Inside Barnevernet: Personal Vendetta Against Bodnariu Family


Troubling allegations against the Norwegian CPS (Barnevernet) are surfacing in the Bodnariu case where CPS confiscated 5 children 3 months ago.

There is evidence that besides the “abusive Christian indoctrination” issue which triggered the CPS action, one of the main social workers/investigators in the case is a former nursing school colleague of Ruth Bodnariu, and she may have a personal issue with Ruth. The unprecedented Romanian delegation which recently visited Norway attempting to secure the release of the children revealed this seemingly small but critical detail here.

This leads to suspicion of bias in the CPS investigation. Ruth Bodnariu’s former colleague who was involved in removing her children is said to harbor jealousy toward Ruth dating back to nursing school, where Ruth is said to have been a superior student.

This is a highly irregular matter when in comes to investigations. How can a CPS organization allow investigators to be intimately involved in the case, when the investigators may be compromised with former relationships to the family, as appears to be the case here? Delight in Truth believes this detail needs to be placed in the international spotlight.

And of course let’s not forget that school personnel who initially submitted the case to CPS had conflicts with the father, Marius Bodnariu, over religious matters. The school was not happy that the family is raising the children in the biblical faith. This lead to conflict when the daughter sang a Christian song at school and the father played a Christian song with the school children’s choir.

Interestingly, these matters have been suppressed in court documents and hearings, as the case has been turned into one of corporal discipline.

All these factors cast serious doubt on the motives for removing the children.

As we focus the microscope on Barnevernet, Norwegian activists made known the people involved in the local Barnevernet as well as the teachers at the school where the children were attending. Their names, pictures, emails and phone numbers have been published at various sites including Norwegian newspapers have made this breach of personal data into an issue and are crying foul (here).

They are not yet crying foul over the barbaric breakup of a beautiful family.

When will Norway wake up and realize the international nature of this case? When will Norway realize the violation of human rights committed in this case?

When will Norway make things right and return the Bodnariu children?

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43 comments on “Inside Barnevernet: Personal Vendetta Against Bodnariu Family

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  2. Yes I belive is very true the friend was with her in nursing scool was Jelos Ruth she is very smart Girl she very pretty many reasens and with Marius is very true with Religion he is very stoang beliver and the diavol did not like this nice ppl and anesty is roang Gest to Lies and be 2 face is ok for them.

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    • Publicising photographs is a different matter from the rest, and may in some cases be prosecuted and found criminal, as some CPS critics have unfortunately experienced (in spite of a verdict pretty much to the contrary at the ECtHR (European Court of Human Rights) ).

    • The VL article made a bid deal about the breach. They said that police have been contacted to ensure the safety of the people whose information has been disseminated.

      One thing to keep in mind is that the Bodnariu supporters are Evangelical Christians mostly, peaceful people who protest peacefully. We do not endorse any illegality or violence.

    • We who work on a daily bacis with these kind of cases have since the beginning of internet been put in public because of the feelings that might occur when children are the subject. In Norway we are no longer in the same peaceful mood as we as a society was in some years ago. We are more mixed in culture, religion and in the manner we behave when legal matters are the guestion. We in the child welfare care are not accustomed to this kind of international information of personal matters, but we do know what terror is and this raises the possibility.

      • Former CPS Investigator Exposes CPS’s Tactics, Kidnapping, and Corruption:

        Reveal CPS Child Kidnappings in Adoption Business – See more at:

        Knut, can you show me some articles in Norwegian language in which the journalists conducted investigations on any of state institutions and revealed some illegal activities? In a country where the state employees know that they are highly trusted, they are never investigated, people have blind trust in them for that’s the way they were educated, do not tell us that some of the state employees do not have the tendency to commit abuses.

      • “We in the child welfare care are not accustomed to this kind of international information of personal matters, but we do know what terror is and this raises the possibility.”

        It is hard for peaceful Christians to get used to being called “terrorists,” Knut.

        Please help me here, Knut.

        I can get on the internet right now and find a lot, as you have mentioned several times. I can find the picture of my son’s professors, I can find pictures of my daughter’s doctors, I can find pictures of anyone in public service and almost anyone else.

        Am I suggesting that emails and phone numbers should be published in order to intimidate someone? Of course not. I am only saying that these things are easily obtained by anyone these days. If used for evil purposes it is wrong, obviously. You mentioned looking up my personal information on the internet one time. Do you remember that?

