Barnevernet Resorting to Intimidation

Delight in Truth has received multiple private messages on Facebook from different persons who were targeted by Barnevernet without having done anything wrong. Some were harassed because they spoke out against the CPS on their social media accounts, others were targeted because they are a single parent, while others had their children removed for the simple fact that they themselves were raised in Barnevernet part of their life. Some of these people had their children removed temporarily, while others have yet to receive their children back.

After Barnevernet starts to investigate them, these critics go silent because they have young children they must protect or recuperate. A pastor in Norway was frank about the reason he would not participate in the anti-CPS demonstration when he said he must fly under the CPS radar because has a young son at home.

I can attest that what Steven Bennett writes below is true:

“Norwegian authorities are now implementing intimidation tactics on its own population. For instance, if you are someone who supports the reunification of the Bodnariu family and the 1000’s of other innocent children unfairly taken from their parents in Norway, and you publicise this on blogs or Facebook, for example, you are then categorised as an activist and put on a ‘watch list.’

Once you are classified as an activist, and you have children under 18 years of age, investigations into the family and interviews with your children (in some cases, your children will be taken away without notice for a few hours of interrogation) are sadly not uncommon at the moment. It’s pretty terrifying.

To make matters worse, if someone does criticise Norway’s CPS, the blinded and brainwashed majority of the population will think there’s probably something wrong with that person – their conditioning has led them to believe that – they think that those that criticise barnevernet, must have something to hide. It’s an illusion, but many people in the attempt to support their beliefs will find something wrong with a particular person and then go no further, that’s enough, so they switch off the brain, and there’s no more thinking to do.”

Margaret Hennum writes: “I joined the demonstration in Stryn the 16th of April, and we were told by Tor Åge Berlid, who organized the demonstration, that people had told him that they did not dare to take part because of threats from barnevernet.

George Alexander wrote in a post that the Bodnariu case was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.” He is right with respect to the international opinion about Norway. But we still have ways to go in order to reach a critical mass of Norwegians before this system is overhauled.

When will this happen? Hard to say. However, we can say that international AND domestic pressure continue to rise against Norway every day. Social media (and now some mainstream media as well) has been instrumental in growing this movement.

I would hate to be in the shoes of Barnevernet bosses Horne and Terning right now.

photo: Solveig Horne from

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  1. So it is true then… BV isnt a child protection agency… but a tool of social and political control of the likes of Stazi, Gestapo, and Securitate…. But instead of presecution political dissenters themselves… they rather remove their children… How cowardly….

    • This is a complete activist lie. You abroad are victims of many lies and exaggerations. These people stear up a lot of frear and some of them seem now brainwashed to believe in set of lies. I hope some of you have the guts to tell the truth about Norway, Norwegians and the CPS to these people who tend to believe almost everything you or other activists tell them.

      Have you any example of a political or activist victim that has met the CPS obviously because of one of this two reasons – a political or activist view? If not – why do you spread cheap activist propaganda that some poor souls take as truth?

      • Knut, are you serious? The lies are coming from the Barnevernet. Many in Norway live in fear that their children might be taken any day because of lies. Why should anyone “listen” to any CPS worker at this point? To much damage has been done.

        I have called you a propagandist in the past. In this comment, it sounds like that is not the case. It appears that you are blind.

        • I have to go to work now, Knut. It is a job where children are educated and protected.

          I will check your response when I get home.

        • The activists in the movement are obviously taken by their own propaganda machine and now almost believe that expression their opinion about the CPS might be dangerous for their own family – and I say this is a complete propraganda product – a lie – and you say I’m blind. No, I’m not blind and I have in another comment said why – and so I asked the propaganda machine: “Have you any example of a political or activist victim that has met the CPS obviously because of one of this two reasons – a political or activist view? If not – why do you spread cheap activist propaganda that some poor souls take as truth?”

          Mr Nygaard: ““Have you any example of a political or activist victim that has met the CPS obviously because of one of this two reasons – a political or activist view?”

          Funnily enough, I remember one from Australia. It concerns Julian Assange. He told the story of it as an example of unjust disciplining of the citizens. His mother was a red hot communist or something, and was warned / threatened by the CPS that her political activism was viewed as criticisable for one who had children. She then ceased until Julian was grown-up. Julian was furious on her behalf.

        • “The activists in the movement are obviously taken by their own propaganda machine and now almost believe that expression their opinion about the CPS might be dangerous for their own family…”

          Knut, I am one activist, and there are thousands now worldwide and the number appears to be growing, working against the evils done by the CPS.

          Thousands of us cannot have our children taken as they are grown or because we live in a country that is not as dangerous in this way as yours is.

          The reason we protest is obvious.

          You deny being blind. I am not talking of a physical blindness here. I am discussing a
          lack of perception, awareness, and discernment.

