A Response to Knut Nygaard: Giving up Children is Not Normal


If you have followed the Bodnariu drama closely, chances are you came across Barnevernet employee Mr. Knut Nygaard’s comments somewhere in social media, blogs, or international newspaper articles. He is one of the chief defenders of the Norwegian CPS and their methods including the so-called “attachment theory.”

Knut has been very active on Delight in Truth in past few weeks and has given us insight into how Barnevernet thinks and operates. Many of his comments have confirmed our suspicions that trivial matters trigger CPS investigations with acute interventions of confiscation in some cases.

I want to thank him for opening up to us about his background (see comment here).

Barnevernet left an imprint on his life early on.  Knut was adopted at a very young age into a Christian home when his biological parents willingly gave him up because they felt it would be better for his future. He knows about his 5 biological siblings, his parents, and their contact information, but he has not felt the desire to contact them even though he received the message that they miss him.

Dear Knut, it is not normal for a family to give up an infant. Reading your story I cannot help but see that you trivialize this as a transaction inside Barnevernet. An exchange of sorts.

I have four children and have been blessed by God with a wonderful career in medicine, but even I if had no career, and no resources I would never give up my children. I would instead work 24 hours a day to provide for them and be a father to them.

As a professing Christian, you should know the remote possibility that a mother would give up her baby.  Here is what the Word of God says: “Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne? But even if that were possible, I would not forget you!”

The possibility that a mother would just give up or forget her baby is extremely remote. Unless one lives in Norway where Barnevernet has brainwashed the good citizens of this country that this sort of thing can be normalized. 

Dear Knut, it is not normal to be indifferent to the person who has brought you into this world.

It is not normal for Norway to facilitate confiscation and adoption of children in cases where there is no evidence of abuse or addiction. More than that, it is criminal to prevent biological parents from seeing their children and getting them back, especially when the children were removed because of trivial matters like in the Bodnariu case. How much worse is it when the Bodnarius popped up on the CPS radar because they were “too Christian?”

I am glad you had a “normal” life in a Christian home, but have you considered that perhaps you do not remember the trauma you went through when you were forced to exchange families?

Have you considered that perhaps your biological parents and siblings have regretted their decision to give you up and have perhaps repented of this sin? Maybe they wanted you back afterwards but Barnevernet prevented it due to the “attachment theory.”

I challenge you to think about these issues in light of God’s Word.

I challenge you to see the Bodnariu suffering at the hands of Barnevernet and stop defending CPS in this case. You may have cases of alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual abuse where you can defend CPS. But not in the Bodnariu situation. They love God, they live according to His Word, and they are a model family. If all the families in the world would be like the Bodnariu family, we would have heaven on Earth.

I challenge you to support Bodnariu and talk to your bosses about them.

Tell CPS to return the Bodnariu children immediately. 

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  1. Sorry for being raised in a different family than your original. I can see right now why most of the Scandinavians are like from a different planet. No smile, isolated, like traumatized by something. We had people from Finland in our company to commission ABB drives and we’very been shocked for their behavior. For them was something normal but we couldn’t understand the stress and the way they’been acting. CPS (Children Poaching Service) or Barnevernet is terrorizing the people and the government exercise pressure like in communism. Telling the truth of their abuses and unlawful acts condemn the people of loosing the right of existing. Like the people who live Norway and I heard their stories and I didn’t believe them. Couldn’t believe that is possible in this time something like that. Shame of you Norway for acting like terrorists against your own people. Norway after the horizon is life and freedom. Finish your life like a lion not like a dog liking your master (government) hand.

  2. Tragic how you assume and draw conclusions far above what we in the CPS do. You are one-eyed and think one-eyed. In my daily work I of cause bring with me my experieces, my history, my values and my faith – so do you too – if you are a doctor. I do hope you dont jump to .. hmmm… assumptions .. in your daily work.

    No – I have no trauma. I got a caring adoptive family and have no need for two sets of families.

