Biola and Other Christian Universities Targeted by LGBT Agenda

It has been close to one year since the US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage the law of the land. The Court of course cannot make laws in the first place, but that is a discussion for another time.

Many thought it would be years before we see restrictions on churches and their ability to preach the gospel as it is written in the Bible, including sermons against homosexual practice. But some, including justices Scalia and Alito foresaw restrictions not only on churches but on Christian schools who uphold the traditional position on marriage and human relationships.

They were right.

The liberal legislature in California is trying to restrict funding to and potentially shut down Christian colleges like Biola University. These schools have sought exemptions from non-discrimination acts based on religious beliefs, but now those exemptions may be taken away if California lawmakers have their way.

Bills are being introduced targeting Biola, the flagship conservative evangelical university in California for discrimination against LGBT students. This is happening because Biola does not offer admissions for LGBT students and official recognition for LGBT associations and clubs on campus. Biola receives almost $3.7 million a year from the federal government which could be halted and the school potentially shut down for discrimination if these kind of bills are made into law.

Of note, many of these Christian universities also have religious exemptions banning co-habitation of unmarried couples and prohibiting admission to women who are pregnant out-of-wedlock.

The LGBT lobby in Sacramento wants to put an end to all of this “discrimination.”

They are not happy that Christian schools teach the Bible. They do not want Christian school to produce ministers who preach against their depraved view.

This is only the beginning. Wait until today’s elementary school students who are brainwashed in their classes by the LGBT agenda grow up and become our teachers, legislators and pastors.

Nevermind, that is already happening.

Today they are targeting schools for not enrolling open LGBT students. Tomorrow, churches.

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  1. Come JESUS come is all I can say in these seriuosly dark days we are living in. The spiritual evil forces at work are just overwhelming😯 But just knowing the Lord is ultimately in control gives me hope.

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  3. To najpierw cos pozytywnego .Regina Brett – tytul ksiazki Bog zawsze znajdzie ci prace.
    W tej ksiazce jest caly rozdzial o pracy zakonnic i prowadzonych przez nie szkolach ,grupach wsparcia dla alkoholikow , ktore sistry zakonne stworzyly , oraz o tym ,ze nie ma sensu przenosic sie ze zlych dzielnic tylko trzeba sie zastanowic co zrobic zeby te dzielnice byly lepsze.Ksiazke goraco polecam.
    W nowoczesnej i oswieconej Norwegii zabiera sie mlode biologicznym rodzicom ( rodzice czesto traca mlode za drobiazgi ) zeby dostarczyc mlode do zwiazkow ludzi tej samej plci.
    Moim zdaniem to jest ryzykowny eksperyment.
    W Polsce byly swego czasu glosne sprawy o pedofilie znanego biskupa oraz
    dyrygenta choru dla chlopcow.Poznanskie Slowiki spiewaly ladnie i dlatego tolerowano pedofilie szefa wiele lat ,choc wiedziano ,ze chlopcy spiewajacy w chorze byli wykorzystywani seksualnie.No coz – niestety jest wiele organizacji ktore zyja za ladnymi ,dobrze brzmiacymi fasadami.

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  5. As an educator for much of my career and as a Christian who believes God’s Word, the Bible, to mean what it says, I am still trying to believe that the definition of marriage has been changed in the United States of America.

    For 56 of my 57 years, marriage was always defined as being between a man and a woman. The scriptures are very clear on this subject and, if someone needs me to share the particular verses, I will. Marriage has not only been defined this way in my lifetime, but it has been the same all the way back to America’s beginning and before that. There have been a few exceptions. The False prophet Joseph Smith’s marital situation is one example. In spite of the law of the land, Mr. Smith disobeyed the law and he had to move from state to state to find “refuge” for his strange ideas.

    The results of this new definition will have a huge impact on education as this post by Delight shows. The unnatural is now the new “normal” and Christian beliefs will be questioned and tested.

    “The LGBT lobby in Sacramento wants to put an end to all of this ‘discrimination.’”

    When I moved from California to America’s Bible Belt 20 years ago, part of the reason was the way I saw education heading in the wonderful state in which I had grown up. My daughter was almost ready to start kindergarten and I had an opportunity for a better life outside of the “Golden State.”

    Before the redefinition of marriage, things were becoming less “Christian” in the public schools almost everywhere in the U.S. There were many places, however, where morals seemed somewhat based on Christianity even if wasn’t allowed overtly in those schools.

    Now, the floodgates are open.

    Thankfully, my children have both graduated from high school and are seeking different pursuits. One is in college still and wants to follow his parents footsteps; He wants to teach history. In his lifetime, the ungodly redefinition of marriage will almost certainly affect the way he teaches or if he even teaches at all. I may be biased because he is my son, but I think he would make a great teacher. His professors think the same. What will he do if he is forced to teach something that he believes is sin? And what about what they will teach my children’s children if I am so blessed?

