DESPERATE Parents Resort to DESPERATE Measures in Norway

Friends, this is the stuff that movies are made of. Desperate parents who are unable to get their children back after the Norwegian CPS confiscated them, are taking matters into their own hands and are kidnapping their own children back.

Case and point: a Lithuanian mother was accused of kidnapping her own 9-year-old daughter from the system.  Norwegian police as well as the European Interpol have been alerted to look for them. This information is being disseminated in the Norwegian media (see forum discussion and links here).

In another case last year, a 7-year-old Lithuanian boy’s extraction from CPS custody failed when the boy was located by police. It involved cars running through red lights, and the boy boarding a plane (see discussion and links here). The public was being alerted through the media to help find him.

There are even professionals being hired to extract kids and return them to their parent’s home countries. The now famous Polish “Rambo” has carried out such operations (article here).

Over the last few weeks we learned of at least three Romanian families who were on Barnevernet’s radar and who secretly fled the country leaving everything behind in order to save their children (one example here).

These parents are fighting a system that is stacked against them at every step. According to Norwegian lawyer and human rights advocate Marius Reikeras, the CPS (Barnevernet) wins in 96% of cases, meaning that very few parents get to recover their children in the court system.

There is no civilized country in the world where this kind desperation happens. One would expect to see these events on the movie screen, not in reality! Put yourself in these parents’ place. Faced with the likelihood that you will never see your child again because of trivial matters, you cannot blame the parents for resorting to desperate measures.

The world needs to know about these things happening in Norway. We cannot stay silent. Share with friends.

photo: Bjorn Brunvoll (crews looking for the Lithuanian boy)

32 comments on “DESPERATE Parents Resort to DESPERATE Measures in Norway

  1. In Stavanger on the south-west coast, the major newspaper has covered a CPS case the way it should be done. AND managed to be present in court, AND been allowed to film there.

    They are presenting 10 articles over 64 pages!

    From one of the three journalists working on the case I have seen really good writing about the CPS previously. He seems to have real knowledge. One must really applaud the paper too – usually the Norwegian press is far more cowardly and politically correct.

    I just wonder – – could it be that they have timed this in relation to all the demonstrations abroad? Anyway, it is timely.

    I cannot give you more than translated snippets, but I should like you to read them carefully, and compare what this girl is going through with the steady assurances, from our top CPS officials, our top politicians, our ambassador in Bucharest, and others – assurances that the CPS help families such as the Bodnarius and always act in the best interest of the child.

    “Unusual coverage of a CPS case by the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad”


  2. example: girl 14 years old, goes on vacation to Iceland with her father. At home in Norway the county board, Fylkesnemda has ruled the child is to loose both her parents, and be forcefully put in foster care/institution agains her will, proved and witnessed by her statement in Fylkesnemda. So..the case goes on. They stay in Iceland from august 2015, the child does not want to return, in fear of being put away from her family. The inter pool is involved, by demand from local barnevern in Kongsberg.. They try to get the father put in jail, from Iceland for kidnapping his own child. At the same time we are waiting for the court case in Tingretten 1-2 february 2015. In the meanwhile police in Norway has started an investigation on the suspicion of fraud in the documents from barnevernet, in the initial case against the mother…but try to hide that fact from the Iclandic central government…So, the father and involves Barnevernet, in Iceland. They come on home visit, and talk to the child at school there. As well as they get info from the school about the childs functioning…All ends up in a case in Iceland, where so far…Barnevernet concludes that the child has a good upbringing with her father, and they have no serious concerns for the childs well being.. Papers on that arrived me today. So..what do we have now? Yes the court case, which is going to take place 1-2 february in Kongsberg, Norway has gotten 2 case workers as witnesses, from Iclandic barnevern for the benefit of the child, for the childs freedom with her father on Iceland. They are going to witness by phone or Skype to court on monday/tuesday next week. Also there is a witness from the mothers family, my cousin, who has visited the child in Iceland, and made a documentary film over a week, in January 2015…to give the child a stronger voice…and she is, my cousin also going to witness in court, from Brooklyn New York, where she now lives and goes to university to learn to become a film director.. 5 witnesses…+ interpreters to support the childs case…while in Norway, when the Fylkesnemda evaluated the case…they put no weight on the childs view at all…And the psychology + barnevernets evaluation of the family in Norway…made papers creating a family that sounded like it came from hell…everything was wrong, according to the free imagination and case creating methods of Norwegian Barnevern. This time…the court in Kongsberg is struggling with the technicalities..they don’t have equipment for all the sound/ they need for the case..So…the commune, is going to find out if they can make a temporary court room in the TOWN HALL of Kongsberg for monday and tuesday 1-2.. I am in Holland, and will only witness by phone, if the system allows me to…Wouldn´t it be a great Idea if someone outside Norway…made a phone call to Kongsberg commune, and or not…and just showed up there, in the Town Hall..a public place, and asked for comments and info for making a news report about this ? There is plenty to tell…all the methods they can muster up are used…all the evil, manipulative, lying, falsifications you can think of is put into this case, from the barnevernet…

