Dr. Chris Prunean’s Message to Norway on April 16th, 2016

My name is Dr Chris Prunean. I am a Christian, a husband, a father of 4 barn and a physician, and I am here to protest the cruel actions of the Norwegian Child Protective Service and to call for the immediate reunification of the Bodnariu family and the other families whose children have been confiscated because of trivial matters.

Listen to the heartbreaking testimony given by Marius and Ruth Bodnariu to the BBC:

“I was waiting for the girls to come home from school, I was waiting for the school bus… After 10-15 minutes when they didn’t show up I started to get worried… I saw two black cars, in one of them was a child protection officer… She said I had to come to the police station for an interrogation… I was shocked and I said I was waiting for my girls… She answered that she had them… She insisted on taking the boys with her… 

The second day in the evening we saw two black cars again, and I remember I said:  I think they brought the kids home… But then I saw a policeman coming out of the car… And I told Marius: I think they are going to take the baby, and there was nothing I could do…”

Ladies and gentlemen, this sounds like a scene out of communist Romania not modern Norway. This is a regular occurrence in Norway where Barnevernet removes children from good families for trivial matters without a court order and without due process.

Because of this I am here to issue a challenge to the good people of Norway, especially the Christians of Norway, the majority of whom have been indifferent and silent with respect to the human rights violations perpetrated by Barnevernet.

Fellow Norwegian Christians who believe in God and the Bible as the Word of God, you live in a country where 40% of the population identifies itself as atheist, and less than 5% attends church.

In such an arid spiritual environment you must rise up and fight injustice! 

You must take a stand for the family!

Do not turn a blind eye when three-month-old Ezekiel is taken from his mom and his older siblings are secretly stolen at school in black unmarked cars!

Do not be indifferent when baby Aria is removed from her parents right after birth!

Norwegian Christians, do not remain silent when twins are confiscated from the hospital nursery after they are born under the pretext that the mom is not smart enough to care for them!

Norwegian Pentecostal leaders, why do you say that you do not want to comment on the Bodnariu case?

Why do you choose to remain silent when the Bodnariu family was harassed at  school for singing Christian songs? Is it because the church is financed by the government? Is it because Norway has a fund of 840 million USD allocated to churches?

Remember the words of Psalm 82 “Give justice to the poor and the orphan; [and] uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.”

Norway, you used to be a beacon of hope in Europe. A beacon for human rights.

In 1965 a group of Norwegian Christians ransomed pastor Richard Wurmbrand when he was dying in a Communist prison in Romania.  They bought him for the price of $10,000 (80,000 in today’s money). This was 5 times the amount normally paid for the average political prisoner. Because of that Richard Wurmbrand had the opportunity to expose the gross human rights violations happening under communism when he testified in front of the US Congress.

But now, only 50 years later we have a reversal of roles. It is Norway who violates human rights, and due process. It is Norway who destroys families based on trivial reasons.

Norwegian Christians, please hold your government accountable for what it has done to the Bodnariu family and the other families. 

A Barnevernet psychological evaluation was conducted on the Bodnariu parents and the report gave them “positive and favorable” marks. Despite this, 4 Bodnariu children remain confiscated.

Now, after intense international protest, Norway has returned baby Ezekiel to the family.  But it is not right to return just one child. All children must be returned.

If Norway thinks that the family is safe for baby Ezekiel, (and we know it has always been safe), than the other 4 children must be returned immediately!

To the shame of Norway, our protests will continue and our campaign will intensify.

We will not give up, we will not tire and we will not stop until the Bodnariu children are returned home and Barnevernet is reformed!

Thank you all for coming. Thank you for bringing your children, they will never forget this event. Thank you to the media what came out to cover this protest.

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51 comments on “Dr. Chris Prunean’s Message to Norway on April 16th, 2016

  1. Excellent work, Chris.

    No need for me to reblog this as I had it up on my blog before you put it here.

