The Next Progressive Move: Normalizing Pedophilia

Delight in Truth friend and follower Gabe Bogdan draws our attention to the next item on the progressives’ agenda: the normalization of pedophilia as a sexual orientation.  The Los Angeles Times published a post titled “Many experts now view pedophilia as a sexual orientation,” and this is part of their attempt to exude sympathy toward sexual deviancy and one of the worst possible crimes one can imagine.

Let me be clear, this is not an isolated article or opinion.  This movement has gathered steam over the last decade and is closely linked to the gay agenda.  The American Psychiatric Association is the pocket of these progressives, and their meetings frequently address subjects like the stigmatization of the pedophile, the victimhood of the pedophile, the orientation and the needs of the pedophile, and other such subjects building the case for the normalization of pedophilic feelings.

The LA Times proceeds to publish this unholy statement meant to separate pedophilia and molestation:

“Not all pedophiles molest children. Nor are all child molesters pedophiles. Studies show that about half of all molesters are not sexually attracted to their victims. They often have personality disorders or violent streaks, and their victims are typically family members. By contrast, pedophiles tend to think of children as romantic partners…”

The editors at the left leaning, progressive LA Times allowed this statement in the article because they want to validate the point that pedophilia has a romantic basis.

It that not crazy?  Do they not have children of their own? How would they feel if pedophiles start eyeing their children… Hello?!  Satan’s progressive agenda has blinded them to the point of lack of logic.

Much like the homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism and transexuality have been accepted as orientations which come naturally to those who profess them, pedophilia is heading in that same direction among academicians. This is now a nefarious train with the inertia of the entire progressive movement behind it.

I predict we will hear arguments such as Jesus never spoke against pedophilic attraction in the Bible.  Or show me where in the Bible it says that it is a sin to have romantic feelings towards children.

I  predict that in 10-15 years romantic desires for children will be accepted as normal in many different levels of our society.  I simply do not want to imagine the possibility of a legal adult-child romantic relationship in the future.  I hope our society will never stoop that low.  I pray that the Holy Spirit and the Church which are still present in the world will restrain the impulse of depravity from reaching that point.

Our children need God’s protection and our protection from pedophiles, no matter what academicians and psychiatrists say about these twisted individuals.

12 comments on “The Next Progressive Move: Normalizing Pedophilia

  1. I think to understand the mental state of a pedophile is necessary to prevent them from harming children, but no one is trying to rationalize the act of molesting a child. If no progressive supporting homosexual have protected homosexual rapists and conservatives don’t support heterosexual rape, then why would you think these people are trying to justify molesting a child? They are trying to understand pedophiles, not give them the ok to harm children. History shows God blinds alot people more than Satan does.

    • Isaiah, no one is trying to justify molestation. But what the progressives including some at that APA are trying to do is to normalize pedophilia as a sexual orientation. Currently, the DSM V (the behemoth manual psychiatrists use for diagnosis) classifies pedophilia as a mental disorder. They are trying to negate that it is a disorder and classify in a more normal sense.

      In my view and that of any reasonable parent or human being, the attraction toward pre-pubescent children is sick and twisted. Truly a disorder.

      As for the jab about God… well… it is not God who blinds people. You may be referring to religion and blind religiosity.

      • There is a difference between a pedophile and a child molester, the same as a heterosexual and a rapist, as we both know.

        I think this is something to think critically about however.

        There are pedophiles who do exist who have not molested children and do not hope to. While I understand the issue of leniency towards pedophilia, I think with the amount that children are being abused, perhaps opening up more ideas and thoughts towards the mental state as opposed to making it black and white may lead to progression towards the issue of pedophilia.

        Child molesters have been around for years and even now it is not discussed on the large scale as it should, this mental state. Due to because it’s considered the absolute evil, which I do agree harming a child in any way is absolute evil.

        However, I do agree with the idea that perhaps reaching out to these men and women who have desires towards pre-pubsecent children may be a positive thing. The issue of molesting children is usually a quick process that is not studied or examined to the extent of serial killers or recently, adolescents committing mass shootings. This is because it’s an uncomfortable discussion and situation.

        I agree having sexual desires for a child is a sickness. Children cannot physically and therefore, psychologically fathom consensual sex therefore it is impossible. But reinventing how we approach pedophilia may be a key to preventing this from happening.

        Merely casting them out as sick, amoral people has not been too effective because alot of these children are victims themselves.

        And there is a big difference between homosexuality and pedophiles.

  2. Now they are allowing gays to be boy scouts instructors….imagine a guy going camping with a bunch of little girls…but I guess it is ok if a gay guy goes…smart a crazy world…. I read a study that the more a man watches pornography the more pro gay marriage he becomes …interesting don’t you think?

  3. This is an excellent post, you knew when the homosexual agenda advanced it would swing the doors wide open for every kind of perversion to demand acceptance and tolerance.

    it is wrong to label sexual sin/perverseness as an ‘orientation’, or ‘mental illness’. Anything outside the confines of what God ordained, man with woman in the covenant of marriage, is sin. Society re-labels and re-defines what the Bible clearly calls as sin in order to lessen the severity and to take away accountability. Sodomy is labeled as ‘gay’ and declared an orientation or alternate lifestyle, the slaughter of the unborn is defended as a woman’s right, drunkenness is defined as alcoholism with money sucking rehabs and failed 12 step programs leaving the sinner in their sins and still in bondage. What we must understand is this…all who sin are slaves to sin {John 8:34}; sin is a bondage that no man has the ability to free themselves from. Homosexuality is a sin, and it keeps the one who chooses it in bondage. Pedophilia is a sin, birthed out of the same place all sin is birthed out of…within our own hearts {see James 1:13-14 and Matthew 15:19-20}. Sin does not stem from mental illness, it stems from a depraved mind, a mind that is useless, worthless. Society cannot understand the origin of sin so it merely re-defines sin as this or that, and biblical truth is suppressed. The more truth is suppressed, the darker and more evil society becomes.

    There are some sermons by John MacArthur that I encourage all to view,
    first –
    2. –
    3. –

    • Thank you for visiting and for your comment. Society is excelling at taking depravity and relabeling it using more acceptable terms and suppressing the truth in the process! Thanks for the links.

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