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  5. These people that perpetrate such atrocities should be put themselves in a trial for crimes against humanity and executed just like the nazis.

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      • Marianne, looks like the CPS has agents (or at least strong supporters) on FB in various threads trying to do damage control. I have encountered a few and they are relentless. They all say the same things, mainly that we do not know the facts of the case because they have not been released. They discount the story given by the family to the Romanian media.

        • Yes, well, they are used to having it easy, mostly. No editor, on facebook or elsewhere, is going to censor away that which is exactly like what the authorities say and like, is he / are they?

          However, I think that all in all, it is a good thing that they expose the CPS system as they do. They reveal more than they think. Anyone abroad who is not completely brain-washed can gather what it is all about almost as easily from reading what the CPS supporters repeat endlessly, as by reading what CPS critics say.

          For example, last night I found this very enjoyable mail exchange between a Norwegian (CPS-trusting) journalist and an exasperated Romanian who understood more than the journalist had bargained for. I lost track of it but was lucky and found it again today, now posted on agnus dei.

          No long comment or explanations is needed, but I could not resist telling the readers that it was really of some help to the CPS critics and the Bodnarius – or what do you think? :
          “An enlightening mail exchange between a concerned Romanian and a journalist in the newspaper Vårt Land”

          Freedom of expression is an excellent thing! People do not always speak the truth, no, but all in all freedom of expression TENDS, in the LONG run, to favour the truth! (Wasn’t there something in a folk tale about crying “wolf” once too many … ?)


    Share video with Others. Expose Norway to Severe Public Scrutiny. Norway has Sentenced itself to Public Wrath. Pour Intense Scorn on Norway and make Norway look like a Pariah State…Display these Videos to the Meetings and Protests. This will Pour Scorn on Norway!

  8. By now, most readers will have heard about the county committee / county social board, which is going to be the first to decide if the Bodnariu children are to be allowed to go home or not. (Their decision can be appealed both by the family and by the CPS.) A county committee is led by a jurist – a legally qualified judge (they are not called judges, but the difference is immaterial) and has some child experts and laymen as additional judges.

    The county committee for the county of Sogn og Fjordane, where the Bodnaius reside, handles cases for two counties: the county of Hordland in addition. It is located in Bergen. The present head of that county committee is Mr Geir Kjell Andersland, who was previously a practicing lawyer in Bergen and, after that, chief of the west coast division of Bufetat (the state’s top administration of Barnevernet.)

    Mr Andersland is a frequent writer in the media and is not reticent about his views on the system he serves. One of the writers on the Forum RVB (Rescue Our Children), familien-er-samlet, collected some of his statements from open sources, and summarised them in both a Norwegian and an English version ( With the writer’s permission I post what he found here.

    This is the head of the system which Norway will have the Bodnariu family face.

