April 16th 2016 Anti-Barnevernet Protest in Los Angeles: Initial Press Release

The following is the initial press release document which is being sent to news outlets in the greater Los Angeles area to alert them to the upcoming April 16th protest. It is the first in a series of press releases meant to build up interest in covering the anti-Barnevernet movement. It will be followed by more detailed press releases as we approach the day of the protest

Citizens of Southern California Against Norway’s Barnevernet



Los Angeles, CA. April 16, 2016 10:00AM
Federal Building West Los Angeles, 11000 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles 90024.


Local Southern California leaders and residents (over 1000 protesters) will be gathering at the Federal Building in Westwood to peacefully protest the “legal” child kidnappings of the Barnevernet, the Child Protective Service of the Norwegian government, which has become infamous for human rights violations.


Barnevernet is a considerable segment of the Norwegian government and has autonomous authority in handling child welfare.  Classifying every case as CONFIDENTIAL and SECRET, it is not been held accountable by the Norwegian government and media.


There is compelling evidence that Barnevernet has used ridiculous reasons, such as insufficient time spent with the child, emotional disconnect with parents, not being wealthy enough to raise a child, and religious upbringing, to forcefully remove children from their parents placing them in foster homes without any court ruling and no respect for the presumption of innocence.


Barnevernet confiscates children without due process, without social investigations and without warning.


They have used lengthy, manipulating interrogations of children to obtain accusations against their parents. When parents do win court hearings, Barnevernet claims new separation anxiety and trauma for the child to separate from the foster parents, and it refuses to return the child back to his/her biological parents.


The suffering caused by “legal” child kidnappings, has led to children committing suicide, parents forced to divorce with false hopes promised by Barnevernet that they will obtain their children back, and parents committing suicide themselves.


Spearheaded by the Bodnariu Family case, where five children were confiscated without merit, but also on behalf of families from Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, India, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Latvia, Russia and the USA, global demonstrations and marches will be held.


Beginning in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia and continuing to multiple cities in Romania, Norway, Germany, England and Spain, Canada and finally here in the U.S., in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Saint Louis, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento and Los Angeles, 100,000 people will take to the streets on April 16, 2016 to protest the human rights violations taking place in Norway.



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  1. Thank you for all the people of this world for taking position against the injustice done by the government of Norway and its Barnevernet so called CPS. I call it Children Poaching Service and is well deserved being called this way. Norway and its government worked so hard doing unimaginable harm to families and children. Those atrocities should be stopped one way or another. The totalitarian governments of the past didn’t have to odacy to do something like that.

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  3. We in Norway – like hopefully you in the USA – have a functional CPS that try to do the best for the care and daily life for families that are inhabitants.

    You will find much of the same CPS in Your own backyard, so if you demonstrate against something that is functional in Norway you also demonstrate against your own system.

    The information given to and from the organisers of this demonstration is built on activist propaganda from a hundred Norwegian CPS-haters and oneyed stories from people that are emontionally hurt by the consequences of their situation after legal processings that didn’t turn in their favour.

    Apropos kidnapping – our media have today a story about a court decission where the biological parents were accused of kidnapping their children – age 4 and 10. The CPS acted according to the Law and the children were taken to a emergency fosterhome. Of reasons in the situation the address should be unknown to the parents and the time with their children was set to one hour a year.

    The 12th of November 2015 the parents found the girl on her way to school – kidnapped her – took her into their car and forced her to show the kindergarden her little sister attended. They forced the the little sister out of the hands of the fostermother and began their escape route to Germany. The police in Denmark picked them up four days later.

    These children lived in a daily care with violence and severe neglect. The oldest girl got physical injuries of the abuse. The parents are from East Europe. They were sentenced to 4 years in prison and to pay each of their daughters a compensation set to N. kr. 100.000 ( around 1000+ euro). According to the sentence the parents are not allowed to see their children the coming three years.


    Confidential and Secret – a conclusion done in the CPS can be sent as a complaint to the County Guverneur. A conclusion done by the County Boad can be complained to further treatment in our court system. We – as CPS – has duty service towards the child and their parents. If the parents want to they can take a copy of all the documents in the case and give it further to the press or anyone for that case – the CPS don’t speak to the press about a certain case because of our duty silence/respect for the child involved and it’s future and if done it’s by a leader of the administration concerned.

    Yes, we handle emergency concerns given a green light by the leader of the CPS and it’s legal advisor. This is done in accordance with The Cild Welfare Act § 4-6: Section 4-6. Interim orders in emergencies.

    If a child is without care because the parents are ill or for other reasons, the child welfare service shall implement such assistance as is immediately required. Such measures may not be maintained against the will of the parents.

    If there is a risk that a child will suffer material harm by remaining at home, the head of the child welfare administration or the prosecuting authority may immediately make an interim care order without the consent of the parents.

    In such a case the head of the child welfare administration may also make an interim order under section 4-19.

    If an order has been made under the second paragraph, an application for measures as mentioned in section 7-11 shall be sent to the county social welfare board as soon as possible, and within six weeks at the latest, but within two weeks if it is a matter of measures under section 4-24.

    If the matter has not been sent to the county social welfare board within the time-limits mentioned in the fourth paragraph, the order lapses.

    If the father in violent toward the family – or accused – the children can stay in the home with their mother if that is considered safe and truthful. My experice is that it’s much more easy to reunite if done so – the father handled by the police – if case closed it’s up to the CPS who can supervice the family for periods negotiated. Divorce is a private and personal decission – the CPS is not married to any of the legal parts.