    This subject has huge implications on public and private education in my country. It is a country that has turned its back on God. No country that has done this in the past has had a favorable outcome. I am very concerned and have been for some time now.

    I recently saw this article at a theological discussion group that I comment on occasionally: (My comment follows)

    “I would like to know how Christian public school teachers are responding to this.

    “Parents throughout the ages have made financial sacrifices to help their children learn. Some learned a lot of big words at an early age. Unfortunately, now they want to teach big words to the masses.

    “They are ugly words.”

  6. Since the header on the top of this page is about Norway, I’m sorry to add this sad point to the one that Delight has made above.

    Same-sex marriage has been legal in Norway since 2009. Norway was the 6th country in the world to allow it at that time. Now there are 22 countries, including almost the entirety of the Western Hemisphere, that allow same-sex marriage. Here is the list:

    1 The Netherlands: April 1, 2001
    2. Belgium: June 1, 2003

    3. Spain: July 3, 2005
    4. Canada: July 20, 2005

    5. South Africa: November 30, 2006

    6. Norway: January 1, 2009
    7. Sweden: May 1, 2009

    8. Portugal: June 5, 2010
    9. Iceland: June 27, 2010
    10. Argentina: July 22, 2010

    11. Denmark: June 15,2012

    12. Brazil: May 14, 2013
    13. France: May 29, 2013
    14. Uruguay: August 5, 2013
    15. New Zealand: August 19, 2013
    16. United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland) 2013
    17. French Guiana: 2013

    18. Luxembourg: June 18, 2014
    19. Finland: November 28, 2014 (Note: Gay marriage will become legal in Finland from 2017 through a bill passed this year.)
    12. Ireland: May 23, 2015
    21. The United States (2015)
    22. Greenland, an autonomous territory of Denmark (2015)


    Things are moving in the wrong direction quickly.

    Here is the main reason I wanted to mention this as I think it a main reason for morality issues in Norway:

    “Norway’s Lutheran church votes in favor of same-sex marriage”

    This is a headline from one publication printed just over two months ago.


    Why do I think this is important? It is important because 3/4ths of Norway population belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway.

    The article states that:

    “In a vote at the annual conference of the Norwegian Lutheran Church on Monday 88 delegates out of 115 in total backed same-sex marriage.”

    This is 3/4ths of the church delegates in the church that makes up the same percentage of Norway’s population.

    The article also stated that:

    “Under the new rules, priests who do not want to marry a same-sex couple will still have the right to object.”

    At least this is something.

    This is where America stands according to Pew Research:


    When looking at this source, one sees two things, the larger “religious” groups in America still oppose same-sex marriage.

    However, if this number is true, it is not only “Houston that has a problem.”

    American numbers:

    “Overall, a solid majority of white mainline Protestants (62%) now favor allowing gays and lesbians to wed, with just 33% opposed, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey. A similar share (63%) say there is “no conflict” between their religious beliefs and homosexuality.”

    Another study by Pew showed a similar number for Catholics:


    “Roughly six-in-ten Catholics (58%) now support same-sex marriage, as do nearly two-thirds of white mainline Protestants (64%).”

    Anyone interested in this topic should click on the link just above. It shows that the younger a person is the more they tend to favor same-sex marriage.

    Thus, the percentage of church members who favor same sex marriage in America is similar to the percentage of church members who favor same-sex marriage in Norway.

    Conclusion: Same-sex marriage was not legal anywhere in the world 17 years ago. Today, there are 22 countries where it is legal. They are all important countries. There has been an important change in our world in the past two decades.

    Another conclusion: Churches in Norway are more likely to marry a same-sex couple than an American one but not by much.

    Question: Why is the child care system at least 4 times worse in Norway than it is in America. I am basing this solely on foster care numbers. If the percentages were based on treatment of caring parents by child care systems, there seems to be even a greater disparity.

    Finally, as a Christian who believes the Word of God is clear on the subject of Marriage being between one man and one woman, it is difficult to watch the rapid change in the world on this important, God ordained institution.

    • Chris, you may remember that a couple of years ago, the lesbian mayor of Huston, TX submitted a subpoena to evangelical pastors in the city to submit all their recent sermons outlines to the mayor’s office. The reason? They wanted to review to see which churches preach against the homosexual lifestyle. There was a huge backlash against the move and the mayor never followed through with it…

      • I remember the story, Delight, but I didn’t remember that it happened in Houston. I was only using the “old saying” here, as you may have guessed. Unfortunately, was fitting for that large city in Texas.

        We need this kind of backlash over an ungodly law like the redefinition of marriage.

