The Curious Case of the 6-Year-Old Transgender Student

From the Christian Post:

“The Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled on Sunday that Coy Mathis, a transgender 6-year-old who identifies as a female, has the legal right to use the girls’ bathroom at his elementary school in Fountain, Colo.

The decision marks the first ruling in the nation holding that transgender students must be allowed to use bathrooms that match the gender with which they identify…

Mathis, who was born a male, began to express himself as a female at 18 months and was recognized as a girl at age 4 by his family.”

Delight in Truth is shocked NOT at the legal development but at the decision made by this family to alter this boy’s natural gender identity starting at age 18 months.  What child (in this case infant and toddler)  is capable of identifying themselves as the opposite gender without pressure from the outside?  What two or three-year-old boy is going to say “I am a girl” if the parents did not imprint that untruth into their little brain?!

I would like to present a theory with respect to this development, one that has been mentioned before but progressivists will suppress it at all cost.

There is a psychiatric disorder in the DSM V called Münchausen-by-proxy and it describes a behavior pattern in which a caregiver deliberately fabricates, and/or induces physical, psychological, behavioral, and/or mental health problems in those who are in their care.

Examples of this include benign stuff like adding blood to the child’s urine sample to deadly actions like administering insulin to toddlers to induce seizures in order to impress the medical establishment into undergoing massive medical work-ups.  Every case with this kind of diagnosis is unique and shocking because the parent or caregiver deliberately hurts a small child in their grandiose delusional frame of mind.

It may be that the Mathis family is guilty of Münchausen-by-proxy.  In this case the damage is not physical (yet), but psychological. They could have fed the boy the idea that he is a girl starting at the age of 18 months, in order to get to the national stage where they can receive the accolades of the LGBT community and our depravity-oriented society.

How sad is this if true?

The Bible tells us that in the last days moral behavior will get from bad to worse, just like in the days of Isaiah when he said “they proclaim their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it.” Isaiah 3:9

Peter warns us “that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires” pushing an agenda in open rebellion towards God, and suppressing obvious truth.

Like the truth that an 18 month old boy is a boy.

The church needs to know these developments because they signal that the end time is near as told repeatedly in the Bible.


Desiring God’s “Love Letter to a Lesbian” Disappoints


John Piper’s Desiring God ministry put the story of a young Christian who struggles with lesbianism in a place where it does not belong.  The Front Page (here).

Delight in Truth’s disappointment is not with the story of conversion, and her declarations about God and His redemption.

Also, there is no disappointment in the correct theology described in this well written article.

I am also not disappointed with the attempt at evangelizing those who are in open rebellion toward God, and who practice lesbianism.

I am disappointed with the fact that Desiring God is promoting a person who apparently came to Christ, but who has not yet mortified her desires for the same-sex as prescribed by Romans 8:13.

“For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.”

She provides Scripture supporting the idea that homosexuality is wrong, sinful and abominable, but admits a struggle with it.  This young woman has not yet been completely set free, while the possibility of being set free exists! Quote:

“There was a time in my walk with Christ where I experienced a lot of temptation about falling back into lesbianism. These temptations caused me to doubt God’s word. My temptations and desires began to become more real to me than the truth of the Bible. As I was praying and meditating on these things, God put this impression on my heart: “Jackie, you have to believe that my word is true even if it contradicts how you feel.” Wow! This is right. Either I trust in his word or I trust my own feelings. Either I look to him for the pleasure my soul craves or I search for it in lesser things. Either I walk in obedience to what he says or I reject his truth as if it were a lie.

The struggle with homosexuality is a battle of faith.”

She continues to struggle with these “lesser things” and feelings while she understands that they contradict God’s word.

Mortification of the flesh is not easy.  Anyone who struggles with this level of flesh desire should not be promoted as an example in what is otherwise an exemplary ministry by John Piper.

When a compulsive liar who lies and exaggerates everyday, one who cheats every year on his income taxes, one who lives a continuous lie experiences the new birth, he will put to death the old tendencies of his nature and not want to commit them again.

When a heavy smoker quits smoking after Christ becomes the center of his life, he no longer desires the old cravings.  Same with drug and alcohol addicts.

The solution for mortification of homosexual desire is found in the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. There are many examples of those who have achieved this, not on their own, but through God’s supernatural work in their lives.

These are the ones who should be promoted as examples of the complete work of regeneration by the Holy Spirit.

Greg Laurie Standing up for Truth!

Greg Laurie the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA spoke and prayed at the National Day of Prayer event in Washington, DC and followed through on his promise: “I won’t back down!”

He received tremendous criticism last week from LGBT and progressive outlets for being chosen to pray and speak at the event because he believes the Bible when it says that the LGBT lifestyle is a sin, and he will not endorse same-sex marriage.

