Norway Has to Answer to the European Court of Human Rights!

The forced adoption that can change Norwegian Barnevern for ever:  My children ask when they can meet their big brother. I cannot answer them.

Now Norway has to answer to the European Court of Human Rights.

This is the title on the front page of Dagbladet News, a popular Norwegian newspaper. This is the most critical article toward the Norwegian CPS to date.

After months of international anti-Barnevernet pressure we are starting to see some effect inside Norway. There have been TV programs as well as other isolated articles pointing to the demonstrations held in Europe, America and Australia.

But this article is different. It highlights a case against Norway brought before the European Court of Humans Rights. This is a big deal. Norway must answer before the Court if it violated article 8 of the Convention pertaining to family rights in a 2008 case where a child was confiscated and given into adoption without considering the grandparents wishes to adopt the child.  Moreover the Court is concerned that human rights were violated in the handling of the case.

The article then brings sharp criticism toward CPS showing statistics of child confiscation:

“The number of children and young people placed outside the home by the end of the year increased by 58 percent from 2003 to 2014. In relation to the population aged 0-22 years, the number placed in care increased from 7 to 10 per 1000 children and adolescents from 2003 to 2014.”

These are insanely high numbers. The number of employees in Barnevernet has almost doubled in the same time period as well.

A petition signed by 170 Norwegian CPS professionals raises serious concern about how aggressive and intrusive the system has become in Norway. It states:

“Too often we see that biological parents, who do not have all the world’s resources to back them up stand no chance against a big and powerful public apparatus… There is hardly any other area of society where government intervenes so radically into people’s private sphere.”


One thing is clear: Barnevernet is a large locomotive with huge inertia. It is now under assault from various angles. It has many rocks, darts, bullets, protests, articles, blogs, social media posts etc, flying at it. Barnevernet knows it is under unprecedented attack. April 16th, 2016 will be a major blow to this arrogant system.

More and more Norwegians are joining our cause everyday, and today’s article in Dagbladet will sound a major alarm.

Keep the pressure on. The massive locomotive shows signs of slowing down. It must be stopped.

Photo: Marius Reikeras

17 comments on “Norway Has to Answer to the European Court of Human Rights!

    Pavla asked in another thread:
    whether it is possible to win in Strasbourg and still not get the child back. Yes, unfortunately, Strasbourg can condemn the state, viz find that a violation has been committed, in some cases they order the state to pay compensation (on a lousy scale in family cases) just to sort of make an example of it. Then it is up to the state what to do, for instance pay up and then nothing. That is what Sweden does regularly, and what Norway has done in the most famous CPS case here: the Adele Johansen case. They do NOT return the children, claiming that it is all too late now, the children are “attached” to different people, and what have you.
        In Sweden, the cases Olsson I and II were like that.
        About Adele Johansen’s case you can read my short summary, case a) here:
    I know that case very well, since I was one of her expert witnesses in court (on the scientific literature about biological attachment) when Oslo municipality after Strasbourg still went ahead and forcibly adopted away Adele’s daughter.

    • A longer account of Adele Johansen’s case, written By professor Lennart Sjöberg, who was called as a witness in the forced-adoption case:

      “Adele Johansen vs Norway: A mother fighting for her child”

      If one reads this, one realises better that there is practically nothing new since 20 and 30 years ago, except that the CPS people are doing ever more of the same. The theories are the same, the lack of evidence and common sense is the same, the rigmarole is the same. Today’s Barnevern system is NOT due to an influx of immigrants with ‘other cultures’ in Norway.

    • Marianne I was reading the story of Adele and also the other stories you have on your web. Its absolutely heartbreaking, I can imagine it completely destroys families forever. I wish there were more happy endings. I wonder what happened to the daughter of Adele, she must be an adult now? I dont get how heartless these workers can be. In the Czech case (not Eva) there are parents with a very sick baby that has to stay in hospital. The parents were spending a lot of time with the baby and took him home often when possible. Obviously the first accusation (parents wanted to stop treatment) was proven wrong even before the baby was removed. Parents and doctors were actually talking about the treatment and how effective it is in the beginning and it was decided that the doctors will go on with the treatment. Barnevern wanted to move the baby to another hospital, so it could be closer to the foster mother. The other hospital was much more basic and the baby could be in great harm. Only because the doctors disagreed, it was not done. Instead of it, foster mother got a room in the hospital. Parents were not allowed to enter the hospital other then 2x 1 hour a week to visit their baby. We are talking about very sick baby, staying in the hospital and the only security it had..the parents , were suddenly not there. During the Christmas holidays, the baby was left completely alone by the foster mother. The baby was kept in stroller and fell in development few months back. They had court few weeks ago and were able to win their daughter back. BV came with new accusations. , like..bad emotional contact, mother could kidnap her baby to her home country etc. Parents had to bring evidence, that its not like that. They had a great support of the doctors and nurses. They also had good documentation, some sort of patients journal to proof they are right. If they did not have this all, they would have probably lost.

  2. It is tragic in the individual case if one wins at the European Court of Human Rights but still does not get the children back. But it is a help for others, and maybe if there are enough cases, the negative publicity for the country will at long last make the authorities return the children and stop these violations of family rights on a general basis.
        Here is something I wrote about the Strasbourg court some years ago (regarding the Kurds: it’s not about the PKK but “ordinary” Kurds!)

  3. Reblogged this on ceciliebedsvaag and commented:
    Barnevernet’s forced adoptions are on the rise. Since 2013 when the Norwegian Parliament modified the legal rules regulating forced adoptions, they have on the rise. This is a deliberate policy by Norwegians parliamentarians.

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    • Thank you for the invitation, rune.

      Unfortunately, I will not be able to be in Norway on that day. I have decided, however, to hold a sign (if only by myself) on that day on the main street in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I live in a tourist town and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of questions by residents and tourists alike. I am contacting Christian friends to join me.

      Any ideas on what my poster should say? I have ideas but I’ll take all suggestions.

      God’s blessings…

      Also: As I have been involved in political campaigns, my sign will be simple – enough to get a conversation going. It will have an appropriate Bible verse in small letters at the bottom.

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