    At the end of 2014, Child Welfare Services had 8,569 children aged 0-17 years old under its care – the equivalent of 7.6 per 1,000 for this age category. The corresponding figures for immigrants and those born in Norway to immigrant parents from a selection of countries was:

    2.0 per 1000 children from Poland (35 children)
    6.6 per 1,000 children from Russia (31 children)
    5.0 per 1,000 children from Romania (12 children)
    8.4 per 1,000 children from Iraq (91 children)

    At the end of 2014, the number of children under the care of Child Welfare Services from the Czech Republic and Estonia was so low that it is not possible to provide any figures due to privacy concerns. The figure among immigrants and those born in Norway to immigrant parents was 3 or fewer.

    Some – few – very few – take their children to relatives in their homeland. Suicide – never heard of – taken out of the air. That’s a serious claim that needs documtation.

    You are doing most harm to yourself by distributing this negative and false propaganda. We in Norway – both as inhabitants and CPS will not regard this nonsense worth any notice and it will for sure have no influence at all.

    A movement full of false negative propaganda and lies are not from God. This movement tells me a lot about how easy it is to desinform and misguide naive Christians that don’t bother to google the facts themselves.

    • So according to you, all the CPS victims are lying. There are dishonest people in all fields, except those working at Barnevernet. They never lie, they have no interest in confiscating children, the number of employees, the salaries and the benefits stay the same regardless of “volume of work”. Are you trying to insult our intelligence, Knut? Here is a very recent article that shows that Norwegian CPS is functional:


      • The victims tell their version of the story – they can omit whatever they want – as the Bodnariu parents – they are not happy for questions which focus on the grounds for the police and CPS emergency. They are happy for the support given and I think this is good teraphy, but the whole story and the TRUTH is seldom given. The focus is on the CPS and their activity – not them as parents and the history leading up to the taking care situation.

        Yeah, the headliner in our media yesterday was the the case I mentioned about a girl age 13 that dies in her mothers care in a cabin. The County Guverneur has chequed the handling of the two CPS’s involved and again it’s found severe faults done – we as a service have not done enough and investigated as we should.

        It’s seems impossible to find a balance in the CPS that satisfies the parts involved – if we do too little it’s of cause wrong and if we do too much it’s disturbing for the family involved.

        I see Octavian write about Finland – in that country I or others that should have done something to prevent abuse done against children and don’t have done our job are prosecuted. In the case in the article below 11 public service employees are taken to court – CPS’s, doctors, nurses for betraying Erika – age 8 – abused and strangled by her parents. In this case the CPS had received at least 11 concerns from neighbours and the school. In the hearing the CPS was pointed out as the great sinner. Three employees and their leader were accused. If found guilty the can be sentenced to prison for three to eight years.


        • It is notable that Mr Nygaard seems happily triumphant at the thought of a pair of parents being given four years of jail for trying to save their children end get them out of the country.

        • I agree with you, Chris.
          According to him Barnevernet employees do not have “their own version”.
          The fact is that the “versions” of the victims about the Norwegian CPS manipulative tactics converge, even though the victims do not know each other,
          In Norway the entire system has to be reformed. Psychologists, county committee members, judges should value the parents’ statements as much as they value the Barnevernet’s reports. Unfortunately, what I have noticed so far is that these authorities start the “investigation” from the premise that the “parents lie”. Here in the U.S., when you get a traffic ticket and you are facing the Police officer in court, judges have the tendency to trust the officer for they say “he has no interest to lie”. Nevertheless, when the story gets more complicated the situation is changing.
          There is a jury, there are statements that are evaluated, the defended hires a lawyer who is not intimidated by the state etc. Now that happens here sometimes even for a traffic ticket. Confiscating children from parents is a more serious matter.
          By looking superficially to cases in which parents have a lot to say, it’s a sign of indifference towards the Norway’s citizen families. Breaking apart a family in Norway is a treated as a trivial matter. That has to change or the image of Norway in the world will drastically change.

        • Hmmmm…. Hilde – you have done a job already today translating the ex- Salvation Army man – Jørgen Stueland – who became a lawyer and is now doing his practice in the Toten area.

          I think it will be informative and to help for Octavian and others to get a glimpse of how your legal part comes through a day or two in the county commitee. In this case he also tells us about a case where your side is the winner. You can read it and if you want to share it – it’s up to you – I have not got the time.


        • The propagandist is in despair for not full filing his duties for his master. He is in trouble. I won’t be surprised if he won’t change his tactics threatening us with harsh punishment .

        • Aristotel, he vacillates between
          a) dishing out contempt, against those who protest because their children have been taken, saying that they are negligible, very few, and liars, (and of course people like me who try to assist tnem), and
          b) trying to charm those of you who are Christians and who – he thinks – do not know enough to look through what he says, and
          c) shifting to agitated contempt against you too, saying that you are just as bad (skeletons in the closet, nasty things in your back yard), when you will not say that you will do his bidding and call off demonstrations.

          It will probably continue like that.

        • Thank you very much Marianne, you are right in everything you said. I grew up in a communist regime and I had to face this kind of people on daily basis. I am very familiar with the diversion they run. I am so surprised that they have exactly same trend. When they cannot full you they try to buy you out, and if threatening you doesn’t work they discredit you. Is the lowest of the lowest for a human to do something like that. The love of money is the roots of all evil.