      About Norway now having same sex marriage and the ceremony performed in a church: While legally defined “marriage” with the possibility of religious acceptance has only existed a few years, the legal part of it is actually older. Its name was “registered partnership”. The law concerning it was in force from 1993, until it was revoked in 2009 by the change in the marriage law.
         The registered partnership law was a kind of forerunner. The law made it possible for same sex partners to obtain some practical rights, so that for example the partners could regulate inheritance, tax, property rights and insurance to each other’s benefit.
         I think these were quite reasonable needs of ordinary social life, they need have nothing to do with one’s views of religion if one grants other people who do not agree with oneself about religion, the freedom to organise their lives if it is without undue negative effect on one’s own. I see it as quite different to attitudes and legislation regarding children, where – as I am sure you can “guess” – I hold children to have a very important right to their own biological parents and not to the pretense that just any caregivers are equal to parents if they care well for the child.

      I have looked up some wntries about Biola University and I see from Wikipedia that it is quite old, and has been in financial trouble before, albeit in the time of the great depression.
      One thing is funding. I quite see that that may be just a first step, but how closely do you think it ties up with moves to force such colleges/universities to close down?

      • “While legally defined “marriage” with the possibility of religious acceptance has only existed a few years, the legal part of it is actually older. Its name was ‘registered partnership’. The law concerning it was in force from 1993, until it was revoked in 2009 by the change in the marriage law.”

        I appreciate your comment, Marianne.

        I had read this information and the only part I hadn’t caught was that the 1993 situation had been revoked. No such “registered partnership” law existed nationwide in America, that I’m aware of, and I knew that I could have used this information to show that Norway was “ahead” of us in this area. I chose to stay with a date for a redefinition of marriage. Now, I am glad that that you have mentioned it. It is telling.

        “I think these were quite reasonable needs of ordinary social life, they need have nothing to do with one’s views of religion if one grants other people who do not agree with oneself about religion, the freedom to organise their lives if it is without undue negative effect on one’s own.”

        Many Christians in America saw “partnership” type legislation as not against the Biblical definition, but as a step towards the redefinition of marriage. Many American had already suggested national “partnership” type laws but we skipped that went straight to the redefinition of marriage. I think there were “partnership” type laws in some places in America and I will check to what degree that this is true or not as time allows. They weren’t nationwide like they were in Norway if I remember correctly.

        “I see it as quite different to attitudes and legislation regarding children, where – as I am sure you can ‘guess’ – I hold children to have a very important right to their own biological parents and not to the pretense that just any caregivers are equal to parents if they care well for the child.’

        “I have looked up some entries about Biola University and I see from Wikipedia that it is quite old, and has been in financial trouble before, albeit in the time of the great depression.”

        I considered going to Biola as I was a Christian living in California. I choose another college, Marianne.

        “One thing is funding. I quite see that that may be just a first step, but how closely do you think it ties up with moves to force such colleges/universities to close down?”

        This is a good question, Marianne.

        The redefinition of marriage has opened up all sorts of possible litigation against anything that would take a stand against it.
        Christians know that the Bible defines “marriage” as between one man and one woman. As God’s law is higher than man’s law, Christians now find themselves in a peculiar situation.
        Some who take the name “Christian” don’t really care what the Bible says and support the redefinition of marriage.
        Others, like me, are concerned about things like removal of past funding.
        At the same time, my pastor has said that he will give up the tax-exempt status of our church if he is not allowed to preach the entire Word of God only because it helps some financially.

        I think every church will eventually have to make such a decision but I hope I am wrong.

        Back to your question… it is similar to the “partnership laws” that you had that preceded the redefinition of marriage in you country. It was a “first step” as you have put it and many Christians are concerned about the Biola story and others like it for the same reason.

        I think there are close similarities but I hope I am wrong. Only the future will tell how prominent cases like the Biola case become. Thus far, they are not common throughout America. California is more “leftist” than many states in the U.S.

        After the ruling that redefined marriage in the U.S. not that long ago, it was obvious that many states lost their autonomy in such decisions. Many states would not have passed such a law, at least, at that point.

        • The 1993 legislation being revoked does not mean that the rights it provided for were taken away, but that the changes in the marriage law mad it unnecessary to have a separate law for same sex partners.
             No doubt many people saw the registered partnership as a first step towards a merging of it with marriage. Others didn’t. I think that when we live in a secular state with freedom of religion and freedom for people to make their living arrangements independent of religion, society does well to provide a framework for people’s “civil and secular” concerns (like the ones I mentioned) which makes for more stable modes of living with relatively stable and ordered relationships. (Perhaps I really prefer a more total separation of state and church(es) than I have been thinking I did.)

          Chris: “The redefinition of marriage has opened up all sorts of possible litigation against anything that would take a stand against it.”
             Surely any government in America would have trouble doing that in an outright way, as long as the institution is of independent funding? I know that governments and various people often want to straight-jacket everybody and everything, but?

