Barnevernet and Breivik: Norway’s International Shame

Norwegian journalists, commentators and pundits are slowly picking up the conversation on the Bodnariu case where 5 kids were unfairly removed from their parental home. Delight in Truth is following the Norwegian response which is likely going to intensify following mass protests across the world against their Barnevernet (Child Protection Services).

The Nordic Page is a popular English language online newspaper which has covered the Bodnariu drama in articles like this one (here). But the interesting part is the discussion at the bottom of the article between a well articulated Emanuel Contac (who is a faculty member at the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest) and another commentator who is a defender of the Norwegian CPS.

The Norwegian claimed that Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer who killed 77 people in 2011 was a Christian, and tried to fallaciously associate a psychopath with the Christian religion.  Breivik’s memoirs from prison prove that he is not a Christian.  All this in the context of accusations of Christian indoctrination and biblical discipline on the part of the Bodnarius.

To which Contac responded:

“Norway is being known in the news mainly for two major achievements: Breivik and Barnevernet. The one brutally murders people, the other brutally destroys families. Until the latter finally decides to clean up its act, more protests will follow.”

This is an accurate synthesis of how this country is starting to be perceived in the world.  A simple google search with the terms “barnevernet” or “Norway CPS” will result in a digital avalanche of articles, pictures of protests, horrifying stories of families destroyed and shame for Norway.

Norway, is this how you want to be known across the world?

Just look at the facebook communites who support the Bodnarius and families like them… tens of thousands of members strong!

One thousand protesters in front the embassy in Washington, DC yesterday… hundreds in other European capitals… a few thousand in Bucharest today!

How much of this can you take until you give the Bodnariu children back and reform your CPS?

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Bring on the Protests: Norway is Watching

- WHERE IS politicians? Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Minister Solveig Horne (FRP) does not agree with the criticism of Researcher Jan Storø by HiOA who believes political leadership is not visible enough, when Norwegian child bears the foreign media. Photo: Ole Gunnar Onsøien / NTB scanpix

Well, well… The Norwegian government has been watching the international reaction against their Barnevernet.

Those of us who support the Bodnariu family were a bit unsure if Norway’s government pays attention to the international backlash against their Child Protection Services stemming from the harsh confiscation of the five children.

It turns out they have been watching the build up to the unleashing of world-wide protests which will begin this weekend.

This is the most severe criticism they have received to date, and they’ve never had anti-Norway-CPS protests like we are about to unleash over the next couple of months.

In this article, their watchdogs are asking what in the world is going on, and why is there such an international outcry? At least they are asking questions…

They live in a socialist bubble, and they cannot comprehend why the world is reacting this way.  Solveig Horne (picture above from is the top official in the Norwegian “Children, Equality and Social Inclusion” Department which includes CPS or Barnevernet, and she is rejecting any international criticism. She claims to be aware of the Bodnariu case, which tells us she knows about the upcoming massive protests, 50,000+ signatures on the petition, and the nearly 20,000 member support community on Facebook. 

This information is now in their press.  Their government knows about it. We know they care about their self-described high standard of living and image in the world.

Delight in Truth thinks they are worried about how demonstrations in front their embassies will portray them in the world.

Norway’s government is watching. 

Bring on the international protests.

Let the children come home. 

Norway’s Dark History with Children

Dear friends, Delight in Truth would like to inform you about Norway’s crimes against the Lebensborn Children.  It will provide a chilling historical context to understand what is happening to Child Protective Services (CPS) in that country today.

Between 1940 and 1945, hundreds of thousands of German soldiers were part of the Nazi occupying force in Norway. The Lebensborn program encouraged Nazi soldiers to pursue relationships and have children with Norwegian women because Nazi ideology considered them a pure Aryan race.

This social experiment in eugenics produced approximately 12,000 children who were later labeled the Lebensborn Children.  Such war children were born in countries across Europe, but in Norway they have a special story that continues even today. In fact, Frida Lyngstad, one of the singers of 1970s-80s pop band ABBA is a Lebensborn Child.

During the war, the pregnant mothers and the children were given special care and were considered to be genetically superior to the average Norwegian. But after the war ended, these children became social outcasts in Norway. Some were abandoned, some ended up in orphanages, and many were confiscated by the state and subjected to mistreatment.

Norway placed many of these children in mental asylums and special institutions where they were physically, sexually and psychologically abused. Many of them who are now in their 60s tell  horrifying stories of how they were tied to their bed, unable to play outside, having to relieve themselves in the same place where they ate their food. The mothers who had their children confiscated never saw them again.

In the last 15 years the Lebensborn children have been fighting a hardened Norway government in the court system to get Norway to acknowledge their crimes and human rights violations, and to get compensation for lost childhoods.

This Norway, perhaps the most developed country in the world by their own standards, continues to confiscate about 2-3000 children per year, targeting mostly immigrant and mixed Norwegian children. Critics of the CPS (Barnevernet) claim that as low as 1% of those cases actually involve the type of violence where the children would be taken from home in other comparable countries.

