Romanian Minister Costea Under Pressure to Resign After Barnevernet Comments

Europe, especially Eastern Europe has become allergic to the idea of Barnevernet-style child protection. This is for good reason given the recent abuses by the Norwegian CPS in cases like the Bodnariu, Nan and Avramescu families.

Romanian labor, family and social protection minister Claudia Ana Costea was asked if a brutal and aggressive CPS like Barnevernet is needed in Romania.

The minister proceeded to defend Barnevernet actions calling them “social discipline.”

Well, common sense Romanians have picked up on it and are calling for her resignation. Blogs, social media and internet comments are buzzing with disapproval toward her stance.

Separating children from their parents based on trivial reasons is not social discipline. It is a human rights violation.

Minister Costea seems to not understand the difference between violation of basic human rights like access to due process in CPS cases and social discipline. She apparently thinks that the two are one and the same concept. Looks the money that the Norwegian government poured into Romania and the Norwegian exportation of CPS ideology have tainted the minister and the Romanian government. No wonder president Klaus Iohannis has been quiet on the issue.

Romania does not need Barnevernet mercenaries.  Romania needs the children of its citizens returned to them.

Let’s see what minister Costea has to say when tens of thousands will hit the streets in Romania on April 16th, 2016 and protest against Barnavernet actions. Hopefully she will no longer be a minister by then.

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    • So some sane Rominians exist? Good – I almost forgot the 44 million 982.000 thousand Romenians that haven’t “bought” the content of this movement.

      • I have chequed the population and it seems to me that I have Incorporated the Romenians that have left their homeland – their history – their families. I shall repair this so I don’t end up in the propaganda standard Mr. Truth has found for this page of the activist movement. I now read the sane population of Romenia to be 21 646 351.

        • Thanks Daniel. She is backpaddling big time. She is trying to distance her comments from the Bodnariu family (which was not mentioned), but she is contradicting herself.

        • Knut, you make a wrong assumption believing that all of those who do not write on blogs against Barnevernet are not against it. I assure you that at least 75% of the Romanians are against this institution that separate families in Norway for trivial reasons. The other 25% some of them would say they are neither pro nor con Barnevernet and others, which is a very small percentage, are not educated about what’s happening in Norway. If the number of protesters was small, the minister would not have tried to make it up by saying that she did not mention Bodnariu case when she was asked about Norwegian child welfare.

      • Nygaard, You agree that everybody makes mistakes. When CPS makes mistakes it may cause great damage to good families. Now, I have a question. When you comment here are you allowed to say / admit anything negative about Barnevernet or they asked you to defend and praise them all the time, using superlative only when you write/ talk about them? Just curious.

      • “Our children in their prisons. Stolen by Barnevernet” is a well documented book written by someone who lived over 20 years in Norway and had to deal with constantly with abominable Barnevernet due to his job’s responsabilities. Barnevernet tried to ruin his reputation after he condemned Norwegian CPS for the abusive conduct in Bodnariu and Nan’ cases. We should contact some movie directors from Hollywood to see if they are willing to make a movie based on true horrible Barnemevernet’s stories.

        • Give it a try.. Hollywood just repeats itself and is boring. Those fiction movies “Based on a true story” is often more interesting. But why Hollywood – if this is a true story we have “Brennpunket” on our national tv that is interested in whatever is going on – and believed by some – wrong – in this country – but then the wronging must be informative and proveable to someone who is not a part of this movement – for those with an open and clear mind.

          I have looked at the files and archives and the thought have reached me – this files contain histories worth showing people about how it is to grow up ……. in all it’s versions – no one exactly a blueprint of the other.

    • Thank you, Daniel! Everyone should do this. I’ve read her statement and she is back peddling but it is not enough. Click on the link that Daniel gave and put in your two cents…please.

    One thing which is not clear to me, probably because I cannot read Romanian articles in original, is exactly who is being disciplined, according to Minister Costea? The parents?

