Ruth Bodnariu: They Came in “Two Black Cars”


Just in case someone asks why we protest against Barnevernet, just show them this clip from BBC Magazine.

This is the reason we protest. One would think this is a scene out of 1950’s communist Romania.

Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence in modern Norway when the CPS (Barnevernet) initiates acute emergency removal of children from good homes based on trivial matters. Without investigation and without court order.

Watch and be shocked.

Then go and protest.

Marius and Ruth

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  1. I have no words. One cannot but think, if he/her has a drop of empathy, of humanity even, such things should not happen! But they are.
    “You’ll have new parents”!!!!!!!!
    Children cry, the long for their parents, but their traumatism counts for nothing; cruelty against children and parents is seen as perfectly acceptable, since the state says so!!!
    Evil is “good”, black is white, since diabolic minds created laws for such nonsense. I do hope tomorrow will mean something, with the help of God. After all, Norwegians are human as well! They will awake in larger numbers !

      • I spoke with some people I met yesterday, and two of them said that there is a desperate need for more fosterhomes in Norway. I tried to point out that barnevernet often take children for trivial reasons but one of the ladies strongly protested and responded: You never know what is behind lack of parenting skills. She seemed utterly convinced that “lack of parenting skills” was reason enough to permanently remove children. But then I told another younger woman about the demonstrations on Saturday April 16, and she seemed more positive. There is a hardcore barnevernet-supporter group in Norway. They are not the most educated. They are from working-class backgrounds and probably view fostercare as a convenient source of income.

        • 70 children waiting for fosterhomes in the Østfold county. Most of them children over the age of 6. Around one of four children are in the care of some in the family or someone they knew. It’s a goal for the CPS to get more children in such known care when removal is found necessary and in accordance with the Child Welfare Act.

          In Bodø – a town with around 50.000 inhabitants the CPS seems to be overloaded. That situation give more emergencies. So far 19 children are removed from their families in this town.

          The very way the words are formulated, is false. We see the same formulation again and again in newspaper articles which make propaganda for fostering:
          “So-and-so many children are WAITING for foster homes.”

          No, they are not waiting at all. They have been taken or are about to be, and then they are put into temporary foster places or institutions, until Barnevernet comes up with what they intend to be a permanent foster home.

          The permanent foster homes very often aren’t; Barnevernet shifts foster children to new foster homes because the foster parents of the first one were disappointed: the child didn’t want to be there, the child was discontented, made trouble, was too exhausting, etc. Some foster children are moved endlessly, there have been reports of a dozen movings.

  2. You – and the religious Romenians may think that Christianity can rule a democratic and free nation based upon the bible – in 2016? No country in the Western world do that – neither Canda nor USA. A nation is ruled by it’s laws and the ruling power for the moment.

    You – and the religious Romenians were misinformed in the start of this case in Naustdal and maybe you still have not understood that there is no persecution of Christians in the CPS and Norway. We have many who don’t like Christianity, but in a free and democratic country they too must have the right to express themselves and organize as they wish.

    You – and the religous Romenians must understand that Barnevernet is just the same in Our neighbouring countries and in the Whole Western world – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand a.s.o. – Norway is no Monster among these – they are much alike.

    You – and the religious Romenians must understand that the Bodnariu children would have been home months ago if they had given the media the information they gave in Romenia and to the BBC – although it’s disturbing the context to hear Ruth talking about the violence done to her children.

    • You sound upset again, Knut. Is the international uprising causing strife within Barnevernet?

      Also, no country should persecute anyone because they believe the Bible.

      Clearly, you are even more upset and hardened after watching this video.

      • You don’t judge USA by the bible – so – why do you think that you from Los Angles shall use that as an argument?

    • Knut Nygaard wrote:
      “You – and the religious Romenians must understand that the Bodnariu children would have been home months ago if they had given the media the information they gave in Romenia and to the BBC – although it’s disturbing the context to hear Ruth talking about the violence done to her children.”

      Barnevernet have the power to give back the children any time they wishes. But they do not want to. They are adamant that the children must remain in fosterhomes.

      Knut’s assertion is baseless. Barnevernet never reverses its decisions because it would be to admit fault. Barnevernet consider itself above reproach. It never releases its prey. It is like a crocodile intent on drowning the prey and taking it to its cavern deep underneath the waterline. There the prey will rot and decompose until Barnevernet finds it eadible.

      • In a case like this in Naustdal it is the legal parts that can alter a case. The County Governeur is the controller of the local CPS’s. They may say enough is enoug, but in the Naustdal case the parents/lawyers seem to have acknowledged the CPS way to do it – to have it in this way to the month of May.

        I must admit it’s hard to be passive in a situation like this. I have met the municipal lawyer Naustdal uses several times and when we see each other private in the same shop f.i. we talk. But – as a CPS working in another municipal I can’t interfer in what’s going on in Naustdal. As a common Norwegian I could have done that, but it would have no impact. Horne ain’t either in that position.

      • Cecilie,

        Knut responds to your apt analogy (the crocodile) with these words:

        “I must admit it’s hard to be passive in a situation like this.”


        • Knut is not passive. He is vigorously defending the shameful actions of barnevernet. He tells us that he is an important persona in the small Norwegian community he belongs to. He is “big man on campus”, in his own eyes. He is probably loathed by many of his neighbours. Barnevernet-employees seldom advertise their profession, but word gets around. He proudly tells us that he is acquainted with the municipal lawyer who is counsel for barnevernet. Knut comes across as a loser. In barnevernet he gets to mock and taunt parents like the Bodnarius. That probably gives him alot of satisfaction. He is very far from the Christian ideal of loving your neighbour as yourself because Knut would never have given up his own children to barnevernet, would he? It is always someone elses children who needs the “help measures” of barnevernet which he is writing so excitedly about.

        • Thinking that what’s going around is coming around, I got the idea of imagining those Barnevernet rascals overnight to be loaded in the same black cars so we won’t spend too much money and kept all of them in confinement until they can be released back in today’s civilization applying all the rules they apply for destroying the families, so they can be released with some help measures based on them becoming normal, humble and able to contribute positively in society. I still think is unfair for the guilty to be punished as the innocents but we don’t want to punish them. Only to help them getting integrated in a normal way. Got any other idea Knut?

        • Have you nothing to tell exept me as a person. Had this been a serious blog you would have both get a warning.

    • What a travesty!!!!! You look more like Stalin defending the communism in USSR. Look at you Knut you are a disgrace, without shame. Money are in the middle for what happened in Norway. I wonder if the same families that claim no skill for raising their own children doesn’t take care of someone else as a foster parent. We are not religious people but only know the truth and love Jesus. We are free and knowing better what a totalitarian govern is about. We don’t bend easy like you and the people that are brainwashed. You cannot fool us with your staged propaganda. Don’t call yourself a Christian Knut. Please! You don’t have anything comun with Christianity.

    • Not everyone here is a “religious (you mean perhaps fundamentalist, radical religious) Romanian”. But in our culture family is valued, and children are for us everything. So it is in the south of Europe and I believe everywhere. Even mamals are good mothers et sometimes fathers!
      What you have to understand is that the natural parents’ home is seen as the best place to raise happy children; of course, parents must work hand in hand with school, according to adult, serious, up to date principles – by most societies in Europe and in America too. Why some Nordic ones make exception is beyond my capacity to understand. But I think no ultra-modern ultra-liberal methods of raising children in the idea they have all the rights, tell always the truth, have no need of discipline, such as it appears to many (old fashioned if you like) Christians as decadent and immoral, will always be accepted in times to come everywhere. Do not forget Europe is losing balance and is facing a big menace coming from really violent religious people, because moral values inherited from christianity are forgotten, ignored or criticized. Europe might be in the way of losing its soul, in the name of progress, democracy, etc.
      Protests as those that will take place tomorrow will show however there is some hope… We do not try to manipulate a government, nor to put to shame a country all of us do not know. We defend this simple value and conviction: LOVE COMES FIRST.
      We’ll be in the streets proclaiming it is a crime to separate children such as the five Bodnariu children from parents we trust are loving and considerate and willing to change their methods, and are confrunted with a huge legal machine that appears to us devoid of humanity. No Christian parent healthy in his mind thinks children must be raised according to some words in the Bible taken out of their context, and be beaten to become good people. It was so in past centuries, may be in your country as well, when stern pastors taught fathers to beat their children and be exceedingly strict. Strictness I’m afraid remains.