    • Barnevernet social workers are mercenary. They fabricate false cases of abuse just to maintain their jobs and benefits. Knut, I hope you agree that there are criminals in Norway like anywhere in the world and they are infiltrated in all sectors of activity. Can you point to at least two cases in the last 5 years in which Barnevernet managers, supervisors or employee were sentanced to jail time for purposly lying in their reports?
      Can you please point some cases in which Norwegian CPS confiscated children of Barnevernet’s empolyees? You agree that foster parents, even if they are “trained” sometimes commit abuses on children. What about Barnevernet’s employees? No violence, no neglect, no thicker slices of bread, no strange eye contact with children by any Norwegian CPS worker?

      • We in the CPS try to do the best for children and their families. You don’t find criminals in the municipal CPS. To have a sentence you must have a private part that take something in to Court. I think most lawyers give the parents the advise to forget it – to fight a Law that have a service that have it’s purpose to do what considered best for children it’s not quite easy to legally target – emotionally yes – legally not.

        If necessary a concern given that come from someone else than “anonymus” and have a content that the leader of the CPS and it’s leader gives a green light to can confiscate any child whatever the profession the parent(s) have.

        Come to Norway and look for yourself – Octavian. Don’t believe everything this movements spokesmen give you of information.

        • I dont think it is enough to come for a visit and understand how CPS works in a country. To me, Norway is still a beautiful country and I have nothing against Norwegians. I do have problems with a system, that can cover up wrongdoings though.

          People who have positive experience with CPS, will state that CPS does a lot of good, forgetting, that there are families who experience the apposite. These people are also credible, they just speak from their own experience. Other people who have never anything to do with CPS can believe that CPS always does the best for the child, just because they can not imagine otherwise..

          I think CPS workers who manipulate and fabricate false reports, as well as psychologists and anyone else involved should be charged. Its not enough to hope that these people are honest and want the best for the children.The good social workers should be praised, because they help families and really intend to help.

          The ones that manipulate and fabricate stories (like claiming that a child did not want to meet his mother anymore, while in fact that child all the time wanted to go home) should be punished. If a psychologist makes a report, that child reacts negatively to the meeting with his parents, while it is in fact separation anxiety, should also be charged..and so many others who abuse power. When that happens, maybe people will gain some trust in CPS again. (not only in Norway, in that I agree with you).

      • I can tell you of one case in which the CPS worker in charge of a case, in which he badly ill-treated two children, their mother and their grandparents, suddenly one day was not to be reached at his office. It turned out he had been taken down-town in Oslo by the police. He had a lot of money, drugs and guns in his car.

        • Pavla,
          Dr. Farid Fata, an oncologist from Michigan, was found guilty in September, 2014 to giving cancer treatments to misdiagnosed patients, telling some they had a terminal blood cancer called multiple myeloma. Now, the vast majority of his patients had cancer. Were the situations of the patients who were correctly diagnosed relevant in court? The US Postal Service do a lot of good in USA. Most of the time correspondence gets on time to destination. There are “exceptions”. In 2010 when I mailed an envelope with a cashier’s check to purchase a HUD home, I paid the highest fee to assure the check will be in California next day. Nevertheless, my envelope with important documents was not sent from Phoenix until the next day, which caused me to lose the deal. Believe me or not, the employee who showed negligence towards the services I requested as a customer got fired. I am sure there would have been a long line of customers who could have said that their correspondence always arrived on time. Even so, there was no excuse for her to ignore a customer’s request. Now, losing a house is not the same as losing a child. Barnevernet must be investigated and brought to justice for all wrongdoings they have done regardless the “a lot of good” they have done to real abuse cases.
          A murdered is not excused for a murder because there are a bunch of people who he interacted with and he did not kill them… (he probably treated them nicely).

        • Octavian, sure, I agree with you. They should be held accountable for their wrongdoings.

          Another point: foster parents
          Foster parents should know that they are not adoptive parents. There must be a good chance, that their foster child is returned if possible (to his parents or to his extended family). It should not be allowed to let the children develop strong relationship to the foster parents by not allowing them to see their biological parents (and other family members) or only allow limited visitation. This I can only imagine in cases of real abuse or if the parents are addicts for example. For any other reason, CPS should work with the family and allow them a lot of contact, so the bonds will stay in tact and returning of the children easier. First of all of course the children should not be taken, unless the reason is serious and biological family should always be the first choice if possible. But this was stated many times already.

          If the foster parents witness at court against the biological parents, that is quite a conflict of interest. , esp. when they intend to keep (adopt) the children.

          No, the case of the CPS worker arrested in down-town Oslo is not taken out of thin air. I know the case personally. Documentation also exists. There were even newspaper notices about it at the time.

          This “technique” of Mr Nygaard’s of asking for documentation to “satisfy” him does not work with me. He is no kind of judge and his opinion is irrelevant. It is a very usual trick all CPS workers in any kind of public debate try using to twist matters and make CPS critics appear unreliable. CPS people themselves certain cannot document the things they say, such as that foster children love them and that they “work” for the benefit of whole families. In fact, they cannot even document in official statistics that their work has anything except appalling results.

          When I bring documentation and when I inform on DiT that things can be documented, it is for the benefit of other people.

        • I have also noticed this tactic, Marianne. He has asked quite a few times for documentation that he knows exists.

          “It is a very usual trick all CPS workers in any kind of public debate try using to twist matters and make CPS critics appear unreliable.”

          The guy must take us for imbeciles.

          “When I bring documentation and when I inform on DiT that things can be documented, it is for the benefit of other people.”

          I think this is a wise move. One can’t have a discussion with a propagandist who makes consistently biased and misleading statements (I feel this is a huge understatement). I, like you, think his opinion is irrelevant.

        • Pavla – foster parents are trained professional parents. They know what they are doing and that their attachment to the child are instead of – if the parents take their situation to an alter and the county commitee opens for return – the reunion will be a part of their professional job.

