ministry and to the police in Bærum, saying an action could not be brought, because the lists were PROBABLY protected by Article 10. Bærum’s lawyer appealed, one of the website owners appealed too, with the reason that he wanted the case dismissed not on the grounds of insufficient evidence but on the grounds of no punishable offence. The police dismissed both appeals on the grounds of no available time to investigate.

    It was a glorious victory! Fancy that: It is NOT illegal to announce that you cannot recommend such and such people.

    Ever since, the social workers’ union and lots of others have tried to push for legislation making it illegal to “mention names” or concrete facts of concrete cases, and they also try to make the union or the municipalities take on the burden of a libel/slander case. There was one example of the publishing of the name and address of a “temporary foster home owner” who made millions. We had expected that publication to be found illegal by the Data Protection Authority (, especially because such foster homes are often used for secret placement of foster children (cf the Bodnariu children), but actually “we” won. ECHR Article 10 is very hard for the authorities to totally set aside.

    So these attempts go on, by families trying to get their cases known and reacted to publicly, and by the authorities and nearly everybody else to brand, criminalise, suppress and ridicule them.

    I am convinced that sustained, open publicity and documentation is the only way we can combat this evil. I wish there were some quicker fix, but there probably isn’t. And open documentation IS a very fine tool. As the ways of dictatorships have shown repeatedly. But action across borders is needed, like the Romanians are doing now. The Czechs are doing a lot of useful work in the EU. All the western countries need to be taken to task over the CPS, America too, but if Norway could be made an example of, it would be an excellent start.

    • Marianne. Thank you for taking the time to share so much detail on the topic. It is encouraging, in some sense that people are making the types of efforts you describe while at the same time discouraging that the results do not have the needed impact on the broader population.

      Honestly, I would have been quite surprised if a government that will not prosecute its agents for clear violations of law, would not already have processes, official or otherwise, in place to make sure they are also protected from civil legal action. In my mind, the only real hope was if the family law courts used by the CPS are different than the civil courts, such that the legal interests of the judges are not completely aligned. For example, trusting that CPS made a good end decision in taking a child is not remotely the same thing as not prosecuting and/or ruling against perjury or slander, in a justice system that actually cares about justice.

      Probably the biggest point, from my perspective, is that you have a ‘loser pays’ system, which I expected. i.e. if you file suit and lose you have to pay legal expenses on both sides. In that case, such a strategy makes no sense unless you are dealing a reasonably fair system.

      I do agree with you that the free flow of information is one of the most important ways to combat this type of evil, or at least for a society to stay vigilant to prevent such a cancer from forming in the first place. Which is, of course, why they are so threatened by publicity. In the end, though, for real systemic change, the people of Norway are the ones who will have to stand up to this evil.

      • “In the end, though, for real systemic change, the people of Norway are the ones who will have to stand up to this evil.”

        You are certainly right. I am not expecting others to fight our fights for us. But I am grateful for all the foreigners who help not only their own citizens but us too. And we definitely need foreign eyes to look at us and tell our blind politicians and others what they are doing.

        Here is Jan Simonsen speaking in Prague now on the 16 January (at about 15:30 into the video): “Thank you Czech people, for helping us to get rid of an evil system.”

        Some foreigners also see our countries as a forewarning, and I think they are right to do so. I am not only interested in Norway; I do not want others to be saddled with this either.
        Did I post on “Delight in Truth” the video of Václav Klaus Jr. making a speech at the demonstration in Prague (against Norway’s CPS) on 30 May 2015, or did you notice it in my longish article about Eva Michaláková’s case? He sees clearly that the Czech Republic may be moving in the same direction:

        He says:
        “The problem is not only in Norway, even though the situation achieves the most horrific values in Norway … everything is pretty much ready here to start the same system. We already have the very similar “Barnevernet” law, we already have paid foster parents so people don’t take kids for giving them love but to get money. We have those so called non-profit organizations that organize the whole process. Now it is just about waiting when all the current social workers will be replaced by the zealous activists. Then the same inferno starts here as well. … The situation is serious and I really don’t understand (to) those appeals for peacefulness demonstrations because they’re stealing children! What could be wors(t)? They may make new regulations, they may increase taxes. So, ok, we’ll be poorer. But they are stealing children from mothers! Let’s resist, let’s fight back!”

        Norway is busy around the world telling everybody about “human rights”. Those of us who are sceptical to Norway’s own doings, think we need help from abroad, and hope that the efforts will be mutually beneficial.

        • I’m glad that many are helping to raise awareness about Norway’s issues, and I think people like the Czech Republic and Romanians everywhere should be willing to do so, most especially when it involves their citizens. I wish media in the U.S. would pick up these cases.

          Sadly, I believe your concern that Norway is a forewarning is exactly right. I’m quite sure there are political entities in this country that would like to move the direction of Norway. This is also why I think it is unlikely that the situation in Norway will get significant media coverage here. It wouldn’t serve the agenda (for anyone who thinks I sound crazy, just ask yourself how many times someone has brought up Norway or Sweden as a paradise of governance).

        • Well said Marianne…When I think of all the “bragging” on how free spirited and open minded are the people of Norway and the likes (Sweden, Denmark…), everything comes with a price. People living in those countries are not that free after all!! The more socialized you become, the tighter the grip!

  13. This is one of the biggest conspiration theories on the internet. Like that 9/11 was an inside job, vaccines cause autism, that the pope is secretly a muslim, that the government is controlled by aliens and so on

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