          Marianne has given you an example for which you have asked. I could give you examples, but I don’t want to use names as your employer might use the information against them and their children.

        • Are you blind or something – the mother of actvist Julian Assange in Australia is no example correspondent to the ongoing work in the CPS in the free and democratic Norway. Wake up, man!

        • We could go back and forth like this all day. I wish I could take an honest vote in Norway that decided which of us is blind. I think I would win in a landslide if the vote were done in secret.

          The “sameness” of social work

          Mr Nygaard: “Are you blind or something – the mother of actvist Julian Assange in Australia is no example correspondent to the ongoing work in the CPS in the free and democratic Norway.”

          Mr Nygaard is or feels free. Children taken by the CPS in Norway are not free and many of them do not feel fre. There are children and young fleeing from their foster prisons on average every day. If they flee and try to go to their own families, they are fetched by the police, handcuffed or taken by bodily force, and carried back to CPS fostering.

          An example from Australia has a certain relevance because it is a small symptom of the fact that social work, and therefore the attitude of social workers, are internationally much the same. I have seen, in well-documented literature, the same kind of reasoning, the same arguments, the same actions from the social-psychological establishments in several countries in the Western world, they have just been building up to extra extreme activity in Norway these last 25 years, probably because our state has so much money, but they are not different. As regards Australia, look back at some of the arguments used when they took Aboriginee children away from their supposedly bad family and culture, look at the corresponding treatment of American Indian children in Canada, for instance, look at the way largely Germanic Norway considered and treated the Sami people (the Lapps); it is all very much the same.

          No need to come up with consipracy theories – it is simply because the teaching and training of social workers, and the attitude of a country’s establishment, tend to build on the same kind of cultural attitudes in circulation. Social workers and psychologists read the same textbooks across countries, they follow the same trends in psychology, they go to the same conferences, read each other’s articles and books. It seems to be as uniform as the real sciences, say physics: Though social work and clinical psychology do not build on a scientific foundation like physics does, the “trends” are at least as uniform, and in social work they gravitate towards authoritarianism. Basically, any argument – e.g. political activism – will do if one wants to take the reins from people, and to threaten to take the children is of course the most efficient means of all. Just see what several Romanians here on DiT and elsewhere have written: The communists did not go for their children, so CPS actions strike them as even worse. So, no wonder the social sectors in several countries welcome Norwegian cooperation to spread “our” kind of social work: it gives the social work sector the easiest power of all. That is a tidbit in countries which feel they have to overcome chaos as well as specific problems.

          Once a country starts training many (- too many in my view) people to work in the social-psychological sectors, the authorities tend to look abroad: “What are the countries doing that are more ‘developed’ in this field?”

          Hence the uniformity.

        • Well stated, Marianne and thank you once again for your assessment. One might think you are a former professor or something. 🙂 (As social work goes, however, there are the good and the bad as professors have the same kind of unique “power.”)

          America can’t afford to spend more money hiring social workers. We are broke. I guess this is one of the few good things about being unable to pay one’s bills.

        • “We could go back and forth like this all day. I wish I could take an honest vote in Norway that decided which of us is blind. I think I would win in a landslide if the vote were done in secret.”

          Can y’all hear me laughing from Arkansas? I think y’all knew what I meant here.

        • Here you have a lot of wool in your mouth, Mrs. M. I think your one and only “student” can accept whatever wool and cotton you dish up as some kind of proffessoral lecture.

          You talk of “uniformism” – what is the most prominent and recognizable indicator on this movement for something else – uniformism – where Veronica and I as someone without that uniform are considered as disturbance.

      • I don’t know how all of you who work as CPS workers can sleep after you take those children and rip them apart from parents and siblings and put them with strangers .But probably you don’t have a heart

      • Knutt…. Thankfully I have no personal experience of either BV or its practises… or any other CPS agency… However if this article holds any truth, then it is perfectly justified to call BV as an agency of spooks….I have to remind you that it was a -recently resinged- Romanian Minister that was trying to import BVs mode of operation in Romaina,that characterised BV a great tool of “Social Discipline”.
        Social Discipline is the opposite of political dissent isnt it?
        I dont think you have the right to complain if -and thats a BIG IF- you were actually misunderstood.

      • What about the Romanian minister then.. she was drunk or something??? To characterise you a tool of Social Discipline? The agencies I mentioned, Gestapo, Stazi, and Securitate were also tools of Social Discipline you know…..

      • Well this particular minister was paid by Norwegian goverment to export BV practises to Romania… She tried to describe and defend BV system by using those words…..(wonderful tool of social Discipline) The fact that it was another goverments cabinet member that embarashed your agencies practises is of little interest to most people… All it matters that she was acting like your advocate. I guess she failed.. The post on this page that you call a blunt lie that was invented by misled activists that fell victims to their own propaganda… practicly confirms the romanian ministers words…. Could this be a coincidence…. well I guess we will have to let everybody to be the judge of that.