          Britt – is one I have met in my work. She has 3 children herself and she have given daily care to 28 foster children. Take a look at this woman – is it money in her eyes or is it a heart for others?


          When foster parents are instead of the biological parents of cause a stong attachment comes either you resist it or not – it’s normal to have a strong attachment to the ones who give us daily care and love.

          Foster parents have nothing to do with the limiting for visists – that is a legal issue. As professionals they must contribute to whatever visitiation “agreed” between the legal parts.

    • You are such a patetic counterinformation Barnevernet officer that make me laugh. They didn’t trained you enough.

      • It’s you who are liers and I have asked you to document. As a Christian you should know the consequence of lying. I have never read or heard that any parent have comitted suicide with clear address to something coming from the CPS. Not any attempt either. I don’t know of any suicide or attempt in the care of the CPS in the recent years – do you? In both cases – please document. If this is untrue I really hope you are able to understand that you and the activist movement can’t use it as ammunition in the propaganda against Norway, Norwegians and a functionate CPS.

        • Well, I have. But I am not going to “document” anything for Mr Bully.

          One young mother had been fooled into a “mother’s home” – which is just a place where the CPS staff “observe” and write “reports” about how unsuitable mothers are – was told by the staff that they “had to” take her child. She said, “But if you take Kari from me, then I have nothing to live for.” They laughed and said, “Oh no, you are just a bit depressed just now.” They took the child, she went out and bought a rope and hanged herself in despair. They then tried to cover up their role in this by going for her sister. – I know this case and the family very well, and have read ALL the documents.

          Another young mother had her child taken because the CPS did not think she had “ability to care”. The foster parents were in the foster trade, they had had several foster children. They adopted this child. The mother committed suicide. Many years later the CPS went for the child of this adoptee. Only then did the foster mother / adoptive mother understand how things were. She said to me, “One gets completely brain-washed working for Barnevernet.”

        • You do have a language problem, Skånland. I think a neutral reader easily read the hateful emotions coming from your activity language. “Observe”, “reports”, “foster trade”, “ability to care” ….. This is something you have heard from someone that has heard it from someone …. this is not documentation – and you know it – it’s cheap propaganda.

          A Mohers Home is an institution where mothers with f.i. a drug addiction get an opportunity to show themselves and us – that they can take care of the baby and that the addiction are history. Many of these mothers have the odds against them – the father often being an addictive himself and although the mother try and do her best the contact with the father can make her tempted to the old habit. We follow these mothers to we have a conclusion – either to move out and be helped in an appartment with the baby or a shared experience that this is too risky.

          Of cause everything we do together with a child and their parent is written in the journal. Every case must have an accountable history. This is legal case work and the mother and her lawyer are a part of the process.

        • “It’s you who are liers and I have asked you to document. As a Christian you should know the consequence of lying.”

          As the propagandist replies in the rest of this statement to Delight, he is calling an honest man a liar.

          The “you who” includes who knows how many of us.

          I know what happens to habitual liars.

          I also know what happens to thieves (those responsible for stealing children):

          9 “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor [f]effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.” – 1 Cor. 6

          Also, I’d give the linguist huge credibility over the ineffective propagandist when it comes to using words.

        • Very well said, I agree with you Chris. On those actions against the Barnevernet will be nice if the speakers will use a big screen with video of the kidnapping on short time. Pictures and videos will speak more than a thousand words.

        • That is a great idea, Aristotel. I hope people are collecting those pictures now because I think this battle will last awhile. If the propagandist is any indication, the CPS is building trenches and putting up barbwire. Those will make good pictures, too.

        • I meant “barbed wire,” but I’m sure there is a Barb (Barbara) in Norway who knows someone who has had their children taken from them.

    • Sir, the example you give sounds like a tragedy. I sincerely hope those children you mention are safe. However, what bearing does this example have on the Bodnariu case? The Bodnariu children were taken from their solid, safe, loving family and they need to go back as soon as possible. As a parent yourself could you not empathize with Marius and Ruth for just a few moments? I can’t help but wonder, what kind of satisfaction do you derive from posting here?

  4. Knut,

    You are repeating yourself too many times. Under communism, the institutions of the state had been doing “their job” (but often not the job that they were supposed to do.), so there were certainly laws under communism, and they were enforced. We were just questioning the content of the laws and the way they were applied. We are not so gullible to believe that since Barnevernet is confiscating children on a daily basis that is a clear sign that this institution is “functional”. It is functioning the wrong way and we are going to proof it. Too many victims of this odious Norwegian CPS.

    • Yeah – and you work in the propaganda ministry. The info People – most Christians – get from this propaganda ministry for a movement coming out of a Maximum of 100 Norwegian CPS-haters have been fueled by false and misguided information. Christians seems easy to target because they listen in obedience to what their pastor or priest talk about – f.i. religious persecution in Norway done by the CPS – then sure it must be true. This rumour came out in the start of the Bodnariu fueling of the movement. I am a Christian myself. I have f.i. been a member of a pentacostal faith church “Livets Senter” that for years had a heart for Christians in Brasov and members took the trip Down with the Word and collected gifts. This persecution – and most of the themes are nonsense, but you are right in one thing – no one is perfect, but we – as doctors, nurses, teachers a.s.o. try to do our best for the service – the children and their families. As a movement it’s interesting to see how easy it seems to get Christian people to believe in something they do not bother to cheque out themselves. We – Christians – are too naive and had we been the ones that lived in the years following Christ we sure will have lost the truth and believed in a false religion. The CPS and our changes are of cause under internal administration and we are better and more human than most of the countries demonstrating. No one in Norway give this movement or you any attention – I find it interesting because it tell me much about Christians and the serious future days to come.