    My father – the adoptive father was a school-headmaster. – this is from his notes. The day I arrived I was one year, 9 months and 8 days at 16:54. I came by train with a woman – I think my parents had never seen me before. “The nurse was gracious and likable – Knut too. He seems to have little tears and much smile. He didn’t cry at the station – in the car or when we came home. He was and is just like he has lived with us all his life. As soon as he got rid of the outher clothes he ran back and forth joyful. It was much to take in and at least he wasn’t fearful. Yes, I think it is fabulous to be ripped apart with the roots in that way and so handle it in the way he has done this hours. He drinks milk like a calf and give us a look that tells he want more. The homemade bread is eaten up and he wants more. The nurse followed us home – saw how we went on and i drove her to the station at 19:00.
    He is now on his way to bed. No problems – he is well trained. We laid him in bed and had the door ajar. We went to the door often and watched him. He laid there chatting to himself for about half an hour and then he fell to sleep. He is laying there so peaceful and sweet – it’s really thouchiing.
    He looks like me, said the nurse. There is no doubt that he resambles me. He is blond and has light skin, light-blue eyes. He looks much in the same way as I did at that age.
    The nurse gave us some information about his biological family. I think we keep that as a secret for the time being. We don’t know and neither did the nurse the exact date he was born. His papers say that all is well, but he was a late talker, It is possible he has grown up in a cultural poor family. We will do our best to help and teach him.
    He had with him a little suitcase with clothes, but we have a lot to shop. We didn’t expect otherwise.
    The next day he woke up at 9 – cried a bit and called for mamma. It isn’t ok to be so little and loose his home. No he has eaten and walks around”

    I once was the head of a CPS child and mother home for the youngest ones where I with two occasions saw the biological parents leave and the adoptive arrive soon after. Yes – I saw much of my own story and I had no doubt – those two would get a far better life with the adoptives.

    I had nearly finished marketing education when I as a pacifist had to do civil service in a kindergarden and got inspired – took the education needed and have worked with children in all ages and their families for many years – I don’t regret my change of work plans.

    • I would like to argue that it was indeed traumatic for you as a young infant to be adopted. You missed your mommy for a while after you were given to your new family until you forgot about her..

      Now, I do understand that sometimes adoption is necessary (alcoholism, drugs, sexual abuse, etc). In those cases, the trauma is inevitable. But it is perplexing that Norway created an environment where parents can just give up their children. THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

      Please consider the challenge I submitted to you at the end of the article.

    • “No – I have no trauma. I got a caring adoptive family and have no need for two sets of families.”

      I’ll take your word for it Knut but I have a question:

      How is it that a person like my Mother did not turn out like you when it seems that she had a much more difficult time as a child?

      You see, she was raised by an alcoholic father and was mentally abused. She made a decision, one we all have to make: What do we do with our lives?

      She left home the day she turned 18 and traveled half-way across the country where she knew no one. She believed God would provide.

      She decided that she would marry a Godly man and raise her family with Christian values. When relatives died (Aunt and Uncle in a car accident), she took in 3 children to add to her own three and treated them like her own. One can imagine the possible conflicts in such a situation but my parents did everything they could do to make things work. I know there were questions about how my parents could afford such a decision. Adults talk about those things, but I never heard one word of discussion regarding finances. I was 12 at the time and the oldest.

      We are all grown now and have our own families.

      So…you have no trauma but are willing to defend an organization that makes ungodly decisions.

      My Mom had trauma and she chose to be a true advocate for children. If you think you are like my Mother, you are gravely mistaken.

    • Knut Nygaard? I just read this “description”by your adoptive father. Sorry to have to tell you this but either he lied to you or you have been a deeply dysfunctional human being since age 1 year and 9 months. Your mother drops you off with strangers and you don’t cry??? At one year and 9 months!!! There is no baby on earth who would respond like that. I think your adoptive father must have been emotionally frigid not even noticing your distress
      Or maybe they all lies to you and thenwomen who dropped you off were no relatio a to you. Maybe you were taken at birth and houses in some.institution where you had no regular carer, so you never knew what it was to attach to anyone. Poor baby. How you have been manipulated. And you are perfectly brainwashed became you don’t even want to contact your so called real family. Maybe you were lied to even about that. And drinking your milk like a ‘calf’ and that chilling comment about your being well ‘trained’. Did anyone in that awful adoptive family take you in their arms and hug and.love you at all that first day? Or were they just gauging your level of training before leaving.you alone in a strange bednin a strange room to go to sleep alone?
      You chatted yourself to sleep alone? How many days of utter loneliness, abandonment, does that testify to? And who abandoned yo Your birth family? Or was it thenlying evil Barnevernet?

