Romanian Senator Went For It: Religious Persecution in Bodnariu Case

Ben-Oni Ardelean officially dropped the bomb in the Bodnariu case!

In a very surprising but welcome move, the Senator said in a press conference after meeting with Norwegian authorities, that there is sufficient ground to consider violations of religious freedom in the case.  Delight in Truth welcomes the introduction of this element in the official discussion because it may form the basis of a new argument to release the children.

Ardelean alluded to details of the story released to the press by the children’s uncle and these include:

  1. A theological discussion between the oldest child and the school teacher after the child sang a Christian song. The teacher asked a series of leading questions about God and faith to which the girl gave direct answers. This led to alledged discussion of punishment by God.
  2. The teacher reported to CPS (Barnevernet) the concern of religious indoctrination based on the discussion with the child.
  3. There is a history of previous friction over religious matters between school staff and the children’s father Marius Bodnariu. Marius was previously involved in forming a children’s choir at the school and played the song “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” He was immediately sanctioned for the message of the song, and he complied with the school director.
  4. The religious undertones which formed the basis of the confiscation have been carefully suppressed in court documents, and a push for physical discipline has been undertaken as the main motive for removing the kids.

Why is this a welcome intervention by Ardelean?

Because it creates a much stronger case to release the children immediately. He makes the point that the initial CPS accusation of “abusive Christian indoctrination” is a novel term which has never been used in any law, in any court system, or in any Western country to date.

Norway is making history initiating a CPS case based on “abusive Christian indoctrination.”  Such action has never been done in a Western country before. One would expect to find such a case in the Islamic State, Iran or Saudi Arabia, not in the world’s most civilized nation.

The next diplomatic move is to present the case in the European Parliament where Norway is likely to be indicted for human rights violations.

There are currently at least 11 Romanian families with children confiscated by Barnevernet. We continue to anticipate the swift resolution of the Bodnariu case which will set a precedent for the others.

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21 comments on “Romanian Senator Went For It: Religious Persecution in Bodnariu Case

  1. He has been a part of an official delegation to Norway and talked to both sides. Now, if he does not have the right info on the case than nobody does.

    If religious freedom means don’t talk about your beliefs or we will take your children away that brings it very close to the marxist view about religion which ironically is an ideology that works on the same mechanism as religion but with no ideal. Hopeless.

    Think of it as a multilevel marketing business with out a product. It’s a FRAUD.
    That’s what Norway is. A FRAUD.

  2. FYI, the European Parliament is somewhat similar to a legislative of the EU (together with the council), and does not indict states. Nor would Norway be indicted by the EP even if it were otherwise, since it is not an EU country. In principle, Norway could be brought to the European Court for Human Rights (a body of the Council of Europe, not EU), but I don’t see that happening.

    • Daniel, according to Norwegian lawyer Marius Reikeras, Norway has been found to be in violation of various human rights in 4 separate cases! It has been brought before the ECfHR at least 4 times in the last 15-20 years.

      • But there is a difference between the parliament of the European Union, which has nothing to do with Norway, and the European Court of Human Rights, which is an instrument of the Council of Europe, to which Norway belongs. Both bodies are located in Strasbourg in France, hence the mix-up, probably.

        I am not negative to the matter of Norwegian CPS being taken up in the EU parliament, I guess it will then perhaps be a matter of “foreign policy”, sanctions, measures, reactions and the like. But Daniel is right about the EU parliament not being a court which can run cases against Norway.

  3. Did you people notice that Dagen has had someone translate the whole article into English (far down in what octavian links to)? Link in this comment also:

    What do you think of our Mr Terning?


    I furthermore hope you are enjoying the postings nowadays on the website of the Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest:

    The top one is wonderful, ain’t it:
    “New Norwegian initiative to promote freedom of expression and independent media” (locally we hear day in day out about how objectionable the protests are against the CPS in the Bodnariu case and generally, and how all of us “attackers” ought to be banned from the internet as trolls and stopped altogether!)
    Then a bit further down on the page we have the delightful picture of a crowd of Romanians and Norwegians cooperating, the title being
    “Norway and Romania join forces in providing innovative social services for vulnerable families”.

    Well . . .

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    “This is common practice in Norway but none of them has the backbone to admit it.” Following is a very courageous man revealing the draconic policies and highly injurious acts of Norway’s Barnevernet. Video reveals incredible facts about the “inner sanctum” of these agencies: [Click on this link and listen to the incredible testimony]

    “They rather blame families and pretend that they have a blind trust in Barnevernet. These Norwegians that have very light punishments for rapes against children have the audacity to pretend that there government work in the best interest of the children. Many times the children who are confiscated from the parents end up to be sexually abused in foster homes.” [go to youtube and see the incredible testimony]


    Read closely at the above youtube video, a high level Norway ex-official criticizing Norway for spreading lies and deception to te public and its EU embassies and misrepresenting its heinous facts about its draconic practices of Barnevernet.

    Read closely the final five paragraphs, where the Norway jurist clearly exposes the inner sanctum of a retrograde and totalitarian CPS agency–sporting the power of a lose cannon–running amok! And employing arbitrary and official oppressive practices of the “kangaroo court” and the “star chamber courts” in England–practices discarded to the dustbin of history, long ago!

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