Considering this background, it is not surprising to read in the media about the five Bodnariu kids which were removed from their loving parents without investigation, without warning, without attempting to help the family first. Accusations against the family are severe, despite any physical evidence of violence on the kids. There is however evidence that CPS may have manipulated the kids to incriminate the parents, and the system tried to have the parents sign affidavits to incriminate each other.

Delight in Truth has tried to look at both sides of the story as available in the media, but it is evident that the Bodnarius have been treated unfairly. Some well-informed legal authorities from the Romanian parliament (senator Titus Corlatean) claim they have been treated criminally.

I do not know if the Norwegian government is realizing what is about to happen world-wide starting in January 2016 with extensive protests in Europe and America in front of their embassies, and how this will destroy Norway’s image in the world.

I pray they will resolve the Bodnariu case and return the kids to their parents immediately, while taking a long look at their history and step up to reform CPS.

Barnevernet is Ruining Norway’s Reputation

A Norwegian visitor on Delight in Truth left this comment:

“It is standard procedure for barnevernet to try and coerce the wife into divorcing the husband. I know about another family where the parents divorced pro forma in order to get their children back.”

It was shocking to many of us to find out from Romanian senator Titus Corlatean who has been advocating for the Bodnariu family at the European Court of Human Rights and Norwegian embassy in Bucharest, that Barnevernet social workers have tried to bully the Bodnariu parents into divorcing.  Apparently this may be standard procedure at the Child Protective Services in Norway. A similar tactic was used in other widely publicized cases, particularly cases involving citizens from India and from the Czech Republic.

Instead of counseling and helping families, their first move is to remove children without investigation, without warning, and without cultural or religious considerations.

Go nuclear, investigate later. 

Barnevernet has been billed as a progressive organization which ultimately knows best what is good for children. But this monster is an anti-family bully in the business of destroying families, particularly ethnic or ethnically mixed Norwegian families.

It is a feared organization that has gone unchecked. People are afraid to come out and support victims of Barnevernet because of the looming implicit threat that their own children will be snatched away in return. A Romanian pastor living in Norway expressed his reluctance at signing petitions and taking to the streets because his 7-year-old may be confiscated. The Czech president has gone as far as labeling them as a “nazi organization.” This is perhaps why Delight in Truth started seeing profile pictures on Facebook with Norway’s flag covered with a swastika.

The Nazis snatched away the Jews. Barnevernet snatches away children.

Norway, is this the image you want to portray to the world?

Historically, you have a well-respected international reputation, but in the last few years you have allowed Barnevernet to ruin it!

Starting in early 2016, thousands of people will take to the streets across the world in front of your embassies to expose your human rights violations.

Let the Bodnariu children go home!

Any Norwegians willing to share this article?

Please share so the good people of Norway can find out about this and hold Barnevernet accountable.

More Dishonesty from Barnevernet in Bodnariu Case

The case of the Bodnariu children has captivated the world and has caused an international black eye for Norway.

The renegade Barnevernet (Norwegian Child Protection Service) has destroyed the Bodnariu family by confiscating their 5 children without any evidence of abuse.  This is a repeated offense by Barnevernet especially against ethnic families, and the Bodnarius are a mixed Romanian Norwegian family.

The Romanian government is now involved in trying to secure the release of the children, and high level officials like senator Titus Corleatean have made multiple appearances on Romanian TV discussing details of the case.

One detail in particular caught my attention.

During their arrest and interview, the Bodnariu parents Marius and Ruth were repeatedly threatened and coerced to say and do unethical things, and admit things they never said or did.

In fact, two Barnevernet social workers tried to coerce Ruth to lie that Marius is a violent man.  Barnevernet promised that if she lies/testifies that Marius is a violent man, and if she divorces Marius, then they will return the 5 children to her alone.

Is this how Barnevern “helps” families in Norway?

This constitutes a violation of Norwegian law, international law, Geneva convention guidelines and basic human rights!!!

This is the monster the Bodnarius are fighting.

This is the evil that Barnevernet is practicing in a lucrative child confiscation and child adoption business that involves 2-3000 children per year.

Be shocked at reading this because it is true.

Norway you can repair this harm. Return the kids now and reform Barnavernet, because major protests are coming across the world against this injustice!

Norway’s Barnevernet Using Dishonest Tactics

Delight in Truth would like to make the English-speaking public aware of an important detail which came out in the Bodnariu case where Norway’s Barnevernet (Child Protection Service) abusively confiscated 5 children from the Bodnariu family.

Any child psychologist can testify that a child will admit almost anything if leading questions are asked. Children have a raw imagination which is very sensitive to outside influence, especially influence coming from a position of authority. This is also true of adults. I remember the classic psychology experiments where subjects with normal intelligence were convinced to actually hurt other people because they were receiving orders from a person in a white coat in a position of authority.

