Major Barnevernet Propaganda in Norwegian Media

Be aware of major Barnevernet propaganda in the media. Like the article “In 33 of 36 Municipalities CPS Violates the Law” which has been making the rounds on Facebook.

The title is quite shocking (we know that it is fundamentally true because of irregularities found in many cases relating to legal representation and due process), but the media gives it a totally different spin.
They say that the CPS breaks the law by not doing enough. By not being aggressive enough. By not taking more children. Etc. 
Marianne Skanland who is an authority on the Norwegian Barnevernet warns us:
“This is one of the propaganda things they are always using: They want the CPS to investigate more cases and intervene in all of them, as if everything being “reported” to the CPS is true. They never ever focus on all the false reports and on all the cases in which the CPS itself invent accusations which are not true or which are totally out of proportion
The real questions, never asked by the main-stream media, ought to be:
1) If there are really as many very serious cases as they claim, why then does Barnevernet spend huge resources on cases which, when you look into them [Bodnariu], turn out to be unnecessary interference and harassment and destruction of children in families which are normal and good?
2) What kind of “treatment” does Barnevernet have for the children in whose families they do intervene and how does that “treatment” work out? – We know the answer: they destroy the family unit and keep the children in foster homes, and the result of that is very, very dark.”

41 comments on “Major Barnevernet Propaganda in Norwegian Media

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  3. This question has been asked before I’m sure as I haven’t read all of the posts regarding this issue.

    Where does this CPS group get its funding? Surely, it’s from the Norwegian government. Why isn’t there a greater uproar among the people in Norway against this governmental entity? Are they depraved in general? The people can’t be that fooled by this propaganda. They certainly must know what’s going on.

    God’s blessings…

    • The vast majority of Norwegians have learned to live with and accept the system. They have been brainwashed. Same type of herd mentality as in Hitler’s Germany. Not many are complaining because they feel their country and system is the most advanced in the world.

      Until they fall victims to it.

      • Thanks, Delight.

        I expected such an answer. It’s the only thing that explains the situation.

        “…they feel their country and system is the most advanced in the world.”

        It is hubris in its worse form.

      • Your wrong. The CPS is a municipal service in all our 422 municipalities. The common Norwegians are neither brainwashed or afraid of this service. Our CPS is much the same as in all Western countries. They have no reason to show emotions or make any noise – it’s a couple of hundred CPS-haters in Norway and a couple of hundres self-proclaimed “we don’t want this CPS or any CPS for ?? reasons, but we have nothing to offer those children who are at risk, so … why we do this?? … maybe we like power and infuence as much as they assumingly have in the CPS? .. maybe we don’t like anybody to interfer in our personal life?… maybe we have drone some conclusions out of thin air, but don’t want to admit it? .. maybe we like you to think we know something .. that we don’t actually know nothing about? a.s.o.

        • Seems that these “couple of hundreds” that you mention have turned into thousands worldwide and the number appears to be growing. Your argument isn’t very convincing, Knut.

          God’s blessings…

      • Not entirly correct that the ppl have been brainwashed, but they’re TOO SCARED to do anything against it, trust me i’ve been in it with my self and my daughter my self.
        But i was lucky to acctually keep my little Girl!

        • Hello Håkon Kaasa. I always struggle with this. I hear that the Norwegian people don’t know, and then I hear that everyone is too scared to do anything. For the population at large they can’t both be true. Please don’t misunderstand this as a negative comment directed at you. I’m QUITE sure that anyone who has lost, or nearly lost their children is very scared…but the average Norwegian, I don’t know…

    • It is absouletely NOT ‘hubris’ Chris. You are wrong.

      Not completely true:
      “Not many are complaining because they feel their country and system is the most advanced in the world. ”

      Actually it is the same method both communism and nazism used, as I say in the article here:

      “The objective is solely to instill fear in the population, so they can easily be controlled and herded, since they constantly live in fear of what the next thing the State may do, that it can happen themselves next time, this way the population becomes subservient enough to be easily led and easy controllable. The method is satanic.”