        • Pavlos is right, Knut.

          This “wonderful tool of social Discipline” is much worse than a paddling on the bottom. My wife and I didn’t spank our children and they have both become wonderful young adult Christians. However, who am I to take away a parent’s right to discipline by spanking as long as it isn’t abusive? Which is more violent, a good spanking or removing children from parents who love them abundantly more than anyone else?

          I have already discussed God’s discipline once, Knut. You will experience it and I can assure you it will be far worse than any spanking could possibly be. I speak from experience.

        • Spanking is forbidden by law in Norway – Canada and the USA are two nations of the few in the world that have not done that. Spanking as a matter is nothing to discuss – it’s forbidden – period – done.

      • Aren’t lots of Norwegians sort of brainswashed into believing all their authorities say?
        If a CP team took a very hasty, stern measure against parents, “those parents must be extremely wrong, since they were punishd…”
        Besides, those “mad activists” you fight present with facts, and opinions from scientists. Of course we cannot tell, from outside, which is which. But the shadow covering Sweden, Norway, and other countries, because of their PC doings, are not new and we did not invent it. What about some self-examination? What about trying to FEEL more sympathetic? If we protest, it’s because we FEEL such forced separations, followed in some cases by forced adoptions, are intolerable, revolting, inhumane. In the Bodnariu case, someone wanted to make a point… and as a result five (now four) children were terribly hurt… with consequences for their future life. Do I seem “brainwashed” to you…?

  2. They really have nothing else to do? So when Solveig Horne said they will look into some cases, what she actually meant by that, is that they will look into the lives of so called activists…

      No, that is not exactly what Horne meant. She and the Ministry have been pushed into looking into “a selection” of single cases by Barnevern critics. But she has decided that Helsetilsynet (the Health Inspectorate) is going to do the looking into, is silent as yet about who is going to select which cases, what the precise mandate is going to be, and it is planned that the going through will take at least 2 years. It will result in some kind of general report, nothing to do with setting free all the children who are involuntarily in Barnevernet’s care now, nothing to do with these single cases being opened up again in an honest way.
          And the Health Inspectorate is the regular monitor for Barnevernet already. But like everybody else, they do not monitor, because Norwegian authorities have decided that they “cannot” go into individual cases, and they have passed some laws to back this up. At the same time they are Barnevernet’s boss. But being the boss means to them to protect and defend their employees Barnevernet furiously and efficiently, and at the same time NEVER to go into what they do or look at evidence of what they do.

      Barnevernet’s people are still not satisfied. They frequently complain, as here:
      The heading means: “– It is painful to be compared to Gestapo and to be accused of kidnapping children”, and the ingress:
      “Leder i barnevernspedagogenes fagforening Anne Grønsund vil ha tydeligere støtte fra politikerne. Hun mener de ansatte i barnevernet må ta for mye av støyten når det stormer.”
      means (“Barnevern pedagogues” does not mean they especially teach, it is the regular name for a social worker with education for doing qualified Barnevern work):
      “The leader in the Barnevern pedagogues’ union Anne Grønsund wants more visible support from the politicians. She thinks the Barnevern employees have to take too much of the blow when things are stormy.”

      So the Barnevern workers complain that the Ministry and the politicians do not protect them well enough from criticism. So there was a sentence somewhere yesterday about Solveig Horne wanting to remedy that by “better cooperation between Barnevern and police” – by using the police more. The reference has disappeared – maybe it was a misunderstanding, but it need not have been.

      • So, in short, you are saying that nothing is being done, Marianne.

        I’ve watched the videos. I don’t think many of the police like that they have to enforce the child snatching by having to be present during it. I have to say, in some of the videos the police have helped the victim by trying to make the situation easier, if that were possible. By using restraint so that the victim doesn’t retaliate, the police have helped the victim from creating a larger problem, like having another black mark on them by Barnervernet or jail time.

          Chris on 27 April at 4:09 am: – –
          To the first: I think something may happen and be done, Chris, but the Ministry will do all they can to either stop it, most likely by dragging their feet and letting it die down, or making sure that it is just foolery on the surface which nevertheless give the impression of reform that people believe in. It is up to us all to see to it that they do not get away with that.

          The second: Well, there is such a thing as “refusal to obey an order”, which a policeman is entitled to do. It will be of some inconvenience to him, but it is not criminal. There have been policemen in the past who have refused to take children from their mothers. In the latter years, the legislation and the organisation of the Justice Department has been “solidified”, though, so it is no longer as easy for the chief of a local police to think for himself, find out for himself, and do what he thinks is right. But it is still illegal for a policeman to offend against human rights, particularly if it is carried out by using violence.