      • “Do not forget Europe is losing balance and is facing a big menace coming from really violent religious people, because moral values inherited from Christianity are forgotten, ignored or criticized. Europe might be in the way of losing its soul, in the name of progress, democracy, etc”.

        I am not even a European and I can see this is true, agnes. I think it is also true that America lags only a decade or two behind in this kind of “progress.” In some ways we are “leaders.” There are more false “Christian” teachers coming out of America than anywhere else.

    • Knut Nygaard writes…”Barnevernet is just the same in Our neighbouring countries and in the Whole Western world – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand a.s.o. – Norway is no Monster among these – they are much alike.”

      If Knut’s statement is correct, then the Earth must be square. Knut, were you one of the Barnevernet’s agents in any of the two black cars, who came to Bodnariu’s residence and kidnapped the kids?

        • Interesting. Do you drive into neighbourhoods to confiscate children in cars marked with the municipal emblem? The Child Poaching Service of Naustdal used unmarked cars. How do you explain the difference?

        • Municipal differencies I suppose – all public services in our municipal is marked. There is + and – with this too – the neighbors see us and the car and do their considerations

    • Disdain, dismissal, disrespect come through your words, Mr Nygaard. Us Christian Romanians are a rather nice people, and you could discover that should you put forth the effort to know us. As for dismissing our protest and efforts on behalf of the Bodnarius, we have God on our side. Enough said.

      • Yes, the Romanians I have met outside the commenting area are rather nice people. You are – I’m sorry to say – not legal parts in the ongoing case in Naustdal – but believe me – I as you hope the whole family will be united again soon.

      • My first visit to a church service in a Romanian church was recent, Diana. I found your comments to be very true. I was kindly treated and if I didn’t already attend two different churches, I might be a regular attender.

    • Norway just the same as every other western country? Doesn’t look like it. From the BBC Magazine article, not some “activist” source:

      1. ‘In an open letter of protest to the Children’s Minister, 170 leading Norwegian professionals involved in child protection – lawyers, psychologists, social work experts – say Barnevernet is a “dysfunctional organisation which makes far-reaching errors of judgment with serious consequences”.’

      2. ‘But the number of children and young people taken into emergency care rose by half from 2008 to 2013.’

      3. ‘Most cases now don’t involve parental violence, though, or alcohol- or drug-abuse. The commonest reason for a care order now is simply “lack of parenting skills”.’

      4. “Barnevernet have their own definition of normality.”

      Open your eyes.

      Splitting up families is not normal, it is very unnatural. Taking away children because they are at risk of poor parenting is the action of a police state.

        • Do not pay attention to Knut Nygaard. He is a Barnevernet propagandist with an agenda to cover the truth and defend the evildoers. He claims overall to be a Christian to uplift his credentials. He is a lier paid by Barnevernet. He is a Barnevernet worker spending a lot of time trying to brainwash people. Pay attention to the facts not propaganda.

        • I have the NCHR report done in 2012.

          It is full of documented footnotes and signed by the proper professionals in the Nordic countries.

          I know that overwhelming evidence is not good enough for you, Knut.

  3. Knut, first off, when we talk about Norway we talk about “human rights violations”.
    My question: You as a Christian, do you agree with all the laws in Norway and with the way they are applied?

    • 10 th of May 1986 I walked in a demonstration in Oslo with 13000 other Christians – among them Jan Åge Torp who went just before us – against free abortion.

      I have spoken on many blogs against the political use of the Norwegian Church in the fight for rights for gays.

      I also think it’s wrong to stop to use “he” and “she as the two sexes and instead use “hen” in support for the 0,0… % among us that do not know if they are a boy or a girl. This means the end of toilets for men and woman. In sympathy with the 0,0..% we shall all walk in and share the same toilet.

      Of cause we can react and protest, but no society is run by the Bible.

      The “human rights violations” in Norway are nothing that interests me or common Norwegians. The former lawyer Marius Reikerås find his possible clients on facebook – offers his services and says that he is the man to help you – a private citizen – that has emptied all possibilities in Norway to take the case for …… a lot of money to the Human Rights Court in Haag. The clients then find out that both this lawyer and the Court don’t give them the rights that alter their situation. These “violations” are just of interest for especially interested people and a handful activists.

      • The breach of human rights in Norway concerns thousands of people who have had their rights trampled by the so-called barnevernet.

        The facebook page “Barnevernet vil vi ha fullstendig fjernet” has 12657 members.

        Knut Nygaard is right about Marius Reikerås, though, but he is totally wrong about Marianne Haslev Skånland whom I have known for ten years. Just as barnevernet cannot differ between children who are alright and children who are not alright, Knut cannot extinguish between a fraud and the real thing.

      • Marius Reikerås has brought cases to The european Court of human Rights, and won! I think violation against human right are of great concern to descent citizens of Norway. But our huge problem is that it is of no concern to our government and our CPS! That might be the reason for the tragedies made by the CPS.

        • Whatever the verdict in Haag is it alters anything other than 700.000 kr.- around 75.000 dollar – in the pocket of Reikerås.

        • Mr Nygaard does not know the difference between The Hague and Strasbourg. Never mind. To you others: The European Court of Human Rights has its seat in Strasbourg. It is not to be confused with the European Union’s bodies, some of which are also located in Strasbourg.

    • The facts are given by people terrorized by Barnevernet that have the courage to speak after they escaped the gulag. For sure we don’t believe you. You are a Barnevernet puppet. From what I realized you have contradictory statements. Your brain doesn’t work really well. A lie need ten more to cover up for. This is why you loose so much time explaining. Sometimes is funny to read your statements.

      • They only present their version. This is a oneway narrativ where the CPS has the respect for the child and its future written in our duty silence. A parent can produce whatevert “truth” you want and emotional and caring people take it as some kind of truth. Of cause some of it is truth, but its impossible for a reader to know the truth in what they read.

        • Knut Nygaard wrote:
          “They only present their version. This is a oneway narrativ where the CPS has the respect for the child and its future written in our duty silence. A parent can produce whatevert “truth” you want and emotional and caring people take it as some kind of truth. Of cause some of it is truth, but its impossible for a reader to know the truth in what they read.”

          Your so-called “duty silence”, I presume you mean confidentiality, is no hindrance for anyone in the future to report the child to barnevernet, and then its past history with the same barnevernet, will destroy any hope of a happy familylife.

          The facts in the Bodnariu-case are well known. It is “not impossible” for the reader to know that five children were taken and on what grounds. It has been wide publicused. Of course, we cannot “see” what is going on in the individual social worker’s head. We cannot know for sure what are their motives. But we do know what caused the extreme reaction.

          Barnevernet are lousy at investigation and fact-finding. They use second- and thirdhand sources and often base their intrusive actions on unsubstantiated allegations.

        • I can trust Bodnariu family because I know what kind of people that are: never changed the story like Knut but I don’t trust the unqualified Barnevernet workers that coerced, fabricate stories and falsely charge the victims. I know from my neighbor what they are able to do. He doesn’t have any reasons to tell me lies. Barnevernet workers are picked up based on compliance to accept the dirty way of doing business. The totalitarian governments count on blindly order executioners. The one that are smart create problems. You know what the previous totalitarian governments did? They killed most of the educated people:doctors, engineers, and the one who ever create something. I can see the same trend governing the Norwegian society. Most of self thinking, high esteem people are outsided even pushed out of the country.

        • Hi Cecilie,

          I have seen CPS workers in “action.” I have seen videos and have read statements on blogs.

