Press Release from Barnevernet Boss: Will Review Cases

Solveig Horne, the politician in charge of Barnevernet put out a press release today in response to the demonstrations held against her CPS on April 16th, 2016

In a Facebook post she wrote: “We take criticism towards child welfare seriously and give the Board of Health now the mission to go through a selection of issues in child welfare”

In the press release (here) she wrote that they will take a look at emergency care orders (like the action against the Bodnariu family) and will also review single cases.

I consider this a positive response, but not nearly positive enough. Until the culture within Barnevernet is changed, the culture of “shoot first-aim later,” no real change will occur.

This is also a positive development because it shows that the April 16th effort caused turmoil inside the Norwegian CPS. They are scrambling. They are stressed. They are in damage-control mode. They are under pressure to spread propaganda in the media.

Newspapers like Dagen are in full propaganda mode to criticize Bodnariu spokesman Cristian Ionescu, but in the process they look silly. Instead of addressing the concerns of the protesters, they attack the protesters.

Getting defensive is usually a sign of weakness and many times a sign of guilt. The Barnevern machine is showing signs of both.

The Bodnariu drama continues for now, and it will continue to damage the image of Norway abroad.

I hope Norway’s politicians and citizens realize this before it is too late.

It may already be too late.

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  1. Starting to crack over in the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, I mean Norway. Let’s keep the pressure on!

      • Did you ask yourself how much money she paid for that propaganda misleading news coverage? Be with open mind. Did you ever saw a crow poking the eyes from an other crow?

        • Clever, Aristotel.

          Is it public knowledge what her salary is? Just wondering.

          Wiki says this about her: “A life-long Christian, Horne has described growing up in a religious household in Etne, a community of both meeting houses and Gospel Halls in addition to the official church, as well as attending Sunday school where her father was a teacher for over thirty years.”

          Question #2: What are they teaching in those churches in Norway?

          While looking for salary information, I ran across this article which mentions our friend, Marianne. It tells quite the story about Ms. Horne:

          My understanding is that Horne has been “successful” and that things have gotten worse since this article was written.

        About Solveig Horne’s salary: No, government ministers in Norway, even the prime minister, draw quite modest salaries, just a fraction of what your politicians are used to, and far, far below successful journalists, sports stars, business people.

        About being a bright person: No comment.

        She has been quite eager to propaganda for such things as “therapy”, referring to her own experience: She went to marriage therapy for some 6 years, after which she and her husband divorced.

        Not that any of it has anything to do with the issues we are debating, has it?

        • I knew about the divorce. I did not know about the therapy. I think you already know my answer to your question, Marianne. And thanks for the info about the salaries.

    • GREAT POST …. and just to let you know – ….. these particular crimes against humanity are transpiring all over the world – intentionally committed by United Nations State Parties who are being protected by the UNITED NATIONS ;-( .
      These are not MISTAKES OF ANY KIND. These are pre-meditated, intentional and meaningful acts which unmistakably VIOLATE MILLIONS OF CITIZENS HUMAN RIGHTS EACH MONTH THAT THEY ARE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE ON 😦

      • I think there is enough documentation to prove that what you are saying is true, Jean.

        Because the Bible speaks of an eventual worldwide system of control, I am not surprised to see us heading in that direction. If the family and the “church” are destroyed and an economic disaster takes place, many people will be willing to do anything. They will even follow someone who is evil, though he will seem wonderful to them at first. The Bible clearly speaks of an Anti-christ that is coming. You are probably aware of what the Bible says about Him. The true Church of Jesus Christ, those who have been saved by the grace of God, cannot be destroyed.

        So many things are coming together to make it appear that we are nearing the return of Jesus. The Bible says that no man knows the hour but that we should watch for his coming. I’m watching and I know things have happened in my 57 years that have caused destruction of families and “churches.” It will worsen the closer we get to the coming of Jesus. Matthew 24 speaks of a great tribulation such as the world has not seen. It will come and if it doesn’t come in my lifetime, I’ll die believing that the time is short because of the ungodly changes in the world that I have seen with my own eyes.

        Until then, I’ll praise God for His wonderful mercy. I’ll acknowledge that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father. I will seek the truth. My sinful nature will get in the way. I will pray daily for God’s help as apart from Him I can do nothing. I will try to spread His Word whenever I can. I will look forward to meeting Him in heaven someday. I will be unworthy to see Him but the sun will no longer be necessary as God will provide the light. I will attempt to expose those who are harming others in any way, particularly spiritually. I will continue to ask God for wisdom to make the right decisions. I will pray for others. My sinful nature will get in the way. J will ask for God’s mercy. I will give God the glory for all He has done.

  2. Miss Solveig Horne,why don’t you realize there is broken hearts into this “experiment” your country is doing,your comments about the reviews of the cases sounds like your cps done the right thing,only few mistakes here and there ,by tolerating what has been done so far you should resign and cps has to be reformed compleately!

  3. Looks like she is trying to salvage the wreck. It is too late. Doesn’t hold the water out until it is completely reformed and investigated by an international court with the freedom to check every case. Going forward with the same totalitarian style will trigger what they deserve. People are not stupid. I will like that the ones that they outcast to be the prosecuters. The population doesn’t have the power but are many and they forgot about that. They make the assumption that new paint will sell the wreck. People do not let them fool you. They will comeback with full vengeance. Remind me about Ceausescu’s tactics.

  4. Reblogged this on Wings of the Wind and commented:
    For anyone involved in the demonstrations of April 16, 2016, Delight’s assessment is a must read. At times I have thought that it was too late for our world. A good thing that has come out of this entire situation is that Christians have united for a cause worldwide. I know that non-believers have been part of this cause also. It is obvious to me, however, that Christians have had a major impact in this effort.