        • Thank you for the information, Marianne.

          “…but the Ministry will do all they can to either stop it, most likely by dragging their feet and letting it die down.”

          Indeed. I wonder if they are going to be surprised when this protest gets bigger than they ever thought possible.

        Yesterday, then, there was the above-mentioned complaint from a leader for CPS workers. Today their Union’s periodical Fontene brings an article from their Union leader Olav Neerland in the county of Hedmark, who demands that:
        “Horne må bli barnevernets forsvarsminister”
        (Horne must become Barnevernet’s defence minister)

        I like the tenor of this – the analogy with warlike weapons is this time not something that CPS defenders can accuse us critics of, it comes from themselves.

        Mr Neerland further says that “– Hvis kritikken haglet fra inn- og utland mot en annen offentlig etat, ville politikerne stått opp for de ansatte”
        (If criticism kept coming like a hail-storm, from around the country and abroad, towards some other public service, then the politicians would stand up for the employees)

        One would hope that they would NOT mindlessly defend, but would rather investigate meticulously and stop abuses carried out by such a public service.

        We might add, however, that when Barnevernet is happy to reign undisputed, all the politicians saying they cannot criticise them in individual cases (in reality go into the reality of what Barnevernet does and the families’ criticism of it), AND when the mainstream media in almost 100 % of the time kowtow to Barnevernet when Barnevernet saya it is all confidential, AND when Barnevernet employees never have to face court trials over what they have done to children and parents, AND when the politicians do not have to face any consequences either, of not taking any responsibility for what their employees do, then:
        1) Barnevernet cannot reasonably say they are insufficiently protected,
        2) The politicians cannot protect them further while refusing to go into their concrete doings, when the common man exposes on the internet what these are, i.e. when foreign countries and some Norwegians are no longer satisfied with general praise saying Barnevernet is fine and trustworthy and nobody is responsible.

  3. I joined the demonstration in Stryn the 16. april, and we were told by Tor Åge Berlid, who organized the demonstration, that people had told him that they did not dare to take part because of threats from barnevernet.

  4. Barnevernet is child protection agency and I think their do their job To protect children from abuse and neglect. It’s nothing to do with God as many peope /critics relay on. Tell me if I’m wrong. But that’s my view . Very important job. Protect children and Putting children in safe place that’s important thing.
    If anybody want aggressivelly abuse my comment instead discuss please not respond

    • We all agree Dorota. CPS must protect children. Unfortunately, CPS has become so aggresive that it is going waaaay beyond what they are supposed to do and they are removing children because of trivial matters. In the process CPS violates human rights.

      • Thank you for sharing your experiences, Delight.

        I am also asking questions to someone who grew up in Norway’s CPS system. To this day, he has no idea why he was taken away from his Mother as a youngster.

        Now, his child has been taken based on his past, a past that was shaped by the B.V. His story will be the main story told to a group of pastors in my town next week.

    • With all due respect Botnariu kids and Nan kids were NEVER abused and neglected….and I’m afraid the list is much longer. Too bad that the scratches and bruises are just ok if the kids ( two of the Botnariu boys ) got them while in foster care. When you talk about someone religious believes that negatively affects the children, and remove the children from their home because of that, let me say that has everything to do with God.
      For the sake of a dialog let me tell you that is not normal to be interrogated at school about what is going on in you family, how many sweets some eats, how thick the slice of bread should be, if one is too heavy or too thin and so on….. Soooo unbelievable sad that most of the nowegian people thing otherwise.. Dorota…. please do not even bother to respond ( like some can control what others will do )..

      • Excellent comment, Incognitio. I would like Darota to respond, however. The more we know how these people think, the better educated we are.

        God’s blessings…

  5. Bennett should take his paranoid thoughts to his shrink. We – in the municipal CPS – are the ones that receives concerns and do investigations according to the Child Welfare Act.

    We in Norway – Mr. Bennett – live in a free and democratic country just as you tend to do in London. I’m sure you have visited Norway and it’s was not a nation close to North Korea, Nazi-Deutchland – communist or fascists nations. You use cheap retoric and pretend to be a teacher, but all you are doing on the internet is to stear up activism against Norway, Norwegians and the over all – but maybe not in this Naustdal case – functionate CPS which changes and do reforms all the time – not because of you, but because we want to give better service to the inhabitants and the times are changing for Norway and Europe as a whole.

    No one in the CPS or in the goverment offices spend or use their time writing down names or comments from the facebook or blogs. This come from the fear and paranoia this movement now seems to make on their own activists. They seem to believe their own made up exaggerations. I can understand that Mr. Prunean and Octavian have problems with singling out what is Truth – “truth” – and just an activist taking propaganda from the thin air.