    But for heaven’s sake, disciplining parents by depriving the children of their parents and practically demolishing their lives?

    Surely she can’t mean disciplining the children? For what? What have they done to deserve Barnevernet’s actions against them?


    There is an article on agnus dei, in which a Romanian politician in the EU parliament, Ana-Claudia Țapardel, counters Minister Costea. And Ana-Claudia is not the only one, I am glad to hear.
       I posted a comment there, but I may have bungled the procedure. Anyway, here it is:

    «Ana-Claudia Țapardel and many, many Romanians are showing us a fine example of what a nation should do: They support their compatriots who are having their family destroyed by unjustified, disproportinate action in Norway. By doing this, you are also helping Norwegian families under similar attack to find hope. You are doing what we the Norwegian nation should do: stand up and defend each other against our authorities when they are acting in every way inhumanely.»

  2. I wonder what she thinks about the fact that the Bodnariu children and all the other children of Romanian citizenship (half citizenship in the case of Bodnariu) are having every contact with their Romanian heritage taken away from them, like language, culture, relatives etc.?

    Actually, barnevernet is not only robbing the parents away from the children… They stole everything away from them the day they were abruptly taken far away from everything they ever knew and placed with complete strangers and isolated in a completely different environment where they never asked to go. I guess they weren`t even asked, but forced to go to these strangers. This is brutal and insane!

    • I suppose you don’t think Norway with our government shall interfer or send you personal support if something private happens to you or your family living in Switzerland.

      • Of course not,your gov is to busy locally;to have over 76%of children with psychic problems hold in barnevernet’s institutions you must carry loads of hard work,isn’it?!

      • What you write doesn`t have anything to do with what I wrote.

        I am concerned about the children who have been wrongfully taken by barnevernet and are suffering. There are children on social media who have been taken by barnevernet and are really suffering and longing to go back to their biological family. There are children running away from barnevern institutions. There are children crying out for help. And I am very concerned about them.

        • A case that you think is wrongfully done – you can think as much as you like – demonstrate and listen to radio programs as much as you like – pray and sing as much as you like – but that does not change a thing – the parents and their lawyer and the Naustdal CPS are the one and only legal parts in this ongoing case.

          The chidren on the media are for the most part oneyed stories that don’t tell the whole and true history behind the taken care situation.

          If you are concerned and want to help children there are lots of possibilities to do that – you can join the CPS if educated.

        • Hildi, here you have Mr Nygaard saying that he and the CPS don’t care at all what people think – as long as they keep their power. He rather despises you as worthless for spending your time seeking information from various sources.

          Quite nice that he shows it so clearly.

  3. Knut why are the Bodnariu children not placed in extended family or family friends for as long as necessary? I really dont understand this. The trauma for the children would have been much smaller and I am sure there are reliable people who could have taken the care. So now these children are already away from their parents, grandparents, friends, cousins, home for 4,5 months and who knows how long it takes?? Why do they have to be placed 4,5 hours and 2,5 hours from their home and why such a big distances from each other. It just makes no sense..Think about the children how they must feel

    • I don’t work in Naustdal – I don’t know the case – I know the Costea Version, but I don’t know if that is all and based on a full copyset of documents. This is/was? a criminal case.

      • So after 4,5 months the police still does not know whether the parents are guilty or not? Surely, if it was a real abuse, they would have found out immediately, there would be bruises and other damage. If it was corporal punishment (which the parents admitted) then it all could have been solved at home.
        I have read that the county board recommended return of the children home with help measures. I mean, what are they going to investigate now, after such a long time?? And still I think, that there would surely be at least one person, who could have taken the children for the time of investigation. These children gain nothing by being separated for such a long time..only trauma.

        • I share the same questions and thoughts as you, Pavla. I find it really hard to understand barnevernets way of thinking and handling. It is a mystery to me that they are spending such a long time on the case. I wonder what kind of answers the kids get when they ask for their parents….Barnevernet is only messing up the lives of these children.

        • Indeed Hildi, these children must ask about their parents and siblings. I also wonder what answer they will get..