        • I can see why a nation with little Christian foundation would have two different living arrangements independent of religion.

          From different and good sources, I recently found out the Norway is much less Christian than America. Both countries have those who consider themselves Christians but they don’t go to church and wouldn’t be able to tell you where the 10 commandments are in the Bible.

          Does that make them Christian or not? God will be the judge of that someday. I make judgments about many things based on God’s Word and common sense but on the issue of salvation I don’t even climb the first of a thousand rungs to get into such a position. I’ll admit that Knut has tried very hard to push me to a salvation judgement about him. Even though I find it highly unlikely that he is a Christian because of his statements here, I and no other but God, can judge his soul. I may have made some people think I have judged his salvation and if I have written anything where I specifically made such a judgement, I would like to know and make sure I clarify or even make an apology if necessary.

          I think there are remnants in Both countries although it seems like the one in Norway is much smaller when it comes to percentage of the population.

          On the funding issue, my pastor has stated that he would give up the church’s tax-exempt status to retain the right to speak freely. He would not say such a thing unless the other leaders allowed it.

          As all religious organizations in America have tax-exempt status, as far as I know, I think there will be a huge uproar if an attempt is taken to remove it.

          The true Church of Jesus Christ resides not in one particular building or a number of them put together. The true Church are a group of people that only God knows. Christians look for evidence or fruit to decide which church to attend.

          Thank you for your comment, Marianne.

    • Dlaczego system jest 4 razy gorszy niz w Ameryce ?Bo kryja sie tam rozne cele.Na przyklad regulowanie kto moze a kto nie osiedlac sie w Norwegii.Jezeli Norwegia nie chce zeby osiedlilo sie duzo Polakow to tym ktorzy sie osiedlili porywaja mlode.To zniecheca innych do osiedlania sie .Pracuja ale nie sciagaja rodzin do Norwegii.
      Dwa.W systemie jest duzo pieniedzy na rodziny zastepcze .Porywaja duzo mlodych i rozdzielaja je wsrod swoich znajomych i rodziny w celach zarobkowych .To nie jest altruizm , to biznes.400000 – 600000 koron rocznie to duzo pieniedzy , a tyle moze dostac rodzina zastepcza za wziecie jednego mlodego .Trzy .Norwegowie zawsze niszczyli mniejszosci i ich dzieci.Uwazaja , ze mozna pozbyc sie zebrakow jak im zabiora dzieci.To dziala , Rumuni i Cyganie wyjechali.Cztery .Terror.Ludzie sie boja barnevernet i siedza cicho , nie protestuja .Boja sie wychylic.Jest spokoj.Piec .Znorweszczanie dzieci .Wiecej dzieci rodza obcokrajowcy ( 3,8 na rodzine islamska , 1,8 na rodzine norweska )Jak dziecko wyrosnie w norweskiej rodzinie to to bedzie Norweg niezaleznie od koloru skory , czy rysow twarzy.Szesc.Grupy interesow nie lubia tracic zarobkow.Na pewno taniej jest uciszyc krytykow niz zmienic system .Siedem .Co zrobic z duza grupa ludzi ,ktorzy sa nauczeni dzialac w ten sposob.Ci ludzie maja wyprane mozgi i dopoki sa na swoich stanowiskach to zawsze beda dzialac tak jak dotad.Zmiana przepisow nic tu nie zmieni.A to jest bardzo duza grupa ludzi.Osiem.Wrodzona brutalnosc , dla ktorej jest pelna akceptacja spoleczna.Patologiczna norweska solidarnosc, nie wolno ukarac swojego , bo zrobil krzywde obcemu .Klasyfikowanie obcych jako gorszych , nie nalezy im sie takie samo traktowanie jak Norwegom.Zupelna obojetnosc Norwegow dla krzywdzenia obcych.I pewnie jeszcze wiele innych przyczyn

  7. So Chris,you got the scene all by your self. No one to quarrel with?
    How fun is that?
    I wish you the best.
    And by the way,many in here have for sure a diagnose!!!

    With the best regards from Topsy

    • It is nice when it is quiet, Topsy.

      It is not fun to not quarrel, but it is peaceful.

      Thank you for your kind wishes.

      I think I understand your diagnose statement but I’m not sure what you mean. If it is what I think it means, you know I would disagree with you.

      God blessings to you…

    • Topsy, what do you think about the tension between freedom to express your religious views in a PRIVATE institution vs having that institution shut down BECAUSE of your religious views?

