On the Day of Silence, Speak the Gospel!

April 19th. Day of Silence.

Today is a day of activism in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community, when students who subscribe to this lifestyle and their allies will refrain from speaking the entire day at school.

It’s an act to show they are being suppressed, discriminated, bullied and hated for what they label as their natural orientation.

How should a Christian handle the silent treatment from your fellow students?

It is important to realize hate is a sin, so we are forbidden from hating, bullying or discriminating against anyone.

The most logical response for a Christian filled with the Holy Spirit is to speak the Gospel.

Tell them that Jesus loves them and that God put a natural law in their heart that convicts them of their life style. The inner struggle they have is precisely a result of this law.

I believe the reason so many GLBT folks are trying so hard to win the approval of the Church for this lifestyle is because deep, deep down they are struggling with the morality of their lifestyle. They are trying to somehow win support from the ultimate moral authority, God, so they appeal their case to the closest surrogates, us, the Christians.

God may use us to respectfully convey some moral conviction for an unnatural alternative lifestyle.

When they call you a bigot, a backwards idiot, and other names, respond in love and in truth. Shine the light on the Word of God as the reason you hold to your beliefs and reject any anti-gay label.

The truth is out there.

The truth is in every man’s heart according Paul in Romans 1.

The suppression of truth must end for salvation to arrive.

2 comments on “On the Day of Silence, Speak the Gospel!

  1. Clearly false. There is still a vast amount of bigotry, hatred, and heteronormativity. So the struggles we have are because of that. We mostly grow out of the struggles, as the bigotry recedes. Soon, it will only be in tiny parts of the church. Thank God.

    • You may be right that the “bigotry” may soon be only in small parts of the church as the church becomes increasingly lukewarm… But I challenge you to not see it as bigotry. It is the position of historic Christianity for nearly 2 millennia! It is the position of ap Paul in Scripture, it is the position of God when He gave the law to Moses….

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