          I would say that Knut is the worst but…

          I have seen how the police are forced to make sure the children are taken. Sometimes, the parent resists and the child is forcibly removed. The policeman or policewoman is doing what they have been told to do. (I’d have to quit if they asked me to do this.)

          Usually, waiting “in the wings” are the CPS worker(s). They take the child out of the hands of the police as fast as they can. The CPS worker acts like the child is a piece of gold, which is really all it is to them.

          A Christian would be convicted of this type of activity and would have to quit, even if they had to take the lowest position in society.

          “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.” Matthew 6:24

          Chris: “I have seen how the police are forced to make sure the children are taken. Sometimes, the parent resists and the child is forcibly removed. The policeman or policewoman is doing what they have been told to do. (I’d have to quit if they asked me to do this.)”

          Chris, then you have a correct instinct about what one’s obligations are. There is in Norway too, as I am sure there is in the USA, the possibility of refusing to obey an order, and report to one’s superior why one is refusing to carry the order out. There is even an obligation to refuse, if one is commanded to do something which is against the law or basic human rights. A policeman who refuses, will no doubt get into some sort of unpleasantness or trouble in his job, but the obligation to refuse is there.

          This has been especially important when it comes to actions in war (not everything is legal to do in war either), but it holds for other situations too.

          I just read of someone who had a conversation with a policeman about why the police act the way they do in CPS cases. The policeman said that , well, they carry out the order of taking a child, because “we in the police do not have the “child science expertise” of Barnevernet.

          So Barnevernet’s expertise is assumed to be such that the police rely on it, again and again, in spite of all the terrible situations, which – my guess is – EVERY policeman must know about.

          The former spokesman of the police, Arne Johannessen, routinely said of their actions in CPS cases that, “We live in a state under the rule of law, so we carry out legally effectuated decisions”. It seemed that the status of Norway regarding “rule of law” was sort of decided once and for all, in his opinion. Johannessen is now regional head of the police up in Sogn og Fjordane, the part where the 12 year old girl died in a foster home. He apparently directs the investigation of that case, although the special, central crime force from Oslo has been called in.

  4. “Barnevernet is just the same in Our neighbouring countries and in the Whole Western world – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand a.s.o. – Norway is no Monster among these – they are much alike”. In USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand people are not encouraged to call CPS for every little thing and then CPS agents try to make a case out of anything. In Norway calling the CPS for anything, and then confiscating children without any social investigation, is a phenomenon.

        • You don’t give any impact on Norwegians with that Satan argument – you must have something factual about the CPS to tell.

        • What you talk about Knut? Horror cases about Children Poaching System are all over. You just ignore or justify them. After a close look Norway have Satan’s capital in Oslo, based on facts not fiction. Too bad that the families that doesn’t bend have to suffer Satan’s wrath.

    • We open an investigation when:
      If there is reasonable cause to assume that there are circumstances, which may provide a basis for measures under this chapter, the child welfare service shall investigate the matter at the earliest opportunity; see the time limits set out in section 6-9.

      We have an emergency when:
      If a child is without care because the parents are ill or for other reasons, the child welfare service shall implement such assistance as is immediately required. Such measures may not be maintained against the will of the parents.

      If there is a risk that a child will suffer material harm by remaining at home, the head of the child welfare administration or the prosecuting authority may immediately make an interim care order without the consent of the parents.

    • Well, i think readers and writers of “Delight in Truth” is very much aware of those not being concerned of violations against human rights in Norway now, and that their main concern is that people might earn money on working against those violations! So friends from distant countries, please support us in our struggle against those dark sides of our society.

      • We will Margaret, only do not pay attention to the propaganda and keep your mind open for the powerful system that survived for so long. The system survived by deceiving, brainwashings, intimidation, and if that didn’t work they try to discredit the ones that know the truth about them. Knowing the truth about them make you very dangerous. Find out about George Alexander in relationships with Barnevernet and you will understand what Barnevernet is about. Is very similar to the same system in the old communist country. Norway only perfected one constraining people to submit and accept the atrocities as normal. The new normal.

    I seem to get an impression from many of Mr Nygaards postings that he thinks nothing about Norwegian CPS is criticisable. At the same time he says the Americans have the same system “in their back year” and orders the Americans to put things right there. So the same kind of CPS needs to be combatted in the US but not in Norway?

    Never mind, Mr Nygaard will without doubt come up with a deluge of an answer, e.g about not sticking one’s nose in another country’s business. I do not intend to comment any further. I just brought this point up for the possible interest of other readers here.

    • Every society in the world need some kind of protection. In the early days of music festivals the “some kind of protection” stopped at Altamont in 1969. The festival ended up with giving the responsibility to The Hells Angels. This was the result: This movement seems to have the purpose to remove the CPS first in Norway and then in the rest of the world – for what? – that no one in the movement really don’t know – therefore – this is The Movement for Something Else – where each one of you can put in your “else” cause nobody in the movement have any idea of what they want instead – maybe – The Hells Angles?

        • Please try to behave, Cecile. i have just around 5 minutes on the TV2 news with a reporter in Bucharest. The nazi – communist – socialist – media intends to follow the day in Bucharest. Now it’s up to you Romenians – do you have something to tell the Norwegian media or are the sprokesmen too off the factual situation in Norway? If they have been fed with Reikerås and Mrs. M it shall be interesting to see the Norwegian reactions- anyhow – the media in Norway have read the emails and are ready for action.

        • You are the one telling decent people to behave, you moronic hippie from hell. You and the women in barnevernet are a relic from the marihuana-smoking 1960s. The women advocate free sex and you, the man, have mistresses, just like your idol, Charles Manson. I am pretty sure you have a poster of Charles Manson in your home, Knut Nygaard. Weren’t you and little wifey-partner into som shamanistic ritual the other day? You probably smoke pot when you are not snatching children away from parents. Let me see your smug hippie-face, Knut Nygaard. That full beard of yours speaks hippie from the 1960s. And you did tell us you were a civil worker in kindergarten when men your age were military service? I saw your kind on the metro in the 1980s when Noregs sosialhøgskole were at my old secondary school. And it made my blood run cold to know that you pot-smoking hippies could intrude into my family-life when I grew up. It was a nightmare that came through. Hippie-boy, show your face.

        • Hmmm Cecilie… you haven’t paid your last therapy session .. and now you give me this ..which means .. weekend addition as well.

        • You are not qualified to give any therapy-sessions, Knut. What is your education, by the way? You have not told us. I presume it is some simpleton education suited to your retarded brain.

          Barnevernet costs Norwegian taxpayers 20 billion NOK a year, so I have paid my share and more. Nobody is willing to pay for your “services” but I would pay a lot to get rid of you. You are a pest and a plague in the Norwegian society, constantly pestering us with your malevolent replies and indecent actions agains children.

  6. Just about to leave home ,first protest starts in Melbourne in less than 2 hours…God, listen to our cry please and to so many broken famillies in Norway,so help us God!

      • Been there,done that!Our message was sent to australian people with speeches and songs and a march half way through the city arround 300 people.God bless Australia!

          Bless you! I have just now returned from our own demonstration in Oslo. Too tired for words.

          My guess for Oslo is about 200+. In Bergen there were a hundred (that’s unexpectedly good for Bergen.)
          I heard that there were indeed many thousands in some places in Romania!

          Now it’s America’s turn!

          I just had a message from a good friend in Bulagria, who had seen something on Russian tv Rossiya-24 about the demonstration in Oslo, apparently. Or maybe it was about all the demonstrations, but she was concerned about Oslo, because she is worried for me. She says, “The world if not the same, it could be dangerous now.”

        • “How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1
          The Lord blessed me so much today by letting me get to know so many wonderful sisters and brothers in Christ from Romania! United we stood in front of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, to demonstrate against the Norwegian CPS “Barnevernet`s” attrocities of unjustly taking away children from their loving and caring parents. We sung, prayed and heard speeches. There have been protests against Barnevernet all over the world today. It was the Bodnariu case which triggered the demonstrations. I long for and pray that the children will be returned to their parents!
          Norge; La barna komme hjem!
          Norway; Let the children come home!
          Norwegen; Lass die Kinder nach Hause kommen!