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  6. Barnevernet , you should have applied C. P. R. in the first place, if you think that there is an emergency situation in any of these families. This is the first measurement taken in any emergency situation. Instead you took the children away , before even trying to find out who the parents are. BIG MISTAKE. I think ,now it is too late to try to defend yourself and you know it for sure.It is the beginning of your end, and I say this because lots of people just found out about the Norwegian negotiators from C. P. S. On the 16th of April 2016 from the protesters around the world. The truth comes to surface slowly but surely and the truth will prevail. The truth prevailed always from older times, and it survived over the years. I strongly believe that our children are not to be negotiated for any stupid reason, even if you,the C. P. S. Agency doesn’t agree with me. In the worst cases , I believe the assets can be negotiated ,but never our children. If any C. P. S. Agency wants to help any child or family in any way, they are welcome to do so, by counseling them or any other way possible, but never , ever separate a child from its immediate or extended family. These actions of removing a child from his (her) parents are unacceptable .
    For those who want to become parents and it is too late for them to have their own now, go get a child without a mother and father. The world is full of children like them. They will happily live with you ,and the love that you offer them .Don’t go after the children that you have chosen to be yours , because you have seen them somewhere (with dark hair, blue or green eyes, beautiful children) ,and you think they will be good children (slaves)for your house ( can’t call it your family until you are married to each other, man and women.
    Barnevernet!!! I can’t wait to hear about you as of an agency who existed once but doesn’t exist anymore.
    With disgrace I am writing my letter for your still existent agency.

  7. Knut I don’t see you here commenting now.
    You said that no one are right you are no one.wait is that Solveig Horne executive order.
    Yup that is it.Oh why is it dated April 19th 2016.I don’t know.oh I remember some 56 cities have protested the shoddy way u do your job

    So the Ministry / the Minister has now given to an official body, Helsetilsynet (the health Inspectorate, I don’t know if it has an official English name)
    the task of going through “a selection” of Barnevern cases so that the Ministry “can learn” something about how the system functions, the County Committees, the expert opinions, and the case handling in Barnevernet itself. The Health Inspectorate has Barnevernet under its control already.

    You should take note that Horne’s next-in-command Mr Terning has previously said, in a letter to an inquirer, a letter that read like a press release, that the mandate would be formulated by the Ministry in the course of some 6 months now, and the work was expected to start this coming autumn, AND that it was expected to last at least 2 years.

    That, of course, is what a ministry says when it wants NOTHING to happen. If it is now speeded up, it shows that they have been under pressure (although I am not at all sure that either Horne or Terning or that gigantic ministry full of CPS-ers, who isolate themselves from everything unofficial, have the common intelligence to understand that they ARE under pressure; nor am I certain from this press release that it will really be speeded up).

    The press release which DiT links to says:
    “Barne- og likestillingsdepartementet utarbeider nå et mandat for oppdraget i samråd med Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet og Helsetilsynet. Her skal det utdypes hva som skal gjennomgås og prosessen for gjennomgangen. Det er også behov for en midlertidig lov som blant annet gir tilgang til opplysninger fra fylkesnemndene. Tidspunkt for når Helsetilsynet skal levere rapport vil bli avklart i det endelige mandatet.”
    (The Ministry of Children and Equality is now working out a mandate for the assignment in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Health Inspectorate. In this it will be specified what is to be gone through and the process for the go-through. There is also a need for a temporary law which will, among other things, will give access to information from the County Committees. The time for the Health Inspectorate to come with its report will be decided in the final mandate.)

    Then the question is what the Health Inspectorate will do. Note that the Health Inspectorate’s official functions are:
    “Tilsyn med barnevern, sosial- og helsetjenestene”
    (Control over Barnevern, social and health services)

    Which means that they cannot QUITE continue to say that NO superior functionaries can look into Barnevernet’s doings, but they are looking for a general report, no publicising of details from cases, I bet. If I am wrong, there will be celebrations on a certain scale here.

    I can tell you that tv has repeated a little “news” thing saying there have been demonstrations, but concentrating on Mr Terning saying that he is so shocked at all the false information about Barnevernet which these foreigners believe in, like Norway taking foreign children because our own genetic material has deteriorated, and that he is worried that this MIGHT make people lose confidence in Barnevernet. (He is certainly right about this speculation about genetic deficiencies and other speculations, but he uses that to sidetrack the real issue, which is that Barnevernet destroy children and families and it has to be stopped and the children be set free, not why Barnevernet does it, which is a secondary question in comparison.)

    • You are right Marianne., and more not well informed Norwegians are spreading official propaganda, which tries to push public opinion for “violence against children” and “conspiration theory”. I placed in all places I got access my main reason why I went to protest on 16th of April. Here it is:
      What disturbed me the most is the Section 4-12 . Care orders. Paragraph (d) from BV Child Welfare Act which states the following:
      “(d) if it is HIGHLY PROBABLE that the child’s health or development MAY BE seriously harmed because the parents are unable to take adequate responsibility for the child.”
      This means parents are punished BEFORE they committed any deeds. They are punished for they are PROBABLY supposed to do in FUTURE. Why this is not applied for criminals too? No one in this world, not even Buddha, Allah or God punish a deed BEFORE it is committed. But Norway BV does. Do you see the picture NOW?
      I hope that more and more Norwegians will see the true reasons of protests and BV dangerous actions.

    • “I can tell you that tv has repeated a little “news” thing saying there have been demonstrations, but concentrating on Mr Terning saying that he is so shocked at all the false information about Barnevernet which these foreigners believe in…”

      It is evidence of just how hardened they are, Marianne. Pretty soon investigative reporters will be all over Norway. If our “numbers” and correct conclusions are still “shocking,” what will he think when more of the world shows up on Norway’s doorstep?

      •   “It is evidence of just how hardened they are,”

        Yes. I’ll say I have expected it all the time. And worse is to come, in the way of maligning victim families, I am certain of it. All the people involved in this industry with ideological underpinning will certainly not yield to common sense or evidence. It would take their jobs away. Why would they accept that? People like this foster mother with two Bodnariu girls and 3 other foster children must be multi-millionaires several times over.
           And the state and the municipalities who pay, are like Smiley says in Le Carré’s “Tinker Tailor …”: (from memory) “Ever bought a faked picture? The more you pay for it, the less you are inclined to doubt it.”
           The evidence about what Barnevernet does and its results have been available all the time. Not only “can they not look into individual cases”, they do not look at statistical evidence either. All they have believed would come crashing down.