    Maybe someone in Norway will take note?

  2. Thank you Chris. I wonder what will happen now after these massive protests. I was thinking the other day. Had it happened in my country, were there thousands and thousands people protesting, foreign governments criticizing, delegations of other countries visiting in that matter, the European parliament getting involved and our own national experts voicing heavy critics, I am sure that it would get some spark. There would be political debate, probably lots of TV debates about it and maybe even crisis committee appointed 🙂 I wonder what reaction will we see in Norway. What has to happen that something starts to change?

      I think perhaps Norway has gone too far down the road of believing that we are the best and wisest in the world, to take the signals seriously. We are a duck-pond, unfortunately.

      What does it take to change things? One thing which might wake someone up, was if this CPS which does not accomplish what it should, were to bleed us dry. But that will not happen any time soon, because we have this “oil fund” which makes the Norwegian state effectively the richest in the world.

      In the context of the demonstrations, one person wrote a very good, short remark to FrP (the Progress Party, which holds the Ministry of Children and Equality), it really characterises the inept Norwegian politicians completely:

      “Har dere blitt rammet av et virus , dere kan forsvare barnevernet til krampa tar dere ! Sannheten kommer nok frem til slutt .”
      (Have you been struck by some virus, you can defend Barnevernet “until you are taken by cramp” (until you are blue in the face)! But Truth will indeed emerge in the end.)

      • “We are a duck-pond, unfortunately.”

        Yes, Marianne, it is very unfortunate. Those who have created the duck-pond need to be held accountable.

        Great analogy.

    • Pavla, there has been political debate about social services in Norway for ages. The”new” law was introduced in 1992 partly because of theb existing worries that social services´ framework had lacked checks and balances. This is why the special County Commitees were set up in 1992 and BV has not been responsible for children removal since then.
      I am not suprised that some demonstrations in foreign countries haven´t changed the state of Norwegian public opinion. In my opinion it has several causes:1. People are usually very critical of the foreign intervations into their “national bussiness” and they rather reject advices from another countries (remember international critique of Czech psychiatric hospitals from Ms Rawling or international suggestions to scrap our system of so called special education for children with special needs- what was the Czech population response to it?). The same logic applies to politicians: Any government won´t change national laws or procedures just because there have been some “demos” abroad against them. Has ever the government of the USA changed their foreign policies and has taken into account the international protesters against the USA´s proposaIs? would say: No, it hasn´t.. And nothing haven´t happen in this direction in spite of that some demonstrations against the USA have been held quite often. 2. The international debate about BV has not been working with “hard facts”, but many untrue allegations or absurd claims have been spreading on the net. Norwegian media metioned some of these absurdities (which have been repeated again and again- i.e. by Romanian demonstrators). Norwegian population is aware of our president´s comparasion of BV to Nazi Lebensborn program or of debate about hight rate of inbreeding in Norway. These claims and comparasions have nothing to do with the truth… and there have been said many other lies in this debate. So Norwegians haven´t taken the debate seriously as a consequence of it.
      3- All stories of parents are one-sided because of the rule of confidentiality. Norwegian people would insist on the confidentality rule, for sure. It´s up to the judical system to judge if a family did harm to children. It shouldn´t be discussed in the streets, because we don´t have any relevant information- these may be arguments of an ordinary Norwegian. 4. In some cases it has been revealed that parents had used corporal punishment- Norwegian population has opposed strongly the corporal punishment for years, it has been seen as a violent behaviour which is against Norwegian law (it´s prohibit to discipline your children by force). The arguments that spanking has been common some decades ago doesn´t convince anyone. You will rather be told: Hey, and it was normal to beat wife as well. Women couldn´t open their bank account without their husband´s consent until 1970s in France, women in West Germany couldn´t apply for a job if their husbands hadn´t agreed on it… but it´s the past now. And it is serious when you use force as a parent. You are speaking about mild spanking, but what is the deffinition of “mild spanking” and where are the limits?” So you couldn´t win over public opinion when corporal punishment is at stake. And what is “funny” when it comes to Bodnariu family? That is not an example of cultural misunderstanding because all forms of corporal punishments are forbidden by law in Romania as well (the legislation in Norway and Romania is almost the same).
      It´s just my explanation (from my point of view and experiences) why Norwegian population has not been receptive to the protests so far…

      • Veronika I dont agree with all the critics, but please..