      • You said that we are mostly Christians. That’s because we came from a Christian country, with Christian background. This has nothing to do with the argumentation. If we are half Christians and half Muslims, would we have been more credible ? Regarding the fact that we listen what the pastor says it’s not true. We belong to diferent denominations and we are different in many ways. Nonethelss, when it comes to Barnevernet we are all on the same page.

        • Hi again, Octavian.

          Maybe it is mostly Christians because we have read and believe the Sermon on the Mount. There is no other message like it.

          God’s blessings…

        • Actually, most Norwegian Christians do listen in obedience to what their pastors say. And their pastors, and their newspapers Dagen and Vårt Land, repeat the state’s propaganda about the CPS bringing welfare to families. Those two newspapers, as well as most congregations in Norway, are handsomely subsidised by the state. The smaller newspaper Norge IDAG does not have a state subsidy, and has reported in a better fashion something about the Bodnariu case.

          By the way, there was something in another thread about the press: Czech Veronika saying that Norwegian newspapers did report a lot about CPS cases and the journalists not losing their jobs. This was supposed to mean that CPS critics’ reports about the Norwegian press were wrong. When one looks more closely at WHAT the press reports, however, it turns out that her impression is too superficial. Quite right, they report sunny cases in which the young agree with the state that their parents were unimportant or no good. Many such articles are managed by arrangement with “communications bureaus”, and the state has been quite energetic in trying to gather former CPS children in organisations which the state itself supports.
              Journalists who try writing really critically about CPS cases are not sacked, right again – their articles are just not printed. I have certainly had fairly close experience with that phenomenon myself. Cf what one aspiring journalist wrote (see the paragraph “A young student …” in Arild Holta: “The media gives the victims ‘the silent treatment’ ”
          Cf also the revelation Dag Sverre Aamodt found the case documents to be:
          “The Child Care Service experience from a lawyer’s experience”
          By the way, Aamodt is scheduled to speak at the demonstration in Oslo on 16 April.

        • No – it’s you and the movement that tell parents not to talk to the media. Both Dagen and Vårl Land wanted to talk to the Bodnariu parents and to see the documents in the case – but neither the parents nor their lawyers would talk to the
          press – neither did they get a copyset of the documents involved. Norwegian media are usually restraining with commenting an ungoing CPS case. The Bodnariu organization and this movement used the families name and had a heavy use of pictures of the children involves almost from day one. Norwegian media will not cover a CPS story where the children are recognizable. The children are entitled to this anonymity for their future.

          The Bodnariu organzation told the people in Romania a tale about CPS as religious prosecutors and the Norwegian pentacostals said that this is not true – and it isn’t.

          Most of the posting done on this movements facebook pages come from the Norwegian press. There is no fear in the Norwegian press or consequences if they choose to tell something about the CPS either positive or negative.

          I’m sorry to inform you that nobody – absolute nobody -outside the movement take Holta seriously. I have debated with him many times and it’s no one that can follow his way of using his brain.

        • Like in communism the Norwegian government is doing a very good job on hiding the evidence. Taking for exemple North Korea, if you go over there to ask the people about what is going on over there every one will say that is the best system in the whole world and they love the leader. There are some people that have nothing to lose and will tell you the truth risking their life. So, I can understand why mister Knut is so desperate forgetting about his soul. He is working for Barnevernet or Children Poaching Service of Norway.

        • “Actually, most Norwegian Christians do listen in obedience to what their pastors say. And their pastors, and their newspapers Dagen and Vårt Land, repeat the state’s propaganda about the CPS bringing welfare to families. Those two newspapers, as well as most congregations in Norway, are handsomely subsidised by the state.”

          Thanks for sharing, Marianne. I was aware that most “Christian” congregations (you used the perfect word as they aren’t churches) are subsidized by the state. I didn’t know about the media receiving state funding.

          Thus, the government controls the “church” and the media and it is called a “constitutional monarchy?” It seems much more like a Authoritarian type of government. But, words don’t seem to mean what they are supposed to in much of Norway so what does it matter.

          On the matter of the people who blindly obey their pastors instead of the Word of God, they will be doomed in the end. Any pastor who can’t articulate the truth on this issue is being influenced by the world and not by the scriptures. The pastors will be most at fault as they have either not confronted or have remained silent on the issue.

          Fruitless congregations are dead churches. I’ve mentioned this once but it bears repeating; It appears that most of the churches in Norway are like the one in Laodicea. No more need be “said.”

        • “To the angel of the church in Laodicea write:

          The Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the [k]Beginning of the creation of God, says this:

          15 ‘I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot. 16 So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth. 17 Because you say, “I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing,” and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked, 18 I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed; and eye salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see. 19 Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline; therefore be zealous and repent.

          I didn’t “say” this. God did.

          Two items from the above:

          I see that I inadvertently left out the link to Aamodt’s article:

          Concerning what Mr Nygaard says about Arild Holta and his “debates” with him (the person of Mr Nygaard has a tremendous capacity to comment everywhere), it is a bit like what Nygaard now says about Stueland and other critics of CPS activity: Nygaard thinks them / us all very unworthy and that is what he repeatedly offers about any information we might have to give. When it comes to this particular piece of information which Holta mentioned, though, it was no invention of Holta’s but originated with a coming journalist, the way Holta said.