  10. DiT’s article:
    “Newspapers like Dagen are in full propaganda mode to criticize Bodnariu spokesman Cristian Ionescu, but in the process they look silly. Instead of addressing the concerns of the protesters, they attack the protesters.”

    In an article in Dagen yesterday:å-anklager-om-forræderi-331775

    Pentecostalists in Norway defend themselves, and Barnevernet. One of them has long statements of particular interest:

    “Den mangeårige forkynneren og pastoren Sten Sørensen er selv fosterfar til to jenter.
       – Både personlig og som pastor er min erfaring med barnevernet utelukkende positiv. Jeg har møtt mennesker som er opptatt av barnas beste, sier han, og legger til at kristent engasjement er blitt sett som noe positivt i møte med barnevernet.”
    . . . .
    Sørensen reagerer på påstandene om at norske kristne har forrådt familien og troen.
       – Det gjør at de som fremmer anklagene, framstår som en ekstrem gruppe fra Amerika. Slik oppførsel gjør ikke at kristne får et godt renommé i Norge. Det er beklagelig at flere kristne lar seg rive med i primitiv suggesjon. Disse tingene er med på å ødelegge for kristentroen i landet, sier han.”

    (Preacher and pastor of many years, Sten Sørensen, is himself the foster father of two girls.
       – Both personally and as a pastor my experience with Barnevernet is utterly positive. I have met people who are concerned with the children’s best, he says, and adds that a Christian engagement has been seen as positive in his meeting with Barnevernet.
    . . . .
    Sørensen reacts against the accusations that Norwegian Christians have betrayed the family and the faith.
        – That makes those who come up with the accusations appear as an extremist group from America. Such behaviour does not give Christians a good reputation in Norway. It is regrettable that several Christians let themselves be pulled into primitive suggestion. These things contribute to destroying the conditions for the Christian faith in the country, he says.)
    Note: The word “suggesjon” in Norwegian refers to inducing a psychologically slightly abnormal state, something in the direction of hypnosis. The word does not in Norwegian mean an ordinary “proposal”, like “a suggestion that we go to the movies”.

    The fact that a prominent person in the movement is a foster father explains a lot. But it is not the first time I have encountered such a thing. The way some people, press people too, react with absolute rejection against any criticism of Barnevernet, often makes me think that they no doubt have CPS workers in the family, or CPS-paid psychologists, or municipal lawyers who conduct the cases against families, or, as here, they take foster children.

    Otherwise the Dagen article just continues the circus of saying the Bodnariu case has nothing to do with religion. They are right that religion is not a constant factor among accusations from Barnevernet, but so what? Barnevernet just uses anything they can find or even invent. The fact is still that Dagen and the Norwegian Pentecostalists do not care what Barnevernet does to people unless it is an attack on Christianity. They evidently do not have the brains to go behind what parents may have done and what children may feel and experience, to the right place to start evaluating: Barnevernet. What does Barnevernet do to children and families? What are THEIR beliefs, THEIR understanding? What does hard statistics, without relation to religion, have to say about the results of Barnevernets “care” for children, about foster homes’ “care” for children. To be of good intention is no justification. We all have such good intentions.

    • Myself: “The way some people, press people too, react with absolute rejection against any criticism of Barnevernet, often makes me think that they no doubt have CPS workers in the family, or CPS-paid psychologists, or municipal lawyers who conduct the cases against families, or, as here, they take foster children.”

      I should have added: or they contribute in some other way to CPS actions.

      There is an enormous number of people who do this, as social teachers, health nurses in schools, health personnel elsewhere, kindergarten personnel, what have you – – they are all encouraged to report to Barnevernet and lots of them do, they have CPS ideology in their curriculum when they train, they go to seminars.

    • “(Preacher and pastor of many years, Sten Sørensen, is himself the foster father of two girls.
      – Both personally and as a pastor my experience with Barnevernet is utterly positive. I have met people who are concerned with the children’s best, he says, and adds that a Christian engagement has been seen as positive in his meeting with Barnevernet.”

      I think I am going to be sick, Marianne.

      • Me too. Most of the churches in Norway are a joke. People that know told me without knowing about the circumstances about Barnevernet.

          Then, Chris and Aristotel, each have a bucket handy, because there is more in the same article. This is about another guy, someone working with and for Christian congregations, whose understanding and attitude are expressed in a couple of paragraphs:

          “Øivind Augland har bred kontakt med det frikirkelige og lavkirkelige Norge etter mange år som leder for menighetsplantingsnettverket Dawn. Generelt har han inntrykk av at mange menigheter har et godt samarbeid med barnevernet. Han kjenner også til mange kristne som er ansatt i barnevernstjenesten eller er fosterhjem.
          . … .
          Nylig var Augland i Romania og reiste rundt i forskjellige menigheter.

          – Mye av aggresjonen i Romania mot barnevernet er nok også et uttrykk for skjult skyld over hva som faktisk skjer i deres egne familier. Men det er lettere å ta dette ut på noe som ligger utenfor egne grenser, sier han.”

          (Øivind Augland has wide contact with free-church and low-church Norway after many years as a leader for the congregation-planting network Dawn. Generally, his impression is that many congregations have good cooperation with Barnevernet. He also knows many Christians who are employees in the Barnevern service or are foster homes.
          … . .
          Recently Augland was in Romania and travelled around in different congregations.

          – Much aggression in Romania against Barnevernet is actually also an expression of hidden guilt over what is in fact happening in their own families. But it is easier to take this out on something outside one’s own borders, he says.)

        • ” Øivind Augland have broad contact with the free church and low church Norway for many years as head of church planting network Dawn . In general , he has the impression that many churches have a good cooperation with child welfare . He also knows many Christians who are employed in child welfare or foster care.”

          “Recently Augland in Romania and traveled around in different churches.”