      And that comment about your being a late talker at 1 year and 9 months. Really?? That is late? For what? Martian babies? Most children do not talk till past two year and many back after 3 years. This is all lies! They lied to you. You are deeply damaged. I sont think you should have been out on charge of any children. Though I don’t blame you, how could you have known.

      Friends on Delight on Truth, please note this person’s story very very carefully. This is a standin example of just how devious and manipulative Barnevernet is. This is how they co-opt manufacture people. It is not surprising that what looks so evil to us outsiders about Barnevernet has such deep roots in Norwegian society and is, as you say, so normalised there.

    • Wow, Knut! My heart breaks to hear your sad story and I can see now why you’re so cold hearted. I can see what your normal is but let me tell you, you’re missing out on what normal is for the rest of the human race or even animal kingdom for that matter. I pray that God works on your heart and heals your denial. I pray for you to have feelings of love, compassion, grace, forgiveness, joy, sorrow, etc… so you can say you’re alive. Hugs! ❤ 🌈

    • How you remember so many details since you’ve been only 9 months and 8 days at 16:54 ? Lier, lier pants on fire. Shame of you and make your story more credible and don’t call you a Christian. The one who lie have the Satan as father. The bible says so.

  3. Neither you nor I are legal parts in the ongoing case in Naustdal. We can’t to anything other than give our support and hope for the best, but as I have said about ten times I find it strange that the partents lawyers can keep their mouth shut when we read about a court session sometime in the month of May, As a parent or a lawyer I wouldn’t have accepted that and used the Norwegian media to expose the situation. I would have talked to Nrk Brennpunkt and made something like this
    that if the family are able to tell the truth about why the police and the CPS did what they did into the camera and answer the questions they don’t like.

    • Talking to NRK – the national broadcasting, and mainstream Norwegian media, will give the media the power do run exactly the version of the story they like. There are endless cases where families maltreated by the CPS have tried to get the press and tv to listen, and the result has been program/articles which more or less openly support the authorities. But the most usual of all is of course that the families are ignored. So the “official” media in Norway are not credible in CPS matters and they will not end the atrocities.

      How disingenuous to pretend that the families are at fault, that their lawyers are at fault in not giving interview to mainstream publicisers, while conveying that publicity on the internet and in the foreign press is somehow reprehensible. Mr Nygaard knows full well that the CPS and all Norway’s authorities all the time try to stop any kind of revealing of what goes on. In case after case the CPS and their lawyers try to crucify families who speak up in any way. And our judges in county committees and courts go along with this, the families’ lawyer usually also, trying to “please” the courts.

      In one case I know well, the CPS in their case documents even wrote that they considered that the parents’ “ability to give care” had not improved, one “proof” or this being that the parents had tried to make their case known to the County Governor and to politicians in order to get their daughter home.

      • I want to know what side you are on Daniel. Is this an attempt to frighten Norwegians or is this an attempt at educating us? The way it is put, it seems like it is the former.

        • LIsten you Knutclehead
          No you start treatening us.
          you think that your children are safe or for that matter your grandchildren from BV How about we make a complain to BV against you your children and your grandchildren. They will be taken a lot faster that children here.
          It shows what how you misused your power.You are sick from head to toe. God will avenge all your Doings and what you bestowed on families in Norway will come over you soon enough.

        • I hadn’t seen your comment until now, DC. No worries. I would have known it was for Knut. I agree with you. Knut will reap what he has sown.

          God’s blessings…

        • But … here in Norway … a lawyer can’t do whatever hen in private wants if the councelling hen does is in the frameof the ethics of lawyer conduct. Costea send out a history on the internet to be read of whoever come across it. In Norway the parents do not want to talk to the media because they are afraid – their lawyers the same, but Costea seemed to have the green light ?? or.. did he do this out of his own condiserations? I think I read that the uncle ( Daniel) had sent Costea a copy set and so have the responsility for the green light given, but I wonder if this internet broadcasting is ok and in accordance with the ethics of american lawyers. A lawyer has of cause silence for their own clients and the parents are not his clients, but they are someones – and this is an ongoing case.