          There was an interesting discussion on Czech Tv about a year ago, about foster parents and children in care. There were 3 young adults, who were raised by foster parents and institution (one of them). They all wanted to meet their biological parents. Even the girl that was abandoned by her mother always wanted to meet her. Another girl, who grew up in foster family said, that nobody was checking on the foster mother. That is pretty shocking. Obviously the foster mother has abused the children, she had 13 children in care (not at the same time). She also said that psychological abuse was much worse than the physical abuse. She was told lies about her biological mother and she said..You can manipulate child easily a lie that is put in the mind of 10 year old will stay there for a very long time.
          Tragic actually that this can happen. The foster mother was allowed to raise more foster children, even though she had a burn out.

          It is not hard to understand at all. Barnevernet does not want the children placed with relatives because they want to sever the children’s ties forever. They want to have all power to manipulate them and indoctrinate them about the worthlessness of their family, so that they can – Barnevernet hopes – be willing to “attach” themselves to foster parents. They cannot manage this if the children have free access to the family and free information from the family. Nor could they and the fosterers then question the children until they get some “answer” which they can twist into an accusation against the parents and the whole family.
             The reason why everything takes months is the same: Barnevernet does not want the children returned at all, and prolonging the time they are away increases Barnevernet’s power of “finding out” that the children have been unhappy at home.
             These investigations monitored by Barnevernet and their “child psychology” are not real – Barnevernet and the police are not REALLY interested in finding out whether the kids have been abused.

        • Skånland again have big and serious language problems. We speak of emergency taken in care situations with a criminal side to be followed up.

          It has been hard to find families who want to take the job as foster homes in the close relations and family relatet if it’s long term. Voluntary taken in care as a help measure for a period about six months is easier to find in the close and near.

          I do think there are some differences in the view upon family responsibility between Norway and Romenia. A family is no longer a lasting project in Norway. A couple live together for some years – 7-8 – and then split up the family. More and more children live one week with their father and his new love and her children living there or visiting and opposite. Then they split again and….

          We are now in change to a municipal responsibiliy and the job to find an foster home and cehque out if take care is possible in the near and close.

        • Thank you Marianne, I supposed its like that, but I wanted to hear Knuts reasoning..

          I do have a feeling, that in the beginning the visitation can be once every 2 weeks and later it gets more restricted up to 4 or 8 hours a year? How do they decide, how much visitation should be granted? Even in families, where no abuse was the reason for taking away the children (like the norwegian-slovak couple), the visitation was later restricted severely.

          Knut, The Bodnarius have a very resourceful family and friends. These were not even checked by Barnevern whether they are suitable. Seriously, your minister stated, that first choice has to be the family and close network. When children have ties with abroad, family abroad can also be considered..Now I really hope that the Bodnariu will get their children back, but should not that be the case, I am sure there are many relatives or friends who can take over the care. Now lets see if these are not just empty words and if its meant seriously about the closed network getting advantage..

          For me, the Bodnariu parents are innocent, until proven guilty. That means, until police investigation is closed and states otherwise.

        • Pavla, it is a sentence from Høyesterett, the superior court, from 2012 that estimates visitations 3-6 times a year. You got it absolutely right again.

      • Thank you Hege. So after few months they always restrict the visitation like that? It was like that in many families, even in families where no suspected abuse was done..
        Its very unfair.

        • The visitation is written in the verdict coming from the County commitee. No families with suspecion on are treated in this way. In the Bodnariu case the visitation is a theme handled in the way the case end up. When nothing has come to an end the visitation is done between the legal parts with a possibility to make a complaint to the County Governeur. When a more final decision is done the reunion starts or the visitation is in the verdict if not.

  4. I have been impressed with the Romanian reaction to the evils being done in Norway. This “protection minister” is the exception rather than the rule I believe.