          “- Much of the aggression in Romania against CPS is probably also an expression of hidden guilt over what is actually happening in their own families . But it is easier to take this out on something that is beyond their borders , he said. ”

          After I get back from the doctor, Marianne, I will share what this Oivind Augland has said with my Romanian friends in Hot Springs.

        • Wrong about Romanian families. They a model for most of the countries. Special the Christian families. They love and devote to their children. Most Americans want their children out of the house after 18. For Romanians they are helped trough the college and the one that take out to see what is in the world are coming back. All ways together for Christmas, always together through the events of life. You talk based on your culture. Check off the facts before you open your mouth.

          “After I get back from the doctor, Marianne, I will share what this Oivind Augland has said with my Romanian friends in Hot Springs.”

          Yes do, Chris. I told it to a young Romanian lady I had a long conversation with this afternoon. She reacted as I did. It is obvious, isn’t it, that Mr Augland makes use of the Freudian psychology trick of “analysing” what people say as THE OPPOSITE. Very handy way of demeaning Romanians. Saying that their upset is really because they are hiding that they are child abusers themselves.

          But try to tell your Romanian friends just what he has said, and then see whether they react in the same way.

        • Aristotel: “You talk based on your culture. Check off the facts before you open your mouth.”
          ? ? Was that for me, Aristotel? I was not the one saying it, I was translating what this Norwegian travelling congregation-maker said.

    • It is logical that this pastors’ experience with Barnevernet has been a positive one, as long as he didn’t have nothing to lose. Let Barnevernet go to this pastors house and snatch this foster children away from him , after few years of being a foster parent to some good behaving children.
      I am sure that ,he will not have nothing positive to write about Barnevernet !

      • Well stated, Nellie.

        One way or another, this pastor is benefiting financially from Barnevernet. I’m quite surprised he has gone to Romania. I wonder which churches there are listening to him?

        The man’s statements are that of a psychologist, not a theologian. I think he should stick to his own field even though he has no correct understanding of that.

        On second thought, he is doing no one any good. I think we have an opossum catcher position open here in Arkansas.

  11. I have copied what follows from Delight in truths facebook page, where I just posted it:
    When this news came yesterday parents on face book were asking; Who chooses cases, when will they listen to parents and children? Parents have suggested to send in THEIR cases to Helsetilsynet (the health inspectorate), which is a very good idea! Reading the biased documents will only confirm that CPS/County commeette were right. These are delaying tactics. They are playing with us. I am happy to see that people seem to understand this through the comments here. When so many complaining the natural thing to do would be to go into THESE cases. And eventually hold people accountable. In stead they are acting like nothing serious is wrong. Truth is it could not be more serious. Small children and youths are destroyed for life. Psychologist experts ignore the fact that separation is a very serious traumatising action. In stead of being taken care of on this background, the children are mistreated in additional, kept isolated, not understood as traumatized at all, but looked at as saved, supposed to be happy in a situation where everything and everyone they know and deeply need is taken from them! I can’t shout out load enough about this fact. I am a master in pedagogy and a gestalt therapis. These chlldren need to be heard, and reunited with their families, as the want it, now! If peple are worried about the chlidrens safety, they should move in with the child a coupple days, to see how it goes. But that must of course be totally other people than those working for the CPS, the abusers themselfes. Even when returned children of course have life long traumas. Everyone who try to understand the children will. But the people running this show are so stupid, they can not think further than “the child needs to be saved”, and then they forget about all the rest. I refuse this stupidity to destroy more children! Please, let’s stop it. Norwegian still dont get this, we just have to continue speaking up. I also think a boycott is necessary. They need to understand that we really mean it. The authorities dont care enough about the demonstrations. As long as the population seem to think the parents are guilty and lying, the politicians dont need to do anything. We need more attention. We need the children to speak. but how can that happen without they losing all the contact with their parents? I have some hope for the youths to tell their stories, but when they protest, by putting on fires, and hurting themself, they are drugged down, their mobile phones removed. They are scared to silence. Anonomous videos of children could be a way, but most visitations are watched. And in the end parents dont want to put preasure on the children, that really have enough, and they also dont wan’t to muzzle them to scare them even more. At the other side the parents can difficult let the children talk about what they have said. That will also be a huge threat. So they must keep quiet, follow the rules, not comment the case, not show feelings… This is the richest country in the world doing the worst thing; destroying so many of their weakest inhabitants. The small treasures, our gold and diamonds, hearts and angels. Our small polar bears and kittens are being mistreated in the most devious ways. They are told in so many ways that the parents don’t care for them! What else can they believe when meating their parents and the parents dont talk to them about what is going on. And worse, they seem not to be sorry! Our Children. The highest gift of all. Our greatest blessing. Those that we live and die for, watch every minute of the day for years, and keep in our main place of the heart and mind for ever. When they have trouble we dont think of anything else, nothing is important compared to them. How is it then for parents to be totally put aside, not let to take care, even when the children are suffering as those taken? We must continue supporting them, those who are blackpainted by the government, forced to take the blaim for all this tragedy. The stupid, easy fooled, part of the population are conveniant targets for the authorities to continue this bullying terror. We must fight for them and be the voice of the children. As long as we stand together we can make it. That is for one thing that I now. As long as God is the one uniting us, we will manage. Lets pray for miracles to happen today.

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  14. Mr. Nygaard, I thought you took a short vacation after pushing hard last week on DiT and FB. 🙂
    Mr. Nygaard, this is pure BV propaganda. I have at least 2 cases, where BV perform GROSS abuse and took children directly from maternity:
    1. Aria of Ken Joar Olsen:
    2. Twins of Natasha and Erik from 2-3 weeks ago:
    Norway attorney Gro Hillestad Thune stated CLEARLY: A violation of human rights. Please check here:
    Mr. Knut, your BV violates Human Rights.