  5. Pingback: Mariana Gurza – Blog » Blog Archive » April 16th 2016 Anti-Barnevernet Protest in Los Angeles: Initial Press Release

  6. Knut is, as usual, trying to downplay barnevernet`s atrocities.But, as a matter of fact, there are several Norwegian lawyers who are alarmed about the situation and speak up. Here is one of them;

    As it is in Norwegian, I will try to summerize some of the points;

    When Norway had its first CPS law in 1953, the state started interfering into a few serious cases.One could say that the children belonged to the parents.
    However, that changed drastically when a new law was passed in 1992. Teachers, doctors, dentists, neigbours, and basically everyone who were in some kind of contact with children, were urged to report any concern they might have to barnevernet. In my own words,children were from then on constantly on the states radar, proving once more the reality of “big brother`s watching you”.In that respect, I would conclude that the state took over the ownership of children.

    One of the arguments for such a practice is that serious cases of abuse and neglect have a greater chance of being detected and handled. There would be absolutely no problem with this system if barnevernet only took over the custody of children who really are in a harmful home where there is no chance of helping the children while they stay in the family.

    I shall not omit the fact that barnevernet helps children to a better life in many cases. But neither shall or will I omit the fact that barnevernet increasingly have gone to the other extreme and confiscated children who should never have been taken, thereby destroying many families.

    A dentist might send a report of concern to barnevernet that a child has bad teeth, a doctor that a child has anorexia, a teacher that a child is too vocal about its belief, or a revengeful neighbour that the parents are neglecting their children. When barnevernet has received these concerns it`s time for action. And action is something barnevernet loves.
    As soon as they have a case, they fetch their magnifying glass and measures every little millimetre. Even if the first concern might not lead to further concern, barnevernet will always find new concerns once they have someone in their grip.
    They would definitely have found something wrong in my parenting, and if it wasn`t for the fact that Knut is working for barnevernet, I am sure they would have found something in his parenting style which they wouldn`t approve of…..

    I am a lucky mum who hasn`t had any of my children taken by the Norwegian CPS. But there are many unfortunate mums, dads and children out there who have unjustly been separated from each other. So now is time for action to say that enough is enough!!!!!!! Barnevernet cannot go around and play the Wild West anymore! It has to stop!!!

  7. Statement by State Secretary Tone Skogen at the CSW60 side-event Children: invisible victims of gender violence, at Instituto Cervantes on the 16th of March 2016.

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    First I would like to thank the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality for inviting me to this event on violence against women. There is no doubt that more still needs to be done to eliminate gender-based violence and gender inequality in society. And I look forward to productive discussions on lessons learned and good practices.

    The Norwegian Government’s view is clear. Violence against women, including domestic violence, is unacceptable. The consequences for the victims are devastating, and the costs for the society are huge. Violence must be prevented and alleviated through measures to help and protect the victims, but it must also be addressed through prosecution and treatment of the perpetrators.

    In Norway we use the phrase ‘violence in close relationships’ to describe the many different forms of violence in this context: intimate partner violence, forced marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), so called honour-based crime, violence against the elderly, and sexual and physical abuse of children. These forms of violence have common characteristics – the victims are mainly women and children, and the violence is perpetrated by a person or persons known to the victim.

    A nationwide survey carried out in 2014 showed that approximately 9 % of women over 15 years of age have been victims of severe violence from their current or former partner once or more in the course of their lives.

    Recent media reports indicate that domestic violence is particularly common in certain immigrant populations, indicating that cultural components as well as challenges relating to integration are a part of this complex issue.

    In the last decade, intimate partner homicide accounted for 20–30 % of the total number of killings in Norway. In more than half of the cases in which women were killed, the perpetrator was the victim’s present or former partner. A three-year research project has been initiated to review all intimate partner killings from 1991 to 2012 to identify risk factors and develop more effective prevention strategies.

    Although pervasive, violence against women is still largely invisible. Sustained by a culture of silence and shame, many cases of violence in close relationships are never reported. It is important to take this factor into account. We have had some success in addressing the invisibility of this crime, resulting in a sharp rise in the number of reported cases over the last few years. A total of 3075 cases were reported in 2014 – an increase of 24 % from 2010.

    This increase is thought to be due to stronger focus on the issue and intensified efforts on the part of the police to address violence in close relationships.
    In Norway, it is the local authorities that are responsible for taking care of victims of gender-based violence. Until 2010, many of the shelters were private institutions that relied in part on voluntary work.

    In spring 2009, new legislation was passed that imposes a legal obligation on local authorities to provide shelter services and coordinated assistance for victims of violence in close relationships. The new law emphasises that it is a public responsibility to make sure that victims of domestic violence receive protection and assistance.

    For the vast majority of parents in Norway, nothing is more important than the well-being of their children. Still, for some children, violence is a part of daily life. Extensive research shows how traumatic domestic violence can be for children, whether the violence is directed at a parent or the child itself. Violence can lead to extensive cognitive, social, psychological and physical problems in both the short and the long term. Violence against children and adolescents is a serious public health challenge.

    A nationwide survey carried out in 2014, showed that approximately 4.9 % of women and 5.1 % of men had been subjected to serious violence by a parent or legal guardian. An equivalent percentage of women and men – 10 % – had witnessed physical violence between their parents during childhood.

    The Norwegian Government has established a nationwide network of Children’s Houses – built on the Icelandic model. Children’s Houses are a service for children and young people under 16 years of age, and for adults with intellectual disabilities, who are believed to have been exposed to violence or sexual abuse, or to have witnessed such violence. These are cases that have been reported to the police.