        Has anyone used the information to do evil, Knut?

        I think this will happen. Journalists and others will, from now on, be very careful about releasing easy to obtain information in any kind of format. The information will still be there, on he internet as public as it could possibly be.

        Let’s compare looking at this information to removing a child from its parents for no good reason. On a moral scale, there would be a brick in one side and a feather in the other.

        Be careful who you call a terrorist, Knut.

        When you point one finger at someone else, there are three of your own pointing back at you.

    • Hei, Fardal – this was a new side with your way of debating. What has a personal picture of a wedding to do with a case where the children in the family most likely have confirmed violence done by the parents? This is not the way to communicate and I wonder if it’s legal.

      • Knut Nygaard,

        I’m glad you are here. I hope you’ll stay and get familiar with our points of view.

        Here are some articles you might have missed on this site:

        You said: “We are more mixed in culture, religion and in the manner we behave when legal matters are the question”. I’m aware that Norwegians act “differently” when it comes to Muslims since they raped a 10 year old girl in Norway and they were “sentenced” to do community work for 6 months, no jail time. This tells me at least two things:

        1). How much Norway cares about “child abuse”. (They are very concern with a spank from parent but way too indulgent with others raping a child). Norwegians said they focused rather on rehabilitation in the rape case than on punishment. In contrast, when it comes to parents Norwegians focus on punishment rather than on rehabilitation. This is far beyond my understanding. So, a rapist who brutally rapes a child with no mercy can be rehabilitated, according to Norwegians, but a parent who disciplined the child and now is suffering and doing whatever he/she can to get back the child back CANNOT BE rehabilitated.

        2). Norway laws are very discriminatory and illogical. I can write a full article on this topic if necessary.

        • Very well said, sir.

          Also Breivik only got 21 years in prison for his mass murder of 77 people and he has not repented of his crimes. When he is released in about 16 years (or sooner) there is no indication that he will be a new man. He may committ another mass murder.

          Very shocking to seet the disproportionate response in the Bodnariu case, but they let the rapists go. Wow. Just wow.

      • Knut Nygaard,

        Can you please tell us what chances of rehabilitation do you think were given to Bodnariu family? If Barnevernet is not “allowed” to answer this question that means ‘the confidentiality law” protects the institution not the kids.
        Secondly, if CPS never gives answers to any accusations and nobody does on behalf of it on particular cases and all the court trials take place with “closed doors” then you may constantly claim to the world that “the law has been respected” even though there may be some individuals in the public that know the contrary.

        Also, if Norway law stipulates that no public statements can be made on particular cases when it comes to CPS then there is no way for the public to know what exactly happened, rather to have a blind trust in Norwegian institutions, which is kind of insane. Sorry for saying that.

      • This picture, maybe the best that Rune could find to be nice, makes a statement about appearances. Things aren’t always as they appear. This looks like a happy group of people. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t. Each in the picture has their own individual story.

        We do know this.

        One of them made a horrible mistake no matter what the motivation.

    • How stupid can you be? This is not here familly fault and shall not have pictures of here familly here! Would you think it is ok if i send picture of you on internet to some “bad” site? Maybe that can hapend!??? Please delete this. This is not here child fault!

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  6. Runefardal, that’s interesting. What’s his name?
    Also, does anyone know how can we get in contact with the families from Lithuania which children have been seized by CPS in Norway?
    Unfortunately, in Lithuania there is very little support for those families and we may be able to make those cases known in other countries too.

      • So I guess an email along the lines of

        ‘Hi, I’m doing a research project on soulless sociopaths and I was wondering if you’d be willing to answer some questions for me’

        would be out of the question?

    • And so what?? That does not change a thing. The only way the parents can get their children home are in a process with the local child welfare care. It’s nothing you can do other to support the family, but you are totally misinformed if you can change the verdict which the case is bulit upon. The only persons to change that is the parents and the children in dialoge with the child care.

      • Hello Knut,
        You write as though you actually believe that your Child ‘Protective’ services has an interest in ‘reabilitating’ a family which it says has issues. If that were the case, the immediate response to an accusation would be to meet with the family, and/or counsel the family, not kidnap and hide all the children, interrogate them secretly and then hold them forever. If you’ve studied this topic at ALL you know that there are many, many, many families destroyed in this way who would do ANYTHING to get back the children they love. Of course, that’s not an option.