      In it’s deepest manifestation it is FEAR.. Any Biblical student knows who is the Father of Lies and Fear, I wrote about it here…

      Bodnariu Childrens Grandparents is Taking a Stand Against the Satanists in Bernevernet

      I am quoting Romanian Richard Wurmbrandt in that article, his splendid book ‘Marx and Satan’, the satanic system always created by socialism/communism, lead people to take the ‘Mark of the Beast’ system..

      The method is called ‘Management by Fear’… Any who have been living under communism will easily see straight through the system. as I do.

      It is Satanism.. People dressing as ‘Angels of Light* (2 Corinthians 11:14)

      I have described it in this article how the Norwegian people was made an example nation in experiments after WW2 how to herd the population, by CIA, it started out by using phsyciatry, later it evolved into Bernay’s propaganda.:

      Gaustad «Hospital» – CIA og Traumabased Population Control

      Be careful calling victims (Norwegians) of very evil agendas and very evil people “hubris”, IF it is really the very opposite. God is NOT mocked (Galatians 6:7).

      • Dear riksavisen,

        The definition of hubris is “excessive pride or self-confidence.” I take Delight’s word that:

        “…they feel their country and system is the most advanced in the world.”

        I did not call all Norwegians evil. It appears that the majority have been led to go along with evil, however. There is no excuse for this. Those who go along with evil fear the world more than they fear God.

        I know who the father of lies is. We should fear God more than we fear Satan.

        Were the people in Germany who looked the other way while millions of Jews were killed victims? I think not. I’m sure that there are many humble, God fearing people in Norway. If there were enough of them there, Delight wouldn’t have to alert us about this situation.

        Please do not put words into my mouth.

        God’s blessings…

      • Yes, and there is big difference of occult satanic imposed FEARS and “excessive pride or self-confidence” isn’t it? Almost the opposite…

        See also what ‘Norwegian’ says below.

        Well. let people judge according to the light they posess, not my problem.. easy to sit in faraway countries and believe one knows the truth..hubris can easily be used both ways…

        • Dear riksavisen,

          You continue to twist my words.

          It is not easy to sit in America and watch what is happening in Norway. It is very difficult.

          I have counseled many here who are dealing with a similar broken system. I know a man who had his daughter taken away because of lies. I stood up for him. I would do the same if I were in Norway in spite of what “Norwegian” says below.

          My understanding is that there are many in Norway who are speaking out against the injustices mentioned in this blog in spite of occult satanic imposed fears. I only wish it were enough to make a difference.

          God’s blessings…

        • Chris, next time you are on facebook, search Florin Barbu. He is a Romanian who is doing a hunger strike in Brussels in front of the EU Parliament to protest the English CPS taking his children and placing them in a homosexual household. He is on day #3 of the strike. Crazy world.

    • Hi i am norwegian, the norwegian people fear the law, if we do something we will be fined to death, we are all fighting for our life subsistence, one mistake with goverment and u can lose your carrer, if you stand up the police and barnevernet will just target you with more and more laws that has been broken until you lose your temper ending up in jail and losing your kids! They use EVERYTHING against u, so its hard to speak out without fear. NO RIGHTS WHAT SO EVER! Barnevernet should just be a helping service for thoose who ask, not a commanding and law enforcing service…. ITS CRAZY

    • As Christians we must be of ‘sober mind” (1 Peter 5:8-9)

      The satanic system is the same all over Europe, same … and as I cover in my article, soon the USA, as with Obama the satanic marxism is implememented.

      “Romania has gone through a significant transformation of its child protection system over the last 15 years. In 2000 there were 100 000 children in care, predominantly in large-scale institutions. At the end of 2014, there were 58 178 children officially in state care, of which 8892 are in institutional care”

      Norway have 53100 under State terrorism:
      “53 100 barn og unge fekk tiltak frå barnevernet i løpet av 2014, om lag det same som i 2013.”