        • Knut, the family is convinced that the Norwegian media will not treat them fairly. That is the reason they are not talking to the media is Norway. I agree with that decision. Based on the articles I read, it seems like the Norwegian media is very BV friendly.

          After all, everyone serves the same master in the Norway: the government.

        • Why beat around the bush, Knut? Just tell us that you wish the internet could not be used for freedom of expression. I could be sued by an American lawyer for making this statement. However, it would have to be a very incompetent lawyer as he would have no case. He would be spending his time for nothing, as you are here.

        • If you look at the facebook sites as Mr. Bennet’s you find that most of the stories and information he posts is taken from Norwegian media. He would not have much to post hadn’t it been for the press in Norway.
          Here is an example of a thoroug investigating jounalistic work done by Stavanger Aftenblad during weeks in February telling the story of “Ida” – a 17 year old girl with a couple of years experience with the CPS.

        • For future reference, Knut, I don’t understand your language.

          And since most of the folks here have judged the mainstream Norwegian press untrustworthy, why should I think differently?

        • The reply is actually for Knut, who states that Steven Bennets post only are based on media… Again you should atleast Troll with facts, and not bring your work metodes into this… And i can say Steven does get his fact from users of the system, in contrast of many in your office… He cares and he listen, you should be teaching the employes in the barnevernet about this along with the need for empathy…

  4. I couldn’t find anything about parental love, only material and food. Doesn’t substitute the love of a parent that will give his life for the well being of his children. I feel sorry again for the way you understand life. Those are stories very different than the reality my Norwegian neighbor told me over ten years ago. He was here leaving the Nazi paradise you describe to save his children from Barnevernet. A very nice man of integrity. I left Romania after the communist regime killed my brother and I was next on line predicted to be eliminated in a month. With my wife and two children i cross the border and when I told him my story he told me that in nothing compared with what happens in Norway. I didn’t believe him then but now I do. He tried to make me read the life story of Abba ladies and the abuses that happened then but I didn’t. Now I have more than a dozen of horrible stories. Just tell me that not all the Norwegians are brainwashed and forced to accept this as normal. Too much coldness outside and inside. Cold hearts and blind people.

    • “Love” is mentioned in section 4-12 a) 2nd alternative of The Children Welfare Act of 1992 under “serious defeciencies in the personal contact and safety that the child needs in accordance with its age and development” aka “emotional abuse”. Ironically most children protection cases concern parents who are accused of giving too little love and afffection to their children.

  5. Reblogged this on ceciliebedsvaag and commented:
    It is a great sin to denounce your family to barnevernet. I was falsely denounced by my own mother who left her own children, my sister and I when we were nine and six years old. This was way back in 1973 and the so-called “Sexual Revolution” was under way. My mother wanted to have a free life without the burden of children. My father, perhaps not a perfect husband or father, was devastated when my mother took up a relationship with the family’s dentist who was married. A sinful life made my mother unhappy. She lived as the dentist’s concubine for 29 years until he died. Two years after his death in 2002 my daughter was born and my mother continued her sinful interferce in other people’s family life by invading my home and disrespecting my right to a private life.

    Barnevernet is spreading its poison to so many families while employees of barnevernet think of themselves as virtual saints who can do no wrong. The protagonist in the following article is a woman who has persecuted my daughter and myself since 2008. She is now off the case but she has caused tremendous suffering. Like Knut Nygaard and my mother she thinks she has done nothing wrong by needlessly separating a mother from her young child. Have a look at how the CPS workers project themselves in the media. Ironically the title is “Se hva Line har fått til” (Look at what Line has achived). Line is the social worker who abducted my then four-year old daughter from kindergarten on 20 April 2009 and denied visitation rights in January 2010. She has visited my daughter many times over the years, both in Sandefjord and England, where my daughter lives in a foster family while I have been given restraining order for seeing my daughter once on the national holiday on 17 May in 2012. This is how she presents herself to the world: Smiling, caring, the epitome of empathy. But towards me she had mo mercy. The best interest of the child trumped the right of a mother to raise her own child.