    You should all know now that the municipal CPS have to receive a concern and that concern has to be in accordance with the Child Welfare Act to be opened – attending a demonstration against the CPS is considered free speech and opinion making and no one find that to be a reason for a concern to the municipal CPS.

    The facebook stories you read, Mr. Prunean – tell some truth, but not the whole and the part most of these stories omit is their own part in it. A case has many details and not just one – or a believed one, for that case – that is handed over to you facebook readers as the one and only reason for their misery.

      Mr Nygaard: “The facebook stories you read, Mr. Prunean – tell some truth, but not the whole and the part most of these stories omit is their own part in it.”

      I am sure some CPS victims do not tell the whole truth about everything in their lives. What I am also sure about, is that the CPS personnel lie, and often vicious lies with a plan behind it, such as to trick children into saying they want to be somewhere else than with their parents, or they lie in court.

      A service of public employees should be subject to far, far stricter demands on every word they say, every thing they do, towards families in their power, than families should be subject to regarding what they tell Barnevernet. The fact that Barnevernet blames the families incessantly in this manner of Mr Nygaard, naturally brings the analogy of the Inquisition, Gestapo and so on, to the fore as completely reasonable.

      • Our job is to find out if the child in this opened investigation is in need of our services or not. Yes, we meet all kinds of parents – some open and telling the truth – some afraid and mix in a little bit of truth and a whole lot other stuff. The parents giving us the tip of the iceberg hope that the parts giving us information outside their control don’t ruin their storytelling.

        On the other hand we shall not dig deeper into this particular family than necessary. We do this investigation together with the parents and if they don’t agree to us contacting f.i. the school we must reconsider the must done from the content of the concern.

        Legal cases is done in court in Norway – not for the Government to interfere in on a decision level, but they could and should ask for an insight in this Naustdal case that is the ammunition for this activist movement for the moment. Why don’t the activists go to Gausdal and the court hearings to demonstrate? Maybe then some close to decision making might react to help this family to end up reunited. If done I will recommend this movement not to use names like Gestapo and communist – that just make walls – you must communicate – this is wrong – this is not the CPS is Norway, please help this family to be reunited a.s.o.

        • This is not a MOVEMENT, IT’S FREE SPEACH……A desperately needed reaction to CPS’s “movement” after years and years of abuse. A CPS movement based on the dangerous ideology that children belong to the society.
          Do not be intimidated by words as communism… I grew up in a communist country, NON of my peers were removed from their homes. Am I saying that communism was good ?!? No , we’ve had our share of suffering.

        • This is an activist movement with no goal or common plan. The chronic anti-CPS’s in Norway – a couple of dozens enjoy now the energy coming out of the protests from those who fight for the Bodnariu family.

          Of cause you can join forces and express your different opinions, but this movement will not have any influence on ongoing cases in Norway in the way this is done so far.

        • As I said a couple of times – we change and reform all the time – some changes are done within the municipal and some come from the Government office. Your movement has so far language problems and close the door yourself. You have no impact although you like to think so, Mr. Prunean.

        • An example – just to get you to understand how out this movement is. I work in Bergen – the second largest town in Norway. As I said in another comment – we as a national CPS do changes and reforms and we as a municipal CPS do changes and reforms. I said as long as a CPS worker isn’t cloned we will all differ some – and – as long as one municipal have their internal reforms and changes and the neighbour municipal others they will too differ some.

          Bergen municipal then used a firm – Deloitte – to focus on how our 8 areas do the work with forsterhomes. Of cause they found that our 8 areas differ in many ways and for you who read Norwegian you find a link in the article in the link below to the full report. You others may too take a look – at the volume attached to one important arena in the CPS work – the most important – they we have taken responibity to give a better life than they could have get staying further at home.

          As a consequence of this report all CPS workers who’s main area are fosterhomes will now within a year leave the 8 arial offices to be gathered in one serving the whole municipal. This will then also make it easier to implement the coming national changes attached to fosterhomes to be activated around 2020.

      • I have proof cps used for religious and political prosecution. It is to your disposal professor Marianne Skånland.

    • ” Nygaard: “You should all know now that the municipal CPS have to receive a concern and that concern has to be in accordance with the Child Welfare Act to be opened”.

      I know many examples were barnevernet have opened cases against families without having received any concern. What makes barnevernet concerned is when a they find out that a pregnant woman earlier have had an eating disorder, had been to a psychologist as a young teenager, her parents asked for some help from barnevernet when she was a little girl, and later on if she had any complications during pregnancy. There seem to be no end of concern from barnevernet.

      It is well known that barnevernet are resorting to intimidation, and act, opening case because of a troublesome grandparent, threat against parents if they talk to media abour their relation to barnevernet etc, etc.

