German Family Defeats Barnevernet!

Fantastic news brought to us by Steven Bennett.

The Schabel family lost their 4 children ( age range 3-9) to the Norwegian CPS while they were living in Norway 4 months ago. The children were secretly confiscated while in school, which seems to be how Barnevernet operates.

Steven writes:

“After dialogue with the German Embassy in Norway, the children were transferred to Germany around four weeks ago. Fortunately, the German CPS follow the European Court of Human Rights (EHCR) laws, and don’t recognise the County Board as a court, something that Norwegian authorities could make a note of.”

For the last month the children were fostered in Germany while the German CPS cleared up matters and inspected the family home.

Hubert Schabel (the father) writes:

“I still don’t exactly know about the role the german embassy played here, but I am convinced they had a role. Yesterday morning I woke up, did not know about the positive change the day will bring. Continued to renovate our house here in the south of Germany. I was looking for something, entered the children’s bedroom. Empty and tidy, unused, the feeling inside me was like a graveyard.

Unnaturally. I found out, that I did not enter the room since we are here for other reasons than searching things. I did not like to enter it, like I do not want to enter the graveyard where my beloved parents and brother are buried. The feeling inside that room was comparable to recently have somebody beloved gone. I continued my work, not really knowing how live will go on.

Barnevernet took away our reason to live and the germans denied returning the children, depending on the “doom” of the fylkesnamnda (county board).

Then came the phone call from the german authority. They wanted to meet us, immediately, and talk to us about the “new” situation. They asked, if they can come to our house and look at it. When they arrived, they told us, that the court decided, that the fylkesnemndas decision is not valid in Germany. They looked at our house, told us, it is no palace, but no danger for the children.

After they have left, we jumped (really!) into our car and drove the 25 km to the village, where our kids have been placed. We rang the doorbell. Heavenly noise broke through the silence of that little village, the angels must have been dancing to this music, our hearts made the beat, and the beat was fast and strong, deeply bass. The door opened. Our kids were informed two minutes ago. They jumped around our necks, we all had tears in our eyes. No one understood a word, all were talking at the same time, but we were one, one family, the reason to live for.

Complete again and for all time. No one should dare to tear us apart again, we fight, we bite, and we never give up until we die!”

We now hope to publish a similar story for the Bodnariu family. Soon. Very soon.

15 comments on “German Family Defeats Barnevernet!

  1. A good news story! Thank the Lord! Thank you Steven Bennett and Delight.

    “The children were secretly confiscated while in school…”

    This type of crazy behavior must be stopped. No notification given to parents?

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  3. The story makes my heart sing for joy.
    Praise God that there are still sane people left on earth, who can reverse a stupid decision of Barnevernet.

  4. Congratulations to this family, its a great news. I can imagine the horror when the children were taken without prior warning out of their schools and kindergarten. i wish this family all the best for the future.
    Next to it, I hope we will learn, why were these children transferred to Germany. What did Germany do differently than other countries? The Bodnariu and Nan children were also taken few months ago. This might give a hope to other families in Norway. So in Norway these children were taken on emergency and German CPS does not find anything wrong with the family. That says a lot..

  5. Am happy to hear about this, it makes me stronger in the feeling, not to give up to get also back our children. They are still in Norway…

    • I agree “what is.” This is great news for this family.

      There are many other families who do not get such great news because of outright lies. Any society where lying becomes the norm must be humbled. Those who have lied and have caused families to be have undeserved harm should be tried and sentenced accordingly.

  6. Good for this family. However, as concerns German Jugendamt (administration for the youth) Google “Jugendamt children”. Shame on Germany!

    • It seems like cultural Marxism is still strong, this battle was won by Germany for this happy family, but the war is still strong in many developed European countries.

      Why don’t we accept a simple idea: “Children belong to their family !”.

      When the Government or anyone takes children away from their family, against their will, separating brothers and sisters, and without any real proof of extreme violence or abuse, this becomes insane and it just proves that the entire world could one day become worst than Communism ever was.

      Stop cultural Marxism before it destroys entire nations and all civilization as we know it.

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