          This is what I wrote on my Facebook today. I must add that I also, surprisingly met a good friend from my own church. I knew that she was originally from Romania. But we hadn`t thought about asking each other about the Bodnariu case. I also went out eating with some new friends including the pastor couple from the Romanian Evangelical church in Geneva. We had such good conversation and lovely time.Praise the Lord!!!

          I don`t know how many we were in Geneva. But I guess around 50.I took pictures which I have shared on Facebook. I will continue to pray and stand up for the Bodnarius and all the others who have had their children unjustly taken away!

        • “How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1
          The Lord blessed me so much today by letting me get to know so many wonderful sisters and brothers in Christ from Romania!”

          Thank you for sharing what happened in Switzerland, Hildi! What a blessing.

          I had a very similar experience in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

          Will the Barnevernet be moved by the demonstrations? I feel like today was only a start in our town, but it depends on the actions taken by the B.V. We have our signs ready and if we have to do this again, more churches in my area will be alerted for the next demonstration. I was very pleased with our turnout, mostly Romanian Christians, but I didn’t have the time to contact the pastors of the Watchmen of Garland County. Together they represent about 70 local churches and my pastor helps head the organization. If we have to have another protest, I think we will be able to get even more involved. I plan on asking to speak at one of the Watchmen of Garland County meetings, to maybe show them some of the pictures of our event and others around the world, and plant a seed for when a next demonstration may be needed.

          We had such wonderful Romanian prayer today and beautiful songs sung by the Romanian youth. We were worshiping God in the park.

        • I have only just started collecting articles, videos etc for some threads on Forum Redd Våre Barn (Rescue Our Children). So far I have concentrated on Norwegian sources first.

          Demonstrasjoner den 16 april 2016

          Innlegg og artikler i Norge vedrørende demonstrasjonene (Comments and articles in Norway concerning the demonstrations)

          I can see on the facebook page of the support group for the Bodnarius that there is a lot of stuff I have to assemble from abroad, and there will be a lot more videos and stuff from Norway by and by. Well, it is now gone 8.30 am in the morning here (17 April), and I suppose I shall have to get up properly, but I will expand threads and put in new ones as quickly as I can – (sigh), there is a lot of “handicraft” to be done and I am not terribly efficient at it.

  7. We “fell in love” with Norway since at least 25 % of articles from our newspapers are related to Norwegian CPS:

    In Norwegian’s culture children belong to the state. Therefore, they belong to strangers. The strangers are financially stimulated to raise biological parents’ children.

    Knut pointed to a CPS’s site from Arizona in which CPS makes an appeal that people should call them even if children have some non-accidental physical injuries such as bruises, burns, cuts or other injuries. Now, the difference between U.S. and Norway is that in U.S. we don’t call CPS unless we suspect an abuse.

    In Norway the people are brainwashed to call CPS for any trivial matter because CPS told them that “it may be a sign of abuse”. It’s interesting how Norwegians do not react when children have serious signs of abuse under the CPS care. If Bodnariu’s children got scratches and bruises under CPS’s care it seems normal to them because “they are for sure from playing with other children”. It can’t be abuse under CPS’s care, therefore there is no investigation when children get bruises, burns, cuts or other injuries in CPS’ custody. We warned Norway that there is abuse under Barnevernet’s care and there is abuse upon children when they are confiscated from loving parents without any social investigation. I urge the protesters to take as many pictures as possible from the protests and post as many videos as possible on the Internet.

  8. I have to say, I can not believe what some people say about the Bodnariu family. After reading some comments about them on FB. It seems that many Norwegians (and not only them) stop using their brain, when they hear the words corporal punishment. They are such a moral preachers. It seems that they would not look into what kind of family this is, that they are and I am sure of..very warm and kind and united family, that they deeply care for the children. That the children are happy at home. Not many people have reacted on how horrible it is for the children to be separated and isolated and growing up with strangers. Not many have commented on that the baby was returned home. That should surely give some hints?

    Both parents have even said, that they wanted to change their raising methods, but they were never given any chance..Unfortunately I have the feeling that many people dont make any difference in what is real abuse..Either that or they are afraid to voice their opinion. Luckily there are some exceptions.

    I can not believe, that people are such fanatics and they suggest that its better to remove the children, because the parents applied corporal punishment and its better to remove the kids too early than too late.

    I would like to say the following. When I grew up, corporal punishment was something very common as it was in Norway probably too. I yet have to find 1 person, that would want to be removed from their parents because of this. On the other side, children who were abandoned or removed from their parents and grew up in institution dont always end up happy adults. Yes, the time are changing, but to react so fanatically and to support removal of the children, separating them from each other, isolating them from the family is insane. I wonder, whether these people would go to their own parents and grandparents and say these nasty things about them..Its a shame.

    Its like if you drive a car and speed a little, then the driving license should be taken forever, even better, the car should also be taken. Because you were not following the rules. How crazy is that?

    Also , what I have heard in the last days is..but CPS does also good ..well yes, but they also do some very bad things. I wonder if a bus driver causes few fatal accidents, will people say then..but hey, he did not always cause an accident, sometimes he actually brought the people to their destination without an accident. Why are CPS workers who do mistakes not responsible for their faults then??

      Pavla: “I have to say, I can not believe what some people say about the Bodnariu family. After reading some comments about them on FB. It seems that many Norwegians (and not only them) stop using their brain, when they hear the words corporal punishment.”

      Well observed, Paula. I, too, have wondered. It seems that the propaganda has gone so far that people are incapable of thinking for themselves. Maybe it’s the thorough ideologising of children from they are quite small – but no, the generations that were NOT formed from kindergarten, 1 or 2 years old, have still not died off completely.

      Maybe it is fear.

    • Hello Pavla,
      I think that the ones that commented on Facebook are the same that work or benefits from the business of selling the kids from place to place. It is not concern about kids or family, what they claim is not the reason is the pretext for the Vikings mafia. How you explain that the medical and psychological expertise couldn’t find any trace of phisical or psychological abuse and the parents on their delayed visit of the kids found the kids with evident signs of phisical abuse. Where is Children Poaching System responsibility?

  9. I had this appeal in Stryn, Norway the 16th of April; in support to the Bodnariu family and against all abuses made by barnevernet. The Bodnariu family was present here.