  15. My simple question is: how are C. P. S.workers allowed to become foster parents? This allowance reeaaaly brings Barnevernet employees into temptation. This happened into Bodnariu case. The same lady who took the girls from school is taking care of them now. How can somebody explain this to me???? This kind of protection goes beyond my understanding. I am one of the protesters from the Washington, D.C. Protest , from January . Totally proud of all the supporters and I will stand for these innocent children and families until justice is done.

    • Do you know this or have you dreamt. I know nothing and I don’t know where you get your information from. Are you sure about this – with your spyglass from Washington. We have now by Hildi on this blog been informed from the Bodnariu headquarter that the girls are in a home with other foster children temporary or permantly. I don’t know – maybe the headquarter know.

      The temporary situations give placements in institutions or in fosterhomes that have open 24/7 in case of emergency. Naustdal is a bit off the most populated areas and I you are right the CPS in question is out of her office duties. With only 3 or 4 workers and this pressure on them I find hard to believe that this information you give is right. If it’s so – I think the lawyers have taken this up as a question of incompetance. Do the lawyers in this case do their job properly? Why have they made it possible to accept a timeframe for this case for … nearly 7 months without going to the press? If they loose in Tingretten it’s too late to take this case to the Norwegian media.

      • Knut negaard, I don’t like to talk about things I heared of. I speak because I am absolutely sure about my statement.
        But , as you just said in one of your previous comments, you do not know anything about these cases. Why are you commenting on them? Who are you trying to defend?????

        • How can you in Washington know for sure what is the content of five case files in the archieves in the CPS in Naustdal? This movement is built on sympathy with the free story telling from someone and we don’t know what is the truth – we can only take it as spoken from a person heavily involved.

          The observation – if true – of what you said in your privious comment can only have been done by the parents or one of them. If so – they must give it to their lawyers and I have said for months that they should have spoken to the Norwegian media. I just read a commentary field in one our largest newspaper and I’m sorry to tell – there was no sympathy for the parents to read – most were proud we as a nation are finished with this kind of violent upbringing.

        • Knut negaard, the statement I have done is true and it was told by the immediate family of Bodnarius for who wants to listen. And for your ” ….we don’t know statement , I would like to make a correction:” YOU DON’T KNOW BUT I DO KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT , IN FACT FOR YOUR PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE , I WON A CASE AGAINST THIS VERY DISFUNCTIONAL AGENCY.

        • I have no desire to know what is in Barnevernet justification for their wrongdoings paper is. Are worth nothing but a lot for the propagandists. Is their bible. All the fabricated false cases are gravitate around money. I will stand for the truth that is not to be found in the propaganda from Barnevernet. By the way when Barnevernet will protect the life of the little bear cubs going between their mama and the Cubs? The Cubs are not mistreated when are pulled by the skin out of hell sometimes? There is no difference between disciplining and abusing for Barnevernet. In USA before 1990 start to do what Norway is doing right now until they filled up the juvenile jails and they realize that spanking in some extreme situation is OK. I’m against spanking but sometimes I see that is the only thing will help a child from getting in big trouble.

        • If this is true, Nellie, and I’m getting harder to convince lately as there are so many trolls out there (you might be one for that matter), it is a huge conflict of interest for sure.
          I will treat you like I have treated all others as far as I know. I will believe you until you give me reason to think otherwise.
          If what you have said is true, then the Barnevernet is “bolder” (and more wicked) than I ever imagined.

        • Chris, you are saying that it is a huge conflict of interest in there, and you are right , but the conflict of interest is over the children lost to this agency…..
          Chris , I assure you that if the health inspectorate is doing an investigation on these cases, Barnevernet will have a lot to lose. I never had an issue with this agency until 10 years ago , when I had to fight for my own children . It was not easy to be in the criminal court , trying to convince the judge that I am right and the state is wrong. I was accused of a crime I’ve never committed because I had 5 beautiful children and a Facebook account. Ever since than , I closed the Facebook account and I try to keep everything about my house to myself and my close friends.

        • Nellie,

          Yours is one of so many situations. Each one is very important to God. That should make each one very important to every Christian. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

        • Chris, someone asked Why the parents don’t speak up. I was scared for my own family, years after what happened to me , I became suspicious about everything around me and my family , I learned to be more confidential, and believe me , I understand perfectly why these families don’t speak for themselves….You will not hear it from them because their children , their family,are in jeopardy . It’s been ten years Chris , ten years and now I find myself more courageous to speak up. When I heared about all the crimes this agency is comiting , I thought it is time for me to speak up. And I speak every day , to people I encounter , about my own story. These families need your Norwegian help to fight, for their children. Chris get the courage to stand for them, find yourself some time to talk to them, and you will be surprised about your findings.

        • Yes this is true. What I found talking with my Norwegian friend is unbelievable similar with what happened in all the ex-communist countries in the past. The difference is that Norway is running like a State mafia controlling the people using the power of money. Find a Norwegian that escaped the gulag and you won’t believe his stories.

        • Chris, my case was closed in 2007, started in 2005 , and I won in the fight with the state. Let’s all fight for the others.

        • I don’t think I’ve ever asked why the parents don’t speak out, Nellie. I have asked why Christians don’t speak out. The pastors should be the ones on the front lines telling the truth for all to hear. Alas, they are afraid for their jobs and reputations.

          I have never been in your shoes. I admire your bravery. It is like that of the other Norwegians who have posted here.

          I am doing my best to stand for you in the time that I have. There are so many issues that need to be addressed in our day. My personal blog’s goal is to share the love of Christ with others and to try and educate others about God’s saving grace. If you look at my recent posts, you will find this issue at the fore.

          I am speaking to a group of pastors on May 2nd about this topic. I will be highlighting the story of Ken Joar Olsen and his daughter, Aria. Most of Ken’s life has been a horror story involving the Barnevernet. I have been “talking” to Ken tonight on Facebook. His story needs to be told.

          I will be planting seeds for the next demonstration where I live.

          God’s blessings…

        • “Chris, my case was closed in 2007, started in 2005 , and I won in the fight with the state. Let’s all fight for the others.”

          That’s a very good idea, Nellie.

