Desiring God’s “Love Letter to a Lesbian” Disappoints


John Piper’s Desiring God ministry put the story of a young Christian who struggles with lesbianism in a place where it does not belong.  The Front Page (here).

Delight in Truth’s disappointment is not with the story of conversion, and her declarations about God and His redemption.

Also, there is no disappointment in the correct theology described in this well written article.

I am also not disappointed with the attempt at evangelizing those who are in open rebellion toward God, and who practice lesbianism.

I am disappointed with the fact that Desiring God is promoting a person who apparently came to Christ, but who has not yet mortified her desires for the same-sex as prescribed by Romans 8:13.

“For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.”

She provides Scripture supporting the idea that homosexuality is wrong, sinful and abominable, but admits a struggle with it.  This young woman has not yet been completely set free, while the possibility of being set free exists! Quote:

“There was a time in my walk with Christ where I experienced a lot of temptation about falling back into lesbianism. These temptations caused me to doubt God’s word. My temptations and desires began to become more real to me than the truth of the Bible. As I was praying and meditating on these things, God put this impression on my heart: “Jackie, you have to believe that my word is true even if it contradicts how you feel.” Wow! This is right. Either I trust in his word or I trust my own feelings. Either I look to him for the pleasure my soul craves or I search for it in lesser things. Either I walk in obedience to what he says or I reject his truth as if it were a lie.

The struggle with homosexuality is a battle of faith.”

She continues to struggle with these “lesser things” and feelings while she understands that they contradict God’s word.

Mortification of the flesh is not easy.  Anyone who struggles with this level of flesh desire should not be promoted as an example in what is otherwise an exemplary ministry by John Piper.

When a compulsive liar who lies and exaggerates everyday, one who cheats every year on his income taxes, one who lives a continuous lie experiences the new birth, he will put to death the old tendencies of his nature and not want to commit them again.

When a heavy smoker quits smoking after Christ becomes the center of his life, he no longer desires the old cravings.  Same with drug and alcohol addicts.

The solution for mortification of homosexual desire is found in the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. There are many examples of those who have achieved this, not on their own, but through God’s supernatural work in their lives.

These are the ones who should be promoted as examples of the complete work of regeneration by the Holy Spirit.

10 comments on “Desiring God’s “Love Letter to a Lesbian” Disappoints

    • Dear John, such claim is not made in the article. Scripture is clear in 1 John 1:8 “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us”

      However, a person regenerated by the Holy Spirit will not continue a lifestyle of sin. The example was given of the person who constantly cheats on income taxes, but after conversion he/she repents and will not continue that practice. Or the homosexual who repents, and despite temptation, he will not continue to live that lifestyle.

      1 john 3:9 “No one born of God makes a practice of sinning”

      I equate “practice of sinning” with persistence in unrepented sin.

      That is why in other articles I made clear that it is unbiblical to say that a homosexual in a committed gay relationship is at peace with God.

      I hope this explanation helps. Let me know if you disagree.

      • When a heavy smoker quits smoking after Christ becomes the center of his life, he no longer desires the old cravings. Same with drug and alcohol addicts.

        A statement like this one above seems a strange one to make, some times God removes the thorn, done times not. New birth does not equate to no more struggles with sin.


  1. the article from the young lady about her sexual struggle spoke of returning temptation, not sin. However even if she was again battling with sin this is the whole idea of mortification of sin. We are in a battle- the flesh does not go away nor does it die- it keeps on fighting every day until we die. This was the point of historic writers like Owen on the topic- that we fight this flesh and put it to death every day. It is not a one time battle. The resurgence of our flesh is the story of our lives. I applaud this young woman for her honesty in the battle. The reality of Paul expressed in Romans 7 is the battle of us all. Thanks be to God that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ even as we battle and sometimes fail. The good news is that we can live in Victory over sin- not in constant failure. However this battle will be the groan of our lives until his return.

  2. This article……no. Her story belonged here. Her story is a great story. Just because one accepts Christ, or is baptized into Christ or what have you, they don’t become Jesus, they don’t become perfect. Temptation will always exist, and anyone who claims they are not struggling is an absolute Liar, lying is a sin BTW. Look at one of Christ’s closest companions, Peter, even being in Christ’s presence, being his actual friend and follower, didn’t stop him from denying him, the struggle can remain, it’s our duty as followers of Christ to do or best to continue to struggle and not give in, the beauty of our relationship with our Lord and Savior is that we can ask God to forgive us when we fail. This is the most outrageous nonsense in have ever heard.

  3. Dear Delight in Truth writer (interesting that you don’t reveal your identity), please study God’s heart more closely before you write articles like this…you can cause many to stumble, and intentionally or unintentionally, and you will have to answer to God one day!

    • Ginger, could you please be more specific

      1. What makes you think I do not study God’s heart?

      2. What contradicts the Word of God in what I wrote?

      3. What does my identity have to do with anything (I am certainly not bothered by your lack of identity)?

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