    My name is Margaret Hennum. I am a pediatric nurse and have been working with children and with families in crisis almost my entire adult life. I am a mother of two, but I have never been involved with the Norwegian Child Protection service (CPS), «barnevernet». So why am I standing here now?
    Well, eight years ago I read a book called «Power abuse and miscarriage of justice» by Berit Aarset, a grandmother writing about how the CPS took away the healthy and sound one-year-old from the mother.
    I, who hardly ever thought about the CPS before, got a wake up call, and couldn’t NOT stand here. After I read the book, I have heard about alarmingly many parents with similar stories. And I have seen that the Child Protection Service, with the word «protection» in their name, is not a protector, but have become a large threat to our childrens lives and wellbeing!
    The CPS has as an official goal to remove more and more children from their homes, and they do. But it is not the neglected children they take. Most of them are healthy, functioning children without any signs of neglect. This can’t be true, you say, there must be something more, right? Yes, there kind of is, but not in the way you would think. For the CPS think they are capable of judging who is able to raise a child and who is not. So even if the children are OK living with their parents right now, they mean to see the parents as a threat to the children in the future. Then they suddenly remove the child without warning, and thereby inflicts the child loss of parents, loss of siblings, loss of grandparents, friends and all what they belong to!
    It is more than 50 years since the health care realized that the parents should come with when children were hospitalized. They understood that the anger, despair and in the end the apathy the children showed, laying alone in the hospital bed, were reactions to loss, natural reactions to the loss of their parents. Now, 50 years later the CPS are taking more and more children from their families, and the child protectiors are proud of it!
    In the Ida case the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad presented recently, we can read about a girl who got aggressive only after the CPS got involved. Many times does the CPS describe the children they have removed from their parents as aggressive, despairing and depressed. Lawyer Sverre Kvilhaug says that in all the cases he has been working, he has NEVER seen that the CPS has considered the possibility that they themselves could have created aggressive, despairing and depressed children; these natural reactions to loss of family.
    Homeless, yearning and insecure children become damaged children. They are put back in development and prevented from having a normal and healthy development. The CPS, who are making more and more of this homeless children, can not know what it means to belong!
    For decades they have gone out to other intitutions, like health centres, schools, hospitals and the government agency for children, youth and families, in addition to childrens and teens organizations, asking them to come to the CPS if they have any worries about a child. Many people have done this, and are shocked when the CPS then immediately empty the home of children.
    The CPS wants more money. But they should not have it. They don’t need more money, they need less money, because they need to loose many functions. What we need the CPS for, is to help neglected children, these who are let down by the CPS today. We do not accept that the CPS can be an intruder in the lives of normal, functioning families. The help that normal families need from the government are provided by other government institutons like health centre, schools and hospitals. And then we need to get the «housewife substitute» back!
    Until the CPS has lost most of the current functions, we need to stop reporting anything but sure neglect.
    The CPS is now not only a threat against those directly involved, but it is as well undermining the functions of the important intitutions like health centres and others, providing services that we all need. Because nobody should ever take the chance of showing their vulnerability to helpers instructed to be informers to the CPS.
    I cannot think of any less trustworthy, and whom I will more strongly warn against, than those removing by force a 3 months old baby from its mothers breast!
    This kind of people shall not take care of our children. Anyone who is deprived their children must get the possibility of
    having their case considered by a qualified investigating committee, and all those children who wants it, must be allowed to return home to their families.

    • Selvsagt er det mangt som kan gjøres bedre og som alle andre offentlige tjenester jobbes det stadig med det nasjonale prosjektet i og med at barneverntjenesten finnes i alle våre 422 kommuner.

      Selvsagt har ikke barnevernet som uttalt mål “å fjerne stadig flere barn”. Tjenesten jobber etter lov om barneverntjenester og formålet
      – å sikre at barn og unge som lever under forhold som kan skade deres helse og utvikling, får nødvendig hjelp og omsorg til rett tid,
      – å bidra til at barn og unge får trygge oppvekst vilkår.

      Vi i den kommunale barneverntjenesten er organisert på denne måten: Kommunen er ansvarlig for å utføre de oppgaver etter loven som ikke er lagt til et statlig organ.
      Kommunen skal ha internkontroll for å sikre at kommunen utfører oppgavene sine i samsvar med krav fastsatt i lov eller i medhold av lov. Kommunen må kunne gjøre rede for hvordan den oppfyller kravet til internkontroll. Departementet kan i forskrift gi nærmere bestemmelser om internkontroll.
      Kommunestyret kan beslutte at oppgaver som følger av denne loven skal legges til et folkevalgt organ. Dette organet, som ikke kan være kommunestyret, skal ved behandling av klientsaker ha 5 medlemmer.
      I hver kommune skal det være en administrasjon med en leder som har ansvar for oppgaver etter denne loven.
      Administrasjonen skal utføre det daglige løpende arbeid, herunder
      a) gi råd og veiledning,
      b) treffe vedtak i henhold til loven, eventuelt innstille til vedtak, jf. tredje ledd,
      c) forberede saker for behandling i fylkesnemnda,
      d) iverksette og følge opp tiltak.

      Barneverntjenesten mottar meldinger og behandler disse innen 7 dager – smaker meldingen av akutt, så gjennomføres det akutt vurdering. Alle offentlige tjenestemenn har meldeplikt og dette gjøres etter at f.eks. skole og barnehage har prøvd det de kan bistå med til det ytterste. Meldinger fra privat skjer selvsagt og mange av disse er anonyme. Det kan være bestemor som er bekymret for omsorgen til sitt barnebarn og ønsker å legge inn en melding. Dette kan hun gjøre hvis hun ikke sier bestemor, men nærstående.

      I denne saken i Naustdal, så håper jeg at barna snarlig gjenforenes med sine foreldre – det settes inn hjelpetiltak og foreldrene bruker sine ressurser til å samhandle og få en avsluttet sak innen et år. Nå vet jo ikke vi om det er noe gjemt under teppet i denne saken – foreldrene har advokathjelp og har valgt å ikke snakke sak med norsk presse, men snakker med presse og er på tv verden rundt. Slik blir de fort ammunisjon for aktivister og kroniske barnevernhatere – og de som har bærer på tap og sterke følelser – det har jeg stor forståelse for. Mange av disse troskyldige rumenere tror virkelig at det i Norge foregår statlig forfølgelse av kristne. Hvorfor ikke Torp og andre hjelper de til å komme inn i en mer virkelighetsnær forståelse av forholdene i Norge skjønner jeg ikke, men… aktivister er aktivister ….

      Tro er sjelden en del av det som er til vurdering i en situasjon knyttet til barn og vern – det er om det er grunnlag for bistand knyttet til loven som er det essensielle.

      Vi kjenner ikke alle saksforhold knyttet til Naustdal saken – i alle fall gjør ikke jeg det, men hvis det ikke er mer i den enn det Costea- versjonen formidler så har jeg mine tanker om at disse barna ville ha vært tilbake i familien for flere måneder siden hadde dette vært håndtert fra vårt kontor. Vi ville ha satt inn diverse hjelpetiltak som trolig foreldrene hadde akseptert. Hvorfor de går en annen vei i denne konkrete saken vet ikke jeg. Her ser det ut til at det er forhandlinger i mai som gir en svar i juni som kan bli både det ene og det andre.

      Hvis du leser aviser så ser du jevnlig at det skrives om saker som snur og endres. De fleste kontor tar endringene til etterretning – noen gjør det ikke og anker. Jeg er enig med deg i at tiden som går er en stor påkjenning for de involverte.

      Jo, barn blir preget av sine omgivelser. At troende barn kan bli plassert hos ikke troende kan skje, men det underlige er at det kommer ingen forslag fra foreldrene om hvem som de kan tenke seg som fosterforeldre – noe sier meg at det skjer fordi de ikke har noen menighetstilknyttelse – det har nok ikke denne familien i Naustdal heller – hadde de hatt det, så ville jeg tro at den lokale menighet var av de første til å stille seg bak foreldrene.

      Barn som er midertidlig plassert p.g.a. vold eller overgrep kan ikke plasseres i eget nettverk. Dette først og fremst fordi det foregår en etterforskning etter straffeloven – i Naustdal etter §282 – vold i nære relasjoner med strafferamme 3 til 8 år.

      Det er et mål nå i tiden at barneverntjenesten skal komme raskere i posisjon til å få på plass hjelpetiltak som kan bistå barn og foreldre slik at ikke situasjonen forverrer seg. Fram mot 2020 skal det kommunale barnevernet utvikle en utvidelse av arbeidsfeltet, slik at kommunen får ansvar for å finne egnet fosterhjem for barnet. Tanken bak er at vi kjenner barnets nærmiljø, ressurspersoner og familie best slik .. at om mulig .. kan barnet flytte uten å miste kontakt med kjent nærmiljø eller familieressurser.

      I og med at tjenesten skal utføre sine samfunnsoppgaver forsvarlig, så er det en stadig konsekvens at penger tilføres hvis det viser seg at tjenesten med de midler som er bevilget ikke er i stand til dette.

      Når det gjelder Ida og gjennomgangen som ble gjort i media, så var det en tydelig underkommunisering av det som hadde foregått i hennes liv de 15 årene som var gått før hun kom i behov av barneverntjeneste. Alle familier og barn har med seg en historie som begynner lenge før behovet for tjenestebistand oppsto.

