Romanians are Fleeing Norway Following Confiscation of Children

In the wake of Barnevernet confiscation of children from families like Bodnariu and Nan, many Romanian families are not taking a chance, and they are leaving the country.

Barnevernet in certain counties is in full damage-control mode. They have had town hall meetings to try to educate Romanians living in Norway about their Child Protective Services. They are concerned that families are leaving from towns like Skjervøy where a sizable population of Romanians are doing farm work.

Two large Norwegian newspapers have reported on this issue. Bergens Tidende (here) and Vart Land (here) have each written articles hinting that Norway may experience an exodus of Romanian labor force.

The BT article presents an interesting spin on the situation. They interviewed pastor Beniamin Ciuciu who pastors a Romanian congregation of about 40 members in Rogaland. Ciuciu does not support the protests against Barnevernet and is critical of the work activists like Delight in Truth are doing on Facebook. He says that his congregation membership dropped to half because families have either moved back to Romania, or they are leaving his church because he renounced action against Barnevernet.

Ciuciu blames the friends of these families who post dramatic stories of child confiscation on Facebook.

Are you kidding me? A 13-year-old child has just died in Barnevernet custody (here)! 

Beniamin Ciuciu is now used by the Norwegian media which is Barnevernet-friendly as a puppet to tell the world that everything is fine in Norway, and that the shocking stories of child confiscation are not what they seem.

Maybe Ciuciu should try talking to the victims of the system like the Nans and the Bodnarius.

What we have here is just another case of Barnevernet blaming everyone but themselves. They blame the international media. They blame the activists. They blame the international uproar. They claim that the Eastern Europeans are not educated enough about their progressive system.

They blame the victims for posting their stories on Facebook, and the people sharing them!

Barnevernet keeps saying that we just don’t understand.

We do understand. The perfectly healthy Bodnariu and Nan children were found to have bruises and injuries on them during visitation! This is evidence of improper care and neglect within Barnevernet!

Children are dying in their custody!

photo: Delight in Truth

20 comments on “Romanians are Fleeing Norway Following Confiscation of Children

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  2. Get away while you can! Dont listen to BV bull! But keep the pressure on our goverment up. Im a Norwegian, under barnevernets supervision, and im scared to death what they might do to my children if they deside they suddenly want to take them…

  3. Of course Beniamin Ciuciu is now used by the Norwegian media which is Barnevernet-friendly as a puppet to tell the world that everything is fine in Norway because he gets paid . money it’s the roots of all evil.

  4. Alarming, disturbing, infuriating, upsetting…this so-called child protection ‘institution’ is MONSTROUS and seems to find pleasure in playing with and destroying people’s lives!!! DISGRACEFUL!! OUTRAGEOUSLY EVIL!!

    This was Marianne Skanland’s link regarding the 13 year old girl, which is worth re-posting since it is in English!

    “Thirteen-year-old girl dead in foster home in Sunnfjord, the county of Sogn og Fjordane”

  5. Re the 13 year old girl who died:
    Sunnfjord is the landscape of which Naustdal is a part.
    It is interesting to look at the map:

    “Sunnfjord is a traditional district in Western Norway located in Sogn og Fjordane county. It includes the municipalities of Askvoll, Fjaler, Flora, Førde, Gaular, Jølster, Naustdal, and the southernmost parts of Bremanger.”

    The papers are very vague about where in Sunnfjord she was living. The 7 pm news on tv here had a summary of the fact of her death, then said that the municipality in which she had been living in Sunnfjord did not want to comment on the case.
    Her parents’ home is south-east of Sunnfjord, in the same county.

  6. I know Benjamin very well and you can quote me on this ” he is driven by ego and money and could not care less about what Barnevernet is doing. All he wants is to have as many followers as he can. Benjamin also has an affiliation with a Norwegian Church and he would compromise his position there if he were to speak out against Barnevernet” I also know that Benjamin’s sister has had a warning from Barnevernet in Finnoy over a ridiculous situation involving her son. I’m sure his position on Barnevernet would change if his nephew was kidnapped!!

  7. A small romanian pentecostal church in Finnoy. There have been divisions in the church in regards to his pastoral style and church culture so he has recently become affiliated with an international norwegian church and has been desperate to convince as many romanians to follow him. Now that romanians are leaving norway because of BV Benjamin feels vulnerable because his support base is being dwindled further. If her were to speak out against BV he would also
    loose the confidence and support of the Norwegian church. We also feel betrayed by him and will be sure to let him know even though we are related to him, believe me!!!

  8. The 13 year old girl originally lived in the municipality of Sogndal with her parents. When the local CPS confiscate her, they are responsible for her, even if they place her away in a foster home in another municipality.

    A writer on our Forum RVB posted a pertinent comment regarding Sogndal’s child protection unit, so I repeat it here. This is official information they give about themselves (the translations are mine):

    “Sogn child protection service [CPS] is a cross-municipal collaborative set-up between the child protection services of Balestrand, Leikanger, Luster and Sogndal. The CPS is located in Sogndal.
    The main task of the CPS is to assist so that children and young people receive care, security and good conditions for development. The CPS can, among other things, give advice and directions and find a support contact person, obtain a place in kindergarten, a visiting home, and measures which can relieve the parents in the home. Taking the care of the child away from the parents is always the last resort, and the CPS tries several other measures before they do so. The consideration for what is best for the child is what decides what kind of help and support the families are given.”

    We can hold this up against what is said about the treatment of this particular girl and her parents:

    “The child protection service (CPS) and the County Committee held that the parents did not have a good enough proficiency for care, when they [the CPS and the CC] placed the girl in a foster home two years ago.”


    I am sure it is becoming sufficiently clear to many Romanians what kind of authorities the Bodnariu family, the Nan family, any family – be they Norwegians or of whatever nationality. You can’t believe a word they say or write. It is simply no use reading what the laws and regulations say, when this industry is left to “interpret” it, an industry with overpowering financial motives, and fancy backup from the completely unscientific psychobabble called “attachment theory”.

  9. If that BC is a pastor then i am George W Bush.
    I am willing to bet my house that he is a paid snitch.
    He deserves the backlash which is coming his way.

  10. Perhaps people might find it informative to know where in Norway these various places are found:

    The municipalities of Sogn og Fjordane county
    on the west coast of Norway

    The place where the 13 year old girl died in a foster home recently is Gaular, south of Naustdal. She originally lived with her parents in Sogndal, a bit further east.

    The municipalities of Rogaland county
    on the south-west coast of Norway

    cf the interview with Romanian minister Benjamin Ciuciu
    and this article by Delight in Truth.

    The municipalities of Troms county
    in the north of Norway

    cf the interview with Romanian Alexandru Cuc, here

    and here

    and the information meeting held by the local child protection office,
    some translation here:

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