    • Dear Cecilie, It is so sad to hear what you have been going through. I beleive what you say. I can`t imagine how hard it must be for you having your daughter taken away from you based upon a lie! This evil must stop!!! I pray that bv may see how wrong they were and return your daughter to you soon!!!!

      • My case file numbers thousands of pages. I have offered full access to Norwegian newspapers but they are not interested. I have been punished for many years for “the crime” of confronting the CPS. I lost my job, my daughter, the right to see her, right to respect for my private correspondance etc. I can testify that the “barnevernet” is every bit as evil as you think it is. The dark side of Norway is not known to everybody. I think only openness and scrutiny in daylight can kill this Norwegian Troll.

  6. Your activism is only heard among CPS-haters – a couple of hundred in Norway, but there are a lot of common people who rethink when give an insight in a case … of interest … and I think most people lack this interest. Maybe TV is out – when there is nothing that lead up to a choice why people shall look at this canal and program.
    You are some people with interest in this ongoing case, but you have no impact on what’s going on – you can give the parents support, but that’s it.
    We all know that time for a child is something else than time for us grown ups. I lay three days in hospital at the age of 3 and those days where long. We know as kids we long for christmas and presents, but December have looong days for the small ones. A six months perspective on this case-handling is for me – without knowing the facts and the conclusions – a very long time – if CPS thinks it’s much as possible they shall home with help measures as they shall end up in the CPS for reasons I don’t know for a longer term.
    Of cause parents are permitted to legal actions to get their children back. Yes, talking to the media may be a lottery, but if the lawyers join in, the paper get the documents that they need ot understand the CPS view of this case and then visit and talk to parents who appeal to the viewers heart may work and a deal can be made that the lawyers s are the ones to give the green light for releasing the workthe done. 2 minutes on the news is not the way to do this.
    I don’t know if there is any process going on for the moment – the parents should begin a expert assessment and they must have energy to do that – they visit the children and I think what’s happen there is written in the journals for further possible use.
    Skanland – this improving comment – you know that is (…….)The CPS can end up with that conclusion if the have given the parents help measuere – an action plan is worked out and signed and the evaluation show no progress – here – in this case: a daily care without the use of parental violence as the main objective and as an example of a possible part goal: to improve the communication between the children and the parents. In your example the parent involved may think that was the effect of her efforts, but I don’t think that because we have nothing in the child care act that tells us that it’s negative to use communication as a mean to help out – but nor the County Governor or politicians are parts in any case.

    • This is not activism, Knut! When someone with power commits unjust acts of evil it must, by all means, be confronted and stopped!You cannot go and snatch away children from their parents unless based on really serious cases of neglect or abuse that are proven to be true!!!!

      As Christians, we are supposed to help and not destroy! Please Knut, let God change your heart and show mercy!Children are a gift to parents and not to the state. No parents are perfect! We all make mistakes. There are times in life where things get challenging. Children can have different issues which are not related to any wrongdoings of their parents. There are times we just need someone to help us. Please don`t tell parents they are not capable. Because they are!!! Rather give them encouragement and hope! Let the children learn that there is hope and that noone is hopeless. There is no need to give up! After the coldest winter comes Spring.

      Please Knut, go down on your knees and ask God to give you wisdom and His heart!

      • CPS are a municipal service you find in all our 422 municipalities. Acts of evil is something else – our acts are done in accordance with the child welfare act. “By all means” – have you considered getting into terrorism? Ok, you live in Switzerland where they sure have a CPS much like ours. Shal I give them a concern? You can fantasy about a daily care without the need for children to get acute intervention, but in the real world it’s impossible to prevent.
        Thank you for your support! I’m just turned 63 and Lynyrd Skynyrd tells my story well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMmTkKz60W8

        • .Hildi was trying to help you, Knut, and you respond with unfriendly sarcasm. If you think the song you have mentioned here describes you then, as many have surmised here, you have been conditioned. Your unfriendly sarcasm means the song does not tell your story well.