      Så tidligere barneombud på TV – Hjermann – som uttalte seg om sårbarheten til barneverntjenesten i små kommuner. I Naustdal er de 3 eller 4. De er totalt 2700 innbyggere. I 2014 hadde tjenesten problemer med gjennomføringen av de 27 meldingene de hadde mottatt. Noe sier meg at det er langt imellom hver melding som smaker av akutt og at når de skjer så har de ikke den erfaring som et større by kontor har. I det ligger en viss fare for å legge lista noe feil – enten for lavt eller for høyt. Småkommuner bør etter min mening slå seg sammen i en interkommunale tjeneste – jeg er da klar over at de geografiske avstander kan bli store – eller at noen oppgaver – som akuttvurderinger og dens konsekvenser legges slik til rette, slik at det foregår i et større fagmiljø – dette for å sikre at listen legges så riktig som mulig.

      Noe sier meg – uten å ha sett Naustdal dokumentene – og det har vel ingen verden rundt – skulle jeg tro – fått en forståelse for at dette kunne løses på en annen måte. Hvis det da er slik at ikke alle kontor vurderer akuttsituasjoner noenlunde likt, så har Horne en jobb med å trene samtlige kontorer slik at listen legges på en noenlunde forutsigbart nivå – et er tillitsskapende og skaper forståelse hos alle parter.

      Et akuttvedtak må være tuftet på forhold som er i samsvar med en situasjon som disse: Dersom et barn er uten omsorg fordi foreldrene er syke eller barnet er uten omsorg av andre grunner, skal barneverntjenesten sette i verk de hjelpetiltak som umiddelbart er nødvendige. Slike tiltak kan ikke opprettholdes mot foreldrenes vilje.
      Er det fare for at et barn blir vesentlig skadelidende ved å forbli i hjemmet, kan barnevernadministrasjonens leder eller påtalemyndigheten uten samtykke fra foreldrene umiddelbart treffe midlertidig vedtak om å plassere barnet utenfor hjemmet.

      Leste i en artikkel at barneverntjenesten i Bodø over tid har slitt med trolig både organisering og få oppgavene gjort. Bodø er større enn jeg trodde – 50.000 innbyggere. Som en tommelfingerregel bør det i hver kommune være ansatt 1 pr. 1000 innbyggere. Mener å ha lest at vi er totalt er ca. 27.000 ansatte – i så fall er dette 20.000 for lite. Når et kontor sliter, så blir de hengende etter og det er trolig en medvirkende årsak til at kontoret alt i år har flyttet 19 barn i midlertidlig omsorg – og det er krevende – både som situasjon og arbeid.

      • The CPS has as an official goal to remove more and more children from their homes, and they do, 1000 more every year than a few years ago. Kari Killèn has influenced the CPS in Norway to what is is today, and according to her statement 25 – 50 % of Norwegian children are in need of the CPS.

        I am so greatful for have been given the possibility here to deal worldwide information about the tragedies our CPS system are causing in Norway.

        • Removals should be unnecessary. Every child has a mother and a parent. Every child has broader family/relatives and hopefully some friends. If necessary to be done we seldom hear the parent give proposal of someone known for the child to consider. Grandparents find out that they are to old – they can’t handle a teenager in their sixties. An aunty won’t be involved – she know the problems the parents deal with and she don’t want those to be a part of the daily life as a professional fosterhome. The parents may give the children away to someone else if done in this accordance:
          Section 4-7 Children placed in care by the parents.
          When a child is placed with other persons in such a way that the parents cannot be said to have the child in their everyday care, the child welfare service may demand the right to approve the accommodation if the placement lasts more than two months; see section 4-22, second paragraph. The basis for making such a demand is the same as for making investigations under section 4-3. The rules applying to investigations under section 4-3 shall also be followed in these cases.

          The requirement regarding approval does not apply when the child is over the age of 15, when the placement is necessary in the interest of the child’s schooling, or when the child is placed in a public institution due to his or her health and development.

          When the child welfare service receives information about placement under the first paragraph, it shall investigate whether there is a need for assistance that can give the parents a basis for having the child in their care, or that is otherwise desirable in the interests of the child. The second, third and fourth paragraphs of section 4-3 apply in regard to implementation of the investigation. The investigation may be omitted if the information available renders it unnecessary.

        • What a terrible lot of lies from Mr Nygaard once again – that grandparents do not want to be fosterparents, that they think they are too old, that parents have no suggestions. There are actually several dozen cases just known to me personally where it has been the other way around, and just think how many there are and have been around the country! Cases where grandparents have begged for the grandchildren, where parents have suggested umpty relatives or close friends who would be both willing and capable.

          The CPS always hinder it.

    • “Many times does the CPS describe the children they have removed from their parents as aggressive, despairing and depressed. Lawyer Sverre Kvilhaug says that in all the cases he has been working, he has NEVER seen that the CPS has considered the possibility that they themselves could have created aggressive, despairing and depressed children; these natural reactions to loss of family.”

      Great observation.

    • As any other public service the CPS has ever improving as a standard for our work. These municipal public services including the CPS are represented in all our 422 municipalities.

      The removal of a child from the family is the last resort. There is no goal in this nation wide service “to remove more children”. The service work in accordance with The Child Welfare Act. The purpose of this Act is:
      -to ensure that children and youth who live in conditions that may be detrimental to their health and development receive the necessary assistance and care at the right time,
      -to help ensure that children and youth grow up in a secure environment.

      We in the municipal CPS are organized in this way:
      Section 2-1. The municipality’s functions.
      The municipality is responsible for performing those functions under the Act which are not assigned to a central government body.
      The municipality shall have internal controls to ensure that the municipality performs its functions in accordance with the requirements laid down by statute or pursuant to statute. The municipality must be able to explain how it satisfies the requirement for internal controls. The Ministry may by regulations make further provisions regarding internal controls.

      The municipal council may decide that functions following from this Act shall be assigned to an elected body. This body, which may not be the municipal council itself, shall have five members when dealing with client cases.
      In each municipality there shall be a child welfare administration headed by a person who is responsible for functions under this Act.

      The administration shall perform the day-to-day child welfare work, including
      (a) providing advice and guidance,
      (b) making administrative decisions in accordance with the Act, if appropriate recommending such decisions; see third paragraph,
      (c) preparing cases for consideration by the county social welfare board,
      (d) implementing and following up child welfare measures.
      The bodies that perform functions on behalf of the municipality (see the third and fourth paragraphs) constitute the municipal child welfare service.

      The municipality is responsible for the necessary training of child welfare service personnel. Such personnel are obligated to participate in training which is prescribed, and which is considered necessary to keep up their qualifications. The King may make regulations regarding training.

        • Exactly, Delight in Truth, the removal of their 5 children was the First reaction! Reaction to what? Slapping behind, and definitely not the baby!

          I would like to think, that the posibility given to the CPS by the authoroties, for sudden removal of cildren, was meant for situations were severe abuse occured.

          And I think that the authoroties did not have the needed fantasy to never, ever think that healthy and safe children should be removed from their families like they are today.

          Like most people worldwide understand, what is happening in Norway, is not mostly because of bad laws, but lack of empathy and a minimum of social understanding in the CPS system.

          That is why our laws have to be changed immediately, to rescue those being removed, and to make our families secure from being destroyed in the future.

        • Mr. Prunean – you should be a scholar in the Child Welfare Act and know that the emergencies are handled in another way:
          Section 4-6. Interim orders in emergencies.
          If a child is without care because the parents are ill or for other reasons, the child welfare service shall implement such assistance as is immediately required. Such measures may not be maintained against the will of the parents.

          If there is a risk that a child will suffer material harm by remaining at home, the head of the child welfare administration or the prosecuting authority may immediately make an interim care order without the consent of the parents. This is the one used in the Bodnariu case – when the daughters had told the CPS about the violence and the parents confirm they can not be reunited at once – but – as I have told you – they would have been home months ago done from our office if the Costea version is close to truth – his version of Norway was not that.