  8. Nikt sie nie kloci , nikt nie zastrasza , nikt nie obraza dyskutujacych .Sa feria i lato .Czesc moze jest zajeta podrozowaniem.Wroca na forum po letnim wypoczynku.
    W Norwegii roznica sredniej dlugosci zycia Norwega i obcokrajowca rozni sie jakies 12 lat.Norwegowie zyja srednio dluzej 12 lat.W Ameryce srednia dlugosc zycia miedzy bialymi i ciemnoskorymi Amerykanami to 6 lat.Wytlumaczeniem jest rasizm ( na przyklad trudnosci z uzyskaniem porad medycznych) Norwegii 12 a w Ameryce 6.Czyli w Norwegii rasizm jest 2 razy wiekszy.Ja do tego tematu powroce pozniej ,poniewaz ktos na forum watpil w rasizm w Norwegii.
    W Norwegii stosunek przymusowych sterylizacji do liczby ludnosci byl najwiekszy ( w porownanaiu do innych krajow ).Ilosc dzieci przejetych przez system bv w stosunku do liczby ludnosci jest tez najwieksza.
    Patologiczna tendencja w spoleczenstwie jest utrzymana na takim samym poziomie.
    O rezultacie zabierania dzieci biologicznym rodzicom ( za drobiazgi ) i przekazywania tych dzieci w rece par jednoplciowych przekonamy sie w przyszlosci.Na razie to jet moim zdaniem niebezpieczny eksperyment.

    Ciekawa sprawa jest historia pewnego banku spermy.Najpopularniejszym tatusiem jest tam Dunczyk – jasna skora , typ polnocny.Ma on najwieksze powodzenie wsrod pan , wiec bedzie miec najwiecej dzieci.Ten czlowiek musi byc fotogieniczny ,bo jego zdjecie ma najwieksze powodzenie.W rzeczywistosci to czlowiek samotny , bez powodzenia u pan , raczej nieporadny.Wybor naturalny -to teraz ladne zdjecie w banku spermy.
    Tak radza sobie panie.Panowie pozostajacy w stalych .zalegalizowanych zwiazkach organizuja sobie mlode przez bv.Ciekawe czasy teraz mamy.

  9. Pozwole sobie zacytowac Reginke ( Regina Brett -Bog zawsze znajdzie ci prace) – mam nadzieje ,ze nie bedzie sie gniewac.To jest ogloszenie o prace z jej ksiazki
    Rozdzial zatytulowany -Bog wciaz do nas mowi

    Nie oferujemy wynagrodzenia , zadnych rekompensat,nawet dnia urlopu , zadnego planu emerytalnego – jedynie duzo ciezkiej pracy , kiepskie zakwaterowanie , niewiele pociechy , mnostwo rozczarowan , czeste choroby oraz gwaltowna lub samotna smierc.
    Coz to za pracodawca ?Zgromadzenie Siostr Ofiarowania Najswietszej Maryi Panny. Jak sie pewnie domyslacie , zakonnice to twarde zawodniczki….Katolickie zakonnice stworzyly najwiekszy system szkolnictwa prywatnego w Stanach Zjednoczonych.Zalozyly okolo 100 uniwersytetow.Podczas wojny secesyjnej opiekowaly sie zolnierzami walczacymi zarowno po stronie Unii , jak i Konfederacji.Pewna siostra zakonna zalozyla Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe dla drwali ,zeby byli objeci opieka medyczna . Inna miala udzial w wynalezieniu inkubatora.Kolejna przyczynila sie do powstania klinika Mayo . Siostra Henrietta Gorris ktora pomagala w odbudowie dzielnic biedoty po zamieszkach na tle rasowym w Cleveland w 1966 roku , kierowala sie w zyciu mottem , ktore pozostaje aktualne do dzis w zubozalych centrach miast : ,, Nie zmieniaj dzielnicy na lepsza , tylko na lepsze.,,.Jeszcze inna zakonnica pryczynila sie do uruchomienia programu AA w Akron. …..
    Koniec cytatu.Pragne go polecic 3000 Norwegow ktorzy wyprowadzili sie z domow , zmienili miejsce zamieszkania po naplywie obcokrajowcow do Oslo.Hold avstant – utrzymuj odleglosc zwyciezylo.No i jescze zapraszam na wycieczke na cmentarz Høybråten .Widac tam wyraznie potrzebe Norwegow do zachowania odleglosci.Nie wiem jak tam jest dzis ,ale kiedy bylam tam przed kilku laty to trawnik odzielajacy groby Norwegow od grobow islamskich mial kilkanascie metrow szerokosci .Taka posmiertna potrzeba dystansu od obcych.

