Council of Europe Commissioner Slams Norway

Norway is being squeezed from multiple angles because of their aggressive Child Protective Services: international protests, international and domestic media, European Court of Human Rights, European Parliament, multiple foreign governments and now the Council of Europe. The following is the first paragraph from today’s Dagbladet, one of the most popular Norwegian newspapers quoting the Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner:

“Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, Nils Muiznieks, was, according to The European Post , very critical in his statements when this week he answered questions from parliament member Valeriu Ghiletchi in Moldova about a Norwegian Barnevernet case where a Norwegian-Romanian family [Bodnariu] are deprived of their [five] children.

Taking children from their parents is a major issue that requires the utmost care because we have to think: what is best for the child? Child’s best interests are almost always to be with their parents. Only in extreme and exceptional cases, where the child can come to serious harm because of parents’ behavior, should a child be temporarily taken away from their parents. We must intervene to support families so that they can remain together and kids can be with their families. Removing children from their parents, should be done only as a last resort and for a very short period,” said Muiznieks.”

When will the government of Norway, the king of Norway, common sense Norwegians, or anybody in Norway realize the disaster Barnevernet has created?


19 comments on “Council of Europe Commissioner Slams Norway

    This is a very important pronouncement. Norway is not in the European Union but we ARE a member of the Council of Europe. Furthermore, the European Court of Human Rights has been established by and under the Council.

    • Then this is great news, Marianne. I have the report that was produced by the Nordic countries Human Rights council (NCHR) which also condemned the Barnevernet. In spite of many highly trained and knowledgeable folks, as you well know, it made little difference in the actions of Norway’s CPS system. Maybe the Net will be impacted this time?

        I think you must mean “Nordic Committee for Human Rights”? It is very good if NCHR (NKMR) has come with a report. Note, though, that NKMR is a private organisation, nothing official. (I was vice president there for some years. I left, and so did some other Norwegians, not because of any disagreement over aims and ideals, but because of some very usual controversies and disagreements over what one can and cannot do, which tend to develop in such organisations. But I don’t think you should think badly of them, that is why I am explaining a little and do not want to make things mysterious.)

        • Yes, that is the organization I meant, Marianne.

          I am looking at the report. It is dated December 10, 2012 and is entitled:

          “Report: Child Removal Cases in Sweden and the neighboring Nordic countries.”

        • Good. Then you will see, from NKMR’s webpage, that Norway is unfortunately not alone in this type of child “protection”. All the Nordic countries are going down the same road, Sweden has always been the worst. Britain has become bad, the Netherlands apparently the same, Germany at least partly, the USA and Canada as well. I think Norway may be the most hyperactive at the moment, and it would make a very good precedent if Norway’s present CPS could be properly shut down and a totally new social service could be established. But when you curb the present CPS, you must also stop all the ongoing education along the present lines. It is very comprehensive, but Norway has the money to do it. – No better way to prevent untold billions spent on counteracting the miserable outcomes of present day Barnevern.

        • I have seen the bigger picture for awhile now, Marianne. It is one reason I am trying to help in this effort. We have got to try and stop this huge, black, downhill rolling, evil snowball. If we can start with one of the worst, maybe we can make a difference. We don’t have the money to compete with Norway’s oil wealth. It hasn’t stopped you from telling sharing the truth with us. I am with you.

  2. Slowly but surely, things will change for the better I suppose, but I do hope many ‘cases’ will come to court again and ALL abusively taken kids will RETURN HOME. Maybe the parents must join and go to Straatsburg as ONE ?

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  5. Manuela and Cristina Butoi at the Anti-Barnevernet protest in Atlanta, Georgia:

    I regret it was not all in English, especially for both of them were born in California and Cristina is a Law student.

    • Thanks for sharing, Octavian. We need things like this with crossover appeal because of the interest of the Romanian people in this issue. The local Romanian pastor here doesn’t feel he speaks English well but he gave a powerful prayer at our event. It was in Romanian and I had no idea what he was saying but many Romanians have heard it. Josh, a kind young man, live streamed our event on Facebook through his cell phone. In the first hour or so he had over 1000 views. I think at least 900 of those views were by American Romanians.

  6. Thank you Octavian! It was a blessing to hear the first part which is in English. So good to be reminded that God is behind us! It is sometimes so hard to understand why God is letting things like this happen. But I believe God has a good plan even though we can’t see it at the moment. He is the one who can open blinded eyes to see and understand!

    • Amen. Hildi.

      “God has a good plan even though we can’t see it at the moment.”

      Could God have stopped Satan from tempting Adam and Eve in the garden? I believe the answer is “Of course he could have.” Thousands of books and discussions have covered this “problem of evil.” I think if God hadn’t have allowed man to have free will, we would all be like wind up toys with no mind of our own. Where would love be? On the other hand, God has it all planned as you have said. We know he doesn’t like evil and yet he has allowed it to happen. Why? That’s a question theologians have been discussing for centuries.

      For me it comes down to two verses: “5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
      And do not lean on your own understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
      And He will make your paths straight.

      For those who want to get a bit deeper into this subject, my favorite sermon on it was given by Charles Spurgeon. The title of the sermon is “The Sum and Substance of all Theology.” All you have to do is search the net for this sermon by name and you will have a scriptural view of this subject, I think. It doesn’t deal with the “problem of evil” directly but deals with the root of the issue.

  7. I have, during my more than 70 years, been proud to be a native of Norway. Now I am ashamed of my country due to the way families are being haunted by kidnapping their children as son as they are born assisted by the Police! I have lived abroad for 8 years and can communicate with People all over the world in 9 languages with respect and understanding on all levels – private and through professions in major Norwegian companies as well as major International companies and educational organizations. I am now shocked to an unbelievable degree how Norway has changed from a democratic, warm and safe country – to an unhuman, cold and scarce country to live in.

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