          Read an article in out media last week about the CPS situation in Bodø – a nothern town with 50.000 inhabitants. This municipal CPS has over time shown problems both with the organization and get the cases done according to the deadlines in the Act. When an office function in this way for a long period the emergencies occur. So far this year this office alone have removed 19 children in accordance with the Child Welfare Act. I think some of those could have been prevented if the office was is better shape. I have thoughts that say that a municipal should have one CPS for every thousand inhabitants. If we are around 27.000 total in Norway we are 23.000 short.

        • I read from your writings here that you are informing of how things SHOULD be according to norwegian law. I speak for myself, i am interested in how things ARE.

        • Hello Margaret,
          Living in USA, Oregon after I left Romania as a Political Refugee under UN happen to buy a house from a Norwegian very nice gentleman. As neighbors we had good time together but I couldn’t figured out that he was treating everyone suspiciously. After a while, I told him how after the communist special enforcement killed my brother for spreading the Christianity and I had to run for my life with my wife and two children, he told me about Barnevernet of Norway and the fact that he had to run out of his country to preserve his family and children. I asked him: where are your children? He told me that he had a different unmarked residence where his children are. He was afraid that the evildoers of Norway will find him and take his kids away. I didn’t believe him then but he tried to convince me to read about ABBA girls being mistreated by Norwegian CPS. This happened in 1997. The kids in Norway own by the state. The parents are used as a source for thir dirty business. What Knut is telling you is just Children Poaching System propaganda. The reality is completely different. The communism looks good on paper but the reality was different. Too bad that too many Norwegians are involved in this bloody dirty business. They have to face the truth now because is starting to be uncovered. They had such a success because they been operating under secrecy hiding the evidences very well like the old communist party. The communists survived for so long killing hundreds of millions and nobody or very few have been charged for their crimes. The more they hold on the harder their fall. No worries.

        • One of our former national Children Ombudsman – Reidar Hjermann – said on the telly that the CPS in small municipalities are vulnerable. Naustdal f.i. has 3 og 4 CPS workers. It may be as small as one. Naustdal have 2700 inhabitants – in 2014 they received a total of 27 concerns – I think few or none of these were emergency.

          When an emergency concern comes the CPS in a small municipal have little or none experiece how to handle this – find the right level through assessments – find enough people to get the job done a.s.o.

          If Naustdal had a broader cooperation with the neighbor municipalities Førde and Florø I think the professional standard of their services would rise. If these municipalities could be fully intermunicipal I don’t know – the geography is rather huge and challenging.

          I think this case in Naustdal give Horne an upportunity to help us in the CPS to be more collected in our assessments.

        • You’re opinion is of cause free to express – but it’s just an opinion – we all have opinions, Margaret

        • Are we no longer next to North Korea? I began to think out leader for this elected government is Erna Sol and the opponent is Jon Fog Tung. But – I didn’t find recognition in the starving of our people project, but maybe the implementing of perfect body is a treat in the same direction? And no we are just another garbage communist country? No, we want to stay on the top – not next to North Korea – above.

        • Is a lot easy to suffer from starvation than from being counted as a number in your totalitarian County. After you loose you soul what else you can loose? Trampling over families and children is trampling on your country future. Wake up Knut!!. You calmed to be Christian. In North Korea people underground keep their soul intact. Love of money is the roots of all evil and freeze the souls. Thanks God that there are a lots of Norwegians with open eyes and moral value that doesn’t bend under the stinky schemes your depraved system is running.

      • “The removal of a child from the family is the last resort. There is no goal in this nation wide service “to remove more children”. Knut Nygaard

        Hahahaha….. This is the way it is supposed to be! But this is definitely NOT the way it is!!!

        Barnevernet is very concerned about giving “information” about how the organisation works. What they don`t want to talk about is how it actually works!

        There are loads of proof in the media that the removal of a child from the family is, in a great number of cases, the FIRST resort, as Knut indicates it so well when he says that they don`t know if they get a bird or a fish when they intrude into families taking away their children. Of course they don`t know if they don`t investigate first. And that is the big poison in the system.

        Barnevernet go to birth clinics and steal babies on the same day or a couple of days after they are born. They believe that some mothers won`t be capable of bringing up their children because of having had a difficult past, not being intelligent enough or being too young etc. They are not even given a chance. Barnevernet doesn`t consider giving them help if they need it. No! They are removed by force as a FIRST resort!

        Bodnarius also illustrate cases where the children are removed as the FIRST resort. There was absolutely no investigation beforehand and no attempt to try and help the Bodnarius as a first step.

        We see this happening again and again. It is misinformation and a big lie to say that Barnevernet removes a child from the family as a last resort!!

        Occasionally, Barnevernet finds out , maybe after years, that they were wrong about taking away a child. The parents get their child back again…… if they are lucky…..
        That was the case with Bodnarius youngest boy, who was only 3 months old when he was, in the most brutal way, taken away from his mother`s breast and driven away, crying and screaming for his mother for at least half an hour in a black car which drove him far away to total strangers….. THAT is something I call child-abuse!!!! But barnevernet call it a just a small mistake which they are never held accountable for.

        I was talking with a wonderful new romanian friend I met when I was at the protests in Geneva. She told me that in Switzerland there is always an investigation when they have a case. A social worker might visit the family and talk with them. If necessary, the social worker stays and sleeps in the family`s home for some days or a week to see how the conditions are. If there are problems, the social worker will discuss and look for specific help measures that suit the families situation. Removal of the child/ children is absolutely the last resort, as it is supposed to be.

      • First, the laws must be completely changed, secondly the people involved, held responsible, and finally education must be given to people with personal qualities to work with people.

    • The CPS receive concerns and the Act give us seven days to treat these. If the worry has emergency content this calls for assessment. Those who are working in the public service field and health personell have in their professional service a duty to give concerns to us:
      Section 6-4. Obtaining information.
      Information shall as far as possible be obtained in collaboration with the person whom the case concerns or in such a way that the person concerned is aware that information is being obtained.

      Notwithstanding the duty of confidentiality, public authorities shall of their own initiative provide information to the municipal child welfare service when there is reason to believe that a child is being mistreated at home or subjected to other forms of serious neglect (see sections 4-10, 4-11 and 4-12), When a child has shown persistent, serious behavioural problems (see section 4-24), or when there is reason to believe that there is a risk of a child being exploited for human trafficking (see section 4-29). Organisations and private individuals who perform functions for the central government, county municipality or municipality are considered to be on a par with public authorities. Public authorities are also obligated to disclose such information when ordered to do so by bodies that are responsible for implementing the Act. By order of these bodies, public authorities are also obligated, in connection with cases to be decided by the county social welfare board under sections 4-19, 4-20 and 4-21, to disclose any information necessary to be able to assess whether moving a child back to his or her parents, or his or her access to them, might give rise to a situation for or risk to the child as mentioned in sections 4-10, 4-11 or 4-12.

      Practitioners of professions under the Act relating to Health Personnel, etc., the Act relating to Mental Health Care, the Act relating to Municipal Health and Care Services, the Act relating to Family Counselling Services and Mediators in Matrimonial Cases (see the Marriage Act) and the Act relating to Independent Schools are also obligated to disclose information under the provisions of the second paragraph.

      In the private field some wish to be anonymus. When we hear no name this is done. This can be a grandmother, the oldest daugther or aunty who hope not to loose the contact with the child/family. This give us an impression of the worry they feel.

      I have said several times that if the Bodnariu case had been handled from our office – and the Costea version is close to truth – the children would have been reunited with a set of help measures when the police had concluded. I don’t know if that’s done for sure, but I mean I have distant rememberance of that.

      We in Norway know there is no persecution of Christians going on in the CPS. This was the first news the Bodnariu organization gave to Christians in Romania. Without this information some of the air had left the balloon. No body tell the Christians that this is untrue – not Torp; a Christian himself – not, Skånland; activist for decades and propagadist for her version of the truth of the CPS is Norway – not Marius Reikerås; condemned and convicted ex-lawyer who know finds his clients on facebook – says he can help these victims who have tried everything possible in our courts to the Haag court – give him a lot of money and case verdicts that does not help them taken back to Norway – not Steven Bennett, a Christan teacher who describes Norway, Norwegians and the CPS in the worst possible and untrue manner – they all like the energy this misinformed Christians give to the cause – the Movement for something else where every one of you in the movement have your personal thoughts of this “else” – the day someone of you speak them out load the movement go apart.