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  11. I jeszcze to ….
    Z ksiazki … Dum og andre steder i Norge.
    Glupi i inne miejsca w Norwegii.To jest ksiazka o dziwnych nazwach miejscowosci norweskich.
    Najsmieszniejsza nazwa to ….Spermbanken

    Ale mamy w Norwegii rowniez : New York , Amerika , Homo , Rumpa ( pupa ) , Alvoret ( alvor – powazny ) ,Island ,India , Paradis , Perfekt , Utro ( niewierny ) , Tro (wiara) , Dum ( glupi ) , Helvete ( pieklo ) , Tyskland , Kreta , Rompeskogen , Nesten ( prawie ) ,Rio , Verdens Ende ( koniec swiata ) …
    W sumie ksiazka zawiera 142 smieszne nazwy miejsc w Norwegii .
    A teraz mozecie kogos zapytac : Skad jestes ? Z ..Spermabanken … ved Nesodden

  12. I would say that if you want to get some grants from the state or the federal government, you should comply with the rules of the society. Otherwise the university should operate without the contribution of the society which values have been so bad according to this religious education institution rules, shouldn´t it? Personally, I think that LGBT people do not any harm to the others and it is important to live consistently with their identity (you are born as LGBT person).

  13. If you take a look on the 10-point plan made by Alice Baikey for the destruction of Christianity you find teaching as area to form the brain for the future generation:

    Change curriculum to ensure that children are freed from the bondage of Christian culture. Why? Because children go to school to be equipped to face life, they are willing to trust and they are willing to value what is being given to them.
    If you take God out of education, they will unconsciously form a resolve that God is not necessary to face life. They will focus on those things the school counts them worthy to be passed on and they will look at God as an additional, if one can afford the additional.
    N.B. Today they introduce Transcendental Meditation (TM) in schools which takes children to altered states of consciousness to meet with demons (spirit guides) = New Age.

    Teachers are the agents of implementation – from workshops, teachers tell children, “Your parent has no right to force you to pray or read the Bible, you are yourself, have a right of your own, you need to discover yourself, self-expression, self-realization, self-fulfilment are all buzz words.”
    In the West when the child is 7 years, the teachers begin to say to the child “you have a right to choose whether you want to follow the faith of your parents or not, parents are not allowed to enforce their faith upon you.” Question is, what type of decision can a 7 year old make?

    Promote sexual promiscuity – free young people to the concept of premarital sex, let them have free sex, lift it so high that the joy of enjoying it (sex) is the highest joy in life, fantasize it, that everybody will feel proud to be seen to be sexually active, even those outside of marriage. This is contrary to the word of God which says “… But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as is fitting for saints… for this you know, that no fornicator, unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.” (Ephesians 5: 3-5)

    Alice Bailey preached (over 65 years ago) that sexual enjoyment is the highest pleasure in humanity, no one must be denied and no one must be restricted how to enjoy themselves. People should be allowed in whichever way they chose they want, whether it is homosexuality or in incest or bestiality, as long as the two agree.
    In the world today so many laws have been made that promote homosexuality and give so much freedom to gay rights, that a time will come when it is illegal for a preacher to mention homosexuality as an abomination in the eyes of God, or to read scriptures publicly that talk about homosexuality. At the International scene, Western nations now sanction African countries that have resisted homosexuality, with threats of withdrawing foreign aid and investments. Today many churches marry gays/lesbians and ordain gay priests.
    According to the Bible, this is an abomination before the eyes of God.
    “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22)
    “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them. (Leviticus 20:13)

    Yesterday Norway and Oslo had a yearly gathering for the rights to live in not Godgiven lifestyle called Pride. This year they got more people in this march than on our National Day. One of the participants was Knut Arild Hareide from the more or less Christian party – Krf. He can be seen in a light blue shirt on the video following. The Lutheran Church was represented – as the Arny and the Police – likewise the Acedemia – it was more or less a presentation of representatives from almost all citizens. The people that don’t like this change are looked upon as non tolerant and not for eqality.

    As a contrast – we in Bergen have had a wonderful week with among others this viistor – here on Festplassen sharing the gospel – it’s now or never – the message must come out to the Godforsaken people anno 2016 – this man and others give us motivation

    • Again you have spelled someone’s name wrong, Knut. I know of whom you had written even before I saw you spell it correctly later. She was a woman with ungodly views and she restarted many old ideas that have made her well-known.

      If Alice’s ideas become widespread, the world will be in desperate need of God’s intervention. It would be a horrible thing.

      I have not watched the videos here but I may have time to come back to see what you have put up here, Knut.

      According to your words, however, for a person who calls themselves a “Christian” to be involved in supporting a gathering like this shows that they have not read simple Biblical principles or that they choose to go against them.

      This gathering in Oslo does not represent something “Godgiven.” In fact, the opposite is true when the scriptures are presented.

      Once again, you attempt to confuse us, Knut. You have done a good job of it. You put the gay pride parade on the top and sound like you are against such things. In my view, your view on this issue here is another attempt to make some think that you may be sympathetic towards a Christian view.

      I don’t understand how someone sympathetic towards a Christian view can continually defend your employer’s methods.