His prayer:

“Lord, we need Your help in America.  In recent days, we have done our best to remove Your Word and Your counsel from our courtrooms, classrooms and culture. It seems, as President Lincoln once said, that we have ‘forgotten God.’ But Lord, You have not forgotten us! You can bless and help and revive our country again.”

“Lord, in Your mercy, we ask that You would exalt our country again. We have had a number of great awakenings in America. We have experienced times of refreshing, and revivals that changed not only the spiritual but also the moral landscape.”

“That is our prayer for America today, Lord. Send a mighty spiritual awakening that will turn the hearts of men and women, boys and girls back to you. You have told us if we will humble ourselves and pray, and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways, that You will forgive our sins and heal our land.”

“Forgive us today, Lord, and heal this troubled land that we love so much…” 

There are hundreds of thousands and I am hoping millions of true Christians in this country who hold true to biblical teaching and who have the Holy Spirit in them.

May I be so bold to ask this question:  If God would have spared Sodom if it had 10 righteous people in it, would He perhaps spare America for the sake of its believers and its roots?  I believe He has thus far…

But I also believe the ultimate answer lies in the prayer above.  If all the Christians would unite in prayer perhaps we will see one last great revival in this country before the END.

Greg Laurie photo credit

California, the Progressive State

I understand that California is a progressive state, but some of its progressive moves simply defy logic.

Thanks to my friend Gabe Bogdan, allow me to illustrate.

Imagine your 4th grade daughter coming home crying because a couple of boys at school were using the girls bathroom at the same time as she was using it. Or that the opposing girls soccer team has a few boys on it and her team lost by a landslide.

You call the school to complain and the answer you get is that such is the law of the land. The school informs you that it must respect gender identity regardless of biological identity. If a boy feels he is girl inside, he must be allowed to use the girls locker room and bathroom, for example.

Such would be the outcome if assembly bill 1266 is legislated. Rep. Tom Ammiano who represents San Francisco has introduced this bill into the legislature, turning upside down the God-ordained law that He placed in our hearts.  The bill was read yesterday for the second time in the assembly, and will soon be read again.  Progressives will stop at nothing in their quest to suppress the truth as Paul tells us in Romans 1:18.

The question is why is there such a push to externalize sin?

This is nothing new after all.  This exact thing was happening in ancient Israel as they were practicing idolatry and homosexuality.  The prophet Isaiah prophesied against the progressives of that time using stern warnings. He identified their sin and the fact that they were proud of their sin…

“For the look on their faces bears witness against them; they proclaim their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them!” Isaiah 3:9

Delight in Truth feels that underneath this progressive movement there is a desire to get the religious establishment and if possible the Church to approve of alternative lifestyles.  This is happening because those who practice the LGBT lifestyle know deep-down inside that this is a rebellious state against God, and they are trying to gain some moral approval from the Church.

They are succeeding with some parts of the apostatic church.

True believers however, will not relent in their faith and biblical stance. We will continue to represent biblical truth, despite the labels.

We will continue to be in the world but not of this world.

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Open Rebellion Toward God

The fact that Washington Wizards center Jason Collins is the first active professional sports figure in American history to “come out” of the closet and declare he is gay is a major news story.  I guess.

But not nearly as major as ESPN analyst Chris Broussard (a good analyst, may I add) serving up a biblical commentary on the matter, ON LIVE TV!

ESPN knew that Broussard is Christian and set him up against an openly gay analyst to discuss the case… and Broussard did not disappoint.

Here is what he said:

“…you can’t live an openly homosexual lifestyle or open premarital sex between heterosexuals.”

“If you’re openly living that type of lifestyle, the Bible says you know them by their fruits, it says that that’s a sin.  If you’re openly living in unrepentant sin, whatever it may be, I believe that’s walking in open rebellion to God and Jesus Christ.”

“As a Christian, I don’t agree with homosexuality. I think it’s a sin,” said Broussard. “There are a lot of Christians in the NBA, and just because they don’t agree with that lifestyle, they don’t want to be called bigoted and intolerant.”

I am glad he did not delineate difference between sin.  Homosexual practice or premarital sex practice is sexual sin and unacceptable in the eyes of God.

I admire the fortitude that Chris Broussard had to stand up for biblical truth in this culture of acceptance of sin.  I expect a major backlash against his comments.  He will be called a bigot, a homophobe, a hater, and all kinds of negative words to describe the fact that he believes the Bible.

ESPN did this to increase their ratings at his expense, as he will now suffer because he stood up for his faith.

It remains to be seen if Chris Broussard will still have a job tomorrow.

