To Wear a Symbol

A wire coat hanger.

What do you do with one? Perhaps hang your shirt, your pants, or even a coat.

But to wear one on a chain around your neck? What reason could one possibly have to wear the symbol of a coat hanger around their neck or as a picture on their T-shirt?

First of all, let me tell you who these folks are, who wear these things. They are the same vitriolic militants who wear T-shirts with the phrase “I HAD AN ABORTION.”

The coat hanger has become a symbol of death they are proud of. They wear it to raise awareness of the “need” for abortion. Legal murder, that is. They consider the legal decision of two parties (mother and abortionist) to take away the life a third-party (baby) a triumph!

The pro-abortion militants of the pre-1973 decision to legalize abortion would go to such extremes to abort babies, that they would resort to inserting a hooked wire hanger into the uterus to pull out the baby. These are being billed as the “desperation” abortions for which we have no statistics, only rhetoric.

The Washington DC group called The DC Abortion Fund is pushing this craziness to support the continued practice of murdering babies before they are born.

They are proud of this.

They are proud they killed their own babies.

They promote a culture of death, while God-fearing people promote a culture of life. And yes, the Bible is definitely a pro-life book. Consider this passage:

 “Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live…” Deut 30:19

The reason why the militants of the DC Abortion Fund feel compelled to ensure that the practice of abortion continues is that they do not know the gospel. They do not understand the sanctity of life. They do not know the Author of Life as apostle Peter calls Him. They do not understand the value of life. They need to see that God gave Himself to die so that He may purchase life for us.

That is the heart of the gospel. The abortionist and mother who forsakes her baby need the gospel just like the rest of us.