Getting Our Message Inside Norway


Delight in Truth is asked almost every day if our discussion about Barnevernet is penetrating into Norway.

These are the number of visitors to this site for the past 2 months and their country of origin.

The vast majority of the hits come from Facebook and Twitter, but many visitors arrive from internet search engines. The most common search terms are: delight in truth, Bodnariu case, Ruth Bodnariu, barnevernet, barnevernet abuses, and barnevernet Norway.

I would like to thank our audience for sharing these articles with friends, particularly friends from Norway.

25 comments on “Getting Our Message Inside Norway

  1. I’m so glad you’re helping to get the word out about these outrages, and within supposedly civilized societies.

    It’s certainly no time to remain quiet and passive. I once heard a preacher yell the words of this verse from his pulpit, especially stressing the word “TRUMPET!”

    “Shout aloud! Don’t hold back! Lift up your voice like a trumpet! Declare to my people their rebellions, and to the house of Jacob their sins” (Isaiah 58:1, ISV).

  2. The biggest problem with child protection is that the system protects them. We sat in a meeting with some SW’s one time (trying to get facts in regards to a case), and they flat out told us that they were as powerful as God. They said Judges fear us, lawyers fear us and no one can touch us. We have ultimate power to do whatever we want.

    And as we see…it’s true. Until the system stops giving these people this power, nothing will change. People need to stand up and revolt against this machine. When child protection finally realizes that parents have had enough, then we will see change.

  3. As an American, I would like to thank Romanians (and all others) who are involved in getting the word out about this.

    God’s blessings…

    • Like in other nazi countries like f.i. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Nederland, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand …… Hitler seems to be alive and well all around the western world, but not in … eastern??

      • Spain is not confiscating children. It used to under the dictator Franco. It is mainly the Lutheran countries which are confiscating children. In catholic and Christian orthodox countries the family is sacred. Therefore the children have better protection in these countries. In Norway sosial workers like Knut is preying on the children. It is scary. They think so highly of themselves while the parents and children are described as virtual “unter menschen” in their disgusting journals.

  4. This is one statement we can partially agree on. The spirit of antichrist is everywhere in the world. How can you not count eastern countries where beheadings and satanic rituals take place daily?

    Our hope I think lies in international exposure of the system, a system that is much the same in the Western countries.

    Here is America:
    “The truth about Child Protective Services”

    And here is Norway. The union for social workers have held an annual meeting in Sogn og Fjordane county (the county of Naustdal, of course), demanding more child protection personnel in the municipalities. They want to spend more time on “the complexity of each indivicdual case” and on “the important relation between the individual child and the contact person in Barnevernet”:
    “Bemanningsnorm i barnevernet” (Staffing standard in Barnevernet)

    • Hi Marianne.

      I worked for a Christian Pregnancy and Parenting Crisis Center for about five years. Half of that time I worked as a volunteer, and the other half I worked for less than minimum wage.

      We had enough credibility with the local courts that required parenting classes were done at our non-profit center. I taught many of those classes as a certified Teacher of the State of Arkansas. I didn’t need the certificate but I felt it gave me more credibility. Bible verses were included in every class. Some became Christians through this ministry.

      We were also allowed to do supervised visitations with certain families. The Director of our center, which still exists, makes recommendations about placement when she is called to court. She has a very difficult task. We communicated with DHS workers and volunteer case workers. I saw many different situations, had to testify in court several times, and enjoyed my work because the main goal was saving babies from abortion.

      I no longer work there for reasons I won’t mention here. But it was obvious to me that the system had many flaws in it. I got as close to seeing the system without working for it. My opinion is that things are getting worse in America. There aren’t enough foster homes for children. Sometimes I think that churches should begin reopening orphanages. We still have a few of them left in Arkansas.

      The main problem, however, is that the simple truth of the Gospel message is losing its once prominently held position in American pulpits. Protestant preachers are not preaching many simple truths and many are turning to a different gospel. It is difficult to get many pastors to speak out against certain injustices. There are still many good Christian pastors, but many new age ideas have crept in that are very ungodly.

      How can churches set up places for kids to live when they can’t get simple truths straight? Many spend so much money to build big buildings that include gyms and places for entertainment that the have none left for mission work. Priorities are very upside down even within many churches.

      As a Christian, I don’t see how any of these problems can be solved unless hearts are changed. Hearts cannot be changed without the truth of the simple Gospel message the Bible teaches. Because belief in the Bible is waning in the West and in Europe, I think these problems and problems like them will worsen.

      This may sound bleak but I will never give up hope. I will try to speak out for those who can’t speak for themselves (particularly the unborn) until the day I die. I know that God’s promise to put the right words in my mouth when the time comes is valid. My hope is in God’s promises as given in the Bible. That’s why I believe that, in the end, justice will be done in every situation.