    I called the local Romanian pastor last night and he was out but his wife was in. I told her who I was and about the demonstration being held in Hot Springs. She knew the entire Bodnariu story already and gave me her cell phone number. She had heard of this blog. I have been invited to their church this Sunday night. I intend to go after such a gracious invitation. Our gathering on April 16 will be small, but we will educate many.

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  6. If I got it correctly…. The romanian minister admits that BV isnt a child protection service… but spooks that rather attack children than adults? And Romania needs to import its mode of operation to replace securitate??? Why hasnt she receiveid the same fate as Ceaușescu already?

    • Pavlos, we removed the capital punishment after Ceausescu was killed on December 25th, 1989. If Barnevernet comes to Romanian it will have the same fate. We’ll feel obligated to apply the Moses’ law 🙂

        • I see and hear this movement is more relateted to killing people than saving them. Yes, Hilde – I strongly believe in the power of prayer – that the wisdom and guidancen of the living God fall upon the legal parts involves and that they soon find His way to solve this particular case.

          We – as believers – shall spend eternity together. We are a part of the body of Christ. We are visited by an American this weekend and he talks among other things about “Culture of Honor” – his name is Danny Silk – and this message is to us all – as believers.

        • “I see and hear this movement is more relateted to killing people than saving them.”
          It is a backwards statement. It is his employer that is doing what he accuses we protesters of doing.

          The propagandist certainly hasn’t lived under a system the Romanian people suffered under in the video above or he might have a clue. His country is heading in that direction, however, with his help. This is the point that most would have understood me to mean by putting up this video.

        • So you changed your mind about prayer, Knut….? You speak with many tongues, Knut, and I don`t trust you. There are proven facts out there about barnevernets many evil deeds, So I don`t need to listen to you. If you can remember, I was one of those who didn`t believe it when Arild Holta talked about it some years ago. I need to be pretty sure of something before I believe. But now I have so many facts that it is not hard to believe that the unbelievable and inhuman practices of barnevernet are in fact happening. And I am going to fight and pray because this is unacceptable!!!! I understand that you are getting quite nervous about the fact that these truths are now surfacing. But I don`t care how you might feel about it. And I`m not afraid. I can and will not tolerate injustice done to families!

  7. Thanks for the video, Chris. Very illustrative 🙂
    I’m glad you are organizing a protest in Hot Springs.
    Make sure the entire protest will be video taped for I can’t wait to post
    some anti-Barnevernet speeches on youtube.

    This is off topic, but I found this interesting video: “The World without Romania”:

    • You’re welcome, Octavian. And thank you for sharing this very interesting video. I will add that “without Romania I might never have known of the injustices being done in Norway.” I have subscribed to this blog for years now and if it hadn’t been for this blog, I may not have heard of this issue. Americans are absorbed in the craziest presidential race ever and it’s almost all the mainstream T.V. news discusses unless there are weather issues or a terrorist attack. One can’t count me as one of these Americans. Our upcoming election is important but there are so many other important issues in the world that Christians (and others) need to be addressing.

      I hadn’t planned on video taping our small protest. However, I will now consider it. I understand that the Romanian Church I will be visiting has many young people in its congregation. Both of the churches I attend have almost no teenagers. It is sad. One thing I will ask the Romanian pastor is if any of his young people know how to make and edit a video. Most teens can do it today. So, you have given me a great idea. If I am able to find such a person, there will be at least one speech made. It will be made by me. The only other person who seems to know enough about this issue in my town is the Romanian pastor. That will be my second request.

      God’s blessings my friend…

      • Chris, it would be appreciated by us here, too, if you had a video made that we can watch and link to. It makes the world smaller and makes us take heart. This work that we are doing is very much AGAINST a fashionable, politically correct tide, and so it often feels like a lonely walk through a bog, in heavy gumboots.
           My gumboots feel lighter whenever someone elsewhere sees what we see.

        I think I said here on DiT previously that 1) a small demonstration usually has some seriously thinking people in it, valuable to the cause being demonstrated for – sometimes they have to be courageous too, if people are against them; and 2) everything has to have a start. The same way that you got interested through DiT, there is the hope that someone in Hot Springs, or a tourist or two visiting, will be interested because of your demonstration.
           God hold out his hand towards Arkansas on that day particularly!

        • Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, Marianne. You are in a much more difficult situation as you are living among those responsible for Norway’s CPS crimes. It would have to be a lonely walk as you have mentioned.

          My situation is difficult because most Americans have no idea that this is happening. That’s what I intend to help change if only on a small scale. I am already writing a speech. Should I ask the Romanian pastor’s wife to translate it as I speak? If this video is going viral, then maybe those who don’t speak English so well, like the Romanian pastor I will be meeting, would be better able to understand. Although the Romanians have been the biggest supporter in this cause, I wish I knew someone here who could translate it into your language. Would this be a wasted effort because most Norwegians are so blinded by the propaganda? I will pray for it all to happen in the most effective way. I believe I will find someone to video tape it. I will contact the local press, but I know them well enough to know that they will probably not cover the protest. However, as I think this will need to be done again, I might as well start planting seeds. Again, thank you again for your kind words.

          God’s blessings…

        • “Although the Romanians have been the biggest supporter in this cause, I wish I knew someone here who could translate it into your language.”

          Why can’t we supply you with a Norwegian translation afterwards, Chris? It can then be added as text to the video if you like, if the text space is not already taken up by Romanian? Or you could make two versions, one with Romanian texting and one with Norwegian.

        • That would be great, Marianne. I will allow anyone to take the video of me (I can’t speak for the Romanian pastor if he comes) and change it into any language if they think it can help this cause in any way.

  8. I feel blessed for meeting you here, Chris and for discovering your blog Wings of the Wind.
    Unlike you, I found DIT just a few months ago, when DIT left a comment on “Popas pentru suflet” from Chicago.
    I hope the Romanian pastor will invite you to address a message to the congregation regarding the protest and motivate some young people to bring their photo and video cameras on April 16th. If I am not mistaken one son of Ioan Gabor, which life story’s I wrote about at the link below lives in Hot Springs or in Little Rock. May God Bless You, my friend, with all blessings!

    • I got in touch with a former CPS investigator here in Phoenix. I will probably meet with her today or tomorrow. The few extreme exceptions here help us to understand the ordinary practice of Barnevernet. Norwegian CPS system is the worst in the world and by divulging its tactics it would help other countries to understand how abusive a system may become if you put all the authority in their hands. Nevertheless, as Marianne said in a video, this authority can be taken back by the goverment.

      • “Understand the ordinary practice of Barnevernet” is something that I am still learning but the more I know the more I feel for anyone with children in Norway.
        The exception would be those who are connected to the hierarchy of the system who would never have their children taken away, even in the case of real abuse.

        • Actually, it happens that the odd CPS worker, or a psychologist working for the CPS, has his/her own children taken. I have been in touch with one or two such cases. They were so involved in the official ideology that they still did not understand that their own case was not an exception, a simple error in an otherwise good system. Well then ….

      • Yeah … I heard it from someome … who might have head something from someone .. and this Phonix connection .. this might be uge,,, Yes, it’s quite right and seemingly obvious for everyone that a national CPS is a government based and legal constituted municipal service in the wonderful human and democratic Norway. You can demonstrate and do whatever you like till the end of times, but the development and change of the CPS is an internal affair. No Human Rights organization nor political party share this activist movements bias.

        • You are welcome Chris. As I said many times before, separating siblings is already abuse by itself, removing them drastically from their home and isolating them from them family another..and the list continues.

          I am still waiting for the numbers of returned children per year. There are surely some statistics regarding this?

        • Article 25 (2) of UNDHR states: “Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance.” As we explore later in this article by providing completely irrelevant and inadequate assistance Barnevernet strips an innocent Mother of her motherhood and strips the children of their natural family.