      • Knut, is this the marketing site of Barnevernet?

        Armonia USA dedicated a large number of article to Barnevernt.

        Someone said at the protest in Atlanta that Norwegian CPS is just the tip of the iceberg. There are other countries that followed the Norwegian model. Barnevernet artificially creates state of emergencies for children just to open new CPS files. More cases result in more money. We don’t have to know exactly what Barnevernet put in the files. It’s enough if we know that they are fabricating accusations and then there are members of county committee in Norway that would never doubt the honesty of Barnevernet’s employees. Taking advantage of this blind trust, Barnevernet makes a lot of abuses.

        • No, it’s a marketing site for lawyers who will help parents/families if a case for the County Comitee. It’s like the ex-lawyer now working for a reputation as the man that can help the Clients in Norway and now all over the world With problems With their authorities. It’s much business and marketing going on these days.

        • Octavian – the one and only – you look like a clever and smart man. You are right – the Norwegian CPS is much the same as you will find if you look into others just as .. and I’m sorry to tell – without any smartness – you don’t look thorough and you say – I don’t care about that – I know from my window in Phonix: the CPS “fabricates accusations”.

          I don’t know what you do for a living; Octavian – but – let’s say – someone spreads the word: Octavian use criminal ways to get his Income raise. If someone tell that and it ain’t true – you have at least to options: confront the someone or don’t do anything because the accusation is way fare beyond truth and any person who know you don’t need any explanations.

          I hope you see that the way you think as a Romenian activist fighting for this Romenian family you are willing to consider almost any “truth” as truth as long as it good for the cause. You say in you comment that you are willing to come With fabricated accusations about the CPS in Norway because no one can take you for that – because the truth is in the CPS archieves and you don’t care anyhow.

        • “…criminal ways to get his Income raise…”

          There is a third option, Knut.

          It is to do something, to quit the evil job and find honest work.

      • The family was never offered any help measures
        It is clear that the naustdal barnevern is out of the ordinary.
        I don’t know Knut yiu keep talking about some barnevern ideas that probably are only present in long time officers like you.
        This new kids like Monica Leon grow have no brain,no heart and most of all no experience.
        It like you and the Naustdal barnevern are from 2 different planets. And the thing is you guys are only 3 hours appart.

          “It is clear that the naustdal barnevern is out of the ordinary.”

          I wish RD were right, but I am afraid not. If Naustdal Barnevern had been unusual, we would not have had this large number of cases very like the Bodnariu case. Indeed the Bodnariu family would not be in this situation either, because then it would have been put right before now.

        • The Naustdal case was considered by the CPS in that municipal as an emergency where removal became the outcome. Help measures come out of a process like this – concern received – investigation done in the cooperation with the legal parts – this end in agreement of several help measures. An emergency concern give another way – to take care of children when they confirm violence done – do investigations to find out if the children can by secure with help measures given at home or that they are in need of a permanent removal.

        • Mrs. M – do you have any documentation or number – that can give the reader a hint of the truth in “this large number of cases very like to the Bodnariu case”. From my window the Bodnariu case is one you can’t find many – if any – similar to – from the information given in the Costea version. My experience: there ain’t no blueprint on any case – they are as us humans – unique. They may have similarities, but a case is just one case.

      I believe I can “explain it”, but you must not confuse it with “approving of it”.

      CPS workers are believed, by others and themselves, to be utterly unselfish, always with children’s best interest at heart. The official ideology is that that is what they are. So they NEVER take children as foster children for any other reason than utter angelic goodness, and if you suggest any different that just shows, in most Norwegian eyes, what a dirty mind you have and how despicable YOU are.

      CPS workers are also officially declared experts in “child science”. So a foster child is thought to have extra fine expertise to evaluate them and their needs in such a home. These experts have x-ray eyes that can look into the child’s inner workings, “see” why the child is upset (it MUST be because it regrets that it was not taken away from its terrible family earlier), and declare that every contact with the family does great further harm to the child.

      So there you have it.

      • You have it right Marianne, Barnevernet and all its C. P. S. workers thinks that the whole world is stupid but them. One of the articles I previously read said. “All the protesters have the same signs and are conducted by the same person. In other words , lots of people think that these are some stupid Romanians trying to take the Bodnarius’ side .
        All the Barnevernet supporters , should take it straight: lots of Americans and other nationalities are with us.
        Marianne , I can’t wait to celebrate with you and all the people who have a heart , the return of all these innocent children to their loving parents.

      • So, you are confirming Nellie’s words, Marianne? CPS workers get to be “angelic” foster parents?

        These children are (I’m repeating myself) like gold to the Norwegian CPS and its workers.

        I’ll quote this again:

        24 “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth. -Matthew 6:24

          Yes, I have come across a number of cases in which CPS workers themselves, or people professionally or indeed personally close to them, like kindergarten teahers they know well, are foster parents to children taken. They will usually not have been taken by that same CPS office, at least not living locally, because that would make them to easily accessible to the parents. Many CPS workers live some way away from the district where they work anyway. In one case, on Averøy (there is a good book about it) many of the CPS workers lived across the fjord, in Kristiansund (it is on the coast some way north of Bergen).

        • Thank you, Marianne.

          It is quite unbelievable, but there it is. There must be a great deal of resentment in Norway that lies below the surface.

  16. Norway is such a beautiful country with such wonderful people….I sincerely hope that they correct their blunders of State sponsored kidnapping….Barnvarete is a black mark on the country…Norway…can do better.

  17. Judging after the past practice I don’t think they have the integrity of fixing the wrongdoings. The whole philosophy they run the business not the service as they claimed is wrong and destructive. Going after the victims as they go is poaching not serving. I repeat myself about the Barnevernet : love of money is the roots of all evil. Looks like they pick and choose the victims and select for themselves the good kids.

  18. The Bodnariu case was on our national tv nrk for about 15 minutes there a sister of Ruth spoke for the family and Naustdal municipal with the councilman.