    Children’s Houses are also child advocacy centres where judicial examination, medical examinations, treatment and follow-up can all be carried out in the same place. They are focal points for enhancing the skills of professionals who work with children or with adults with intellectual disabilities, and for improving cooperation between agencies in violence and abuse cases. As of January 2016, 10 Children’s Houses have been established in Norway.

    All Children’s Houses reflect the same basic idea: the various professionals who are involved in such cases provide their services in one place, with a child-friendly set-up and secure atmosphere.

    The EEA and Norway Grants, which are funded by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, promote social and economic development in the European Economic Area. Preventing and addressing violence against women is one of the programme areas in the Grants scheme. From 2009 to 2014, Norway contributed EUR 24.6 million to projects on preventing and addressing violence against women and girls in beneficiary countries.

    Our bilateral exchange with Spain in this area has been mutually enriching, not least due to the wide range of stakeholders involved, including ministries, municipalities, companies, NGOs and individuals from Norway and Spain. Both countries have benefited from this cooperation because it has been a two-way process.

    Although Norway is considered to be one of the most gender-equal countries in the world, we still have a number of challenges to overcome. As a follow-on from our cooperation with Spain, Norway has launched a pilot project in the municipality of Sør-Odal in eastern Norway on the integration of victims of domestic violence into the labour market through close cooperation with local businesses and shelters. Norway is using the Spanish model as best practice for this project.

    Gender-based violence generates a feeling of worthlessness in victims, reducing their self-confidence and self-esteem. This further aggravates their situation and makes it hard for many to take part in the labour market. Women who don’t work, have little income, and are thus more dependent on their abusers, with few prospects of starting a new life.

    The Spanish model has made it possible to provide employment to quite a number of previously unemployed women who have been subject to domestic violence. It involves cooperation between the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, private companies that offer jobs to women in this situation, and relevant organisations that can support these women in their working life.

    Between one-fifth and one-quarter of all women in Europe have experienced physical violence at least once during their adult lives, often alongside years of emotional abuse. More than one-tenth have suffered sexual violence involving the use of force. Eradicating such violence is a challenge for all European countries.

    Violence against women is a major obstacle to achieving the goal of equality between men and women in society, and all countries should work together to eliminate what can only be called a social curse.

  8. I just finished listening to the radio program on my internet radio. It was great! If you know German and missed it, there is another chance to listen to it tonight at 21.00 (in our time zone). They also announced the 16th April protest which is taking place in Wien, Austria as well.

    We also have ERF here in Switzerland. It is the biggest Christian radio station here and many listen to it. I am so glad the news is spreading!:-)

  9. Los Angles has 24000 children in fosterhomes and in this shortmovie we meet some fosterparents some of you don’t like.

    Slipping through the Cracks is a compelling documentary on the state of the child welfare system in Los Angeles County and the children it is supposed to protect. The film follows children like little Sarah Chavez, a beautiful toddler who never made it to her third birthday. Dozens of abused and neglected children died in Los Angeles County in the last few years, often in their own homes at the hands of trusted care givers. These recent tragedies underscore a gaping hole in the county’s safety net – a net that is charged with protecting the youngest and most vulnerable in our society. Worst of all, many of these deaths could have been prevented. Who is to blame? Why are children in the system continuing to die? What can be done about it before any more children lose their lives to the tragedy of child abuse and neglect? The 30-minute documentary made in partnership with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office takes a gripping 360-degree look at the child welfare system, examining the problem through the eyes of families, social workers, judges, police, and prosecutors. The film takes a critical look at a controversial policy known as family reunification that requires child welfare officials to return children to once abusive homes after certain conditions are met. The film challenges officials to make the safety and welfare of children a national priority and prevent them from Slipping through the Cracks.


    I think the common people of Los Angles know what they have in their own backyard – and yes – we are not perfect on either side of the oceans – but we indeed try to do our best for the children.

    I really hope you focus on your national and local services – there you may have some influence and impact – focusing on Norway is so obvious misguided that common people in Los Angles will shake their head and comment your lunacy demonstrating of yourself.

    • Lying again Knut? Shame on you. Nothing will equal what Barnevernet is doing: terrorizing and destroying families. You could do better in Russia working for the old KGB under Brejnev.

    • Knut… Just for fun. Let s do a math problem. How many Norways (population wise) make up the population of the greater Los Angeles area?

      Let us then compare our foster rates and CPS confiscation rates… Deal?

  10. This video is also a “must” before you demonstrate in Los Angles – Listen to Retired Los Angeles County Social Worker, Julian ‘Jerry’ Dominguez who recently co-authored ‘A Culture Of FEAR’ referring to the current system called CPS-Child Protective Services, DCFS in Los Angeles County. The system is severely damaged, families and children are being victimized and Jerry is explaining what he has seen during his 18+ years in this ‘broken system’ and offering suggestions to begin repair.

    It was interesting to listen to Jerry explaining the emergency evaluations done in a city like Los Angles and think of the same done in the municipal Naustdal.

    • Keeping a family together is not an easy task neither for Horne and others in the modern society. The spirit of time is not on the lasting families side. My experience is that the children involved are the loosers and we in the CPS have many that say that the parents moving apart changed it all.

    • Yes, Daniel, many of us remember that article. Horne has a great belief in advice – “therapy”. So she went to marriage therapy herself for 6 years, after which she and her husband divorced.
      She still believes in therapy.

  11. So Mr Nygaard believes reports which say the CPS in Los Angeles instills fear. But he denies that Norwegian CPS instills fear, and thinks mothers’ homes in Norway are wonderful places for children and mothers. Well, the child taken from the young mother at a mother’s home which I wrote about, was sent to a foster home, and things have not gone at all well for her.

