Open Rebellion Toward God

The fact that Washington Wizards center Jason Collins is the first active professional sports figure in American history to “come out” of the closet and declare he is gay is a major news story.  I guess.

But not nearly as major as ESPN analyst Chris Broussard (a good analyst, may I add) serving up a biblical commentary on the matter, ON LIVE TV!

ESPN knew that Broussard is Christian and set him up against an openly gay analyst to discuss the case… and Broussard did not disappoint.

Here is what he said:

“…you can’t live an openly homosexual lifestyle or open premarital sex between heterosexuals.”

“If you’re openly living that type of lifestyle, the Bible says you know them by their fruits, it says that that’s a sin.  If you’re openly living in unrepentant sin, whatever it may be, I believe that’s walking in open rebellion to God and Jesus Christ.”

“As a Christian, I don’t agree with homosexuality. I think it’s a sin,” said Broussard. “There are a lot of Christians in the NBA, and just because they don’t agree with that lifestyle, they don’t want to be called bigoted and intolerant.”

I am glad he did not delineate difference between sin.  Homosexual practice or premarital sex practice is sexual sin and unacceptable in the eyes of God.

I admire the fortitude that Chris Broussard had to stand up for biblical truth in this culture of acceptance of sin.  I expect a major backlash against his comments.  He will be called a bigot, a homophobe, a hater, and all kinds of negative words to describe the fact that he believes the Bible.

ESPN did this to increase their ratings at his expense, as he will now suffer because he stood up for his faith.

It remains to be seen if Chris Broussard will still have a job tomorrow.

The Bible is clear on the issue of living in sin.  Those who are children of God cannot persist in sin:

“No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God’s seed abides in him, and he cannot keep on sinning because he has been born of God.” 1 John 3:9

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6 comments on “Open Rebellion Toward God

  1. ESPN is a diverse workplace that practices fairness and equality. Even though, Broussard has a right to express his opinion, he did more bad than good to himself and his employer.

    That was a political statement shrouded under a veil of Christianity. If Broussard wanted to make a controversial statement of such magnitude, he should have waited until he was at church or on his private time.

    Furthermore, if one has to wait for a high profile controversy to embrace your faith, then one is a hypocrite. He talked about unrepentant sin. Is he Deity now? My Bible tells me that all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. Therefore, if there is an unrepentant sin, Christ died in vain.

    Thanks so much for sharing. God blesses.

    • Thanks for commenting Noel.

      What is also very interesting is that Broussard apparently made his views known before on twitter as he sometimes tweets about his faith and ESPN knew this. And they sort of set him up in that interview, they tried milk it out of him… You know to create controversy…

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