    I’m sorry to tell that the ten minutes they spoke gave me little hope for the reunuion of the family. The aunt gave a good impression and her information said much about the stubborness and the fighting spirit the CPS have in the wrong direction. The Councilman continues to speak of their good intention to the best for all the children in Naustdal – including the Bodnariu.

    Salvesen tried to speak of this case in the further debate, but there was very little room.

    Now the family must go further is my opinion – the part done today was not enough to give the common Norwegian the information they need to understand that this case handling done from Naustdal is demaging for the reputation of the CPS national and international.

    • “…this case handling done from Naustdal is demaging for the reputation of the CPS national and international.”

      Is this how the CPS manages damage control? They make things worse for their current victims.

      This reminds me of a Pharaoh in the Bible.

      • Chris: “Is this how the CPS manages damage control? They make things worse for their current victims.”

        They normally threaten them to silence. Mr Nygaard and the CPS are not concerned with the tragedy the children and their families are experiencing, he is only thinking of the prestige of the CPS. This is what our central authorities are most worried about also, Barnevernet’s reputation, not about the basis of that reputation: what they do to their victims. As long as nothing gets out, they are satisfied.

        • If it was not for Michail Gorbatchev, who knows where we were today. He was the first communist that we did not hate after all these monsters. He gave us hope. Sometimes , the change has to come form within. As I dont believe that all CPS workers are bad, there must be some with good intention and there must be some, that disagree with the current system. People are not the same. Just my thought.

        • Yes Marianne , that is exactly how CPS workers are, first they atitudine is far from beeing protective, they humiliate parents , make them feel embarased of how bad you are as a parent, they do bring parents to silence because anything you do or say doesn’t have a value in their eyes. Your story is already written before they met you. ALL LIES, OVER LIES OVER LIES. If they knock at your door , you should know, your family life is over.I spoke to a former CPS worker in the United States and he told me , what I already experienced in my family. Their story must include good reasons , so they can steal your children, and their homework must be done before they knock on your door, if you family is targeted..All of He had to quit his job, he couldn’t do it as a Christian, as a normal person with a normal heart. It was as painful for him, as it was for the family that lost a child or more. May god have mercy on all the families from Norway , and help them reunite.

        • Hi Nellie,

          You and Marianne have the same, and correct from what I’ve learned, premise. They will do whatever it takes to protect their “racket.” That means that people must be silenced. The only way to do this is to put them in a position where they can’t win no matter what they do. They have had a lot of practice so they are pretty good at it. They are good at evil, cruel, and ungodly practices.

        • Yes they are evil. You can go on ” you tube ” and find him speaking to people about his job as a CPS worker .( former CPS worker , USA)

        • Chris of course, he was still the defender of the system which was bad. But he was different, he was the most human of them all. Seriously, I think it would have gone the other direction if it was not for him. You should see the Soviet leaders that were there before.

             Pavla: ” As I dont believe that all CPS workers are bad, there must be some with good intention and there must be some, that disagree with the current system. People are not the same.”
             Chris: “You are right about people, I think. As the decent CPS workers begin to understand the problems right before their eyes, they will have a difficult decision to make. I can only hope for each one that they make the right conclusion.”

          You are both right: People who go into such a profession have good intentions. There are two problems, though: One is that their training tends clearly to make them authoritarian and to disregard families’ and parents’ need of freedom and privacy, in the belief that what the social services promote is better and based on scientific wisdom. The other is that the system is so far into the dead-end road of force and tyranny that the individual social worker who enters with his humanity and upright courage still intact, sees no way of acting differently, because then he/she cannot keep the job and a reasonable relationship to co-workers and bosses. So they either harden and take part in the atrocities, or they are convinced that it is good, or they get another job. The turn-over of staff in Barnevernet is great. Cf
          “The attitude of social professions involved in the child protection sector”

          Most people tend to stick it out in their job, if there are no obvious, good alternatives.
          I remember reading something about some German doctors who were initially unsuspecting when they became doctors in Nazi concentration camps. Their duties were to conduct very harmful and painful medical experiments on the slaves there. (I have heard from medically schooled people that some of those experiments actually yielded real, scientific results, that is the worst of it. Isn’t it a bit like “the mad scientist” – human beings are inquisitive, investigative, potential scientists with no hold-backs.)

    • Seriously? But they got the baby back, only logical next step would be to return the other kids. This is so tragic. This is also not the only case Knut, there are many who dont have any publicity. I hope you understand that its abuse of power, not just some mistakes.. and that parents often feel helpless. Salvesen talked in another interview about cases, where the psychological reports were completely wrong and these were used as evidence at court. Court did not check how valid these reports are, so the children were staying in the foster care for 2 years.

    • Thanks for the information. I sure would have contacted you if I lived in your area. I think a switch to Norway have some obvious differencies – this is a cabin along the seaside – price: around 225.000 dollar – my wife hopes … and see the future Picture of family and grandchildren visiting.
      If you have any comments to this possible buy …

      I am no about convinced the CPS in Naustdal has overreacted – that they are not willing to alter whatever arguments that some might bring forth and that is sad – more than sad – this is a tragedy. I wrote this in NRK nyheter today – just a comment:

      Når det gjelder denne saken i Naustdal, så er det – sett utenfra uten å kjenne sakens dokumenter ikke godt barnevern å splitte en familie som innrømmer oppdragervold – sier de skal slutte med det og er villige til å ta imot hjelpetiltak.
      Familien har fått tilbake babyen – er det da meningen at de 4 andre skal varig plasseres fordi …. uten at foreldrene har fått noen bistand eller fått mulighet til å vise at de har endret seg troverdig? De har aldri tidligere vært i kontakt med tjenesten og de er ukjent for barneverntjenesten og.
      Jeg likte ikke det jeg hørte fra rådmannen i går. Der hørte jeg en undertone av stahet og fighting spirit som jeg mener ikke skal være det styrende i en sak – blikket skal og være på – er det mulig å gi disse barna en trygg framtid sammen med sine ved hjelp av diverse hjelpetiltak. Etter min mening er det fullt mulig – råd og veiledning til foreldrene – tilsyn i nedtrappende grad alt etter som hverdagen viser at familien fungerer uten tegn til oppdragervold – familieråd der det lages en plan der nærstående gjør sine avtaler mer forpliktende – f.eks. jentene er med … på sommerferie .. dette for bl.a. å gi en familie på fem noen pusterom.
      Slik denne staheten i Naustdal står pr. i dag, så håper jeg rådmannen hører hva han sier – at barn skal høres – er rimelig sikker på at disse vil hjem med hjelpetiltak. Dette er ikke verre enn at alle skjønner at dette er det mulig å fikse opp uten omsorgsovertakelse. Skulle tro at også ansatte i tjenesten i Naustdal hadde trening i å lese mennesker og se muligheter til det beste for barn og familier.