    • Knut, you stated “You should all know now that the municipal CPS have to receive a concern and that concern has to be in accordance with the Child Welfare Act to be opened”.
      Is the religious indoctrination one of the reasons the municipal CPS would open an investigation? If not why did they open an investigations against Bodnariu’s family?

      We all know the concern to open the case against Bodnarius was religious indoctrination and based on this CPS accusations followed that the kids were abused.

      • I have commented this before – I think the Whole Bodnariu case is a school matter – if any. I have read the Costea version to tell that the school had worries attached to help the girls to fit in. In a public school a teacher wish all their pupils to be a part of the fellowship – if some differ too much they will try to help.

        In a Christian Family there is a classic situation that might occur – that Our children begin to compare and then find out that they have other and stricter rules and regulation. Some Christian families may get problems attached to this situation – the child no longer wants to do exactly what the whole family so as the natural daily Chistian family life the week before. They are believed to be in danger of leaving the faith and some families battle this situation for years.

        The Bondariu Family was not members of a local church. If they had been they would have someone to talk to with this kind of matter and they would have local support in the Christian fellowship.

        Teachers on a school in Norway know that we have religious freedom in Norway. There are plenty of Christian schools in Norway and some families move from places like Naustdal to have an Christian upbringing of their children where no one think they might not fit in unless they moderate their faith in some ways. We- as a family moved just to get our children to one of the first Christian school in Norway. If faith is involved it’s hard to met the common people with their wish to moderate. A teacher could have taken this up With the parents, but instead the school spoke further with the girls and then the spanking and the violence came out and the CPS and police got involved.

        • Maybe the Bodnarius wanted to do what Jesus clearly told us to do; to let our lights shine in darkness.It is good with Christian schools. But how will those around us hear the Gospel if Christians go to their own clubs where they don’t need to be afraid of any consequences related to living out their faith?

          Knut, you say that we have religious freedom in Norway. Then you go on to say that we have Christian schools. But is it religious freedom if children coming from Christian homes ,where their faith is also practiced, can risk getting into trouble with the school board?The school might even contact Barnevernet purely with the motiv to get them to moderate their faith, and, as is the Bodnariu case, sometimes with terrible consequences.

          It reminds me a bit of China where the Christians are allowed to practice their faith if they go to the church where their faith is under state control and kept moderate. Those who really want live out their Christian faith have to meet in underground churches. Those who evangelize risk prison.

          In Norway it seems that Christian parents who won’t moderate their way of bringing up their children in the way God’s Word, the Bible says, might risk getting into trouble with Barnevernet in some parts of Norway.

        • A child coming from a Christian family bringing with hen his Christian thoughts and in this age where the Bodnariu girls are a child might think everybody thinks like us and have our family life just as we soon will find out that the reactions coming from Christianity spoken out in free context might give unpleasant reactions.

          A teacher observing this might think it’s important to help to prevent the us and them thinking. Us and them thinking are a part of Chistianity – like it or not – a Christian child need to find it’s own way to behave when it’s more in it’s own outside the Christian arena. I remember back from my schooldays a boy from Smiths venner who had a religious duty to pray for the food he was to eat at lunch – he sat in front and I noticed his bowed head – his hands finding each other under the desk – and the unheard words spoken inside.

          This is matter between the school and the parents – that’s all – the child and the social fellowship in the school hours. If the child tell the teacher about a upbring at home it find difficult, then the CPS might get involved.

    • I quote you: “The facebook stories you read, Mr. Prunean – tell some truth, but not the whole and the part most of these stories omit is their own part in it. A case has many details and not just one – or a believed one, for that case – that is handed over to you facebook readers as the one and only reason for their misery.”

      I entered facebook only because of the Bodnariu case. As everyone knows, internet is a vehicle for the best and especially the worst. But it is a very important media, and it’s not you nor me who could stop it spreading truths, halph-truths, and lies. You try to cover the whole affair with a veil: “no one knows the whole truth”= it is in our files. Which prevents no one, including tho ones you label infamaously, to take sides, i.e. fight for the victims, mainly the children treated as things for (some unknown) reasons we cannot accept.

  6. Pingback: Barnevernet Resorting to Intimidation | Pastor Ciprian Barsan

  7. Knut That’s a good joke “we do the investigation together,with the parents”!!! Too bad the reality shows the opposite! Or maybe the CPS kindappes the children with the cooperation of their parents!!!
    I always wondered how monsters look like….it seems they look like Barnevernet employees! There is no bigger pain and punishment in the world than having your child removed from trivial reasons!
    You use words like “propaganda and exagerations”! This is not propaganda what we do on the internet,in the streets or in meetings! We stand up for the rights of the parents,children-in one word-FAMILY!!! Until theese abusive practices of Barnevernet will be stopped

    • You must differ between a concern where the leader of the CPS and it’s legal advisor give the green light for an emergency which mean a whole lot of acute preparation and work to be done – and an ordinary concern with an investigation to be done together with the parent(s) involved. In the first meeting with the parents we together work out who the CPS shall ask for information – when and where we shall meet the whole familiy and talk with the child(ren) – where the next meeting and when the conclusion shall be given. We are by the Child Welfare Act given 3 months to finish our investigation.