        • Matt, it is not that Nygaard has not seen any cases, he works for the CPS himself, and is a regular objector to any criticism of the CPS on just about every debate in Norway. He illustrates to some extent what Christian people in Norway tend to think and believe. I am sure he will give you in other countries a better understanding of why it is important that Christians in other countries help and support families like the Bodnarius. The Christians in Norway will not do so, although there is a ray of light from some small groups of very conservative Christians, who mostly have no state subsidies, and who are quite courageous and used to being in opposition to the politically correct.

      • Remember Knut, they did’n belive the Earth was “round not flat” once! You will look like a full -to yourself- trying to coverup an ILOGIC act of taking 5, returning one, playing puppet game like you know what you’re doing, ignoring specialist advice, Human Rights, while calling yourself a protective professional institution. May God protect what’s left of “cps” people’s judgement! The world is not just upset over nothing. What they’ve done to all these people and families is unforgiveble.

  7. Message from Child Welfare Service in Naustdal

    (I used “google translate from Norwegian to English):

    Children and family

    CPS’s main task is to ensure that children and young people who live in conditions that may damage deira health and development receive naud sighted assistance, care and safe childhood.
    Child welfare The service highly regarded services to all born and young from 0-18 years and their rock families who live in Naustdal municipality. When the child consenting, the Child Welfare Service maintains holding aid measures until they have filled 23 years.
    Child Welfare Service in Naustdal is organized into local NAV office in the Municipal Corporation building in Tunavegen 6 together with the municipal administration.
    Please contact us for more information.

    Public add will of its own initiative, notwithstanding the confidentiality duty, give information to the Child Welfare Service when there is reason to believe that children living under conditions that can harm deira health or development. Freedom adding must send written notification, possibly. Application, the Child Welfare Service. Family, friends, neighbors and other private persons can and report concerns to the child welfare system.
    Naustdal Municipality have inga duty system for childcare Outside the main office. If anything is crisis situations, contact the police on tel 02800.
    Naustdal municipality cooperates with Stiftinga Crisis Centre in Sogn og Fjordane for adults and children who are subjected to violence in intimate relations.
    • Hour Security Crisis Centre: 57 74 36 00
    • The hotline for children and young people 116 111 (free) is ein naud telephone for children and youth. There you will meet adults who understand how you feel, and who cares if you get the better. Naud phone is open when the child welfare office is closed. In wick dagar is the Open from 15.00 and to 08.00 the next tomorrow. On weekends the open all day.

    Family counseling

    Family counseling provides advice and guidance on family problem. The service emphasizes prevention and encouraged to seek help at an early stage to prevent conflict are completely deadlocked.
    The tender is free and you can self make direct contact with us in NAV Naustdal.
    Do you have room for a child in your family?
    In Sogn og Fjordane, we have about 200 foster children. The children’s were mainly from 0 to 18 years, Some get up to 23 years. Some have siblings, others eine children.

    Different children need different foster homes. It all good foster homes have in common is that they have adults with great care agency and surplus to the kids. Both married, sambuarar, eins doctor or same-sex couples can become foster parents.

    Read more on the website of fosterheim The service in Sogn og Fjordane.
    Published by Monica Loen-Rough. Coordinator Monica Loen-Rough. Last edited 01/18/2016 by Ann Lisbeth Lesto.

  8. I am a chistian who have worked with this kind of cases since 1987. In this case we all know that the child welfare workers and the police interferred out of information given by the family’s to oldest children of violence in the home and towards them in a manner that the teachers could not keep silent about. The father is not happy to give information about why the child care and police did as they did and he is not sure that his children will return home ever. I can assure you that if this case was about some minor violence abuse the children and the parents normally are in a process where they talk and have a dialog where their lawyer helps the parents to understand what they can say without danger for imprisonment for violence and what they can admit so the child care finds a starting point for what can be done so reconciliation may occur the sooner the better. Christians are not persecuted in Norway – that’s nonsense. The father in this family wants peace. The situation must be solved in Nausdal. The demonstrations does not help the family because it is buildt on false accusations – lies about the child care and Norway. You’re all been goin’ wrong. It’s time to question yourself – do we know the truth about the interfering av the child care – an interfering that must have a legal documentation to a paragraph in the norwegian law for child care.

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