      • “I am no about convinced the CPS in Naustdal has overreacted”


        This is the crux of the issue. Since you are there and are a CPS worker, can you study this case and let us know where our misunderstanding lies?

        • The sentence should have been – I am now…

          I work in another municipal and each munipal have their own archieve. I have no more acsess to this case documents than you.

          I read an article about the differences between small inhabitant municipal in the county Sogn og Fjordane regarding removals done of children in with measures from the CPS.

          Vågsøy has a larger population than Naustdal – 6082, 5,6 workers in the CPS. They have a scary statistics – 52% of the children that are in some kind of measure are removed ones. One of two end up removed.

          The municipal Eid is number two on this list. A number of inhabitants of 5987 – a little less than Vågsøy. 6 workers in the CPS. 32% of the children that are in som kind of measure are removed ones. One of three end up removed.

          Number three on this list is Naustdal with one of five end up removed.

          So – the interesting part – the other municipals in the county have a very low number of removals.

          My guess is as I have said – humans differ – CPS individuals differ and offices differ, If you have fear of the CPS maybe you should study the municipal statistics before you settle down.

        • Thank you for this information, Knut.

          I think you meant, “and then settle down.”

          I am fine thank you.

          “They have a scary statistics – 52% of the children that are in some kind of measure are removed ones. One of two end up removed.”

          Just because the statistics in other municipalities are better than this, am I supposed to pretend this evil isn’t happening throughout Norway? I have been told that it is worse in Sweden. I know you probably don’t have those statistics.

          If you have to view statistics, check out America’s percentage of children in CPS care. I think you already know what you will find.

  19. Tusen takk, Knut! Dette var godt å lese! Thank you very much, Knut! This was very good to read!

    Knut wrote a very good comment to NRK news today where he suggested that Barnevernet should bring the children back home and rather use measures to help the Bodnariu family at home.

    For the first time I totally agree with Knut!

    The Bodnariu parents were, from the beginning, very open to get help from barnevernet and stop spanking completly. It is unbelievable that barnevernet did not do that.

    In my opinion, what the children have been going through and are going through is extremely harmful for them. I can imagine the fear,confusion and mourning the children are feeling. The girls were worried their parents were going to die. I believe the trauma must be similar to when someone you love in the family has died.

    Not only were the children separated from their parents, but also from their siblings and grandparents. I know that children can feel very sad when a grandparent dies. How much worse it must be when all of a sudden a child is cut off all contact with not only parents, but everyone they love!

    • Thank you Hildi and thank you Knut indeed. Knut, really appreciate that you speak for the parents and do not defend the action done by CPS in Naustdall. Yesterday someone asked on Facebook, and how about the other families who dont have a voice, who dont have such support as BOdnariu? I am sure there are many things that are not right in CPS, but as I said, I do not believe that all social workers are bad..I never thought so. Unfortunately if your future depends on the place you live and on the type case workers you meet, its a tragedy.

      Again, have you watched the BBC doc, the Czech woman has prove that CPS was writing the exact opposite than what was reality. The family has only won, because they had everything very well documented. She said to the media. If I did not have all the support of the doctors and nurses, if I did not have this documentation that could prove that CPS lied, we would have probably lost..Lost while in fact they never harmed the baby, think about it. This is wrong, Knut. These people should be held responsible. They do nothing to help the children..I have nothing against child protection, they are needed in every country.

  20. Yes, it is a tragedy if you have your child taken away when you have never harmed your child in any way. I think it is even worse than if you get a life sentence in prison when you in fact are innocent.

    • That is true, Hildi. Is it worse than anything else to have your child taken away and to know that he, (she) is somewhere , thinking about you , and you can’t help him in any way. That is un absolute destruction of the family.

  21. Yes, you are stating it so well, Nellie! As I mother, I know how it is like when your own child is late and you can`t get in touch. You get all kinds of worries about what might have happened…. And then it feels like heaven again when you hear your child come in the door again and is safely back home. I cannot imagine a mother`s pain when her child is at a place she doesn`t know. She doesn`t know where her child is and cannot protect it….

    As a mother of four children, who are teens and young adults, my mind still revolves around my children and their well- being the whole time. When they were little my time was even more consumed with my children. The younger a child is, the closer the bond is between mother and child. I remember how glad I was to see my children again just after a couple of hours away from them when they were babies and toddlers.

    • How nice. The heart of a mother. We won’t stop supporting you alll. Break my heart. My wife is the same. My children, five of them are adults now, but our love for them is following them all over. Now that we have our first granddaughter she is in our house 3-4 days a week and when she is not with as we talk with our imaginary granddaughter for the rest of the week days. If is the case we will be able to sacrifice everything for them. They love us and we love them. Their accomplishments are our accomplishments to. How in the world a service that suppose to help families is destroying them Poaching their kids? Is beyond my understanding. How someone can not be emotional to know that something like that happens in our time? In world, in the same time are some exceptions, they need attention but that doesn’t justify Barnevernet actions. We applaud their actions when they have good outcomes savings indeed children from the hands of monsters but not what they are doing to good loving families.

  22. .I like to learn more about your organisation as don’t understand people concerns as I see barnevernet do their job.I like to learn more about policy and possible reforms.
    I’m working in child protection services.
    In English please.

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