      We agree – children belongs to the family – if possible.

      And – what is your opinion of an alternative to the CPS?

  8. My friends and relatives left Norway for the sake of their children,terified by Barnevernet’ way of legally kidnap children! Believe me,all this life changes wouldn’t have happened whitout a serios reason and concern!

  9. There shouldn’t be an alternative of the CPS in the first place! They should do their job properly,Period!!!
    Barnevernet abuses are NOT fiction !!!!!!!!!
    Parents should have the right to defend themselves before children beeing taken away and destroying their happines,balance and safety that their familly offers.All those months or years of unnecesary trials in courts,while the child is trapped in foster homes….Too much damage for the little souls
    Things that Barnevernet workers would never understand because of their cold blod and stoned heart!Bureaucracy is another term must be taken into consideration when children are removed from their parents from trivial reasons.All this time spent whitout your child(or the child whitout his parents or siblings) is cathastrophic marking them!!!
    All I hope is we can make a change! The entire world works for that!!!!

    • I AGRREE with what you respond Mr Knut! Barnevernet ABUSES ARE NOT FICTION! That’s the reason why we are going on the steet, to show the world what happened there.

  10. Knut wrote;

    “As I said a couple of times – we change and reform all the time – some changes are done within the municipal and some come from the Government office.”

    My comment; Barnevernet is like the weather; They change all the time.
    In German we have a saying;” April, April der macht was er will!” (April, April does like he wants). According to Knut, it seems to go for barnevernet too… “Barnevernet, barnevernet macht was er will!

    Last week we were walking around with T-shirts here in Switzerland. Today we woke up to snow and freezing temperatures…… In other words; the weather can get quite unpredictable here in April. The same applies to barnevernet. As we have learned from Knut, they seem to be quite subjective in their assessments and the same CPS employees also change all the time. This tells me a whole lot about how unreliable they are! And I don`t like it!

  11. Knut wrote;
    “A teacher observing this might think it’s important to help to prevent the us and them thinking. Us and them thinking are a part of Chistianity – like it or not – a Christian child need to find it’s own way to behave when it’s more in it’s own outside the Christian arena. ”

    Knut, do you mean to say that a child that believes in Jesus should for instance hide it when he/she is praying for food, not sing Christian songs for his/her schoolmates or share his/her faith if he/she is outside the Christian area?

    • The child must find it’s own way, but you should know as a mother that some children can cope with being a Christian and not hiding it .. a bit … some .. not pay attention to how others might react – and another might be in quite another situation being the sensitive and unsecure sibling of the unselfconcious. This is a family matter that may become a school matter .. and in some rare occasion ,, a CPS matter. I have not met this at work, but done my observartions in the congregation.

        • I’m no psychologist, Hildi, but I am a teacher. Children that age do not sings songs taught by their parents when they are not with their parents because they feel obligated. They sing because they like the song.

  12. It is quite ironic that parents who take their infants to the Norwegian state church to get them baptized, promise to raise their children in the Christian faith. The parents are thereby obligated to give their children educated in the Christian faith both at home and by church attendance.

    Infant baptism is very common in Norway even if the parents don`t have a Christian faith. The ironic about it is that hardly anybody takes their obligation seriously. It becomes even more ridiculous when children are not allowed to practice what they supposedly learn at home and in church about the Christian faith.And, against all odds, they can even get into deep trouble at school if they take their baptism vows seriously.

    That said, I share the same view about baptism as the Bodnariu parents. My children were blessed when they were little and it is their own decision if and when they want to get baptized.

    • Here I agree with you. In Norway the Christianity has been forced out of the public school from the days where I attended. Now the humanists rule the public school – religion and the following upbring is a private responsibilty for those interested. So – in a school in Naustdal it maybe enough to show some unselfconscious faith to be written down in the teachers block.

      And then we are now invaded by another religon that don’t meet this kind of opposition – islam.

      • Perfect and wonderful! Instead of God and His commandments for life, tolerance, peace, forgiveness, LOVE etc, Norway has now a new idol, I dare say several. Self-admiration being one of them. Collective narcissism! Of course,dropping Christian values happens everywhere in the western societies.
        Here in France authorities (socialist) admire a lot all that is done in the Scandinavian countries… including ambigous teachings about gender, and such. However, they have other problems than snatching children… controlling and monitoring all that happens in lots of families might be very very expensive. And no oil State property to let authorities implement every new fantasy… or liberal ideologies that exist today, and tomorrow will perish… as all idols will.