The Bible is clear on the issue of living in sin.  Those who are children of God cannot persist in sin:

“No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God’s seed abides in him, and he cannot keep on sinning because he has been born of God.” 1 John 3:9

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Intolerance by Progressives in American Schools

Picture this.

You are a 14-year-old honor student in your German high school class.

Through circumstances beyond your control the class discussion turns to the issue of religion and homosexuality.

You are a gospel and Bible-believing Christian, and during the course of the discussion you state your view that homosexuality is wrong.

As a result of your statement you receive a three-day suspension.  Because you are intolerant.

This is exactly what happened at Western Hills High School in Texas.  Student Dakota Ary was suspended for stating his view on a subject that perhaps should not even have been discussed in a German class.

He faced the possibility of missing lectures, tests, and a football game.

What would you do?

His family reached out to the Liberty Counsel for legal representation, and after a meeting with the lawyer, the school district rescinded the suspension. The school had no comment when contacted by the Christian Post.

This story paints a disturbing picture in our schools.  We know that our colleges are infiltrated by anti-Christian, anti-American, atheistic faculty, but now it appears that our high schools are following suit.

The Liberty Counsel said that they are seeing this happening across the country, as the progressives pushing the gay agenda are becoming increasingly intolerant toward people who do not agree with their lifestyle.

The very people who preach tolerance are the most intolerant when it comes to differences based on morality, or when the name of Jesus is mentioned.  They are perfectly okay with mentioning “god.”  No one is upset with a generic “god.”  But watch out if you bring to the table Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible…

Delight in Truth has previously pointed out that with respect to homosexuality and gay marriage the battle in society has been lost, but Christians must continue to be a voice for the truth.  We must also continue to stand up for our constitutional rights to practice our faith, and hold to our opinions which are grounded in the Bible.

This is how can continue to shine a light in dark world.

How Progressive Christians Support Gay Marriage


Delight in Truth follower Mr. Propeller-head (here) brings to our attention how badly the Word of God is twisted by the progressives who try to find biblical support for gay marriage.

In an article on Patheos (here), a large forum on faith discussion, the Rev. Eric Smith out of Vanderbilt Divinity School, an ordained minister serving in the church and a PhD candidate in Biblical Interpretation wrote an article in support of gay marriage.

I will paste here his first point to show how pathetic the argument is:

There is no normative Biblical marriage. The Bible contains marriages between one man and one woman. But it also contains lots of other kinds of marriages—between soldiers and captives, a woman and her dead husband’s brother (seriously), between rape victims and their rapists, and, of course polygamy. In fact, if there is one major Biblical normative type of marriage, it is polygamy. Because of this, any claims that God’s plan is for marriage to be between one man and one woman will run into serious problems—namely, that it is not supported by the Biblical evidence.”

This is a PhD in Biblical Interpretation!

Here are a few of the comments:

…the bible says that with God *ALL* things are possible…so if *ALL* things are possible, why is it wrong for two people to love each other and want to be in a monogamous, committed relationship…even if they’re the same sex? Surely not EVERYONE was meant to populate the earth…otherwise, we’d be so overcrowded that we’d have all been done in long ago with not enough resources to support us all.”

“…like Eric says, “the Bible needs interpreting.” The moral-ceremonial distinction is an interpretive lens through which you read Scripture; it does not come from Scripture itself.”

“One of the best articles I’ve seen written yet. Thank you!”

You are not alone if you feel a holy anger under the category “be angry and do not sin” when you read such scriptural deformity.

The progressives will have us believe that God didn’t really mean what He said when He said that “man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” Gen 2:24

Do you remember who was the first to say “did God really say…?” Today the Rev. Smith is telling us “did God really mean…” for marriage to be only between a man an a woman?

Eerie in likeness to Satan’s approach.

The progressives of His day also challenged Jesus to allow them to break up the family unit in Matthew 19 and Jesus clearly tells them that God did not intend for that to happen, because in the beginning it was not so.

Be shocked how today’s so-called Christian progressives are reinterpreting Scriptures toward their own destruction.

2 Peter 2:1 “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed.”

On the Day of Silence, Speak the Gospel!

April 19th. Day of Silence.

Today is a day of activism in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community, when students who subscribe to this lifestyle and their allies will refrain from speaking the entire day at school.

It’s an act to show they are being suppressed, discriminated, bullied and hated for what they label as their natural orientation.

How should a Christian handle the silent treatment from your fellow students?

It is important to realize hate is a sin, so we are forbidden from hating, bullying or discriminating against anyone.

The most logical response for a Christian filled with the Holy Spirit is to speak the Gospel.