  14. Ciesze sie ,ze wszyscy sa obecni.Pozdrawiam
    Ja bym sie tak bardzo przyszloscia nie martwila , moze byc roznie .Biorac pod uwage masowe fale emigracji .- nie wiadomo w jakim kierunku sytuacja sie rozwinie.Czy bedzi tak jak to przewidzial Jeans Raspail w ksiazce wydanej pierwszy raz w 1973 – Oboz swietych opisujacej milionowa fale ludzi z Indii do Francji .
    Czy raczej bardziej zgodna z prawda bedzie Uleglosc -Houllebecqa.
    A jak ktos lubi o bogu syntetycznym , doznaniach Boga wywolanych srodkami halucynogennymi to znajdzie wiecej w Syntetyczny Bog -Aldous Huxley

    A na razie mamy w Oslo ludzi ktorzy sie czuja tak jak by mieszkali w obcym kraju. Fremmed i eget land – Halvor Fosli
    No to na zmartwienia troche muzyki
    You tube 300 mil do nieba Michal Lorenc

  15. Swiat przyszlosci to wysokie temperatury i braki jedzenia.A jak ktos bedzie chcial miec dzieci to bedzie musial sie postarac o dobrego fotografa ,zeby jego zdjecie bylo najladniejsze w banku spermy.

  16. Til Knut -kan De forklare hva som skjer?
    Det er fra kommentarer fra barnefjern:

    Jan Hansen
    -Statistikken viser at nesten 80% av de som har vaert under BV klarer seg dårlig i voksen alder.

    Edvard Stustad:
    -Og det er barnevernet og retsakkyndig som blir trodd og IKKE foreldre og Deres vitner.Hadde barnevernet jobbet for de barna som trenger det , så hadde det ikke vaert nØdvendig å protestere mot barnevernet for ikke å snakke om alle de unedvendige barna og foreldre som lider unØdvendig.

    Steinar HANSEN
    -Samtidig viser et forsknings prosjekt at 8 av 10 fanilier som får ,,hjelp,, fra barnevernet sier de er fornØyd med tiltakene de får og med samarbeidet me barnevernet.Dette forskningsprosjektet har svaert liten verdi.Hvorfor ?Jo , IKKE ETT ENESTE BARN/FAMILIE SOM ER FRATATT OMSORGEN VED TVANG VAR MED PROSJEKTET.

    Audun Haug Nilsen
    -Pedo-jegere vet Vi at trengs , men BV gjør mer vondt , det helt klar av ststistikken som sier at hver 40 barn taes ,at 100 nyfØdte i året taes , og at slekt så å si ALDRI prioriteres over andre lØsninger , og om du stØtter opp under fotfatningen so den så er du enforraeder av alt som heter rettskafenhet utenomrettslige dommstoler, tap , av ordinaere rettigheter standarden og ingen SANKSJONEN MOT DOMMERE som åpenbart begår JUSTISMORD ? Dette er et folkemord , og om du ikke vemmes , så er du en fiende av meneskehetten selv og trenger å fjerne deg fra offentlighetens granskende søkelys.
    Hva mener du ? Fremdeles mener du at det er ,,barnes beste ..?

  17. Under lØrdagens Ptide-paradde i Oslo fikk Solveig Horne en kake kastet i fjeset.
    S.Horne fikk en kakebunn fylt med barbarskum kastet i hodet.
    En britisk kvinne ble pågrepet få minutter senere av to politimenn i sivil som TILFELDIGVIS var på åstedet.
    Stafferamer er intilti år.
    Angrepet er på den måten et angrep på DEMOKRATISKE VERDIER .
    Det er angrep på DEMOKRATIET.

    Podczas pride -parade w Oslo Solvei Horne dostala ciastkiem w twarz.W pania Horne pewna brytyjka rzucila ciasto z piana do golenia.Kilka minut pozniej brytyjka zostala zlapana przez 2 policjantow w cywilu , ktorzy byli tam PRZYPADKOWO.
    Kobieta moze otrzymac wyrok do 10 lat .Wladze oceniaja to jako atak na DEMOKRACJE !!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wszyscy sie przeniesli na blog Chrisa to ja mam scene dla siebie …..dopoki ktos wyzej nie wlaczy guzika – kasuj .Ale moze cos przemyce…
    1 Sprawa Nadii i decyzja sadu o odebraniu jej dziecka przypomina mi brutalnosc upadajacego RPA.Systemy upadajace robia sie brutalne.
    2 Wylonil sie ciekawy artykul na .Policja denerwuje sie ze nie dochodza do nich skargi zwiazane z gwaltami .Powinny byc zgloszenia o gwaltach -a ich nie ma .Policja jest swiadoma ze gwalty sa ,dziwi sie tylko ze nie ma zgloszen.I w zwiazku z tym napisala list do instytucji barnevernet posadzajac ich ( na pewno slusznie ) o prowadzenie dochodzenia samodzielnie czyli wyreczanie policji.Sprawa jest o tyle ciekawa , ze informuje o :
    -swiadomosci policji o gwaltach zdarzajacych sie w instytucjach pod zarzadem barnevernet
    -swiadomosci , ze sa proby tuszowania spraw przez barnevernet
    -oraz , ze policja musi byc w posiadaniu jakis statystyk na te tematy.
    Jednym slowek jest tak – pomimo ,ze policja jest swiadoma co sie dzieje w instytucjach barnevernet to jednak uczestniczy w porywaniu dzieci biologicznym rodzicom i dostarczaniu dzieci do instyticji BV.Krotko mowiac dostarcza dzieci do miejsc gdzie -jest swiadoma, ze dzieja sie gwalty.
    Pytanie dlaczego to robia ?