      • “And then we are now invaded by another religion that don’t meet this kind of opposition – islam.” Do not say your “humanism” does not deserve this.
        Trying to push christianity far away from society values just opens the way to people with strong beliefs, and the will to do “something” in order to promote it. “Something” that might become violent, as the djihadists whose dream is to transform Europe, then the whole world, according to their own idea of God, religion, way of life, education, brutalizing and so on. It’s not with ex-spoiled children who drink alcohol at 12, whose parents do not know how to raise them, that the “happy” Scandinavian nations will succeed to remain what they are.
        But you know as we know that the Living God is with us… until the end of ages.

  13. Knut, children can get bullied for anything at school. It does not only happen because of a child`s Christian background. When I was little, I can remember that I made friends with those who were bullied because they had a handicap or were not so clever at school. It hurt me too much to see them stand by themselves in the school breaks.

    Children can get very mean to each other. There is a lot of peer pressure. Therefore children want to dress the same, have the same things etc. It is the teachers and the parents responsibility to teach the children to accept be nice to everybody despite differences.

  14. I can take a little funny example from my own childhood. I went to a British school in Hong Kong when I was 5-9 years old. My mum used to make my lunch pack with homemade wholewheat bread. She even sometimes put Norwegian “brunost” or “fårepølse”on the sandwiches whenever we had been to the Norwegian shop. All the others had white sandwiches in their lunch boxes. Somebody must have seen it and told me that I was eating moldy bread. So after that I was so afraid of showing my sandwich at school that I always hid my sandwich with the lid of my lunch box when I was eating…

    Since I was Norwegian and had learned about the vikings at school, some of the pupils also called me a viking, something I didn`t like to be called.

    When I was little, I also happened to be quite short for my age. Of course nobody could be blamed for the fact that I looked younger than I was. I wasn`t even bullied for it. But I used to go crying to my parents and ask them why I was so small. When I was in my teens I then all of a sudden started growing and even got taller than some of my girl friends. Now I am average size and wonder why it worried me so much when I was little…

    Children should absolutely learn to be nice to everyone despite our differences!

    • As a teacher, I try to catch the type of behavior you have mentioned here, Hildi. It is difficult to catch because children are very smart and will usually wait until a teacher is far away before they treat another student cruelly.

  15. Dear Knut,

    Did you get a chance to listen to these 3 discourses from the Anti-Barnevernet protest in Los Angeles?

    Any comments? Is there anything you suggest to be improved for future demonstrations? 🙂

  16. Thank you for sharing the video, Octavian! I watched through it and was especially touched by Mr. Drugora`s speech and what he said from about 14:12 min. into the video;

    “The world turned upside down in the matter of two days. the Bodnariu children lost their childhood in the course of two days. I can only imagine what they must have felt in those two days.

    When I was 5 years old, I lost my father, a teacher of literature. He was taken away in the night by Romanian Communist Secret Police for being an enemy of the state. That night is like a bad dream that plays over and over in my mind. More than 50 years have passed since and I still remember. It brought his life to a quick end and destroyed our family.

    I know the pain the Bodnariu family must have felt to be robbed of their father Marius and mother Ruth, and to be robbed of their childhood.

    We came here because we cannot be indifferent. We came here because we care. We feel the unbearable pain of children and their parents. Their pain is our pain. And we want them to know that they are not alone”.

    He ends his speech by saying; Let the Bodnariu children go free!!!!
    That is also my cry from the bottom of my heart!

  17. “you are then categorised as an activist and put on a ‘watch list.’”

    Delight, I am asking you this question because I have only just become friends with Mr. Bennett.

    I may have missed something but is there documentation of the “watch list.”

    If not, I think we must be careful. The citizens of Norway are scared enough already.

    Thank you my friend in Christ.

  18. Thank you for writing that part of Druhura’s speech, Hildi. Your words are kind and touching. I collected a great number of articles in English and videos from various cities about the international protest. I republished most of these materials on our Romanian-American websites. I can send them to you eventually thru email. My address: octavianaz(at)cox(dot)net Yesterday I discovered this article:

    I’ve noticed that our people are getting better and better at organizing these protests, which is good.

  19. I live in Norway and have two children. Never have I been afraid that CPS will take my children. Sorry, but I think a lot of these stories are coming from conspiracy nuts .. it’s like listening to so-called “soverign citizens” talk about law enforement.

    • I guess there have been quite a number of parents in Norway who have been surprised by Barnevernet …. Take Bodnarius, for instance. They never dreamed of having their children taken away. They had never had any trouble with them before.
      Today, the children are fortunately all back home again. It was, like in so many other cases, wrong what Barnevernet did.

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