      • You didn’t complete the list Knut!! How about George Alexander? Do you know anything about, or you don’t want to talk about? Is too revealing about Children Poaching System or is that there is to fresh proving the schemes your Norwegian Paradise System is running to cover up? Shame on you the fake one. No morals as a person for you mr. Propagandist.

        • We have a saying in Norway, going like this: When telling stories about others, you might tell more about yourself than about them!

  10. “We in Norway know there is no persecution of Christians going on in the CPS.”Knut Nygaard

    So why was it a Christian song that the oldest Bodnariu girl sung at school that which triggered the whole case? Why wasn`t the father allowed to teach the children a Christian song at school? Why wasn`t his daughter allowed to sing a Christian song? Why was it looked upon as something that would be harmful for the children to grow up in a Christian home with Christian relatives around them?
    Why were the did barnevernet start their interviews with the girls on these grounds?

    • Is as was in communism. They didn’t have any Christian persecution as long they were only as a name. As soon they acted as Christians they were considered traitors and killed for the good of the society. They even brag that if they don’t know what atheism is about they will be educated, if they are not complying they will be anahilated. Everything was done in the name of the spirit of law. Looks like Norway today. Shame, shame. Looks like they didn’t learn anything. The colaps is near for this society.

    • Have you seen any document that give that kind of information? Maybe the partent thought that must be the matter – I don’t know. These questions you ask is school matter and not CPS. I don’t know the circumstances, but let’s say it was something like this – the father sings and plays a Christian song. For you and me that is great rather than a matter, but if one pupil or two have parents involved in The Norwegian Humanist Association – or a teacher – or a school master – or they can be afraid of reactions. Our children have gone on private Christian schools to prevent this silencing of faith.

      If this was done and teacher/headmaster- some – meant this to be too Christian and were afraid of reactions they should have spoken with the father – not with the CPS or the girls. In Norway we have freedom of religion and no one can accuse the parents for bringing them up in Christian faith.

      I have worked different places and I have noticed that in places with low population you are seen in a different way than in a city. In Naustdal there are two schools – Dalen and Naustdal barne- og ungdomsskole. I assume they are pupils on the big and lasting for all the 10 years school. The teachers mean in well – it’s impotant to fit in and if someone is too different that may lead to either conflict with your background/parents or a danger for standing outside the social fellowship. If this is somewhere near to truth I think the school should have talked with the parents – tried to get get an impression and guide them to moderate somewhat to ensure that the girls not should end up been looked upon as different.

      If I have understood the jungle telegraph the school either talked with the CPS first to get an advise. If this happened I think it is wrong. They should have talked With the parents – if any. If the school talked to the girls and then the CPS it make more sense. In this conversation the girls agree – they feel different – they are punished different – have different rules – are not allowed to certain usual activities a.s.o. – they end up as different and do themselves think they are different – that being the only ones that are spanked .. and maybe more .. we don’t know as the most severe information given.

      • It is not true that the CPS in larger communities is any better than in small ones. Oslo, and Bergen – where Mr Nygaard lives – have atrocious CPS cases all the time.
           I see that now Mr Nygaard blames the school for contacting the CPS. Yes, I agree, with today’s CPS that is something that one cannot do without high risk of starting a tragedy. The interesting thing, though, is that Mr Nygaard here reveals that he KNOWS that the CPS in Naustdal are dangerous people. He just tries to comfort everyone by pretending that they are something special, that the CPS everywhere else, especially in large offices, are QUITE something else.
           Which is nonsense. Sensible, normal, responsible people in CPS positions are few and far between, and they tend to leave the profession early. The change of personnel in the CPS is very high. But Mr Nygaard prides himself on having worked for them for a very long time. No doubt he has.

        • Please don’t manipulate everything I write, Mrs. M. I said – if someone at the school meant the Christianithy was a treat to the girls possibilities to fit in – to have social fellowship – that is a school matter so long as that assumption only comes from an observation in the school hours. I don’t know anything about the CPS in Naustdal and we get all kinds of telephones from schools and kindergardens for advise every day. We don’t know what happened and was said in the first contact school/CPS – we don’t know if it was done at all in the first place.

          I meant to say that a large office have more people – more and broader skills – more profesionalism – more experience with all sorts of cases including emergencies.

          No, you’re right – you won’t find any place where the inhabitants are 100% satisfied with the CPS, but the number is going upwards. If you loose a case you of cause have emotions attached to the loss and those who did what was necessary.

          I said Mrs. M that the fit in project is easier in a city and in many places you find christian private schools.

          You are just a propagandist and you are commited to defend your position in the Movement for Something Else. Maybe now is the time where you inform your followers of what you see as an alternative to the Norwegian municipal CPS?

      • KNUT
        You are right you hope that the emergency care order was not because of Christian indoctrination or a song for that reason or a simple report made by the school.
        We now from George Alexander who happen to be a Kindergarten director what kind of paper work he was supposed to push everyday.
        The schools are supposed to make up stuff. That is how much stuff they have to report.
        You live in Norway.
        We here in the other free world know for a fact that schools are meant for teaching not snitching.Parents send their kids to school to be taught not targeted.
        You try to tell us what the cps law book says IN NORWAY.
        the problem is that every time you walk into that door at cps you flush it down the toilet every time you find parents unfit to raise a child,find 60 year old grandparents to old to care for a grandchild,or an uncle to busy to adopt his nephew.
        You make this up at work because you are sick in the head and I am 100 percent sure that is how you reason at work just like you try to convince us here.
        Please answer this question?
        If a grandparent which at 60 is in his prime takes his grandson in ,will he get the financial reward that a foster parent gets for that child.
        I’ve know people that retired at 60 and spent the next 30 years traveling the whole world.
        Are you saying that a grand parent will not commit 18 years of his life to care for his own flesh.
        I don’t know what Norways grandparents are like but here grandparents not only ador grandchildren they will give up all their vital organs to keep one alive.
        But your screwed up reasoning deems them unfit.
        In Norway everybody is Unfit.
        A single foster mother Is fit to care for the Bodnariu Children but 2 loving parents are not.
        A single mother is unfit to care for her child cause she has to work and yet you have so many single foster parents in Norway.
        Remember that line is the cps manual that giving money to a family is bad care.
        Bad care is to take a healthy family and destroy it.
        In Norway is Ok to have Ida being watched by 4 employees in 3 shifts around the clock alone in one carehome but to make that accommodation for the Bodnariu Children was impossible. The country the has no national debt and that has 800 bilion euros cash could not afford a carehome for all the Bodnariu Children to be toghether.
        No because Norway does not need emotional stable people they need sick people and the only way to do it is to take healthy ones and terorise them until they go crazy and then Norway is Happy.
        They want their people to resort to drugs and be government dependent .
        They need Knut’s just like the one we are talking to that after they are ripped from their families will come back and work for them completely detached and 100 brain washed that they are there to help.
        And what a help that is.

        • KNUT

          One more thing
          You won’t belive what Horne said today.

          You said “no protest will ever change the law her or our system”
          I hope that your retirement is soon because you might be out of a job soon.
          Soon o very soon we are going to see Knut at the unemployment office offering to write exaggerated hardship cases for unemployed foster parents.

  11. “If this is somewhere near to truth I think the school should have talked with the parents – tried to get get an impression and guide them to moderate somewhat to ensure that the girls not should end up been looked upon as different.” Knut Nygaard

    Has it now become a crime to be different and come from a different background? Shouldn`t rather the school teach the children that one should tolerate and respect each other despite being different?

    What did Jesus say about being a light in the world? Do you know the song; “This little light of mine, I`m gonna let it shine”?

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