        The parents have their files, they will make it public if necessary. Did you watch the BBC documentary, do you still believe the CPS wanted to help the baby of Sarka and Robert. They have patient diary to prove that CPS claims were false.

        I wonder why are no CPS workers held responsible for lies and manipulation?

        Yes if hundreds of thousands ppl will demonstrate against an authority in Czech Rep, I am sure something will be done. The law will not be changed, but it would start some spark. The claims from Rowlings did not start mass demonstrations against us. But ok, lets see and wait few months. I hope the parents will open their files, so all the doubters will stop saying, how its one sided stories.
        Funny you dont say how one sided the CPS version is when they say that they always act in the best interest of children..

        • Pavla, yes I have seen the documentary from BBC. Tim Whewell acknowledged that he couldn´t get any information from the “other side” (social services) due to the rule of confidentiality. I´ve read about Sarka and Robert before. Norwegian newspapers (Fredrikstad Blad) made their story public to general population in region. It was more complicated than it looked like in BBC documentary, but I am happy that it had a good ending for a child and family (even it´s heartbreaking when you have a child who can die at anytime and you may be exhausted because of that). I cited only one short part of the Norwegian article, I could ask if it would be possible to copy it from pdf and translate via google translator if you like.

          To both of you:
          It is always possible to get absolutely all documents about a case and find the truth, because the family has the right to a full set of copies of absolutely everything, and to make it public, including every scrap written and/or used by the CPS. In the cases I have participated in in court and the County Committee, I have had all documents, they can amount to several thick volumes of papers, but that is not to say that the cases are involved. On the contrary, the CPS tends to write tons of irrelevancies and accumulate it so as to impress the courts.
          It has not at all been difficult to find plenty of things written by the CPS that is contradictory, straight lies, incompetent, irrelevant, previously shown to be incorrect.

          You seem to have no idea how deep the rot goes.

          Pavla, quite right: Not everything protesters against the CPS say is right. For one thing, wild speculations come up when people are treated in an incomprehensibly cruel manner and cannot understand why.

        • Thank you Marianne for explanation. Do you think if parents will make their files completely available to media, that will help? Not just stories, but showing documentation.

          Veronika, I understand that emergency removals are sometimes necessary. I also understand that there can be a misunderstanding between doctor and parents, which leads that the doctor calls CPS. Although he should first talk to the parents..
          What I don’t understand is that after the original accusation is proven as wrong, the child is still not returned and CPS can come with another accusation.
          In case of Sarka it was first that the parents wanted to stop the treatment, later that the child did not bond and last that the mother wanted to kidnap the baby to Czech rep.

          Secondly I am also glad that the baby is returned, but the fact that the very sick baby was allowed only very limited contact to his parents is horrible. Again I miss the willingness of CPS to help the family. The father said that CPS has never seen them together with the baby yet they wrote that the baby does not bond with the parents, baby does not smile when it sees the parents.. What would you suggest should happen to a case worker that writes a complete lie? Do you agree that they should be held responsible?

        •   Pavla: “Thank you Marianne for explanation. Do you think if parents will make their files completely available to media, that will help? Not just stories, but showing documentation.”