          I want to be a simple man but not a simpleton.

        • Shame on you Knut
          You should apologize to Hildi for threatening her.
          You kids and grandkids will fly a lot faster in Norway if we give them a Concern.And Dont forget God was after all watching you all this time and who knows when he is going to repay you back.
          The one that Diggs the hole for his neighbor is the one that actually fall in it.
          IT only shows what a despicable mind he is.

  7. “I was falsely denounced by my own mother who left her own children, my sister and I…”

    “…tremendous suffering. ”

    “… abducted my then four-year old daughter from kindergarten…”

    Dear Cecilie,

    May the grace of God fill your heart with His love.

    Thank you for sharing your story. It echoes other voices here about why these things are happening. As many have said on this blog, Norway has been conditioned to accept these lies.

    It’s hard to imagine a system that will take kids when their parents aren’t even present to say goodbye. Very tragic.

    God’s blessings…

  8. Do we know for a fact that this man’s family gave him up willingly or is it possible he was lied to and he was in fact taken forcibly?
    I’m glad he is ok, but the idea that not caring to know your biological family is totally normall and healthy is not based in fact. I have several adopted sisters and they long and still remember their families. Broken as they were which is why we adopted them, they miss their families. (One recently was reunited with her siblings via Facebook actually and it’s been a huge joy to her) Its actually more normal to feel connected to a family even if it’s broken than it is to not care.

  9. CPS of Norway has earned the name of Children Poaching Service without doubt. What is painful is seeing people calling themselves Christian in the side of evildoers. You need a change in your heart. Jesus never took the side of evildoers and he loves the children not harm and destroy the families. There are hundreds of testimonies pointing to your totalitarian worse than Nazi Barnevernet. I guess Barnevernet worked most of you guys out any morality and you guys are so dirty that when you see something normal is not normal for you. More than ten years ago when your my Norwegian neighbor told my I couldn’t believe but now is proved. Quit defending your satanic government and open your eyes to realty until is too late. I work with two people from Sweden one from Finland and I have a neighbor from Norway, I know why they left the paradise of Scandinavia. Stop lying about your CPS.

    • Hi Cecilie,

      At this point, I think the only thing that can change Knut’s mind would be if all four of his children were taken. But in his case, they are probably all grown so this is an impossibility. Let’s say that all of his grandchildren were taken. Maybe that would do the trick. Or maybe not.

  10. He should give up his grand children for adoption. There are many childless samesex couples out there who are very good carers. They would love to have Knut’s grandchildren and raise them as their own. Children do not need parents. They only need someone they can bond with psychologically. I am sure Knut’s grandchildren would bond with any stranger just as easily as Knut himself bonded with his adoptive parents.

  11. Knit the more we talk about the case the more we understand how dark is the Children Poaching Service of Norway. More people are coming out to take the risk of telling their stories. Is horrifying and to loose your right of existing by telling your true story about Barnevernet and the government officials of Norway. The only right in Norway you get if you tell the truth about the evildoers is the right to breathe the air of Norway that is poisoning anyway, so this is why most people of Norway choose to leave the Paradise of Satan. Crushing and destroying the families is like cutting the branch from under you. Like my friends from Sweden said the peasants of Norway are easy to be controlled and skinned little by little until you reach the bones. By the time you reach the bones they don’t have any strength and will anyway. Hard to believe but is the best analogy of what going up in Norway and its people. The only help is to offer to adopt the Norwegians families one by one in any other free country so they will enjoy true freedom.

  12. This is the new normal for Norway. Listening to most of the stories coming out of Norway they need Barnevernet but they cannot understand that some other people have different values. Looks like the police thinking that everyone is a criminal and they treat all the people as criminals. Is what happens in a country going spiral down, down,down. Maybe is better for them to have the children born in incubator so no one knows where is coming from. The totalitarian government loves having children without roots. They can have on army of cold blood killers that they can do the work of evil building their dream of one government world like Hitler, Stalin, lately the Muslims. I know first hand one dictator that build himself his guarding unit with orphan people that called him unanimously our father. People of Norway if you still have any family value run away from your beloved country that treat you all as criminals. A lots of other countries have different standards.