Tell them that Jesus loves them and that God put a natural law in their heart that convicts them of their life style. The inner struggle they have is precisely a result of this law.

I believe the reason so many GLBT folks are trying so hard to win the approval of the Church for this lifestyle is because deep, deep down they are struggling with the morality of their lifestyle. They are trying to somehow win support from the ultimate moral authority, God, so they appeal their case to the closest surrogates, us, the Christians.

God may use us to respectfully convey some moral conviction for an unnatural alternative lifestyle.

When they call you a bigot, a backwards idiot, and other names, respond in love and in truth. Shine the light on the Word of God as the reason you hold to your beliefs and reject any anti-gay label.

The truth is out there.

The truth is in every man’s heart according Paul in Romans 1.

The suppression of truth must end for salvation to arrive.

Farewell, Rob Bell

Following the release of Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins” back in 2011, pastor and theologian John Piper apparently foresaw the spiritual downward spiral that the popular pastor was about to undertake.

At the time, to the surprise of some, Piper tweeted this phrase: “Farewell, Rob Bell.

Two years later we realize that perhaps Piper prophesied, or at least made a very well-educated guess with respect to Bell’s future.

Bell made the talk show rounds denying all accusations of universalism (the doctrine claiming that all people will eventually end up in heaven), despite the questions and statements he made in his book.  But everything he has done since then shows that he believes in this false doctrine.

What happened to Bell in these past two years is a sad testimony to his fall.  He went from the pinnacle, that is the TIME magazine cover proclaiming him one of the most popular pastors in America, to loosing his Mars Hill pastorship (he claims he left at his own initiative) and toward failed attempts at putting together a TV show in Los Angeles.

But more sad is the fact that his true colors, perhaps rainbow colors, became evident this week.  He now fully affirms the love between homosexual couples and supports gay marriage.

Said Bell: “Yes, I am for marriage. I am for fidelity. I am for love, whether it’s a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man. I think the ship has sailed and I think that the church needs to just … this is the world that we are living in and we need to affirm people wherever they are.”

Taken in the context of “other ways of knowing God” described in his YouTube ad for his brand new book, we now have a totally different gospel, and likely a totally different religion than Christianity.

Rob Bell had time to repent and come to the cross and affirm Christ as the only possible means to the Father and to eternal life.  He chose instead to spiral further into heresy.  I still hope he comes to the cross and receives Jesus as Lord of his life, and recognizes Jesus as the only Mediator between man and God.

Until then… Farewell, Rob Bell…

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The Next Progressive Move: Normalizing Pedophilia

Delight in Truth friend and follower Gabe Bogdan draws our attention to the next item on the progressives’ agenda: the normalization of pedophilia as a sexual orientation.  The Los Angeles Times published a post titled “Many experts now view pedophilia as a sexual orientation,” and this is part of their attempt to exude sympathy toward sexual deviancy and one of the worst possible crimes one can imagine.

Let me be clear, this is not an isolated article or opinion.  This movement has gathered steam over the last decade and is closely linked to the gay agenda.  The American Psychiatric Association is the pocket of these progressives, and their meetings frequently address subjects like the stigmatization of the pedophile, the victimhood of the pedophile, the orientation and the needs of the pedophile, and other such subjects building the case for the normalization of pedophilic feelings.

The LA Times proceeds to publish this unholy statement meant to separate pedophilia and molestation:

“Not all pedophiles molest children. Nor are all child molesters pedophiles. Studies show that about half of all molesters are not sexually attracted to their victims. They often have personality disorders or violent streaks, and their victims are typically family members. By contrast, pedophiles tend to think of children as romantic partners…”

The editors at the left leaning, progressive LA Times allowed this statement in the article because they want to validate the point that pedophilia has a romantic basis.

It that not crazy?  Do they not have children of their own? How would they feel if pedophiles start eyeing their children… Hello?!  Satan’s progressive agenda has blinded them to the point of lack of logic.

Much like the homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism and transexuality have been accepted as orientations which come naturally to those who profess them, pedophilia is heading in that same direction among academicians. This is now a nefarious train with the inertia of the entire progressive movement behind it.

I predict we will hear arguments such as Jesus never spoke against pedophilic attraction in the Bible.  Or show me where in the Bible it says that it is a sin to have romantic feelings towards children.

I  predict that in 10-15 years romantic desires for children will be accepted as normal in many different levels of our society.  I simply do not want to imagine the possibility of a legal adult-child romantic relationship in the future.  I hope our society will never stoop that low.  I pray that the Holy Spirit and the Church which are still present in the world will restrain the impulse of depravity from reaching that point.

Our children need God’s protection and our protection from pedophiles, no matter what academicians and psychiatrists say about these twisted individuals.