    The leader of the County Committee of Hordland and Sogn og Fjordane counties


    When the Rumanian-Norwegian family will eventually come to have its case settled by the regional County Board, the Norwegian authorities will demand that the protection of the children`s legal rights is focused upon.

    However, eighty to ninety-five percent of the cases brought through the county tribunals end in favor of the CPS. In the case of this family, the local county board is led by lawyer Geir Kjell Andersland, a former regional director of the governmental branch of the CPS, the BUFETAT. He perfectly understands how the CPS is reasoning.

    Some of his statements in the national debate on these issues follow:

    On care orders:” – Typically, in these cases the parents have resisted voluntary measures from the CPS.”
    “-The problem is that the CPS enters the family at too late a stage when the unfortunate development has exploded and only dramatic solutions remain.”

    On forced measures in the families: “- Children in a difficult care situation need help whatever the parents` conception might be.”

    On reasons for care orders: “- Very few cases would have occured if the parents had not failed.”

    On parents and guilt: “- It is cowardly of the same parents and the politicians to blame the CPS for their own failure.”

    On the CPS and the media: “- There are other areas in society today where the critical function of the media is more needed than on CPS-issues.”

    On ownership of the children: “Do the FrP (“Progress Party”) and the KrF (“Christian People`s Party”) really think that parents own their children?”

    Apparently, the leader of this county board has few objections to the CPS. Can such a “court” make neutral decisions?

    On this matter he says: “- The County Board is an independent and impartial court-resembling agency.”

    The CPS probably agrees, and the statements above could have been statements made by he CPS itself.

    But how many families affected regard this tribunal as impartial and independent? The parents fight the battle of their lives in an adminstrative agency, under the very same department as the CPS, and about which questions can obviously be raised concerning attitudes, lack of self criticism and impartiality. But no-one within the system cares.

    Up till now, Norwegian authorities have not seen the need of having a decision process and a system that have the trust of the parents. We ourselves fled from Norway as we feared that the County Board`s treatment of our case would not be neutral.

    I am sorry to say that parents and children in this case, as well as in all other cases, should hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.


    Sources on


    • Very little hope, indeed! Futile proceedings and “lip service” by a hell-bent Norway’s Barvernet on confiscating children from loving parents! See one example below:


      Share video with Others. Expose Norway to Severe Public Scrutiny. Norway has Sentenced itself to Public Wrath. Pour Intense Scorn on Norway and make Norway look like a Pariah State…Display these Videos to the Meetings and Protests.

      • Very little hope? Perhaps, but far more if one is realistic about what one is up against, instead of believing what one wants to be the truth ….. Only with realistic information and understanding can people – including Romania’s politicians – take some necessary steps to counter the menace. I am not saying it will be easy but it is not without hope, actually. All this exposure over 2-3 months is helping, I am sure of it. For one thing, it is evident that Norway is quite unprepared for it, still! They don’t know what to do about it! When they do not have their gobbledygook accepted, they do not know what to say or do, except go on and repeat, parrot-like. That may have consequences after all. At least perhaps it won’t be quite so easy for Norway to go on “promoting freedom of expression” in Far-Away-stan and “.. joining forces with Romania in providing innovative social services for vulnerable families”? How about throwing that kind of innovative social services out?

        • Marianne, we are all so curious to see how the Norwegian media will cover the protests in the future. We are still waiting for that segment of the Norwegian population which understands the evil of Barnevernet to come out of the closet and make some noise. You are most definitely leading the way along with Reikeras and many others.

          The Norwegian group “Barnevernet vil vi ha fullstendig fjernet” on facebook has exploded and currently has nearly 12,000 members, most of whom I guess are Norwegian. Good news, I would say.

  9. To “Delight in Truth”s posting just above, of 30 Jan at 10:09 pm:

    There are really many questions in that posting, DiT, and once again I wish I could call on 3 assistants to write about it all. I shall try to return to the question of the Norwegian press, and also of one particular case (nothing to do with Romania or the demonstrations) that had very unusual coverage yesterday (in Stavanger Aftenblad – I posted a bit about it here somewhere previously), and other newspapers’ reaction to that – it is very illustrative.