          No, it won’t help. Lots of parents have done this, offered the press full insight into all documentation. The Norwegian press does not want it, they only want quick statements directly from CPS officials, something which takes no more than 5 minutes. When they don’t get that, they just write that the CPS unfortunately cannot give an opinion. Very often the press responds to a family willing to give them access to everything, by saying “Just send me the judgment”. When a court judgment, or the County Committee decision has gone against the family, the press people look no further. It is the same story: They beslieve naïvely everything our courts and authorities say and write. If you find a rare journalist who does not, he is stopped by his editor from publishing anything different. Cf Arild’s
          ‘The media gives victims “the silent treatment” ‘

          The whole series of County Committee decisions and court judgments contribute to CEMENTING the cases, both each individual case and the sum: each new judgment takes as its implicit starting point all the other several thousand other cases in which judgments have gone against the families. I have read, I think it must be over a hundred, I think 150 judgments and CC decisions. They constitute “gjeldende rett” (prevailing case-law).

          I remember Delight in Truth wrote somewhere in an earlier comment that when he had seen the way the newspaper VG reported from the previous demonstration in Oslo (I think it was), he understood that the Bodnarius will not get fair treatment from the Norwegian press. That was a correct inference, no doubt about it.

    • To BBC documentary: Pavla, you have asked somewhere if Sarka, mother of seriously sick baby girl would share her story with Norwegian newspapers. In fact, Norwegian newspapers had written about this family before it was discussed in Czech press:


      You have to pay some money or subscribe to the newspapers if you want to read the whole article , but I had the opportunity to get some information about the content of the article from one Czech (man) who has been living in Norway. The journalist did a good work and it seemed to me that there has been a kind of misunderstanding between parents and doctors (Norwegian media contacted staff and doctors in hospital). Senior doctor, head of children treatment unit said to the newspaper:”Foreldrenes uvanlige måte å opptre på, og klare uttalelserat de ikke vil ha mer behandling,skaper uten tvil meget sterke reaksjoner hos oss alle.” (google translator: Parents unusual wayto act on, and clear statements that they do not want more treatment, creating arguably very strong reactions in us all. “) So the situation wasn´t a tricky one- nor for parents, nor for doctors. I am happy that the misunderstanding has been overcome. Norwegians from the region has been informed about the case.

  3. Thank you Marianne. I remember while ago there was an article from Norwegian Green party that was quite critical. One would not expect that from them.

    Yes its completely different attitude I see. Most other countries care about how they are perceived internationally. I hope there are at least some people with common sense in the politics.

    As I have stated in another message, what struck me was, the lack of criticism on how bad is it to remove the children from their families and separate siblings and isolate them from their biological families. Its like that did not seem very important to many. Sadly biological principle is not important anymore. Not even one comment about..how about their extended family, why aren’t these kids placed there?

    It will be long way to go.

    • Yes, it is a very long way to go to counteract trends which have been present for at least nearly a hundred years, and which have now been fired by lots of money and people into dead-end professional philosophies.

      No, I really think the Norwegians have been told so strongly that other countries look up to us that they do not take criticism in.

      MDG (the Environmentalist Green party): They are pretty socialistic in many of their viewpoints, and socialists usually go for everything which is “collective”. But re CPS they have had some very sensible people previously, when they were very small, and the people in the party now have also been informed of some articles from these early proponents. The question is whether criticism of the CPS will last in the party. CPS criticism is not known to collect votes, and the MDG are having to negotiate their way into practical politics by making alliances with others.

  4. Your speech was so good, Chris. I have not yet had the time to look at the 3 hour video of the whole Los Angeles demonstration, but I look forward to that also. Indeed, the other speeches which I have seen so far have been very good too. Chris Reimers’ speech in Hot Springs was the first I found on the web.

    From Stryn, I have the manuscript of one fine speech, by Margaret Hennum, whom I know very well from some years back; she was an active and outspoken CPS critic then too. She said, “Yes, absolutely” when I asked her could I publish her speech. She will also provide an English translation, it is in the pipeline. Of course there will be speeches from Oslo also. (I have published mine, but there will be many and better ones coming.)