      Romania (2011) 20,121,641
      Norway (2011) 4.953.000

      This means Romania have about 4 times as many in CPS as Norway.

      • You use the numbers wrong. The number you have from Romania I know nothing about – but “in state care” is taken the care for – the number for Norway in 2014 is 9611 – and some of them are young foreigners arriving without parents or relatives sent in advance with the hope for the rest of the family to move after if this child gets his – it’s alway a boy – approval.

        • Sorry Mr/Mrs/Miss Knut (never clear in norway) to say that, but is clear: you are a notorious liar or brainwashed! Or is about MONEY?
          ” One child confiscated and sent through the system will safeguard at least six employee’s jobs in CPS, barnevernet, for six months. The investors will also get a big return on investment as well.
          Five children, over ten years will make the foster/adoptive replacement parents €2.5 million (tax fee, plus all sorts of grants and bonuses). Everyone wins, except the parents and their children who have had their lives destroyed and devastated beyond belief for extremely flimsy reasons.”

  4. “Chris, next time you are on facebook, search Florin Barbu. He is a Romanian who is doing a hunger strike in Brussels in front of the EU Parliament to protest the English CPS taking his children and placing them in a homosexual household. He is on day #3 of the strike. Crazy world.”

    Thanks for the info, Delight. This problem appears to be in every country that is able to afford a “system” for “caring” for children. It only varies in degrees when it comes to lack of wisdom and outright wickedness.

    Here, in the “Bible belt” children are being placed in homosexual houses by our DHS. This is in spite of the people’s wishes. In 2008, the people of the state voted against such a practice. I was involved in collecting petition signatures for the initiative which passed by a wide margin. It wasn’t long before a single judge ruled the new law unconstitutional. The case went to the State Supreme Court which ruled unanimously against what the people wanted, a clear example of judicial tyranny. As you said: Crazy world.

    • Interesting, Chris. It’s like that here too (of course). The “rights” of foster parents not to be discriminated against and not to be suspected of not being aboe to give care seems to triuph everything.

      Actually, I have not only come across CPS offices being enemies of religion and placing children with atheist fosterers, I have also seen cases in which children have been placed in very religious homes against the will of agnostic or atheist parents.

      • Thanks, Marianne.

        What a mess you have described.

        I don’t know how it is there but here the DHS (our CPS) workers have such a caseload that they can’t keep up with it all. Children who have real needs can easily get overlooked. And then there are the lying adults who are fighting over the children.

        Things are so stressful that one of the juvenile judges got so involved in a case that he forgot that he left his own infant son in a locked car on a hot day. Unfortunately, the child died.

        As the world grows colder to God’s Word, the casualties mount.

        God’s blessings…

        • Yes, Chris, of course it is pretty much the same here. Case loads … yes, but they pretty much decide themselves whether something is going to be “a case” or not. We, too, have seen some atrocious cases where, in spite of a number of (probably) sensible reports, the CPS does not carry out any proper investigation and there is a disaster, such as a child dying. I think in part it has something to do with the CPS ideology again, their unrealistic notions of children and parents, and their lack of realistic proficiency in doing anything. There is a tendency among CPS personnel to shy away from “realistic” cases, cases where psychobabble cannot rule the actions, cases involving parents who are potentially so dangerous that the CPS are really frightened. Psychobabble cases are safe for them, because their psychobabble can not be disproved (or they believe so – and not proved either, since it is outside of proper scientific formulation.)

      • I am getting so “blind” that my spelling nonsense is getting out of hand. This:
        “aboe to give care seems to triuph everything” should have been “able to give care seems to trump everything”. How long before you people conclude that what I say is as unreliable as the expression of it, the way I always told my students they will always be judged if they do not pay attention to getting the language FORM unremarkable – – – sigh – – groan –

        • I’m a teacher too, Marianne, and we all make mistakes. Thank you for the information you have shared with me.

          You stated:

          ” I think in part it has something to do with the CPS ideology again, their unrealistic notions of children and parents, and their lack of realistic proficiency in doing anything.”