  19. Uwagi do dyskutujacych mam takie :
    1 Oktawian podziekowaj za wsparcie To nie tak .To ja jestem Wam protestujacym , organizatorom i wszystkim wspierajacym ten sluszny opor -BARDZO WDZIECZNA.Sledze co tu sie dzieje za fasada ,,barnas beste ,, od wielu lat i nie mam cienia watpliwosci po ktorej stronie czlowiek powinien stac .
    2 Zastanawiam sie nad okreslaniem BV slowem ,,nazisci ,,
    Rozumiem ze w pojeciu wielu osob jest to granica brutalnosci , ze nie moze juz byc nic gorszego.Moze.Odsylam Panstwa do trylogii NådelØse nordemenn .Jest to 3 czesciowa trylogia opisujaca bardzo dokladnie wspolprace Norwegow z Niemcami (nazistami ) w czasie drugiej wojny swiatowej.NådelØse Nordmenn to bezlitosni Norwegowie,
    Cesc 1 Statpolitiet stron 1007
    Czesc 2 Hirden stron 914
    Czesc 3 Gestapo stron 1159
    To jest jakies 3000 stron opisow wspolpracy Norwegow z Niemcami podczas
    2 wojny swiatowej .Opisy brutalnosci Norwegow .I reakcji Nazistow ktorzy musieli ta brutalnosc tepic, temperowac , poniewaz sami byli nia przerazeni.
    Czyli nazisci byli przerazeni brutalnoscia Norwegow i probowali z ta brutalnoscia walczyc. Czyli slowo ,,nazista ,, – nie jest dolna granica.Slowo Norweg w niekrorych przypadkach jest gorsze,

  20. I odcinek 3 – jak do tego doszlo ,ze osob protestujacych jest 250 w Oslo a osob znecajacych sie nad dziecmi i nie tylko nad nimi – duzo wiecej .Dlaczego w tym spoleczenstwie jest bardzo duzo genow brutalnosci i niewiele.oporu.
    Jest to moja koncepcja .
    Kamienne kregi .Bylo ich w Norwegii duzo ,zostaly 4.W kamiennych kregach znajdowane sa ludzkie popioly.Nie duzo czyli nie byly to miejsca masowych kremacji .Raczej jest tych popiolow nieduzo czyli mozemy tu mowiec o jakiejs specjalnej kremacji .Jak panstwo pamietaja Norwegowie poswiecali kiedys ludzi jako ofiary dla Bogow.Niechetnie sie do tego przyznaja , ale to prawda.Zyla sobie grupa ludzi i jeden byl palony jako ofiara dla Bogow.Podejrzewam . ze zywcem , w kamiennym kregu.Ofiara dla Bogow .Czy moze sposob na podporzadkowanie sobie grupy ?Bo jednego trzeba bylo spalic ,ale kogo ? O tym decydowali rzadzacy grupa i wybierali na pewno osobe najbardziej niepokorna ,.Palono wiec geny krytycznego myslenia , niepodporzadkowanie ,geny oporu.Inni to obserwowali … i siedzieli cicho .Smierc sluzyla tu celom dyscyplinowania grupy , wymuszania posluszanstwa.Ci krytyczni nie przekazali dalej swoich genow , bo zgineli .
    A co z Wikingami , tymi brutalnymi ? Tak naprawde tych brutalnych rabusiow , nie bylo wielu.Ale -co ciekawe – oni nie byli skazywani na smierc.Grupa mogla ich wypedzic , czyli skazac na smierc spoleczna , ale zabijani nie byli .I dlatego te geny przetrwaly.
    Dlatego w mentalnosci Norwegow pojawia sie ..sett grense ( okresl granice ).To z czasow kamiennych kregow.Taka patologiczna ( moim zdaniem ) solidarnosc pomaga przetrwac , daje sily .Ale jesli grupa nie potrafi wspolpracowc z innymi , uczyc sie od innych , budowac przyjaznie ginie.
    Wlasnie o tym w swoim wykladzie mowil Jared Diamond.

  21. No i jeszcze cos na pocieszenie

    You tube official some where ower the Rainbow – Israel IZ Kamakawiwo`le

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