    When all this is said, I hope I do not offend too many people when I say that so far, the effort from Brisbane impressed me perhaps more than anything else. So thoughtful and supportive speeches, and all of them, plus the procession, on video in no time after the arrangement there down under. It almost brought tears to my eyes, the way it did back in January when all the videos of demonstrations in Romania started coming, with bands and orchestras playing and so many people.


  5. Chris, your efforts and those of so many others are truly humbling. But for the grace of God this could be my situation. May God grant you and all involved His grace to enable you to continue until all the Bodnariu children are returned, and changes are made to better nurture and protect families in Norway. I hope that many others will learn important lessons from this situation, including my brethren in Australia.

    Blessings in Christ, Sherryn

  6. Reblogged this on agnus dei – english + romanian blog and commented:
    Watch Dr. Chris Prunean’s nessage at the Los Angeles protest. Here is a fragment from the message:
    Norway, you used to be a beacon of hope in Europe. A beacon for human rights.

    In 1965 a group of Norwegian Christians ransomed pastor Richard Wurmbrand when he was dying in a Communist prison in Romania. They bought him for the price of $10,000 (80,000 in today’s money). This was 5 times the amount normally paid for the average political prisoner. Because of that Richard Wurmbrand had the opportunity to expose the gross human rights violations happening under communism when he testified in front of the US Congress.

    But now, only 50 years later we have a reversal of roles. It is Norway who violates human rights, and due process. It is Norway who destroys families based on trivial reasons.

    • I remember Richard Wurmbrand well. My Mom had his book “Tortured for Christ.” I know he is highly revered among Romanians and Americans alike.

  7. Two videos from the demonstration in Vennesla, Norway. Vennesla is a small place, so 60 protesters there is quite something.
        Jan Simonsen is the first one to speak on Video 1. Professionally he is a journalist and an experienced speaker from our parliament and lots of other fora. His speech here is very good. Some of us will no doubt have a lot of work ahead of us providing texting and translations of some of the speeches in Norway.

    Video 1 from Vennesla

    Video 2 from Vennesla


      We are really seen around the world.
      In Gambia and Pakistan: Upright people with moral courage:

      Pakistan: Children and adults in prayer and solidarity
      Pictures – from Little Disciples Children Ministry

      Gambia, Africa: Father and son show their protest
      Message and pictures

      (The message is in Norwegian, and it says:
      Carito and dad in Gambia, truth shall out
      Africa and Gambia had its little protest today, 16 April!
      Carito and dad, for the children’s best!
      We made our own t-shirts and a banner and went to the Norwegian / Swedish Embassy. Demonstrations are plain illegal in Gambia so we had to keep it a it low-key; immediately after we went out of the car, people stopped to see (smiley).
      Now Norwegian authorities must soon start not only to stop, but also to put right the gross transgressions they have done to hundreds of families round about, both out in the world and also in little “safe” Norway.
      This war will rage until someone faces up to responsibility and the madness ceases, we will never give up!

  8. Marianne! I had to smile when you asked me about that:-) When I was in Geneva, I went out to eat together with people from the Romanian church in Geneva. One of them asked me exactly the same question as you:-) As I was sitting on the train going home from Geneva, I got so many ideas what to write about. I want to write an article in “Verdidebatten” again. Knut won`t be so happy about that. But I suppose we still have freedom of speech in Norway. I am waiting for a friend of mine from my church, who is from Romania, to translate a beautiful Romanian song we sung, where the word “familia” always comes in my mind. (It was so funny how we met there without knowing that the other would go there.)I think I am going to call the article; “United we stand” . It was very special to stand in front of the United Nations, and especially to have the huge broken chair behind us. That broken chair really spoke to me. One leg is broken. It symbolises opposition to land mines and cluster bombs. Handicap International owns the sculptor. I see a lot of parallels to the parents who have wrongly lost their children (broken leg)and barnevernet who has been the land mines. Also how we react to the those you have suffered injustice and been wounded. Do we just pass by or are we concerned and do everything to help? As a Christian, what did Jesus tell us to do? What do we, as Christians feel in our hearts when somebody is suffering? Those are things I think I will touch in my article.