          I believe that Ideology can have a huge affect on proficiency. Thank you for speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves.

          God’s blessings…

  5. Marianne Skanland is no authority in the common Norwegian viewing of CPS. She is – or was – a language professor and has no education that is relevant to the care of children in the family, with the help of the CPS at home or the care done outside the family. She has had no children of her own, but of reasons that I don’t know she has made herself to be a spokeswoman for a minor group of Norwegian CPS haters. Her viewing is blended with accusations and a almost conspiricy theory language. For you foreigners to be brainwashed with this information both gives you a wrong perspective of what’s going on in the CPS in Norway and make people afraid of something they – for the most part – do not need to be afraid of.
    The stories told one-eyed and one-viewed by victims or media – tells most about hte hurt part – not what was the situation that led up to this case handling by the CPS – written in hundreds of documents and stashed in an archive with the childs name on.

    It’s not true that the CPS wants to intervene in all the concerns arriving at their office. Their concern is to handle the concern according to the Child care law § 4-3. To do the investigation within 3 months together with the parts concerned. I think for most the parents arriving a CPS office for the first time in their life they think of this as an alarm clock – there is a reason for us going into this office and we need to show others that we are able to manage – or – fix it with cooperative help measures as guidance. This is the day when they as parents and family have an opportunity to do some good changes.

    The most alarming concerns have another handling atmospehere than the others. The parents know – before entering the office – how serious their or the family’s situation is. They show this by telling the information given by the police or others are wrong – by trivializing – by repundiation and by not cooperating. Both these serious ones and the more usuals have to be concluded withing the timelimit – 3 months.

    The result can be that the case is dismissed in a way that bothe the CPS and the parts involved is agree about that conclusion. Case close and documents filed.

    In some cases the result is that the CPS can propose one or a set of help measures and the parents accept them voluntary. The goverment has changed the law recently and given the CPS more power to impose help measures. That will help the child to sooner get the help needed ot given proof of to the CPS that the situation do not get better with help measures. In Norway to many children stay to long in families and get so hurt when finally leaving that they never grow up to be the persons they could have been if helped at an earlier stage.

    In some alarming cases the CPS have not enough to impose the help they had hoped the parents would have accepted. This situation can lead to a conclusion where the case is dismissed to be taken into a new investigation in 6 months with no need for a concern to be sent – the CPS reopens an investigation for 3 months by the date stated.

    I think there are more investigations that ends up in dismissed than measures.

    • Knut Nygaard,

      You have no credibility, sir. First, you work for the Barnevernet. Second, you troll facebook and the entire internet copying and pasting your comments everywhere, including international newspapers. Is BV paying you to troll the internet to defend them?

      You attack Marianne who has been doing this work for years and has done waaaay more research than you into the abuses of BV, instead of disputing the THE CLAIMS AND CONCLUSIONS she has drawn based on evidence. Typical thing… attack the critic and her credentials instead of her meticulous, well-documented research.

      You sir, are out of touch with reality. You talk about 200 Norwegians who are against BV. That shows how out of touch you are.

      Your system harasses good families like the Bodnarius, instead of focusing on those where the real abuse happens.

      Your system hurts children. What do you have to say that the Nan and Bodnariu children were found to have bruises and burns on them during visitation? Or children dying inside the system at an alarming rate?

      Sir, the world sees the injustice being done in Norway and we will not be quiet about it!

      Your system hides behind confidentiality and sends people like you out to denigrate legitimate complains by families who have been abused by the system.

      Instead of reforming the system, you defend it!

      Just wait till someone who does not like you files a complaint against you with BV and takes your kids (if you have any kids).

  6. The CPS has 7 days to consider a concern have come to the right address. There are some, but they are few – that is considered to be unfriendly – done to harm someone – or be given to the wrong address.