Which brings us to the interview that Norway’s agency did with the Bodnariu children. It is very clear that leading questions were asked, and the children were coerced to incriminate the parents about alledged physical abuse. Bt the way, the initial acusation was Christian indoctrination, not abuse.  Court documents (info here) show that at some point during the interview, one of the older children answered

“am obosit, nu ştiu ce să mai inventez!”

“I’m tired, I don’t know what else to make up!”

This is grounds for throwing out the entire interview! Anyone with an ounce of child psychology education knows that children must be interviewed without leading questions, without pressure, and without a pre-existing agenda! The child’s own testimony shows how shrewd Barnevernet tactics are as the child’s testimony contains things that are “made up” under illegal questioning.

This is now an international fight.

Details will be exposed.

Barnevernet action will be scrutinized to their shame until the Bodnariu children are returned home.

Please share these articles with friends. The world needs to know about Norway’s abusive CPS.


Exposing Norway’s Barnevernet: Abuse of Ideology

Dear Facebook friends, bloggers and social media users, we must expose this institution for what it is: an anti-family ideological bully. Please share these kind of articles with your friends raise online awareness about what Child Protective Services (Barnevernet) did to the Bodnariu family. Their five children were abducted by the government without any prior warning or discussion under the accusation of Christian religious indoctrination. No history of abuse or criminal behavior by the parents, no prior counseling, no warning of any kind…

The Bodnariu case is not out of the ordinary for this country.

Many such cases have been publicized in recent years, with international families receiving the most attention.  In order to illustrate the craziness of Barnevernet’s action lets examine the case Aurum and Sagarika Bhattacharya, an Indian couple who had their two toddlers confiscated.

The Indian family was accused of (The Nordic Page reports here)

  • emotional disconnect with the children
  • children being fed by hand
  • children sleeping in the same bed as the parents
  • providing an insufficient amount of toys for the children

Are you kidding me? This is a gross misunderstanding of the cultural and/or religious way of life of a family who has done nothing wrong. This happened three years ago and activists, bloggers and social media users erupted in a fury of criticism exposing Barnevernet’s abuse. This pressure eventually led to the return of these children.

The Bodnariu case is much more severe since five children were confiscated. In an effort to justify their existence and ideology, Barnevernet is digging in and it appears they are trying to get the children to admit to parental abuse, which was not the initial accusation!

We must press on and let the world know about this gross injustice. An online protest via email is taking place at this time. Please see this Facebook page for instructions to let EU authorities know about the Bodnariu case.

Barnevernet: Anti-Family Terrorism in Norway

Imagine sending your two oldest children to school only to never see them again. Imagine law enforcement showing up to your home and removing three more young children, one of whom is only 3 months old and brutally snatched off his mother’s breast.

Is this a scene taking place at the hands of the brutal Islamic State in Syria or Iraq?


Is this a description of Nazi action in 1930s Poland?

Guess again!

This is taking place in the modern, civilized western nation of Norway. The most controversial Child Protective Service in the world (Norway Barnevernet) is terrorizing the families they are supposed to help.

The Bodnariu parents, Marius and Ruth, have been the latest victims of this ruthless system. About 3 weeks ago, their 5 children have been abducted by this governmental agency without warning, and without consideration for things as basic as the mother-infant bond that is so critical in early infancy. All this without any sign of physical abuse on any of the children.

The initial accusation against the parents was Christian radicalism and indoctrination, which in itself is ridiculous.  Radicalism as in radical following of Jesus and His teaching? Preaching that Christ is the only way to salvation? Following biblical principles of raising children to worship God? These are the radical things that the Islamic State is fighting against, and it now appears that the Barnevernet is doing the same.

A growing number of documented abuses by the Norwegian agency is found on the internet and many are finding their way into the press. There are YouTube videos showing the actual kidnapping of children by Barnevernet.  There are cases where minority groups have been targeted.

But the Bodnariu case is special and unique. It is creating the perfect storm that must take down this abusive agency. 

1. It involves an international family (Romanian husband and Norwegian wife). This must lead to European Union governmental agencies and international attorneys getting involved. The international press has started picking up the case (Christianity Today and others), and some TV channels in Romania have publicized the case as well.

2. They are a faithful evangelical family (Pentecostal denomination) with deep international ties via a wide network of churches from Europe to Australia, to America. News travels fast in this community and the faithful are uniting behind this family

3. Social media has exploded in their support. Facebook pages have been created to help them

4.  An online petition to bring the children home has reached 28,500 signatures

5. A number of bloggers have been exposing this criminal action (Popas Pentru Suflet, RodiAgnusDei)

This is reflecting a terrible light on the government of Norway and we must continue to expose them. We must mount public pressure on Barnevernet by sharing stories like the Bodnariu nightmare, and filling up the internet with protest against this kind of anti-family terrorism. Court battles can be influenced by what happens online and in the press.

Delight in Truth will start publishing articles with aspects of this case and other cases as well to document how Barnevernet destroys families instead of helping them.  Please share. Get the word out. Let the world know because apparently Norway cares about its image as it has threatened Barnevernet victims to not publicize their cases.