    Quite a lot of revealing information about Bergen mothers’ home here:
    Åge Simonsen: “Håndbok for klientutvalg og barnevernsofre”

    Google-translation should give an adequate impression. The Norwegian for “mothers’
    home” is “Mødrehjem”.

  12. Knut: you are comical as well. I can’t believe you wrote that prof Skanland, a linguistics professor has a “language problem.” Lol!

    These kind of statements discredit you.

    And according to published data in 2014 Norway foster prevalence is approximately 1.7% (children 19 years and under)

    Compare that with rates of 0.3% in some states in the US

    • It’s easy to detect her over all negative attitude towards – Public services over all? – and especially the CPS – in her use of words to describe our work for the best for children and their families.

      From my daily work in the CPS where I must confirm everything I write or say With documentation I am used to link in where I take information from as the possible SSB information and the numbers given in your comment above. You are closer to be believed if you do so, Mr. Truth. As a Christian and using the Truth as your nickname you have put yourself on a high communication standard.

      When I looked for your number I found some numbers about emergency activitity in the CPS. For the year 2014 1504 children had been in such a situation. That was 7% down compared With 2013 and the first year this number went down. There are most small children in need of such help – 1,7 pr. 1000 children in the age 0-2.


      • I used the site you linked to above.

        I calculated based on population age 0-19 years.

        Norway has a population of 5.2 million, and the under 20-years-of-age population is 1.2 million (2016). It is a staggering statistic that in 2014 53,088 children/youths received CPS intervention and 39% (20,704) of those were prevailing in care outside their home.

        That corresponds to approximately 1.7 % of Norwegian children in 2014 living in foster care.


        • In our statistics are also the investigations in activity. You can’t use the total number – 53.088, but the number 37.124 as the total number we give measures to. 22.639 were given help at home – at that leads us to the number 14.485 – and in this number you find young travellers sent from their parents as door openers for the rest of the family with relatives to come after from somewhere in Asia/Africa. #Truth

        • I would be interested in statistics of how many of these children in care were removed from the parents and how many were abandoned or where the parents asked for temporary placement because of various problems.

          I would also like to know how many of the children in care are eventually returned to the parents. Do statistics like that exist?

        • Knut, I have followed your advice and am reading about the CPS in CR and the Netherlands. Here an article concerning how many children in Czechia are removed from the parents and how many are returned


          Yearly it should be 2500 to 3000 children. Some of these children can be registered twice, as temporary placement and long term placement, so these number can actually be lower than that.
          Out of these about 1000 of children are removed because of sexual abuse, abuse, maltreatment or gross neglect. Why are the other children taken is not clear, but in these numbers are children, where for example the parents are in prison, parents have to be hospitalized or have died, children who have are repeatedly committed crime, children, where the parents need temporary placement for their children.

          Taking children solely from social reasons is now forbidden by law, though it is not sure if it still does not happen sometimes. It did happen in the past unfortunately. In the year 2013 , 459 children were returned to their parents (those were placed in institutional care before) and another 734 children were returned to their parents (those were placed institution(homes) for immediate assistance). The trend now is to return more children to their parents if possible.

      • Knut, may I launch some suppositions about your own childhood? There are situations in life when this may help understanding the other’s line of thinking. At any rate, it’s obvious that it was extremely different from everybody’s else here.

        You stick to some statistics & figures as if we are talking of onions, and you preach social engineering (pretend to know what is `best for children AND their families’, WOW! For all-all of them? What a Godly gift spread on so many employees!) – that is, you may persuade only other childless foster-bred statisticians who support social engineering. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time, better read a novel with some human beings in it, you’ll be surprised.

        Now please bear this in mind: even If Norway were the Paradise of Happy Families and your organisation had only one (1) case to handle, the mere placing 5 brothers in 5 foster`homes is a very tiny bit less than criminal and proof enough for the rest of the world that something is fully rotten in its ‘work’.

  13. Mr. Knut is trying hard to make us read the propaganda of an oppressive regime that practically cover up for their wrongdoings and use a square root number of lies to cover up. I quit reading his propaganda. Only from time to time curiosity I look to see what else he is capable of writing . If he can make that the whole attention is around him he will achieve his plan of diversion. Let’s ignore him. Is no value.

    • Not a bad idea, Aristotel. His attempt to slow down our work on the upcoming demonstrations by keeping us busy will backfire. The more the propagandist writes, the more upset folks will become at his CPS because of him. Calling Delight a liar? That’s good for an extra 1000 demonstrators. It’s a good thing this is Delight’s blog as if it was Knut’s we would have all left a long time ago. Knut’s blog would become a monologue.

  14. Finally, what I realized about Barnevernet is that the targets for kidnapping children are intermixed nationality families, visitors, neighbors or Barnevernet workers and of course the list includes doctors, teachers and practically anybody that can report. The method is putting the target under microscope for as long it take. If they cannot find a charge after they trap the target several times without them knowing, they fabricate the story having their own arranged persons to confirm and to put it on record. After is on your record they claim it as proofs as what really happened. This is to confirm that the Poachers are not Poaching. If a Barnevernet worker cannot find what they look for is considered incapable so he have to fabricate. Look at our propagandist Knut and you will agree with me. Looks like the old tactics of elimination used by the KGB and the totalitarian regimes. Open your eyes gentlemen and don’t be outsmarted by the Barnevernet propaganda.

  15. As far as i know protests in Australia will be held in Brisbane ,Melbourne and Adelaide not Sydney,could you rectify that,please.

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