Barnevernet Sinking Despite the Progressive Romanian Defenders

The Norwegian CPS (Barnevernet) is taking a beating like never before. There are more victims who now have the courage to come public with their stories. There are reports of directors resigning.  There are horrifying reports that children are dying in the system. Some activists are saying that on average 2 children die per week while under CPS care.

The death of a 13-year-old girl has made front page news this week after she was found dead in her bed. Her biological parents are devastated that their concerns about her epilepsy were not addressed.

As the Barnevernet ship appears poised to sink, Barnevernet is waging a propaganda campaign in the media.

Who is coming to their rescue?

Progressive Romanians who live in Norway.

Delight in Truth wrote about pastor Beniamin Ciuciu who defended the CPS in a newspaper interview. Turns out he is affiliated with a Norwegian church and is supporting Barnevernet to maintain that relationship, as his church dwindling.


Here is another devil’s advocate, to use the English idiom, which in this case may reflect reality not just a mode of linguistic expression. Her name is Adriana Lie (LinkedIn) and she wrote an article for Bergens Tidende here.

She wants to tell us that she is upset with all the international protests and the “demonization of the CPS.”

She is also upset by the fury of anti-CPS posts in social media.

She is also upset with politicians, pastors, athletes, activists and pretty much every other Romanian who dares to question the Norwegian system.

Really? Wow.

Friends, this is a war. It is waged in the media and social media, and it appears that Barnevernet has hired mercenaries to fight against the Bodnarius, the Nans, and other families who are decimated by Barnevernet.

Maybe the mercenaries should look into the statistics of children dying and suffering harm inside Barnevernet. Maybe they should talk to the Romanian families who found scrapes, bruises and burns on their children during visitation.

Some child protection!

Who is the monster here? Who is the demon?

Barnevernet, hence the international demonization of this runaway organization.


26 comments on “Barnevernet Sinking Despite the Progressive Romanian Defenders

  1. Of course they are upset, they take good money from the system , I’m sure , it’s like they are loosing their good income…

  2. What the will of the people that have a past fighting the evils can do not even wars accomplished. Exposing them is the most powerful weapon. Same trend was used by the communists. A wolf tactics : separation, silence under terror and elimination. Courage to unveil the truth will silance and eliminate them. They can’t fight against the whole world. The more they try to survive the taller the fall. What a meschin and evil system!!!!.

    • I keep asking myself, how long? How long can this system continue to stand in the face of protest and revolt, in the face of incriminating evidence? Moreover, how long until good Norwegians say enough?

  3. “As we prepare for another weekend of protests on behalf of the 18 romanian children that were removed from their families in Norway wihtout signs of any abuse, here is another horrible case of abuse while in foster care in the country of Sweden which has the same Child Protection Services as Norway”:

    “ Whoever may be guilty of abuse of power, be it Government, State,
    Employer, Trade Union or whoever, the law must provide a speedy
    remedy. Otherwise the victims will find their own remedy. There
    will be anarchy.” Lord Denning (1899-1999)

    “La lovene være klare, entydige og presise; å tolke lover vil alltid korrumpere dem.” Voltaire.

  4. the CPS defenders are starting to come out of the woodwork… and they are RUDE… and they are mad that we are translating their news. One of them had the gall to ask why we would write more than one time on a particular subject and make more than 1 post… last time I checked we were not living in a communist state which dictates to us how many times we can write about something and what we should write. We will press on until the children are returned!

    • One asked me repeatedly why I keep posting these “facts” because we do not know the facts.

      They will not accept any info from the family as fact. They will only accept info from BV as fact. And given that BV hides behind the confidentiality wall, they are perfectly happy that we do not have any “facts.”

      Are these people serious?

      • They are totally BLIND. I feel sorry for them and I pray they will never go through what the Bodnariu and the Nan family, and all the others are going through, yet, they are setting themselves up and giving away all their rights, gladly, too! That is absolutely FOOLISH! Especially, now that we know that their own norwegian politicians and experts are foreshadowing Barnevernet’s fall… The way they have been spending on this monster, they will eventually bankrupt the country. What a disgrace to Europe this country has become… actually, to the whole world!

        • The people working for or in collaboration with Barnevernet will lose their income if the system is brought down, yes. But “unfortunately” Barnevernet does not bankrupt Norway, because we have unimaginable resources from the oil industry in the North Sea, and it is invested in all sorts of industry and businesses all around the world. Finding oil has raised the Norwegian standard of living enormously, but it has corrupted people’s minds, has destroyed much of our decency and their way of behaving modestly and responsibly.

          I suppose there are various ways of comparing the riches of countries, but on some such “lists” Norway comes out as the wealthiest country in the world. How sensible we take care of and spend that money is a different matter.