    • Here, in America, some of the public schools are trying to teach children to be proactive. I think this is a good thing.

      The problem is the same here as it is in Norway. Many of our children are going to have to grow up in a world where too many mistakes have already been made. It is hard to be proactive when a system is already so corrupted that it can’t be fixed. In some cases it appears impossible to turn the tide.

      But we must try in spite of the new normal you have mentioned in your post, Aristotel. If I lived in Norway, however, I would do everything in my power to leave and find a better place. All places aren’t as bad now but if things keep going the way they are, the world’s next generation will find it difficult to find a good place to live.

  13. Chris it is a common core conspiracy with fonds from the Scandinavians. Remember when after receiving money for election from The Scandinavians, Hillary Clinton said that we need a whole neighborhood to raise our children? What she was doing is emancipation of the evil agenda of creating the new normal person without roots or directions, easy to be brainwashed and controlled. It is the work of Satan to bring us under one government world. The communists tried, the Nazi tried and now all the other countries. Hope it is a light over the back doors of the evil.

    • I think that Hillary Clinton is an evil person, Aristotel. And unless she is indicted as she should be over serious wrongdoings that most would go to jail for, she may be our next president.

      It’s always nice to see the word “hope.”

      My hope is in the saving grace of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  14. While fees differ primarily based on care level and geographic region, nationwide averages
    show that the annual charges for adult day well being services are substantially less than those for other extended-term
    care alternatives.

  15. Dear Knut Nygaard
    Most traumas are subconscious. The fact that you’re not aware of it, doesn’t mean that you don’t have it.
    Those who have done some therapy and inner work, know this: they have seen how traumas suddenly come up in their conscious minds. Only then do they see that these painful memories were there all the time. Only then do they see how it has affected their lives, ruling their conduct in so many situations.
    We tend to suppress painful memories. As a baby, the loss of your mother and family must have been traumatic – and likely suppressed. Now, as an adult, it may be hard to access this trauma, because if it’s there, it will be deep and well hidden.
    If one is traumatized without knowing it, the difficult emotions will inevitably be acted out. People who have this, will hurt others – not necessarily because they want it, but because they don’t see what they’re doing. In fact, the more subconscious pain there is inside, the more pain will be done to others.
    Looking at today’s world, it seems to me that we all would do the next generations a tremendous favour if we could do some inner work. We all want to make the world a better place, don’t we? But we keep on doing the wrong things to achieve that. We are reacting to our difficult emotions, like children angrily stomping their own beautiful sand castles.
    Only those who do the inner work and became conscious of their acts, are able to follow the deepest and best intention of love that we all share, in our hearts.
    So we have to fix ourselves before fixing other people. But because we still avoid the pain in our subconscious, it feels much easier to fix other people than to turn the attention inward.
    Personally, I believe it’s not accidental that you ended up in a job fixing families. In your subconscious, you probably have a need to repair what went wrong at that time. I guess that’s why you feel so very sure about your judgements in the matter: “ I (…) saw the biological parents leave and the adoptive arrive soon after. Yes – I saw much of my own story and I had no doubt – those two would get a far better life with the adoptives”. It sounds like just because you were convinced, it must have been the truth. Because “fixing families” is likely a part of your identity, you see. That’s what you do, and what you’ve been doing all the time since you were delivered to a family who needed a baby in their lives. But beware of that idea of yourself. As long as you have traumas that are not seen, and healed, you won’t manage to fix families. You will do harm to them, act out your deep, subconscious feelings, all the time telling yourself that you do good.
    Please, try to see what I mean. I can’t know if you have a subconscious trauma or not. I’m just saying that you can’t know, either – not before you’ve really looked into yourself. Often, such work takes years of therapy. But if you really want to help families, I urge you to start considering, innerly, whether you can really be so sure that you have no trauma.

    Citing Leonard Cohen: “Every heart, every heart to love will come but like a refugee”.

    • Thanks for the concern, but if you have read the history over there is nothing to worry about. I’am 63 years old and the Lord is my healer. I wake up every day with joy in my heart and clinse myself in His precious blood.

      LC is not a provider to my thoughts and daily life – He is – and I know who I am

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