    If the concern is about violence. abuse or partents out of stability because of drugs a.s.o. the office has to consider whether it’s an acute situation or not. This is done with the participation of the chief and the legal adviser. If acute the members of the action are picked out – they scratch all their fixed appointments and go to it without knowing what will happen or when it will end.

    In most offices the concerns will be considered in a meeting with participation of the head staff – the casehandlers are picked out and considerations are made to whether it should be handled with the participation of one or two.

    Skanland shows her conspiracy with her use of language – “false reports” – “invent accusations”. It is what the concern tells that opens the dialogue and from that moment on it’s the process done during the intervestigation as a whole that tells the CPS something about this particular family. If the concern is untrue the parents can easily show the CPS that during the investigation. It’s no goal for the CPS to end up with this paritcular family in their measure work – measure is more work and more money invested for a reason – not for anything else. If a measure is considered to be given the family and they accept a resolution is written and an action plan is worked out together with the legal parts concerned.

    • Sorry to say that, but is clear: you are a notorious liar or brainwashed! Or is about MONEY?
      ” One child confiscated and sent through the system will safeguard at least six employee’s jobs in CPS, barnevernet, for six months. The investors will also get a big return on investment as well.
      Five children, over ten years will make the foster/adoptive replacement parents €2.5 million (tax fee, plus all sorts of grants and bonuses). Everyone wins, except the parents and their children who have had their lives destroyed and devastated beyond belief for extremely flimsy reasons.”


        With all respect Doru – you speak (…..) This could be a fiction for a tvplay and in the heads of (..), but you are misinformed by CPS haters and activists with an agenda neither you nor I know what is – and something tells me – they don’t know themselves – but it’s occupies time and gives them a feeling of being something.
        There is no money involved in the minds of the CPS considering what have has come out of an ongoing investigation – CPS know that measures means money on the table and therefore must give measures only to the children and families who have situatons and problems that the CPS according to the child care law can help them with. Yeah, people and firms working with help or care measures get paid – do not the official and the CPS in your country pay someone for the work they do? People and firms get paid all around the western world for this kind of work – this is no argument at all.

        • I do not no more about this case or any case going on in any municipality outside my office. We who are in the first line – who get the concerns – investigate and conclude. We have around 25 names on our caselist that we are responsible for. We have organized in a team who work with acute interventions, investigations and help measures. We also have the casework for the county board togheter with our law educated staff where it is concluded that the children are at risk and help measures don’t give the change needed.

          I know something about some cases my colleagues handle, bur not in detail.

          When I read an article in a newspaper about a case going on or ended somewhere in Norway I do the same as you – sit on the outside looking in. I think that the point where our minds go seperate is when you read something that fit with your mindset about the CPS you read it as the truth about both the case and the CPS as a whole – and I think that the CPS meant what they meant from their understanding of what was best for the child – not out of bad intentions or personal interest.

          I find the language in the Local fabricated to work according to the reactions and campaign against the Norwegian CPS that is much alike all otther CPS’s in the western world. Words like “lied”, “falsified”, “false” where two opinions meeting each other. According to the child care law § 4-8 says that when a child has been in the CPS care for two years and the child have established strong bonds to people and environment that it might lead to problems for the child to move the local CPS can raise a case in the county board where they propose to prohibit the child from moving.

          When the court hearing get an information to disagree that should give both you and me – looking in from the outside an impression of a system that works – where decissions not are set before the county board has concluded.

        • “I find the language in the Local fabricated”

          So, you are discrediting a newspaper and their journalism.

          But here is some news: US attorney Peter Costea obtained Bodnariu documents. He wrote extensively about the case and I will publish exceprts here. Minutes and discussions with BV are documented. Stay tuned.

        • Yes, I have answered and said something about the language used, The language in the question is in my opinion wrong and if you read my comment I have said something about that. A mother, her lawyer and a newssite can use the language they want to tell a story – my opinion is that this was a question of different opinions that during the court sessin gave it’s answers.

  7. Cps in Norway kidnap children from good loving and caring families. This kidnapping and sales og kids has to stop.

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