  5. The comments from Beni are more about protecting themselves from BV. They are very much afraid of BV but do not want to leave norway because they have no where to go. The protests represent an increased risk as BV is now conducting more searches and inquiries of foreigners in their area. However, these comments from Beni, certainly do not help the cause and are insensitive to the bodnariu family and all the other families being destroyed by BV. He should know better!! Suggestions that BV is somehow financing individuals such as Beni to support them with public comments are not true at all!!

    • I agree that our authorities are unlikely to be financing Beniamin. But they do finance e.g. groups of former foster children who talk just like Barnevernet, like “Landsforeningen for barnevernsbarn” – I believe they receive financial support from the state to carry on their activities. In the public eye they are experts, in what they say they either speak with contempt of their parents or they just skip the question of the biological family altogether, and talk about how much more resources are needed to make their lives in Barnevernet’s set-up better.

  6. Now is the time to fight the system, rather than sacrifice families like the Bodnariu’s to save their own skin temporarily. They will never know when BV will come looking for their kids!!

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  8. After reading this article, and others on the same topic, I am thinking of the following scenarios about the Child Poaching System (CPS), known as the Barnevernet of Norway:
    1. Barnevernet may be sinking, but it may also play a tactical game. It may give the false impression that it is sinking, so that people will stop fighting the system. After all, Barnevernet of Norway is above-law, it operates in a clandestine fashion, and the government (or kingdom) of Norway has no authority over this organization. As such, one can only wonder what is going on within this agency.
    2. Barnevernet may be shuffling around its personnel, to show to the world that the organization itself is “clean”, and that the “mistakes” in handling the cases were made by the personnel and not by the system itself. Given the high number of cases in child poaching and traffiking, Barnevernet’s agenda is very obvious.
    3. Barnevernet seems to be infuriated by the fact that the information was leaked out to the public. In each and every case of child abduction and poaching, they told the families not to tell anyone. Why not?… What’s the secret?… Hmm???…

    Barnevernet and its entire evil system need to be exposed to the rest of the world. I have a feeling that Barnevernet may have its tentacles extended beyond Norway, possibly throughout Europe. Given its geographical location and its small population, Norway may have been a “good hiding place” for the Child Poaching System. This system operates under the child-protection umbrella, to pose as a righteous system for the rest of the world, but behind the closed doors, this system is involved in child abduction and traffiking that are unimaginable. This operation is similar to the ivory trade of Africa. In Barnevernet’s case, the ivory are the children that are forcefully taken away from the parents, and then they’re being sent away in various foster homes throughout Norway and beyond.

    This is ugly business, Barnevernet!

  9. We faced this in India too. Radical feminists and journalists of “progressive” publications here praising BV based on BV’s own lies and.propaganda in the case of the Bhattacharya Stavanger. It shows how far these fanatics will go to push their ideological anti-family and pro Big State bias even when government agencies like Barnevernet show very basic humam rights failures in functioning like a bona fide state institution.

  10. Apropos the The Local-article:
    Zdechovsky is right in saying that it at least shows that Norway is admitting some sort of a problem exists. The question then becomes: What sort of a problem does Norway admit exists? So far, they have just repeated, like parrots, that all it needs is more information about Norwegian Barnevernet – in other words Barnevernet is always right that the children should be taken away from parents, “it’s just these foreigners who don’t understand”. Luckily, the more they repeat this nonsense, the more foreigners understand that it is nonsense, so just let them continue!

    Then, now there is talk of cooperation with other countries. I will bet a few dollars if you like that that means

    They MAY let children go to another country, but then preferably to the other country’s child protection service – one which Norway has “helped” building up by dishing out money through Norway Grants for sending down Norwegian “child experts” to help the other country build exactly the same kind of Barnevern as we have. It is already going on. Many of the Czechs have understood it, that is why, at the demo in Prague, they marched up to the Norway Grants building shouting “Keep your money!” And what is this on the Norwegian Bucharest Embassy’s web page?:
    “Norway and Romania join forces ….

    They MAY let the children go to someone in the extended family to be foster parents, if Barnevernet can still be in command and invade these foster parents’ home (nice to get a paid trip abroad ever so often!) and check up on it that all the extended family turn into harsh enemies of the real parents and do not allow the parents to meet the children. That is what Barnevernet does in those cases in Norway in which they allow the child to be placed in the extended family. That is also what they tried in the Bhattacharya case which Suranya described above. Thank heavens the children’s mother, Sagarika Chakraborti, succeeded in getting Indian courts to see sense and return the children to her. The chief of Stavanger Barnevern then made the statement that with such things happening, he would never let a single child go from his powers again.

    So, other countries need to be on their guard and not take any real change for the better for granted.

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