California, the Progressive State

I understand that California is a progressive state, but some of its progressive moves simply defy logic.

Thanks to my friend Gabe Bogdan, allow me to illustrate.

Imagine your 4th grade daughter coming home crying because a couple of boys at school were using the girls bathroom at the same time as she was using it. Or that the opposing girls soccer team has a few boys on it and her team lost by a landslide.

You call the school to complain and the answer you get is that such is the law of the land. The school informs you that it must respect gender identity regardless of biological identity. If a boy feels he is girl inside, he must be allowed to use the girls locker room and bathroom, for example.

Such would be the outcome if assembly bill 1266 is legislated. Rep. Tom Ammiano who represents San Francisco has introduced this bill into the legislature, turning upside down the God-ordained law that He placed in our hearts.  The bill was read yesterday for the second time in the assembly, and will soon be read again.  Progressives will stop at nothing in their quest to suppress the truth as Paul tells us in Romans 1:18.

The question is why is there such a push to externalize sin?

This is nothing new after all.  This exact thing was happening in ancient Israel as they were practicing idolatry and homosexuality.  The prophet Isaiah prophesied against the progressives of that time using stern warnings. He identified their sin and the fact that they were proud of their sin…

“For the look on their faces bears witness against them; they proclaim their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them!” Isaiah 3:9

Delight in Truth feels that underneath this progressive movement there is a desire to get the religious establishment and if possible the Church to approve of alternative lifestyles.  This is happening because those who practice the LGBT lifestyle know deep-down inside that this is a rebellious state against God, and they are trying to gain some moral approval from the Church.

They are succeeding with some parts of the apostatic church.

True believers however, will not relent in their faith and biblical stance. We will continue to represent biblical truth, despite the labels.

We will continue to be in the world but not of this world.

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14 comments on “California, the Progressive State

  1. Delight in Truth dude… something happened last year.. you really can not keep up with all the weirdness comic out from every single corner…. I remember back in the 90s one of the biggest controversy was Murphy Brown deciding to ease a child by herself.. . White is black and black is white

  2. the world plunges into chaos… it’s bad enough, recently I saw a mom wait right outside the men’s rest room of a steak house, for her 8 year old to return from the men’s bathroom. This is a different world from just 10-15 years ago, when 8 year old boys have to be watched in a suburban family restaurant… because of the odds of sexual predators lurking in our midst. And then, what does the world propose? No gender and coed bathrooms. Ridiculous world indeed!

  3. As an old Marine I remember a taunt that would be sung when someone asked where are you from, California,” The land of fruits and nuts, where women are women and men try to be .”

    I am a native San Franciscan. They are still trying.

    • Manny I used to live in San Francisco… 4 years while in med school… The things I saw there in those clinics and hospitals cannot be described…. Depravity would be a nice term to use…

      • I lived in S.F. for 3 years back in the early 80’s. I taught at a little Christian school close to Geary St. I’ll never forget the day; the final bell had rung, and the man who had checked our fire extinguishers earlier in the day was standing outside of my classroom.

        I remember getting angry when he asked me out on a date. When I told him I was married, he ran for the exit. Never saw him again.

        It’s something I’ll never forget.

  4. If you want another “zinger”, check out the new California proposal AB460, which wants to ensure homosexual couples are able to qualify for infertility treatments that gets paid for by their insurance carrier.

    Our state is 16.5 billion dollars in debt, however, our “wonderful” legislators keep coming up with crazy laws rather than focusing on what’s truly important.

    It defies logic.

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