Spiritual Aspects of Drug Abuse (1)

There is a plethora of Scripture to show the spiritual implications alcoholism and drug use.

It is important to realize that getting high on a substance creates an opportunity to connect into a dark spiritual world, which can then lead to addiction and physical and spiritual slavery to that substance.

I encountered elements of the spiritual aspect of drug use for the first time when I was in medical school on my psychiatry rotation. I learned about a patient who heard a clear, distinct and oppressive voice while driving. This voice commanded him to floor the accelerator and not release it. The patient helplessly complied and eventually survived the inevitable crash.

Where did this auditory hallucination in the form of a voice come from?

It was the direct result of a cocaine binge.

Cocaine, along with amphetamines, belongs to a class of drugs called stimulants. These produce an unnatural flood of dopamine and other excitatory neurotransmitters in critical areas of the brain. The victim’s thoughts become highly erratic and disorganized, their speech is pressured, they become manic, and they undergo auditory and visual hallucinations which I postulate to be demonic in nature.

Following the manic high from the stimulant, a “crash” ensues which can last days.  Disturbance in sleep and appetite, nightmares, psychotic episodes, suicidal ideation and other similar things follow.

Why is it that the victims of drugs and alcohol withdrawal only experience frightening hallucinations?  Why not see and hear something beautiful, uplifting?  The answer lies in the dark spiritual bondage where these people find themselves.

The process of getting high opens a gateway to demonic oppression.

That is why apostle Peter is so adamant about Christians maintaining sobriety:

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

Peter understands that Satan has spiritual access to non-sober individuals.  Furthermore, apostle Paul writes down a searing message to those who practice “pharmakeia” (Gal 5:20) that is sorcery and witchcraft using substances to get high:

“I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.” Gal 5:21

Salvation is at stake here!  People who get high on drugs will not inherit the kingdom of God!

There is a clear divide between the physical world and the spiritual world.  But our sinful actions in this physical world can open doors into the spiritual world which can allow demonic oppression to enter the soul and take hold.  Addiction to drugs, alcohol and pornography are examples of the physical and dark spiritual amalgam.

to be continued…

5 comments on “Spiritual Aspects of Drug Abuse (1)

  1. I believe that all drugs alter our connection /frequency to perceive or allow us to come into contact with many different spiritual levals good and bad . It depends on your intention on cocaine for instance one has the ability to explain their world view to another in a simple positive way example , there is no heaven or hell that is t out of our control modern day religion hav twisted the idea of god separating us telling us we are not worthy according to him but really we are a small necessary temporarily separated peice of light / god slowed down to the speed of sound and time chosen to do so by our higher self / god in between life and death now the only person you cannot lie to is who, right yourself all the information of your actions and intentions in life is stored denile is only possible in the physical and there is no such thing as permanent in unchanging only progression and regression. Time does not exist when we leave this physical world so when we are examining our prior life after death connecting with god / us via electronic arc u could say like a drop of water hitting the ocean of who we were we are able to preceive wat we need to about our selfs if we need to experience a hell guilt sorrow anything negitive of the sort we most certainly will if its what our higher self decides it could feel like eternity or a very long length of time until it is decided wat we need to experience next . The difference if that instead of being seperate from god we are realy a small part waiting to reconnect and it puts one at ease knowing one will not be punished forever and that anything negitive we feel after death is ok and it’s necessary to do everything we did in life and one is not doomed for eternity only progressing in each life with more self control realizing more and more in each life the true science of positive action and y we need to eventually progress because wat comes around really does go around and realizing this you also see the necessary in everything that happens good or evil . It tends to make people feel good when I can say this to them and it always comes out of my mouth very well under the influence of cocaine among many other substances. The necessary separations the Serpents interpretive dance we will be all soon

  2. Controlled substances are to be used in the manner in which they should be used cocaine and m amphetamine allow us to do good things for others self sacrificing ourselves toward the end /comedown if we waste time on the substance not doing good and don’t meditate and accept the comedown as a necessary opposite self affliction of ourselfs for others then our higher self might communicate in a negative manner.self control one should not binge but I have been there myself and that’s why I realize this and also I’m not this hardcore drug addict I believe that it is good to have a sober mind but it is not a bad thing to take part just as long as u have good intentions self control and acceptance and understanding of what a comedown is for not to avoid it with another drug it is necessary to have the balance of the positive and accepting the negitive feeling one gets afterward

  3. Stimulant psychosis is not contact with some ‘lower realm’, it’s merely a bleed-through of conscious fears and paranoias into physical form. It actually offers an advanced spiritual learning opportunity, by creating conflict between mind and percepition, as well as showing us how our thought patterns feed on each other and determine the way we experience reality.

    Stimulants are in fact the most overtly spiritual of all drugs, precisely because they are the most challenging. More than any others they force us into direct unflinching contact with the Self, and the paradoxical nature of reality, where opposites co-exist as two aspects of one larger whole.

    It’s easy to denigrate the value of stimulants when you’re stuck in dualistic thinking.. The author’s statement that “there is a clear divide between the physical world and the spiritual world” demonstrates the extent of his ignorance. In fact, this whole article exemplifies how organised religions are antithetical to personal spiritual inquiry,

  4. As a former stimulant user & friend of multiple stimulant users, I can assure you (from multiple personal experiences spanning over a decade) that this author is quite correct in his assertions that all of these drugs are indeed gateways for evil & will corrode everything that is good and happy in your life, if given enough time/opportunities. Hopefully, you will realize it soon as well.

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