      I will get off of my soap box now. Thank you for trying to help those who cannot help themselves. America is not immune to the results of sin no matter how good some of the people here think they are.

      God’s blessings…

      • What you are saying here is interesting, Chris. I don’t know how you and others are going to say to my thoughts, though.

        I am not at all sure that America, or any other place, is steadily getting worse, or better. I think perhaps such trends as the belief that foster homes are just as good as own parents can come and go in waves. In the late 1990s and early 2000s I read a lot on some American websites where people deprived of their children or parents wrote of their anguish. I also had a mail correspondence with some of them. Several people there were adults in search of their (birth) families, whom they had been torn from. There were already several very impressive, informative sites like that of Cheryl Barnes, and Linda Martin’s “Fight CPS and Win” / “”, that of Pamela Gaston and her husband, and a lot of websites set up by people describing their individual case. I believe several such groups ran into trouble with the authorities, some because of money matters. Cheryl Barnes I heard had six children, they were taken but she finally got them back; one of them had sthen become brain-damaged and blind in the foster home.

        As regards Christianity, abortion and CPS questions, I find it particularly upsetting that groups of professed Christians, and not only catholics, are so much more concerned to prevent abortion than they are concerned about the fate of children once they are born, and indifferent to the tragedies to both children and parents created by self-righteous CPS and their supporters. (I am a Christian but by very many would not be accepted as such, I guess.) Perhaps I stand in danger of demanding more of fervent Christians than I demand of myself – like Arild Haaland says about Hamlet ( But I often think of CPS workers as kind of Hamlets, students intoxicated by intellectual gallops.

        • I hope what you are saying is possible, Marianne. I hope things will wave back the other way. My experience is only based on the past 20 years where I live. When I moved here 20 years ago, I never heard stories of needed foster homes. Now, there aren’t nearly enough homes for all of the children who need places for one reason or another.

          I agree with your statement about abortion. All lives are equally important to God and we should be ready to defend any who are being taken advantage of.

          God’s blessings….

      • I – and we as a family – was in a period of 12 years member of the largest church in the faith movement with a membership or around 2500. The church had their own staff for visiting the sick, the elders. the lonly and the hurt ones. People who needed support got the support both from the welfare and from the church. I was once invited to a meeting where the church administration wondered where the limits for “private” CPS was with other professional church going social workers. We agreed to limit of weekend-homes, guidance and support person. More serious needs or background must as others be sent to the local CPS for handling. A mini-“Cps” in the frame of the church.

    • Some of the change in our CPS come from the children who have been in out care. The motto is “My life”. In Norway a group of earlier children in the CPS are called pro CPS and are associated in Change Factory (Forandringsfabrikken). They have a wish that we as their individual case handlers build a more stonger relationship. As a consequence the title “case handler” is replaced with “contact person”. They have given us knowledge of that we as individuals are important to them and they have the need to give back for all they have got.

      • Far too much money is spent on CPS work in Norway, causing many tragedies for our families. And the CPS is asking for even more. It is obvious that CPS employees should know how to make good relations to those needing them, No need to spend more money to improve skills we surely take for granted!. To have a fundamental change in CPS, I think we have to consider our values and ideals on which be base the upbringing of our children. For decades we have neglected the knowledge that childrens development and learning are must successfull when having a close emotional relation to the teacher. Instead we are idealizing a socalled pedagogical upbringing from the age of one year, in kindergartens and schools. Neclegting the parents influence in our childrens ubringing, has become an ideal for our societey. and of course the CPS is influenced by that in many ways. i meen this kind of upbringing is an social experiment, and we may alreaddy face the result, people unable to feel empathy. We surely find a lot of those in the CPS system, and the uotcome of their work is tragical.

        • Good point, Margaret.

          When the school’s influence in a child’s life becomes more important to a society than a parents influence, there will always be great trouble.

    Then let them “build a more stronger relationship” to CPS workers in the CPS workers’ spare time, without payment.

    Let those children who do not want a relationship to CPS people but to their own loved ones, out of the CPS’s clutches, free to go home.

  7. I totally agree. Something very wrong seems to guide their “philosophy” and their practice as well. How could the CPS people become so brainwashed? Why did the Norwegian society as a whole give the CPS such a power… after all, they are not God the Allmighty, they are human and know they are and their theories are not the only ones in the world. Do they ever get new insights? Why do the courts follow them blindly? Why not independent experts? Why so long delays in handling cases? Why are they independent and privatised as well? Really, the more I read, the less I understand. Anyway, thanks, Ms Skanland!

  8. Re: Getting the message inside Norway People can send youtube video and article links to politicians. More resources need to be shown to people, e.g. #StopBarnevernet Send protests with articles/youtube video of protests to government officials. This is email for ruling party For Prime Minister page with twitter, facebook links….. etc. On ruling party page you can find page that shows politicians with their facebook and twitter links ….

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