          Articles 5 and 8 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) lay emphasis on the need for prospecting the child’s roots, identity, nationality, and family relations. Precedents within Norwegian common law also provide for placing the children with the next of their kith & kin when parents fail in their parental duties. Barnevernet has not commented on the measures it took to prospecting such rights as envisaged in the CRC.

          Article 20(3) of the CRC further stipulates that when considering solutions (for alternative child care), due regard shall be paid to the desirability of continuity in a child’s upbringing and to the child’s ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic background

        • “I am still waiting for the numbers of returned children per year. There are surely some statistics regarding this?”


          I’m sure these numbers will be given in a “timely” manner as those who run the kidnapping children business see fit. I can’t believe any numbers they put out at this point, anyway.

          Thanks for the link and the good information.

        • Pavla: “and another one, older about the Indian couple.”

          Re the Indian Bhattacharya case, Pavla, you might actually learn even more (and it is useful) by reading what “we” have written! It is one of the cases Suranya Aiyar and myself know rather inside-out! I don’t know of any newspaper articles that got it quite right. The CPS star argument was “attachment theory”, claiming that the little boy, who had some constitutional neurological trouble which the parents tried to have the child-psychiatric unit investigate, was diagnosed as “not attached” to his mother, and this was said to be her fault (of course).
          You could start here (I know I am “teacherish”):
          “The confiscation of the Bhattacharya children by Norwegian authorities – a case study”

          Click to access case-study-final.pdf

          (Notice especially on p 30: “The Bhattacharya case proceedings make for sickening reading”)
          “Petition to the Indian National Human Rights Commission: Indians want their government to guard against western CPS”

          The children’s mother, Sagarika Chakraborti, who succeeded in India getting the children back to her, is now with us as an activist. Here she is in Kolkata on 31 January (the very last picture, the woman in a dark blue blouse and cardigan, holding up a poster saying “Norwegian child welfare service, and to the left in the last row of pictures, light blue slacks and her two children beside her):


        • I was too quick here, I should have said that although newspaper articles written by journalists tend to be wrong on several points, this one that Pavla is linking to is actually a “white paper” written by an Indian in Stavanger who knew the parents and the case very well. It was written early, so the only thing “wrong” with it, is that it does not cover the subsequent developments and the final resolution back in India: the mother got the children back, after a period in which the children were held by the father’s brother, the father’s whole family treating the mother as an enemy.

        • Thanks Marianne, I wanted to point out, where CPS is breaching the human rights as it was stated in the article, but you are right that it is good to check the source.

          I have read the article. To me, another sad thing is, that even if county board and court side with the parents, the CPS can still appeal and win. I dont think its very often, that county board goes against the decision of CPS and even if they do, the return of the children is not in this case.
          The Indian government must have put a lot of pressure on Norway, because in my opinion, you rarely see, that the children are placed at relatives abroad? Is that correct?

          Chris, I can see, few weeks ago, there was an interview with Barnevernet representative who has visited Czech Rep.

          She does not know how many parents get their children back, she did not get the numbers yet. But it is not many, because taking the children is the last solution..
          She does not know how many parents appeal, when their children are taken. She thinks its not too many , less than 100 per year (there are about 1600 care orders a year if I am not mistaken).

          She also said something interesting. She has described a family, where CPS was involved. The mother was a single parent with 3 children. The oldest boy was overweight, the mother did not give him the right food..according to the CPS.
          The other boys had problems, it was a chaotic household, the oldest boy cared often for the youngest brothers. The representative admitted, that the mother cared for the children somehow, but not enough..SO these children were removed. The oldest was allowed frequent visitation, the youngest not. The youngest boys had limited visitation so they could establish relationship to the foster parents.

          These are the words of the CPS representative, she has admitted, that the limitted visitation was made, so the boys could establish a good relationship to their foster parents. This makes the chances of the parents so low..Of course the representative did not forget to mention, that the parents can appeal every year until the children are 18. So yes, the parents have a right to appeal, but in the meanwhile, the children are estranged from their parents by limited visitation and that can be a reason for not returning the children. What chances do the parents have after two years?