    There are a couple of very good videos from the demonstration in Geneva. But I have only seen them on Facebook. I can ask my friends in Geneva to put one of them on Youtube if it is not already done. I also have several good photos. Some of them I will post next to my article.

  9. It is simply terrible what barnevernet is doing! Read the article and you`ll be shocked about the details! This has to stop, NOW!!!!!

  10. Here are some facts from the article;

    “In the hearing of March 14-15, Marius and Ruth were finally able to learn a few details about where their children were living. One fact that emerged: Eliana and Naomi had been placed with a foster mother who has a live-in boyfriend. What’s more, this home also houses three additional foster children, including a 17-year-old male.

    It has been documented in the United States that children living with two married, biological parents are at the absolute lowest risk for sexual abuse. Children in foster care are 10 times more likely to be sexually abused, while children living with a single mother who has a live-in partner are a whopping 20 times more likely. To this we must add the well-documented risk of child-on-child sexual abuse prevalent in group foster care. Since Barnevernet intervened to save Eliana and Naomi from spankings and Bible lessons, their risk of being sexually molested has skyrocketed.”

    Barnevernet is putting children on a high risk of being sexually molested! Barnevernet is in this case not protecting the children, but rather putting them into danger!

    From what I read in this article,it has just become even more clear to me that in the Bodnariu case the family`s Christian faith was a significant reason why their children were confiscated. We also see what kind of family`s the children have been placed in; families which go against Christian faith and values.

  11. Hildi, thank you for pointing out the theme “sexual abuse” in norwegian CPS. As this horrible, but litteraly priceworthy article shows, (the journalists got a price), you are right in your worries. The first thing parents do when children are taken away is to find out about the risks of sexual abuse in the foster place. In Norway we still dont know much about sexual abuse in general. The research seems very limited, (not only in Norway, though), we dont know much how to protect children from it! So many children, probably 60 000, 5 % of the population under 18 years, suffer from serious sexual abuse (Aftenposten). Teachers and kinder garden workers are more or less unable to help the children, they dont know how to talk about it and handle it. The same goes for the CPS. They handled 112 cases of sexually abuse in ten years, between approximately 2000 and 2010 (BUF-dir numbers).
    After they take the kids, the chances for abuse skyrock, as you precisly put it. Even considered this terrible fact, parents are supposed to fight juridically in processes taking years and years, leaving their treasured children into life dangering risks every minute of the day. It is just too much to ask for. The politicians are not only ignorant but very inresponsable pushing parents and children this far. We already see youths smashing up their rooms, running away 4, 6 times a day, hurting and even killing themselfes. A year ago a 15 year old killed a young CPS worker. I dont imagine a bloody revolution, but more violence is truly possible. The authorities are responsable for the life of the CPS worker, but only the child was punished. That is mostly also the fact in many of the cases mentioned in the article. The level of punishment of sexual abuse is very low in Norway, and after the Bjugn-case it is almost impossible to get people convicted, the evidence requirements being high as a kite.


    (“The forgotten children”, only in norwegian, unfortunately, I am sorry)

  12. Cris


    We had a very nice protest in Sacramento california too.
    We will post footage too of the event.
    Close to 1200 people showed up and we had an Elite speaker who is an attorney from Liberty council who happens to be a romanian.
    We labored long hours and many days to make this event possible and I have to say that without God.s providence this protest would have not been a succes. What I call a succes is that God is working in the hearts of the Norwegian people.
    As chris said in one of his articles.The Norwegians I known were the one that lend a hand to Richard Wurmbrandt. The one that has emerged today is the total opposite.
    That is where the void of God takes us to be heartless,boasters and stuborn.
    Now the last words I said we’re for Knut and his cronies .
    Keep up the good work.

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