    But for now: You are curious about how the Norwegian press will react to the demonstrations, and you point to reactions on facebook. Yes – auntie Marianne is joyful: It is some years now that I have stopped giving anything like interviews or talking to journalists who behave like feudal slaves, and who twist what we say or ignore it. I simply write myself, exactly as I like, and do not contribute to anything when I do not have the complete control over the way my contribution is used. I think regarding child protection people have to stop kowtowing to the press and letting them set the agenda. I think exactly the same about our politicians. They have had several decades to do something – information has not been lacking. So just ignore them. It is now perfectly possible, because of the internet and social media. Let these surprised ning-nongs come to the outraged people who KNOW; let’s stop spoon-feeding them and begging them.

    Here is an article I had the author’s permission to translate and publish wherever I wanted. We should all take it extremely seriously and be encouraged by it. The power is ours.

    Onar Aam:
    The hidden news from Cologne
    Some weeks have passed since the sexual terror attacks in Cologne and a lot has been written about it. Many have focused on the way it exposes a horrid lack of culture among many so-called ‘refugees’ coming to Europe. Others have focused on the hushing up by the media and the police. Still others have focused on the way feminists, who usually eagerly dish out accusations of patriarchal violence culture when white men are concerned, now excuse and explain away something that appears to be a true culture of violence.

    There is one thing, though, which nobody has written about. It is a piece of news that has escaped everybody, and this news is maybe more important than anything else written about the event. The news is that this case became a large news item after all, in spite of the shameful attempts of the media and the police to put a lid on it.

    How did it come to be? How could something which was originally boycotted by all the media and by the police, still become a major news story? The answer is: social media. People had their mobiles with them and shared their stories and video shots of the vicious behaviour of these near-prosimians. Shocked and indignant that the media did not write about the case, people continued sharing it around and it went viral.

    When hundreds of thousands had shared the news, decentralised via social media, it was no longer possible for the media to keep the case down. They had to address it and report it, or they would have lost even the tiny bit of face they had left.

    The fact is, then, that the Cologne attack shows us that the mainstream media of today has been dethroned. The hegemony of the traditional media is over. The media no longer holds a monopoly on news reporting. The elite no longer holds a monopoly on the truth. They cannot dictate the agenda.

    This fact is mirrored by another fact: all traditional media today struggle with their income. The Norwegian newspaper VG recently had to cut back on jobs. They do not tackle the competition from the internet.

    Gutenberg 2.0

    The internet has been described as a kind of Gutenberg 2.0. For those who do not know their history, Gutenberg was a fellow who invented printing with moveable metal types in the West. Before, books were something extremely expensive. The written word was well guarded by the elite, in this case the Catholic church.

    Martin Luther was the pioneer to utilise the new technology seriously to challenge and do away with the power of the Catholic church over religious truths. As a consequence several decades of religious war followed in Europe, different versions of Christianity warring with each other, after which war-weary Europeans concluded that maybe freedom of expression and of religion was not such a dumb idea.

    The internet holds the same role as the art of printing had. The technology makes the spreading of news and information so cheap that everyman can do it. The social media play the same role as did Luther’s protestantism: a platform challenging the established elite.

    A local example

    The power lying in the social media can be illustrated by a Norwegian example, viz the political party Liberalistene (The Capitalist Party). This is a party that is only a little over a year old, but which has from the first gone all out to be best in social media. The effect of this is that the party is now growing with .5 per cent every day. Around this time the party will pass 1000 members, half as many as the established party Rødt (Red).

    Should the party keep growing at the same rate (5 new members per day), they will have around 4,000 members at the parliamentary election in 2017. This has happened with practically zero coverage in traditional media.

    If the Capitalist Party continues its success and enters parliament as a new party in a few years, they will in that case be the second new, Norwegian party to break through the political sound barrier in a short time. Both parties will in that case have succeeded in the same way: through professional concentration on social media.

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