        • About my previous post..
          CPS was involved in the case of the single mother for some time, they (according to them) tried to help them, without success. I wonder, what these measures were. Next to it, why can not older sibling help with care for youngest siblings? When I grew up , it was quite normal.

          Marianne, your article covers it up well. I think it is interesting to read, that county board went against the decision of CPS. I have heard (not sure) that county board often sides with CPS (sometimes in 90 %? of the cases )

          To me, the indian case resembles a bit the BOdnariu case. Even there was the county board against the decision of CPS, but the children were still not returned. The reasons for removing the children are different though. I am thinking of the poor parents, they must get decision next week. It takes too long.

        • Pavla: ” they (according to them) tried to help them, without success. I wonder, what these measures were.”

          Usually things the family neither needs nor wants. Often of a harassing kind. Always of a kind that gives the CPS even better “insight” into the family so that they can come up with more accusations (true and untrue) against them.

          This is the kind of “help” or “assistance” which our Minister for children has now succeeded in making obligatory. Families can no longer, from this year, refuse the “help” of Barnevernet if they want to have a chance of keeping their children, no matter what this “help” consists of. No wonder CPS workers can claim that “We have tried for a very long time to help the family, but we can see that it does not help, the parents are incapable of changing, so we have to take the children.”

          You get an idea of what our politicians, in parliament and municipalities, are like, perhaps, when you consider that they only listen to what the minister (“aided” by her ministry) says about this: that families must be forced to receive early help, so that we can avoid so many cases where children have to be taken into CPS care.

          We have a very capable parent writing on the Forum Redd Våre Barn, who writes under the nick familien-er-samlet (the family is together), who has written a lot about the “help” forced on them. (They escaped abroad when the case was at last really going to the county committee.) He can certainly write in English, but mostly he writes in Norwegian and he posts in all sorts of sections, so it is not all together in one place. I WISH he would get all his postings together as a book or something, and that he would write in English as well as Norwegian, because they are extremely useful. But I have understanding for a father who is having to make a go of it, practically and financially, together with his family, in another country, not having more spare time than he is already devoting to the forum. In his case, the CPS worker said e.g. that he did not “see” his son entering the room because he was teaching his daughter piano-playing and that he had a “flat intonation”, she/they were not interested in his taking the children to swimming every week, taking them out skiing almost as soon as they can walk, taking them frequently for walks in the forest etc (in Norwegian eyes the most physically and mentally healthy one can do). The CPS wanted to “help” the family, and the help consisted in them demanding that he should move out of the house and divorce his wife. Etc etc. I guess it was difficult for them to come up with activities he ought to engage the children in that he was not already doing. They also claimed that he prevented his wife “realising her potential”. One would think that that would become even more difficult when the husband moved out and she had to take care of the whole thing by herself, AND receive the CPS and all their unreasonable “teaching”.
          So, they escaped.

        • Marianne, that is a horrible interfering in private matters of a family. I think parents must feel like living under microscope (the ones that strikes BV interest anyway). I can imagine how irritating this “help” might be..and that coming from someone who loves skiing and walking in the forest..but I understand that its a personal choice of everybody. Its like if someone would force me to play football with my kids, just because its a national sport here. I would get crazy.

    • I feel the same about meeting you here, Octavian. The story you have shared with me is a testimony of God’s grace and a witness to all who shared in Mr. Gabor’s story.

      I believe that I will find someone to video tape not only me but maybe the Romanian pastor (if he can come) to speak in Romanian. There will be so many other videos of larger gatherings, but a video of a few gathering move someone. If the Romanian pastor speaks, I will not ask his wife to translate what I say as I mentioned to Marianne above.

      God works in mysterious ways. I never wanted internet access because I heard there was so much garbage on it. I was not given a choice when my daughter got sick and we had to have the internet for her to finish high school. Now, I can have Christian fellowship not only at church but anywhere in the world through this media.

      Thank you for your kind words and God’s blessings my friend…

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